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3 Months

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April 27, 2021

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Key Highlights of the Course
  • Highly Interactive Classes with Skilled Faculty Having 15+ Years of Experience
  • Practical Approach to Digital Marketing Training with 20+ Real-Life Industry-based Projects
  • Extensive Hands-on Training with 100% Live Projects
  • Receive a 360-Degree Knowledge on Internet Marketing Strategy and Optimization
  • Work Using Premium Tools like SEMrush, Canva, etc.
  • Earn 15+ Certifications
  • Additional training in Job Interviews with Technical and Soft Skill Training for Job Seekers
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance
Awards and Accolades
These remarkable and incredible recognitions encourage us to thrive our best to add value to every individual’s life by providing world-class digital marketing programs.
Times Award 2021
Times Award 2019
Urban Pro
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“Hi my name is Brijen Chauhan and I am an Internet Marketing Consultant. Consulting some of the best client all over the world. So, in 2015 I have started my business Digital Marketing Business. So, since since ever I was facing little bit of trouble convincing my client pitching them and there was a very much issues so what I thought that I think I need a dress up my skill to an advance level so I come to know this digital marketing institute Brand Veda where I just visited and I find there Saurabh Pandey sir. He was really awesome faculty; well supportive positive energy was awesome in this institute so after joining this institute I have learned really many advance technique tools in the class apart from that the best thing about Brand Veda is they are not just limited to this only a batch thing.”
“Hello My name is Ritika Jhingalani. I am currently pursuing my MBA. Many of my friends did Digital Marketing Course from Brand Veda and after hearing the reviews I also decided to join Brand Veda and I am really glad I did that because all of those reviews were true. Firstly Mr. Saurabh Pandey the owner of Brand Veda himself teaches digital marketing course and with his Profound knowledge and his experience in the field of digital marketing it’s really adds a valuable asset to the digital marketing course. The best part about the Institute I feel is that I got to do a lot of live projects and because of that I got a tremendous amount of practical exposure. And also, all my doubts and queries were solved by the faculties very patiently.”
“Hello my name is Kashish Soni. And currently I am pursuing my Masters in Business Entrepreneurship and I also run my business into Golden Silver Sector. The reason I joined Brand Veda is because I wanted to expand my business and Brand Veda gave me a good platform onto the online aspect. It is affordable and it has a good return on investment aspect. The faculty and the ambience is very nice and Saurabh Sir is really live while he teaches and there is a energy into his teaching and aura which feels the room with positivity. The knowledge is immense about the content and the content is really genuine and has a practical approach towards the business point of view and therefore I recommend Brand Veda to everyone. Thankyou.”
Kashish Soni
“Hi my name is riddhi and currently im working with brds as a digital marketing excutive and social media marketing excutive I choose brandveda for digital marketing and that was a recommend onr of my friend who was ex student of brandveda the day when I join brandveda was the extremely empowering session which was taken by saurabh sir and the day when was ppc advertising we came through everything like toolsand many other things which were not aware and not so popular they taught me so many things which were so intense and they are so top leading that are helping right now in my career and my job too and if I talk about my journey it was like never ending because right now if I call any of them they are always and always eager to help help me and no matter im student right now or a im a ex student still I feel like a family of brandveda and I came with so many memories unforgettable memories and I learnt alot of things from saurabh sir”
Riddhi Tiwari
Industry's first ever-exclusive specialization courses
We believe every individual has a dream but often fails to understand how to achieve that dream. Brandveda bridges that gap by introducing specialization courses in the field of your choice. Humans and their thoughts are customized, and so should be the learnings. We bring to you a wide range of specialization courses. Choose according to your requirements and broaden your wisdom.
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Who this Course For
In this ever-changing world where within the blink of an eye digitalization occurs. It becomes essential to reconstruct our skills and escalate upon the path of success. Our courses have been comprehensively curated to provide our learners with the most excellent knowledge and hands-on exposure on live projects. Designed with the assistance of industry experts, the course guarantees the enhancement of the skill set.
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Hands-on Experience on Premium Tools

Master premium tools like Google Analytics, SemRush, and many more. Gain expertise in Social Media, SEO, Funnels, Taboola Ads, and a lot more.
Our Vision Video

As a World-class Digital Marketing Institute, we believe the sky is the limit when vision is well defined. Presenting to you- our remarkable vision video that communicates our foresight for the nation.

