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How To Make Money in Corona Times?

All the businesses small and large are shutdown. So, how do we survive in these troubled times? There are a lot of challenges for a business owner as we are in the times of a national calamity.

TEjas Gusani

How can one work as a digital marketer during this crisis?

The first thing that one can do as a digital marketer is you have to understand the mass psychological behaviour of the people concerning different industries. Most of the big businesses are closed. This impacts many people. As it has impacted the masses, you can sense the fear. You can sense the insecurity and lack of trust among the people. Both these are not one the same. It is due to the insecurity that you do not trust anyone right now. The insecurity has made people distance from each other. Now a big social proofing is required. The psychological behaviour has been hampered and people are full of fear.

In the facet of the commercial aspect like building up a company, making up a brand, taking that out to the consumers etc, the first thing required now is to understand the human psychology with all the aspects mentioned above and then identify what they require when the lockdown is open. This lockdown has helped me in identifying my priorities, my importance and my luxury. We have started defining our priorities, decisions and our luxuries. The main priority is that we and other people are sanitized. This sense has prevailed in a family and it would be difficult to believe and trust others for sanitization. Now that the industries are starting they would want to assure people that they should be sanitized and possess sanitary products so that you can use them for free. This implies to private industries, travel industry, cafes, hospitality industry, the grocery stores, the grocery stores, etc. They want to assure people that they are sanitized and they have sanitary products at their stores so that you can people can use them for free.

After the 18th day of the lockdown when one goes out, one will have a psyche whether the other person is sanitized or not. You need to ensure that you are sanitized. Even if you go for a personal meeting, one will let the other person know that he or she is sanitized. You have to understand the psychological changes that the nation or the world is going to face in the next 18 days. If one opens an e-commerce store, nobody will go out and buy because one doesn’t have ample money to spend on luxuries currently. Already a lot of frustration is creeping into the 130 crore people sitting at home.

Quarrels are taking place in households. For instance, some people have an addiction to smoking and some have an addiction to eating tobacco and due to this, there is a lot of chaos. So the psychological patterns are changing and also the perception of seeing the entire world is changing. The perception of people towards each other is changing rapidly.

Marketing is for the people, by the people. In case you have a product to sell but people are not there for it, then it is of no use. The main thing is to make people or customers fall in love with your brand.

Why digital marketers should get into some depth?

When you merge Digital and marketing industries, it becomes digital marketing. Marketing has been there for a long time and the sole purpose of marketing is to take the product to the consumer. You have to be aware of the consumer is happy or not. If the consumer is not happy with the product, then you have to take the feedback from him and make it much better than before. When the product is rectified, you need to take it back to the consumer. So, this is a complete cycle. In this cycle, if there are no people, then your product will not do any wonders. In the current situation, you won’t be able to generate any miracle. The first aspect that you have to do from the marketing point of view is to understand user’s psychological behaviour. We are expecting that the nationwide lockdown will open on 14th April and we still don’t know if it will continue further.

Now from 14th of April, the market is expected to open.  Consumers are ready to come to a decision. People will be having different priorities when the lockdown is relaxed. The market may start functioning on the 20th of April. The reason why marketers need to understand the psychological behaviour of the users is that when everybody is ready to listen to your content on 20th of April, you will put the exact proper content for them in their language assuring them of social proofing. Social proofing is a phenomenon concerned with psychology where people believe that the action of others in an attempt to exhibit the right behaviour for a particular scenario. So social proofing is the utmost priority for the people. It doesn’t matter that you own a website but it is important that you are socially proofed. All the policies like CAA, NRC etc revolve around social proofing and it is all about mass psychology. We should create the content but not the usual way that we used to do it earlier.

We should focus on psychology and have some different mindset in the way we used to create content and how we create it now. This is an important part on which we have to concentrate. We have to focus on the psychological aspect. The industry is doing very well and people are keen to start their venture. People are eager to learn about dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

What are the tips in this scenario if a newbie wants to start his own business in the digital marketing arena or as an affiliate marketer and what skill sets are required by such a person?

Two types of people exist. There are ones who want to start their digital space like an e-commerce business, blog writing business or selling some products. The other aspect is those who want to start their business as a business marketer and open an agency. People should not choose entrepreneurship in the current situation. If they know that this is not the right time, it means that they have not decided on their own. The main thing is that the will to do the business has to come from one’s self.  

The journey of entrepreneurship is not that easy and there is a variation in it. This is not the right time to start a business because the market is not yet ready. People need to have the will of becoming an entrepreneur. They can help humanity in whatever way they can.  If the lockdown goes beyond the 14th of April, I would, for instance, prepare Maggie noodles at home and I would start selling that to my neighbours. It won’t be for earning money. Maggie will be a luxury for them as it is not available in the market. People will get assured that Maggie has been prepared in a sanitized area and they will feel comfortable that it is served in safe boxes. 

At the time of crisis when people don’t have a luxury with them, I will be providing them with this facility. If you can help the consumer and you think that is the right time to start, just start doing it.

If one is starting a job hunt, the chances are very bleak presently. If one is searching for freelance work, there is a lot of competition for it as everyone is ready to do work from home. So it is difficult to get work as a freelancer.  If you feel you can do entrepreneurship and have a strong desire to do it, this is the right time to analyze and just start it. One should not have a second thought about it. Being an entrepreneur, you should be ready to take some risk. You have to ask yourself if you can take a risk. You can’t keep the money as the centre point of your business. If you have the aptitude for it, this is the best time to start the business. When a person has some zeal and a passion in him or her, he should straight away think of starting a venture of his own. The entire thing is about taking chances to be it any type of business like digital marketing, marketing etc.

Digital Marketing Course after COVID 19: Is it uncertain?

You need to take some bold decisions as you don’t have the time. One has to learn and after the learning phase, he or she has to improvise and work on yourself and move ahead. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you are passionate or interested in the business. You have to set your priorities whether you want to do a job which you love or a business in which you are passionate about. The basic thing is no matter what happens, you need to be ready to take the step.  There will never be an ideal condition for anyone who wants to start a business because there will be a time when Corona Virus will go forever. There can be a lot of issues for a person after Corona Virus. If you have the passion and a desire to start a business, then you need not listen to anyone and just start the business.

It has been observed that small business owners want to start with social media marketing and they are very confident of social media marketing. People will try to go online after the Corona Virus threat subsides. Some people were running 10 or 12 ads, but now suddenly they are having 100 ad copies and to your surprise, they have started the ad campaign just 24 to 48 hours before. People have started pouring money in digital marketing and digital marketing courses irrespective of the sentiments going on.  If I am a big brand, I want to be in front of my customers but in a different way.

What are the tips for a beginner whose objective is to get in a job?

It has been seen that digital marketing has grown to a great extent and it’s users have increased. Snapchat revived because it could send the snaps, stories etc. The first thing that a candidate who is applying to the job is to have clarity about what to do in the digital marketing space. When the recruiter gets a resume from the applicant stating that he is a digital marketing executive or a digital marketing expert,  it all sounds generic to the recruiter.

It is expected from a person to tell the recruiter that he is good at something like Facebook advertisements. He should mention his skills. For example, he is good in Facebook ads or Google AdWords or he is good in graphics or writing the content or writing the copyright content. He is an expert in writing the blog content and not the press releases or if he is specializing in writing press releases solely. One has to be very specific. If one possesses specific information, then he or she can start gearing up for that specific job.

When you define yourself as a digital marketer, you will have a specific strategy in mind. A very common issue that an employee has is that sometimes he is given work that he doesn’t want to do. For instance, an employee tells the employer that he can make the finest carousal designs on Instagram, then he will be given that job only. One needs to define his or her specific niche which you love to do. A recruiter chooses that candidate who can make his task easier. The candidate has to be aware of the current updates like that on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. A candidate has to be up to date with the current knowledge or current affairs.

How to keep ourselves motivated and updated during these troubled times?

One has to introspect himself or herself and try to improve on it. One has to be very patient with oneself. You have to tell yourself that a particular thing needs to be done and then proceed with it. The important thing is to love yourself. You have to wake up every morning, look into the mirror and hug yourself and say that you love yourself. If you do this activity for a long time, it will have positive effects on your life. Learning is of utmost significance. When you learn every day, you will be instilled with confidence and it will motivate you. Many renowned people invest their time and money in learning and that is why they are successful. For instance, you can spend ten years in digital marketing and have mastery over it. Another thing is to stop reading newspapers and TV as it can create negativity and reduce your efficiency.


If you possess the skill set which nobody has, then that works in your favour. You will be the best performer when you have the requisite amount of learning and lessons with you. In this way, you will excel in your field and be successful in life.

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What’s The Pedigree of your Online Network?

What’s The Pedigree of your Online Network?

What’s The Pedigree of your Online Network?

There’s no secret to success but there’s a winning program. Doing anything won’t offer you leads to spite of the years of diligence, motivation, and commitment. But only doing the right things in the right way will give you massive success. 

A Strong Dedicated System
A tree is concealed inside a seed, but it only comes out with a system. A beautiful statue is hidden during a stone, but it comes out with a system. There is a system to give birth to a child in 9 months. With a managed business system, any business can use referral marketing software to set up and manage their referral programs to take their business to the next level.

A system is managed through a great foundation and this takes place through updating yourself with what’s happening around the world. Gaining knowledge is an easy resource that takes place through a quality digital marketing course. 

Networking is a huge market these days. If your network is good a lot can happen with its presence in your business and that’s known as direct selling through referral marketing. 

Direct Selling
Direct selling has been practised for hundreds of years and continues to be practised today. The modern format of direct selling network marketing as we know it today has kept the industries to be growing at a steady pace. 

The golden period of network marketing is starting and is ready with a huge opportunity for everyone. 

What does Referral Marketing Bring to your Table?
Network marketing is like all other businesses and it must be nurtured daily, like all other businesses. Every business needs an enormous initial investment, capital, vision, passion, commitment, hard work, willingness to follow the essential rules of the industry. 

People flock to network marketing business for a wide range of reasons. Whatever may be your key reason. Once you build your business successfully with the right foundation and the system, you can get all the doubts transformed into the benefits.

Why Do People Fail?
Referral marketing business is built by becoming a business leader and by developing leaders in your team. Developing a leader is like growing a tree; it needs regular care and patience. It’s a process of constantly growing yourself and building a large team, one person at a time. 

When this business is so good and there is so much support available, why do people fail? But for clarity, let’s iron out some fundamentals which will make you understand why businesses fail? 

Although everyone possesses their parameters for outlining success and failure, broadly a failure is someone who has given his or her best within the business for a couple of years and in spite of doing everything that the person could have done, the person isn’t ready to make that business profitable. 

Wrapping Up
To be successful in this business, you need to have faith in two forces: inside force and outside force. 

When you choose a team or your backbone and have an established training development system. After you have worked with thousands of people, it will teach you to develop a system that would give you a legendary success in this business and also a great success to thousands of other people who have followed the same. 