Guest talk / Guest lecture
Broaden your learning horizons by acquiring knowledge through our exceptional guest lectures. Our guest lectures are organized to offer our students the golden chance to inherit wisdom from international and national industry experts. Regular interactive sessions with influential leaders provide our students wider perspectives. These informative sessions and lectures help individuals grow significantly.
Colleges and Universities
The combination of 15+ years of experience and esteemed brand impression in the industry has given us several opportunities to impart knowledge and collaborate with renowned colleges and universities. Here are some glimpses.
Our Recent Media Coverage
We are grateful to Ahmedabad Mirror and Times Network for featuring us and appreciating our deduction and hard work at every step.
As seen on
We would proudly announce that we have done our digital marketing programs with leading instituites like IIMA, PDPU, Nirma University, and several other top-notch colleges and imparted knowledge to their students.
Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh Pandey, the visionary self-made man started his journey from 5 students in a room of 100 sq. feet that has now turned into a vision of training 500,000+ individuals. With superior quality experience in the field of digital marketing for 15+ years, he has the foresight to provide individuals with top-notch learnings and industry-related experiences. Brandveda visions to empower students, professionals, and industry experts through world-class Digital Marketing Courses that will embrace their lives by providing a kick start to their career.

About Company
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About Trainer
With our long-standing commitment to excellence, we are happy to have associated with some of the most knowledgeable and passionate individuals in their field.
CEO and Founder
Aal Limbesh
Creative Director
Shiva Naidu
Creative Director
Manoj Padaiyachi
Creative Director
CEO and Founder
Aal Limbesh
Creative Director
Shiva Naidu
Creative Director
Manoj Padaiyachi
Creative Director
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Industry Trends