Digital Marketing Career Scope in India: Salary, growth and more!

Digital Marketing Career Scope in India: Salary, growth and more!

Modern information sources are online, and in order to reach customers and create brands, internet or digital marketing is essential. With a degree in digital marketing, one can work as a digital marketer, online advertisers, and experts in social media to study, research, and create compelling digital content. Given below is a step-by-step guide for those who wish to have a career change in digital marketing, this step-by-step guide explains you the salary and job designation structure under the department of digital marketing. 

Why learn digital marketing?

Today, companies are waking up every day to the fact that digital marketing is very relevant and is no longer an option. Times of India has reported that by 2022, Digital Marketing would generate 2.5 Lakh jobs within India.

Look at how JIO penetrates the market as Airtel reduces prices. Do you remember the last time you concentrated without switching channels on those newspaper ads or TV commercials? Well, there’s a paradigm shift of how people consume knowledge. 

The sales pitching standard of today is driven by the people for the people. People trust your words more than the news or television channels. As of December 2020, India has about 350 million+ Facebook users, and this figure is an indicator that approximately 50% of India’s Internet-using population wants to network. About 103.5 crore people in India are using mobile phones today. The days are gone when people used their landline. Smartphones in today’s world are omnipresent! 

How to select a digital marketing institute?

Yes, programs for digital marketing are highly focused. They flow through a digital lens of basic principles, ideas, and methods of advertisement. By using internet marketing tools, networks, and platforms, you can learn how to optimize reach. The best digital marketing course will give you new skills in the segments of Copywriting, SEO, PPC, email, mobile marketing, analytics, content management, and social media are covered by a digital marketing degree.

Most colleges and universities allow students to pace their courses individually, taking every term as many or as few classes as they want. Many schools require students to participate in cohort learning, taking one or two classes at a time and progressing at the same rate as their peers through the degree.

What can I do with a digital marketing course? 

The courses of digital marketing are preparing students for diverse and growing careers. Web marketing, social media management, content writing, and web development are few opportunities. The BLS projects web developer positions to grow 15% through 2026. In addition to courses in business administration, marketing, and IT, graduate degree programs emphasize leadership skills, equipping students to take on positions as project managers and program managers. As businessmen, consultants, and post-secondary teachers, they may also pursue careers.  

Don’t need a degree to enroll yourself with a digital marketing course!

Between conventional marketing and digital marketing, there is a lot of difference. When we struggled with traditional marketing tactics, the MBA was mandatory. But the rise of digital marketing means that marketing experts are getting the best business positions and gaining an advantage over fellow sales professionals.

Digital marketing does not need these prerequisites, unlike other careers where you need to complete your degree or diplomas to start your career. The digital world provides great opportunities to begin your future of digital marketing career without even joining the workstations.

You don’t need to be trained in digital marketing with an MBA degree. In this marketing age, digital marketing is a different topic. Many digital marketers do not have an MBA degree, and in their field, they are very successful. There are many online marketers who are not seeking an MBA but who are still successful and hold a good place. Digital marketing is the latest marketing technique to help you promote your brand and service across digital devices, much better than any other marketing technique. Digital marketing is all about practical skills, but completing the MBA degree in digital marketing is not compulsory.

MBA is a plus point in your career, but if you’re a digital marketing expert or want to be a digital marketing expert, it’s a total waste. So even if you seek an MBA degree, you can learn the skills of digital marketing to accelerate your career growth. “According to a survey conducted by The Associated Chambers and Industry of India (Assocham) in April 2016, 93% of MBA graduates are unemployed in India.” The main reason for this is the disparity between relevant skills in education and industry. Through their theoretical aspect, MBA students are fine, but they have less practical experience and exposure to apply the theories they have studied. 

We don’t live in an era where you need an MBA to speed up your marketing skills, but what you do need is to get yourself enrolled with one of the best digital marketing training institutes. Today, the marketing industry is searching for students with specific talent in line with their company so that they can boost their leads, expand their business further, and increase their sales and earnings. The world of marketing has now shifted.

What are you going to need in marketing? You just need to know your product or service better and what makes people buy from you. You should understand your market and explain the methods of purchasing your product from your clients and men. This technique can be learned practically and creatively with SEO courses, or digital marketing courses.

You can start blogging and focus on building a larger base of fans. Through taking the online test like the Google Analytics Test, you will test your knowledge and skills. Once you have completed the test successfully, you can add your certificates to your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, so recruiters can view your profile and even shortlist you.

Future of digital marketing career in India

A recent year-end survey by LinkedIn showed that two of the top five job-related skills are in internet marketing: marketing campaign management and marketing for SEO / SEM. A research from McKinley Research Partners in 2017 showed that 56 percent of the businesses surveyed want digital marketing expertise employees. 

A good digital marketing course will make you excel and get you in shape for the future, with above-average recruitment in skills such as content creation and social media. Nonetheless, recruiting is below average for classic marketing skills, such as direct response and project management. A degree in digital marketing prepares professionals from the web strategist to the social media marketer for almost any role in the world of internet marketing. The advanced degree also offers a route to marketing or leadership roles, such as an online advertising manager or digital sales manager.

Change your career to digital marketing. Today companies are where their consumers are! Here’s a list of the various digital marketing jobs in India available for those seeking a career in this arena:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Writers
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • SEO Executives
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Copy Writers/content writers

Career objective for digital marketing executive

If you have 5 + years of digital marketing executive and ventures showing you’re a digital marketing professional, you’ll be quickly employed. Executives in digital marketing are in immense demand, and companies of various industries are looking for such talent.

Salary: These digital marketing experts ‘ salary range is between 15 and 20 Lakhs INR per year. But in some businesses, it can go as high as 40 Lakhs plus equity and in very small start-ups as low as 8 lakhs per year. 

Responsibility: Digital marketing executives are expected to lead the digital marketing team and report to the V.P. Marketing in the business for which they operate. DMM is a position of mid-senior manager. It is the duty of digital marketing managers to pull together the various components of digital marketing and make it effective. We are the only people capable of creating an integrated program in digital marketing. This 

Why do referrals matter in marketing?

Referrals matter because people ask each other when they want recommendations on products, services, and experts. Not only do they ask, but they often act on advice from their friends and family.

Any business can use referral marketing software to set up and manage their own referral programs to take their business to the next level.

What is a referral program?

The best way to get referrals is to offer exceptional products and services. When your offerings impress your customers, they’ll be happy to refer you to others in need.

Content marketing manager

Marketing content managers are responsible for marketing and writing quality content. Marketing material covers blog management, copywriting web page, email communications, drip marketing campaigns, a bit of PR, ebook publications, video marketing, and guest blogging.  Executives of content marketing report to digital marketing executives or marketing head / VP. Managers of content marketing can be authors on their own or they can manage a team of content writers. 

Content writers reporting to content marketing managers are freelancers who write content by working from home or a part-time job. On average, content marketing executives receive about 10-15 lakhs a year. For such a job, the experience required is 3-5 years. 

Inbound marketing manager

An Inbound Marketer and Content Marketer’s roles overlap. An Inbound Marketing Manager will be more responsible for managing the sales funnel at each point. Inbound marketing is a vital component of drip marketing, lead nurturing, conversion rate optimization. 

An Inbound marketer should build a consumer attraction strategy. Content marketing is one of the incoming marketing strategies. While the inbound marketing manager develops a plan for attracting customers through content marketing, the content marketing manager will concentrate on executing the strategy. 

Social media marketing manager

Enrolling yourself with a good digital marketing course will guide you with step-by-step theory of segmentation of categories or job duties aligned for a social media marketing executive or manager. There are two categories for social media marketing. Spreading owned content via social media channels is one of the regions. The content marketing manager or a member of the content marketing department can also do this. Yet managing paid social media ads needs some experience. Advertising on Twitter, for example, has now become a complicated task. New features and targeting options are added daily and it can not be managed on its own by a content marketing manager or digital marketing manager.

Search engine marketer

Search engine marketing is one of digital marketing’s main essence, you can enhance your skillset through the best SEO training institute. Search engine marketing is a broad term for defining marketing through search engines, but because Google is the largest search engine – the marketing of search engines almost always refers to marketing via Google AdWords. If it’s a small business, the digital marketing manager himself takes care of the search engine ads. Sometimes it is outsourced to a digital marketing agency that takes care of the marketing campaigns of the search engine for a fee. 

Marketers of the search engine must refer to managers of digital marketing. A search engine marketer’s goal is to bring from the marketing budget the target number of leads and clicks. Most of the work involves evaluating ad campaigns, bid management, keyword analysis, ad copywriting and split checking.

Search engine optimizer executive 

In order to enhance your skills in the search engine optimization segment, you need to educate yourself with the best SEO training institute it will teach you whether you should be spending money on Google AdWords ads, one can get free traffic from Google. An SEO expert or SEO executive’s job involves keyword research, optimizing user experience, using webmaster tools from Google, indexing pages, managing duplicate content, etc. 

Conversion rate optimizer

Optimization of the conversion rate is the art of rising the conversion ratio at each point of the marketing funnel. In the digital marketing department, the CRO specialist can be just another person, but he/she must work with different people. For example, the inbound marketing manager can be supported by a CRO specialist to build landing pages that convert well.

Wrapping up

At this point of time, we can not equate the scope of traditional advertising to digital advertising. Nonetheless, with a minimal budget, digital marketing is safe, transparent and there’s a lot you can do. You need to know that your consumers today are always on the web, networking on social media 247, and living a digital life. The question is, is it part of their digital life for your business?

Most importantly, did you get technical expertise? Now that you know that digital marketing has an opening, it’s time to get ready to become a digital marketing expert.  If you want to learn digital marketing to have plenty of career opportunities or if you are passionate about marketing or brand creation and want to learn new techniques for internet marketing to add to your existing skills. 

The purpose of a digital marketing course is to bring life through content and strategies on your websites. This will require creativity and logic. It takes a lot of creativity and innovative ideas to compose meaningful content and make tactics.


Digital marketing jobs in the business world will soon become an important part of it. Choosing this complex career option is safer.



Ahref - Brandveda

20 Ways AHREFS Can Help You in Your Digital Marketing Business

Tools make Digital Marketing easy

Digital Marketing is the most lucrative field at present. With everyone wanting to be active digitally, the need for digital marketing managers is increasing like anything. There are a lot of digital marketing courses available as well.

However, a lot of digital marketers are taking help of different digital marketing tools for planning strategies and reading the analytics. The tools make the job very easy. They are used as a reference to check the ranking of a particular website. Apart from that, you can carry the complete audit of your website, content analysis, on-page SEO and even backlink analysis.

Brandveda - SEO Course in Ahmedabad

Manual website analysis is a very time consuming process. A lot of digital marketers consider it a waste of time. Also, the bigger digital marketing agencies have various companies to cater at once. So, they find it easy to use all the tools.