We understand the requirements of this ever-growing industry and present our students with 100+ live projects and daily practical assignments to help them gain industry expertise. These assignments are curated after 15+ years of experience and will help you enhance your skillset.
  • For each of the core modules, participants will do a hands-on exercise based on a real-life industry case study gaining deep insights into the industry.
  • We provide backup for your missed sessions
  • We give you special access to our monthly webinars and workshops
  • Our experts provide you daily assignments
  • Get Certified By leading Companies
Digital Marketing Course & Syllabus
Our course curriculum has been curated to make you digitally active considering the ever-blooming industry of Digital Marketing. Exclusive modules with a knack for practical experience are a combination that allows this course to stand out prestigiously. Designed with the guidance of global experts and 15+ years of experience, it provides our learners the opportunity to kick start their digital careers instantly.
  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Popular strategies
  • Why We go Online
  • Advertisers Key Goals
  • Search Ads Introduction
  • Display Ads Introduction
  • SEO Introduction
  • DUMB Rule
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Poplar Google algorithms
  • Popular Competitive Analysis Tools
  • Digital Marketing Gurus to follow
  • Why SEO Audit is Required
  • SEO Audit process
  • SEO Website Audit – 40
  • Tools – MOZ
  • Tools – Semrush
  • Tools- Ahrefs
  • Tools – Seo Majestic
  • Link Types
  • Types of Backlinks & Audit
  • Seo Audit Process & Audit points (40+)
  • Tools Like MOZ,Semrush,Ahrefs,Majestic
  • Types Of Backlinks & Audit
  • Google Search Console Introduction
  • Adding a site to search console
  • Structured Data , Rich Cards & HTML Improvements
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages /Search Analytics/Links to your Page
  • Manual Actions, Mobile Usability & Index status
  • Blocked resources, Crawl Errors & Status
  • Fetch As google , Robotos.txt, Sitemaps
  • Security Issues, data Testing tools
  • Toxic Links & Disavow Tools
  • Google Ads Introduction
  • Ad Structure
  • Ad Auction
  • Adgroup Writing Strategies ( SECRETS REVELLED )
  • Quality Score & Ad Rank
  • Ad Extensions
  • Ad anatomy
  • Ad writing Strategies ( SECRETS REVELED )
  • Budget Delivery Strategy
  • Bidding Startgey
  • Live Campaign
  • Campaign Planning
  • Templates , Sheets , Assignments
  • Why Display Ads
  • Display VS Search
  • Targeting On Display Network
  • Layer Targeting
  • Placement Finding Strategies
  • Creating Ads on Display Network
  • Responsive Ads
  • Ad Research Strategies
  • Ad Research Strategies
  • Display Campaign Planning
  • Link earning Introduction
  • Link earning Process
  • Link prospecting
  • Popular Content framework
  • Outreach & Template
  • 15 Key strategies to build Relationships
  • Why to Invest in Gmail Ads
  • Types of Gmail Ads
  • Targeting On Gmail
  • Creating Live Campaigns
  • Amazing layer targeting techniques ( SECRETS REVEALED)
  • Optimizing the Gmail Campaign
  • Introduction to Instagram Marketing
  • Setting up your account
  • Successful stories
  • Content research
  • Creating Instagram Content research
  • Creating your content plan
  • Distributing your content
  • Popular hashtag research
  • Instagram Stories to grow your brand
  • Instagram live
  • Instagram Ads
  • Competitive Research & Monitoring
  • Increasing Instagram Reach
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Case Study
  • Why Youtube Ads
  • Types of Youtube Ads
  • Targeting on Youtube
  • Creating Live INSTREAM Ads
  • Creating Live Discovery Ads
  • How to find suitable Placements
  • How to find suitable Placements
  • Understanding different platform
  • Understanding different platform
  • choose your social media network
  • Social media content Strategy
  • Goals of Social media? What we want to achieve
  • Measuring Social media Goals
  • Common Framework and KPI’s
  • Tools for Social media Monitoring /Creating Content etc
  • Tools like Buffer , Hootsuite , Meetedgar etc
  • Advanced Bidding Strategy
  • Adwords Automation
  • Adwords Scripting ( 100 Scripts)
  • Tools for Automating
  • Optimization Of Google ads Campaign
  • Manual Rules
  • Types OF manual rules
  • Setting Key Performance Indicators
  • Optimizing Traffic , Click, CTR , AD , Conversion
  • Intro to Content Marketing
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Introduction to TOFU ( Top Of Funnel)
  • Introduction to MOFU ( Medium Of Funnel)
  • Introduction to BOFU ( Bottom Of Funnel)
  • Content Research Tools
  • Popular content on Facebook
  • Types of Blogs
  • Create BLOGS even if you are not a Content Writer
  • Content Curation Strategies
  • Content Multiplier Strategies
  • Tools – Image, Video, Infogrpahics, Podcast etc
  • Goals and Performance measurement
  • Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Goals
  • Content Research
  • Content Plan
  • Creating Powerful Calendar
  • Top Tips to get 1000 followers in 14 days
  • Build Powerful relationships
  • Competitive Research
  • Social Listening
  • Hashtag Research
  • Powerful Twitter Tools
  • Introduction
  • Identifying your Ideal Custome
  • Content research
  • Popular content Framework on Facebook
  • 7 ways to get more engagement
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Live Content Ideas
  • Facebook Live setup
  • Introduction to LINKEDIN Marketing
  • Creating a Killer linkedin Profile
  • Linkedin Content research
  • Linkedin Poplar Content Framework
  • Competitive research
  • Linkedin calender
  • How to Quickly build Connections
  • Linkedin Automation & tools
  • Linkedin Machine Methodology
  • Linkedin Premium services
  • Build Email list via Linkedin
  • Intro to Facebook Ads
  • Key Objectives of Facebook Ads
  • Challenges with Facebook Ads
  • Audience Types
  • Intro to Facebook Funnels ( Secrets Revealed )
  • Ad Research Strategies
  • Audience Research Strategies
  • Facebook Ad structure
  • Placement Strategies
  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • Are you talking to your client ?
  • Live Facebook campaign
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Intro to Twitter Ads
  • Twitter Ads Structure
  • Twitter Dashboard
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Traffic Campaign
  • Follower campaign
  • App Install Campaign
  • App Enagagement Campaign
  • Research on MONEY MAKING Ads
  • Building Your Own Twitter Ads
  • Twitter lead generation Strategies
  • Linkedin lead generation Strategies
  • Instagram lead generation Strategies
  • Facebook lead generation Strategies
  • Basics of Email marketing
  • Recommended Email Marketing Tools
  • Types of Email
  • Types of Email Subject Lines
  • Email Marketing Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Creating EMAIL calender that delivers result
  • Formats of Emails
  • Poplar Email Pre Built Templates
  • Building Your Email list Faster & quicker
  • Email Automation & Autoresponders
  • Creating Live Campaign
  • Optimizing for better performance
  • Segmentation oF email Marketing
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Tools in Web Analytics
  • Key terms & Key performance Indicators
  • Google Analytics Structure
  • Initial Setup with the Website
  • Linking Google ads and Third party Tool
  • Metrics & dimensions, Setting Funnels & Goals
  • Traffic Reports , Sources & Analysis & Real Time Analytics
  • Social media Reports , Seo Reports, Paid Campaign Reports
  • Google Analytics Gallery & Analyzing Content performance
  • Creating Custom URL using URL Builder
  • Intro to Bitly/ URL Shortener
  • SEO Audit Using Reports
  • Why Linkedin Ads are Like GOLDMINE ?
  • Introduction to LINKEDIN Ads
  • Creating a super-strong company page
  • Linkedin Ads Specification
  • Goals fo Linkedin Ads
  • Creating Direct Sponsered Content
  • Setting up a sponsored content
  • Setting up a sponsored Inmail campaign
  • Setting up a Lead Generation Campaign
  • Setting up a Traffic Generation campaign
  • Setting up a Conversion Tracking Campaign
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Tools in Web Analytics
  • Key terms & Key performance Indicators
  • Google Analytics Structure
  • Initial Setup with the Website
  • Linking Google ads and Third-party Tool
  • Metrics & dimensions, Setting Funnels & Goals
  • Traffic Reports, Sources & Analysis & Real-Time Analytics
  • Social media Reports, Seo Reports, Paid Campaign Reports
  • Google Analytics Gallery & Analyzing Content performance
  • Creating a Custom URL using URL Builder
  • Intro to Bitly/ URL Shortener
  • SEO Audit Using Reports
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Our trainers will help you choose the best career path.