At the same time, there are a lot of marketing tools available online. Some are paid while some are free. Each tool is different as it works on its own parameters, database and structure. Thus, it is wise to use tools that produce accurate results.

Which digital marketing tool is widely used by industry leaders?

AHREFS is an amazing tool and is widely used by a lot of digital marketing managers. It helps in preparing an audit report, URL ranking, backlink analysis and SEO analysis. The tool has a mastery in backlink analysis. It is also good in giving keyword analysis and website rankings.

AHREFS used to only do backlink analysis when it was first launched. However, they have evolved with time and now, they give various reports. Also, it had a free version available when it was launched. Now, they do not offer any free plans. Although, they do have a free trial plan.

AHREFS is a better tool as compared to the other tools available in the market. There are various ways that AHREFS can help you in planning a better digital marketing strategy.

Brandveda Institute - Digital Marketing Course

1. Get an organic search report:
AHREFS comes with a site explorer tool. It will analyse your complete site holistically. Then, it will come up with a report which will give you a lot of different insights. It will give you suggestions that might help you to increase your website’s ranking and visibility in all the search results.

The report includes a complete comprehensive traffic analysis of your website. It also includes the number of backlinks, the traffic value that your website might get and organic traffic itself.

2. Get content opportunities:
You can actually add your competitor’s domain name in the site explorer tab of AHREFS. After that, you can check which of your competitor’s posts have the highest number of traffic. You can even check whether it is paid traffic or organic traffic.

Thus, even you can work your content around that topic and post a blog. This will give you an opportunity to understand about things that work in a search engine. You will understand the topic that receive engagement and thus, you can work your strategies around those.

3. Find how to outperform your competitors
AHREFS is genuinely a great tool. If you know how to use it, you will surely take the internet by storm. The tool has a site explorer tab where you can find the top performing pages of your competitor. At the same time, you can also find pages that are not performing well.

All you have to do is find out the domains competing with yours in the site explorer tab. AHREFS will show you websites that are ranking in your genre. For finding a content opportunity, you will have to find pages of your competitor’s domain which generate a lot of traffic in spite of having no backlinks. You can find such pages by adding filters of the referring domain and traffic columns.

Once you find such an article, use the keywords dropdown to understand more about the topic. You will be able to find the number of keywords that a particular page ranks on Google for 100 listings. Studying those keywords will give you a lot of insights which can help you in building a nice strategy.


Brandveda - ahref

4. Keyword Search Volume:
AHREFS has a metric system which shows you the number of times your audience searches for your keywords in a month. It also has a country filter that you can add. It is important to understand that keyword search is different from country to country.

For example, Diwali gifts for family might work a lot in India but, the same keywords might not be as prominent in Spain. At the same time, the Diwali keyword is season specific in India as well. No one searches for that in the month of May. You will get all of these insights with AHREFS.

5. Backlink Analysis Report:
AHREFS is popular for it backlink analysis report. It originally started with this service only. It will give you a complete report of all the backlinks generated from a 3rd party site. You can get a backlink analysis report for your domain as well as your competitor’s domain.

Your competitor’s backlink report actually gives you insights on the 3rd party referral sites they are using. This will give you an opportunity to use those sites for your benefit as well. It is always a good idea to generate links from websites who have good domain authority. AHREFS will help you recognize those.

6. Do Not Lose On Backlinks:
The tool is simply amazing. You can get new backlink opportunities every single day. There are a lot of websites that might mention your brand name but, forget to add you website link. You are losing a backlink in that case. However, with AHREFS you can find that out.

You can use the branded query or search operator to find that out. You will have to set an interval in the tool and it will notify you about your brand mentions. You can check their article and if your link is not mentioned, you can always ask them to do it.

7. Acquire New Link Opportunities:
With AHREFS, you can find out some pages that are mentioning your competitor’s brands. You can track them down and ask them to include your brand in their article as well. You can contact them via mail.

Apart from that, you can add your competitor’s brand in the alert section of AHREFS. However, remember to filter out your brand’s name. You will be notified if you competitor’s brand gets mentioned. This is a great way of sending free trials and collaborating with prospects. You can even set up affiliates for your business.

ahref - Brandveda - Digital Marketing Institute In Ahmedabad

8. Generate Millions Of Keywords Ideas:
There are quite a few keyword research tools available in the market. AHREFS is one of them. However, what makes it different than the other tools is that it will generate almost 5.6 million keyword ideas for your single keyword.

They continuously show a lot of different keyword ideas as compared to their competition. A research says that they show 211% more keywords as compared to any of the other tools. They surely have the largest keyword database in the market today. Also, they have keyword database for more than 170 countries.

9. Find Less Competitive Keywords:
It is important to use keywords that have a thick search volume. At the same time, it is important to use keywords that have low competition but, have high traffic and business potential. A page ranks with an average search volume of 1000 long tail keywords.

So, you can go to the content explorer tab and enter a topic. Filter the results for 0 RDs and 1000 search volume with organic traffic. It will surely give you the data and you can work your content around that.

10. Check New Keywords Every Month:
AHREFS adds new keywords to its database every month. It is a report under the category of Keywords explorer. They have a page which says newly discovered.

Any newly added keyword will be found there. You can also filter the report month wise. This is a great way of checking trending things in your niche. Also, you will be able to generate a decent amount of traffic, if you are writing on trending topics.

11. AHREFS Rank
The tool has a huge collection of data. It can actually track a website’s traffic and give a rank based on the different parameters. It actually makes comparisons with other competitive domains as well.

So, apart from the Google rank, AHREFS gives their own ranking to a particular site as well. This can help you make a comparison with your competitors and take back some valuable insights.

12. Find SEO Issues
SEO is really important for the performance of your website on Google. Sometimes simple technical SEO issues can hold your site back. You can crawl your whole website with AHREF’s site audit.

The site audit will run a live crawl and present you the SEO issues, if they exist. It will also give you the health score of your website.

13. Dive Deeper With SEO Issues:
The tool does not give you a general audit report only. You can actually dive deeper and check if your website is having any issues. You can address specific issues like HTML Tags and Meta descriptions.

All you have to do is go to the site audit tab and add the specific filters. Choose project, crawl, overview and scroll to HTML tags and content. Thus, even single crawls are possible with this tool.

Ahref - Brandveda

14. Check Traffic Estimations:
You can add any keyword in the explorer tab and the tool will show you the top 10 ranking pages on it. Apart from that, it also shows the estimated monthly traffic the particular page gets. You can actually switch countries and also check the traffic of a particular page.

Also, AHREFS is the only tool that gives you these metrics. Hence, you can get an idea about what kind of content works with your audience in different countries. This feature is extremely beneficial to bloggers as they can identify engaging content ideas.

15. URL Rating:
The tool will give you a unique perspective in website analysis. They have URL rating features which even guides the Google webmasters. It will give you a report on which links are working well quantitatively and qualitatively.

Hence, you can improve your URL performance by adding rich keywords in it. It will surely help you with your ranking on search engines.

16. Check The Ranking History:
By now you are aware that AHREFS shows you the keywords and URL that makes a website rank. However, it shows you the ranking progress of a single keyword. It will also show you the pages of your site that have ranked on a single keyword.

This will help you to intersect those two pages, if they have the same content. Also, you can make a guide out of pages that are ranking on the same topic.

17. Minimalize The Content Gap:
When you are making strategies for your business, it helps if you have all the data in one spreadsheet. However, if you have 2 of your competitor sites ranking on a keyword while the other one is not, it might be difficult to read the data.

Hence, you can download the reports and enter a content gap filter on AHREFS. It will combine the data of different domains and make a sheet that is easy for you to read.

ahref - Facebook - brandveda

18. Do Your Content Research:
AHREFS has a content explorer tab and it is almost like a mini search engine. You can use it to search a piece by just adding a mention or a phrase.

The search result will end up showing the text of the page, organic search traffic, social shares and referring domains that are linking to that page. You can find easy to rank topics with a sample content.

19. Find Guest Posting Sites:
Guest posting is a powerful way to generate a backlink. With the content explorer tab, you can write a keyword related to your niche.

You can find blogs that are writing on that topic. After that, you can pitch them for an article in return of a backlink.

20. Competitor Analysis:
The tool gives you a complete report on your competitors. It gives you facts and figures because of which they are performing better in the SERP Result page.

You can study the report and create a different strategy for your business. It will help you in performing better.

These were some of the ways through which AHREFS can help you. It is an innovative tool which has got great potential. You only have to use it right. Try all these things on your website and then, plan a new digital marketing strategy for yourself.

Google Digital Marketing Certification

Why you should get Google Certified?

Why you should get Google Certified?                           

Digital Marketing is a demanding and fast-paced field. It is ever-changing and thus, one has to keep up with the new trends and developments. It is always good to update yourself and take various courses and register in a couple of webinars. These small things can definitely boost your knowledge and give you the skills that are required to ace digital marketing.

There are a lot of institutions that offer various digital marketing courses. Some are great while some are very basic. Thus, before opting for a course, you need to check the modules and the experience of faculties conducting it.

Boost your Career

However, if you are looking to upgrade yourself or learn the basics of digital marketing, the best course to enroll in is Google digital garage certification. They have the best information on each module. Most of its courses come with various study guides. Also, you have to appear in an examination and if you pass it, Google gives you a certification. The certificate is an authentic document which many companies consider. Thus, Google digital marketing certification adds a lot of value to your resume.

What are Google Certifications?

Google certifications educates you with various modules and gives you insights on various marketing strategies and digital campaigns that can be carried out for brands to increase their sales. They show you the immense potential that these online platforms have to market services digitally. A lot of professionals and entrepreneurs are interested in understanding various techniques and strategies through which it is possible for them to reach the right potential audience and gain lucrative prospects.

Apart from that, aspirants are continuously looking for techniques that help them get maximum number of organic traffic. They want to learn to analyse and classify organic search and behavioral patterns of the customers. Thus, Google digital marketing certification teaches you all of these techniques and strategies.

Besides that, the Google marketing certification also teaches an individual to adapt to contemporary and ninja techniques which can be especially designed to quickly adapt to the ever changing functions and landscape of the various digital platforms. With the Google digital garage certification, you will also get the Google Partners Adwords Certification. There is a separate exam for the same but, you are eligible to appear for it after your Google digital marketing course. The Adwords certification is a proof of your strategic hold on Google Adwords tool.

Google Certifications

The Google Adwords certification also endorses your capability of effectively driving profitable marketing campaigns online. It is a good idea to indulge in this course as the employers and clients will be able to trust your skills. Also, the Google digital marketing certification will give you a complete idea of the entire process of digital marketing.

Google Certifications that you must consider taking

Google offers a lot of different certifications with various modules. All of the modules are definitely aligned with digital marketing. It is a good idea to opt for a course that goes in sync with your interests and skill set.