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We make sure that your resume stand out in the crowd.

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Our one-on-one interview coaching will help you get hired easily.

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You could be placed at one of the 55+ placement partners.

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New Batch Session starts on 19 th April, 2021

New Batch Session starts on 19 th April, 2021

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The Brandveda Advantage
  • Exclusive curriculum curated after the experience of 15+ glorious years
  • Practical methodology and hands-on experience on 100+ premium tools
  • Life-long validity certificates including Google, Hubspot, Semrush, etc
  • Guidance on how to generate quality leads for new and existing businesses
  • Only Institute in Gujarat that educates on Funnels and Tambola Ads
  • Daily assignments and tasks from industry experts
  • 20+ live projects and 100% job placement assistance
  • Specialization courses and industry’s first ever courses available only at Brandveda
  • Offering consultations to startups and businesses
  • Exclusive Brandveda Startup program to assist startups
  • International and national industry expert sessions
  • Regular interactive sessions with skilled trainers
  • Personal mentorship sessions from industry specialists
  • Consultation sessions on how to grow existing businesses and startups
  • Life-long support for queries and doubts
  • Personal advisors and life-changing guidance
  • Digi Job Fair that increases your hiring chances even before the completion of course
  • HR Round training and mock interview sessions
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Catch glimpses of our students sharing their fruitful experiences at Brandveda. These 1000+ Google reviews and 5-star ratings motivate us to inspire and educate our nation's youth.
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What's Included


  • Highly Interactive Classes
  • Practical Approach to Digital
  • Extensive Hands-on Training
  • Receive a 360-Degree Knowledge
  • Extensive Hands-on Training
  • Receive a 360-Degree Knowledge
Digital Marketing News & Updates
Best Digital Marketing Company in Banglore
Mar 19, 2021   |  12 Comments
Best Digital Marketing Company in Banglore
Mar 19, 2021   |  12 Comments
Best Digital Marketing Company in Banglore
Mar 19, 2021   |  12 Comments

Digital Marketing course is for anyone who is looking at learning and using digital marketing for their individual or organizational growth.

Digital marketing is the science of artfully utilizing the digital platforms to create awareness and personal relationship of a brand with the world which in turn will give you monetary benefits. It lets you monitor, analyze, and measure the performance of your marketing efforts.

There are number of reasons especially:

  • Brand Veda had been Recognised as Best Digital Marketing Institute by UrbanPro
  • Curriculum designed by Brand Veda’s co-founders, who individually have 15+years of experience.
  • Provides Tools worth Rs 72,000 Free
  • Includes exclusive research-based remote Internship Program
  • Lifetime Access & Support

Yes because our main aim is to boost up sharp minds with the latest industry practices and curriculum. As we deliver our content with industry case studies and project work.

Yes, of course after completing the course you can work from home or as a freelancer whatever you like. The most remarkable point is that not only you get the opportunity to work from home but you also earn a very good amount working from home

Yes definitely. Right now, we are in PAN India expansion mode and currently, we provide training in Vadodara, Gandhinagar, Anand, and Rajkot and Ahmedabad.

In case you miss any class we provide backups in form of links, recordings of every session.

Digital marketing has outstripped traditional marketing mediums. It is therefore imperative that all businesses and sole proprietors have a solid understanding of digital marketing to thrive and survive in this competitive space. In addition, becoming a digital marketer is an exciting, fulfilling and highly lucrative career path for anyone who is passionate about marketing communications and digital strategy.

Yes, it is a certification course. you would get certificates from BRANDVEDA on completion of your course whereas we would also guide you to prepare and pass various examinations like google, bing, hub spot inbound marketing and many more.

The shift of how consumers find products has changed significantly in the age of digital marketing. The ability for organizations to thrive in new marketplaces depends on how well versed their staff is in their digital marketing skills. It is therefore imperative that all organizations big and small upskill their staff in digital marketing to capitalize on this growing trend. – If you would like a quote for your company please get in touch and we will gladly prepare one for you.

Yes, you are eligible to do the course.You don’t need any pre-defined skills for our course, in fact, anyone with basic computer skills and Internet knowledge can go for the course.

Yes, you can pay fees in installment.

We are having three trainers in our institution who are masters in Digital marketing

Yes, we are having an initiative named Ek udaan for students who are facing financial constraints in which we just ask for their love and blessings and a token of Re.1 so don’t be afraid feel free to contact us.

Brandveda offers one of the best digital marketing courses in the industry. The courses are exhaustive and are at par with the industry.

Yes we are having live projects for learning in which we organize various webinars, paid and free workshops for our students to learn