Some of the popular and enriching Google digital marketing certifications are:

1.Google Digital Unlocked course

This course offers the basics in digital marketing. It includes all the arenas of digital marketing so that one gains knowledge on the whole process of marketing online. It basically offers a comprehensive view on the key topics of the subject. The course can be called as Google fundamentals digital marketing. This particular course contains various modules like search engine marketing, social media marketing and even content marketing. All of them will help you grow a career in digital marketing. After the completion of the Google digital unlocked course, you can apply for jobs, set up a digital marketing agency or even work as a freelancer.

Google Digital Unlocked

Key features of the Certification
  • A comprehensive view on the complete process of digital marketing including all the aspects of the field.
  • It covers all the topics from SEO, Search engine marketing to Social media marketing.
  • This certification contains strategic information on key points of digital marketing.
  • It is helpful in establishing a career as a digital marketer or setting up a successful online business.

2. AdWords Fundamental Course

This is again a certification course by Google. It can really help you in learning various strategies and techniques of running successful ad campaigns on the Internet. Many people are looking for marketers who possess this skill and knowledge. Google digital certification helps you to target the potential customers with the help of your ads. It also teaches you to sift from audiences that are not your potential buyers.

The Google Adwords fundamental certification has a lot of value among employers. Most of the advertising platforms use tools powered by Google to set and run a particular campaign. Thus, when Google itself is providing a course on it, you must actually go for it.

Key features of the Certification
  • It helps to create campaigns that are in sync with client’s needs and expectations.
  • Adwords Fundamental Course teaches you innovative and different marketing strategies to capture leads for a particular client’s products and services.
  • It will also include a module on selecting strategic keywords for planning and creating focused advertising campaigns.

3. Display Advertising Course

Google Display Advertising course is very lucrative and helps budding marketers to create successful brand awareness campaigns for companies and organisations. Basically, this course will teach you a method through which you can contact your potential customers while they are going through their favourite sites. You can also reach out to them while they are browsing on YouTube or using different mobile applications.

The course includes complete information on various display ads. It also includes a brief on the display ads settings and the advantages of using Google Display network. Apart from that, the Google digital marketing certification includes the most important aspect of advertising which is remarketing. Retargeting is the secret of successful marketing campaigns online. Thus, learning that can be beneficial for you.

Display Advertising Course


Key features of the Certification
  • It teaches various ways through which brand awareness campaigns can be created.
  • It introduces the concept of re-marketing and re-targeting.
  • The course educates the students on visual ads and includes ways to create maximum impact with them on a user’s mind.

4. Search Advertising Course

Advertising is the sole base of traditional and digital marketing. Basically, if you do not educate your clients about your services and products, how will they find you? Hence, advertisements give you a chance to talk about your products to your potential buyers. Thus, search advertisements also helps in connecting businesses with individuals who could end up buying their products.

Search Advertising is different from display advertising. You can create various campaigns with search advertising which includes lead generation as well. Also, search advertising course Google teaches you to target the right keywords and create campaigns based on that. The course teaches you to optimize the campaigns and also set a re-marketing method.

Key Features of the Certification
  • It introduces the concept of re-marketing lists for search ads.
  • The course will also teach you various methods to match the organic lead requirements in your niche.
  • The course will help professionals to give a boost to their career as a Campaign marketer manager head.

5. Mobile Advertising Course

Learning about marketing with smartphones is really important. Almost everyone uses a smartphone and thus, if you want to advertise digitally, opting for this mobile advertising course Google is crucial. It teaches various mobile ad campaign strategies and practices. The course also includes a module which suggests the kind of content that looks good on a smartphone screen.

Also, running advertisements on mobile is different. Clients usually scroll on their mobile for entertainment and thus, only attractive ads catch their attention. Google offers a manual with which you will be able to create ads and promotions that will appeal to the users.

Mobile Advertising Course

Key Features of the Certification
  • It helps in creating campaigns that work on smartphones.
  • It gives insights on the various ad strategies that work and adapt easily on mobile platforms.

6. Analytics Course

Reading and decoding analytics is important for a digital marketer. The data helps in understanding a campaign in a better way. You can gauge with the help of the data if a particular campaign is working well or not. If a campaign is not working properly, you can make certain amendments while the campaign is live or demolish it right away. Also, it helps in understanding your competitor’s campaigns as well. Thus, you can create same successful strategies with the help of your competitor’s analytics.

The Analytics Google digital marketing course covers various modules. Some of them are a review of Google analytics with a guide on how it works. It also teaches an individual to get around with it by making one understand its imperativeness. The Google digital marketing certification includes a topic on connecting Adwords and Analytics tool. This will help you with understanding your campaigns even better.

Key Features of the Certification
  • It teaches impactful strategies which will help in optimizing various ad campaigns to acquire more leads.
  • The certification includes a complete introduction to Google Analytics tool.
  • It teaches various ways to connect Google Adwords tool with Google analytics for understanding the campaigns in a better way.

These are some of the essential Google digital marketing certifications. They contain all the information and modules but, you will have to study them on your own. You will not have a trainer who can clear your doubts or show you the practical process. Thus, if you are looking for someone to guide you, then you must check BrandVeda’s Digital Marketing course.

About BrandVeda’s Digital Marketing Course and Certification

BrandVeda covers all the topics under digital marketing. Also, it goes in deep detail for each topic. Thus, clearing the Google digital marketing certification after that will be like eating a piece of cake for you. BrandVeda offers a three month intensive course which is known as the Masters in Digital Marketing.

BrandVeda’s Digital Marketing Course

It has both online and classroom training sessions. The course is designed by top-notch and excellent professionals of Digital Marketing. The course is an amalgamation of theoretical and practical classes. It will definitely help you to evolve as one of the most successful digital marketing managers. The course contains lessons that begin from basics and go up till the intermediate level. Hence, college graduates, professionals and business owners can enroll in it.

The faculties have 15+ year of practical experience in the field of digital marketing. One of the faculty member is Saurabh Pandey who is the head trainer and founder of BrandVeda. He has given lectures in 45+ universities of India, including the prestigious IIM. The other faculty and founder is Sandeep Trivedi who is acquiring a PHD in Digital Marketing. Also, the founders are Google certified themselves.

How BrandVeda’s Digital Marketing course helps you in securing all the Google digital marketing certifications easily?

  • 3 months of intensive classroom training by the founders and head trainers who are experts in Digital Marketing.
  • The course covers all the topics that are asked in the Google certification examination.
  • Self-paced learning content which helps each person grasp at their own pace.
  • The course includes live case studies and practice on real projects.
  • Interactive classroom sessions with various seminars.
  • Passionate and experienced trainers.
  • Backup lecture assistance.
  • Mock tests to gauge the progress of an individual after completion of each topic.
  • Internship and Job Assistance
  • Interview and Resume preparation assistance

Why BrandVeda?

The course structure at BrandVeda has been designed keeping in mind the practical needs of online marketing. The ever changing field demands passion and basic skills that can be coupled with creativity and technology. Thus, simple strategies and interesting analogies are added in the course. This will help the students to grasp even the most strategic concepts easily. The course is combined with all the key points and thus, sufficient focus is given to all the topics.

After the completion of the course, you will be able to secure Google’s digital marketing certification easily. Additionally, BrandVeda also gives you 4 different certificates if you successfully attend all the classes. Hence, you will be a verified digital marketing manager which will subsequently help you find good job offers.



Top 9 Secrets for getting a Job in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in India is in booming in the marketing field right now.

There are many job opportunities waiting to be grabbed in the digital industry.

Digital marketing future:

Marketing is continuously changing as per the needs of customers and brands alike. Today, connectivity and digital infrastructure are growing very fast.

The marketing which was based on paid media, SEO, content marketing, social media, community management, and more is now experiencing dramatic developments and changes as innovations in technology growing.

Digital marketing Job Scope in Ahmedabad:

At present, no industry is complete without assimilating digital marketing into it.

In India, the government is progressing towards Digital India Mission. It is expected that the next decade will completely be a digital era.

All fresher’s and graduates, it’s the right time to enter into a digital marketing field to shift towards the country’s advancement even more.

Ahmedabad is one of the major business hubs in India, and as we know every organization needs marketing.

The city is growing in digital marketing and social media marketing.

There is a huge scope for digital marketing jobs in Ahmedabad. Choosing a career in a progressive field is actually a good decision.

Here are a few Tips to get a job in Digital Marketing:

“Show up publicly someway. Give an interviewer or a recruiter, a company, a product person a way to go visit your work and see what you know and get excited about it from there.” — Rand Fishkin 

1. Show your work which you have done:

Don’t say that you have learned digital marketing, as your employer wants only your proven knowledge or work.

Just prepare SEO/Digital marketing plan or strategy for that particular company in which you would like to join than demonstrate your strategy to get lead through your work.

This will definitely help you to impress and establish imprints over the mind to your employer.

2. Build a strong profile:

If you are looking for a job in digital marketing field then read JD carefully and try to understand what that company require from you and prepare your resume accordingly.

You just put all those important elements in Your CV which give it more value. You will definitely get a call from the interviewer.

3. Prepare an impressive Resume:

If a company is looking for PPC executive and your resume is showing SEO expert then surely they won’t consider you for the job.

Create an effective resume as per job profile Or you can create resumes for digital marketing profile, requirements.

Read JD carefully and try to get and prepare your resume accordingly

4. Get free Google certifications:

This is the best practice for the interview is that you earn as more free certificates as you can. These certificates help you to get a better idea about digital marketing. Few courses are Search engine optimization, paid advertising, mobile marketing, google adwords and many more.

5.Get advertising experiences:

For Google AdWords and Social media job, run your own ad and promote your brand first. Try your hand at multiple sectors of digital marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Content Marketing etc.) and be able to take accountability for the success or failure of a project.

6.Write a few blogs:

In Digital marketing, job writing a few blogs on different aspects of the digital world can give an idea to the employer about your knowledge.

7. Show your tools knowledge:

You may have used tools for digital marketing like SEMrush, MOZ, Hootsuite, Alexa and many more. if not then start using all the tools and show this experience of using tools in projects you have done in your resume.

8. Get ready for the interview:

To stand out from others in any industry, a certified digital marketing course will help. One of the issues facing the digital marketing industry is that there are no barriers to entry, meaning that anyone with a loose grasp of industry terminology can potentially get a position in a company.

As this industry grows old, recruiters are becoming more knowledgeable about what exactly going on.

For digital marketing position, you must be updated, resourceful, creative, and have strong interpersonal skills. They may be in charge of hiring and training staff. If so, be sure to add interview questions around coaching, motivating, delegating tasks, and monitoring the performance of their colleagues.

Practice through mock interviews, you can search for such links available on google for your preparation. Every digital marketer should have personal projects to test out theories.

9. Get more Information about the company:

Collect information about the company to get knowledge about them so that you can plan according to their products or services.

Visiting Company’s website won’t let you everything to know about the brand. It’s better to understand the company’s products, services and work, and Check Company’s review online to see what their employees think about the company.

But Read up a review of the company and social media accounts to get an idea of the culture. Sometimes, a company will not hire you if you’re not fit into their culture.