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Brandveda Linkedin Course Overview

Brandveda’s online SEO course in India is committed to producing competent SEO professionals in the following manners:

  • Highly concentrated and interactive classes given by professionals having 15+ years of industry experience.
  • Hands-on Advanced Adwords marketing training with 20+ actual industry-based projects.
  • Extensive hands-on LinkedIn training with 100% live projects.
  • Experience working with premium tools like Leadfeeder, LeadFuze, LeadFeeder, Dux- Soup, ProTop, Buy Followers Guide, Crystal, IFTTT, InBoardpro, LeadGrabber Pro, Linkedin Sales Navigator, Linkedin Sales Navigator for Gmail
  • Comprehensive coaching about digital marketing trends such as Internet Marketing Strategy and Optimization.
  • Obtain detailed insights about Advanced Web Analytics.
  • Earn more than 15 Certifications.
  • Receive additional training for job interviews concerning technical and soft skill training for job seekers.
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee.
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance.
Awards and Accolades
These remarkable and incredible recognitions encourage us to thrive our best to add value to every individual’s life by providing world-class digital marketing programs.
Times Award 2021
Times Award 2019
Urban Pro
“Hi my name is Brijen Chauhan and I am an Internet Marketing Consultant. Consulting some of the best client all over the world. So, in 2015 I have started my business Digital Marketing Business. So, since since ever I was facing little bit of trouble convincing my client pitching them and there was a very much issues so what I thought that I think I need a dress up my skill to an advance level so I come to know this digital marketing institute Brand Veda where I just visited and I find there Saurabh Pandey sir. He was really awesome faculty; well supportive positive energy was awesome in this institute so after joining this institute I have learned really many advance technique tools in the class apart from that the best thing about Brand Veda is they are not just limited to this only a batch thing.”
“Hello My name is Ritika Jhingalani. I am currently pursuing my MBA. Many of my friends did Digital Marketing Course from Brand Veda and after hearing the reviews I also decided to join Brand Veda and I am really glad I did that because all of those reviews were true. Firstly Mr. Saurabh Pandey the owner of Brand Veda himself teaches digital marketing course and with his Profound knowledge and his experience in the field of digital marketing it’s really adds a valuable asset to the digital marketing course. The best part about the Institute I feel is that I got to do a lot of live projects and because of that I got a tremendous amount of practical exposure. And also, all my doubts and queries were solved by the faculties very patiently.”
“Hello my name is Kashish Soni. And currently I am pursuing my Masters in Business Entrepreneurship and I also run my business into Golden Silver Sector. The reason I joined Brand Veda is because I wanted to expand my business and Brand Veda gave me a good platform onto the online aspect. It is affordable and it has a good return on investment aspect. The faculty and the ambience is very nice and Saurabh Sir is really live while he teaches and there is a energy into his teaching and aura which feels the room with positivity. The knowledge is immense about the content and the content is really genuine and has a practical approach towards the business point of view and therefore I recommend Brand Veda to everyone. Thankyou.”
Kashish Soni
“Hi my name is riddhi and currently im working with brds as a digital marketing excutive and social media marketing excutive I choose brandveda for digital marketing and that was a recommend onr of my friend who was ex student of brandveda the day when I join brandveda was the extremely empowering session which was taken by saurabh sir and the day when was ppc advertising we came through everything like toolsand many other things which were not aware and not so popular they taught me so many things which were so intense and they are so top leading that are helping right now in my career and my job too and if I talk about my journey it was like never ending because right now if I call any of them they are always and always eager to help help me and no matter im student right now or a im a ex student still I feel like a family of brandveda and I came with so many memories unforgettable memories and I learnt alot of things from saurabh sir”
Riddhi Tiwari
Industry's first ever-exclusive specialization courses
We believe every individual has a dream but often fails to understand how to achieve that dream. Brandveda bridges that gap by introducing specialization courses in the field of your choice. Humans and their thoughts are customized, and so should be the learnings. We bring to you a wide range of specialization courses. Choose according to your requirements and broaden your wisdom.
Who this Course For
In this ever-changing world where within the blink of an eye digitalization occurs. It becomes essential to reconstruct our skills and escalate upon the path of success. Our courses have been comprehensively curated to provide our learners with the most excellent knowledge and hands-on exposure on live projects. Designed with the assistance of industry experts, the course guarantees the enhancement of the skill set.
Hands-on Experience on Premium Tools

Brandveda brings to you the golden opportunity of gaining hands-on experience on premium tools. You will be assisted with 15+ world-class tools like Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Buffer, and many more.
Our Vision Video

As a World-class Digital Marketing Institute, we believe the sky is the limit when vision is well defined. Presenting to you- our remarkable vision video that communicates our foresight for the nation.

Guest talk / Guest lecture
Broaden your learning horizons by acquiring knowledge through our exceptional guest lectures. Our guest lectures are organized to offer our students the golden chance to inherit wisdom from international and national industry experts. Regular interactive sessions with influential leaders provide our students wider perspectives. These informative sessions and lectures help individuals grow significantly.
Colleges and Universities
The combination of 15+ years of experience and esteemed brand impression in the industry has given us several opportunities to impart knowledge and collaborate with renowned colleges and universities. Here are some glimpses.
Our Recent Media Coverage
We are grateful to Ahmedabad Mirror and Times Network for featuring us and appreciating our deduction and hard work at every step.
As seen on
We would proudly announce that we have done our digital marketing programs with leading instituites like IIMA, PDPU, Nirma University, and several other top-notch colleges and imparted knowledge to their students.
Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh Pandey, the visionary self-made man started his journey from 5 students in a room of 100 sq. feet that has now turned into a vision of training 500,000+ individuals. With superior quality experience in the field of digital marketing for 15+ years, he has the foresight to provide individuals with top-notch learnings and industry-related experiences. Brandveda visions to empower students, professionals, and industry experts through world-class Digital Marketing Courses that will embrace their lives by providing a kick start to their career.

About Company
About Trainer
With our long-standing commitment to excellence, we are happy to have associated with some of the most knowledgeable and passionate individuals in their field.
CEO and Founder
Aal Limbesh
Creative Director
Shiva Naidu
Creative Director
Manoj Padaiyachi
Creative Director
CEO and Founder
Aal Limbesh
Creative Director
Shiva Naidu
Creative Director
Manoj Padaiyachi
Creative Director
Our Exclusive Programms
Industry Trends
Hands-on Assignments & Projects

Brandveda brings to you the golden opportunity of gaining hands-on experience on premium tools. You will be assisted with 15+ world-class tools like Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Buffer, and many more.
  • For each of the core modules, participants will do a hands-on exercise based on a real-life industry case study gaining deep insights into the industry.
  • We provide backup for your missed sessions
  • We give you special access to our monthly webinars and workshops
  • Our experts provide you daily assignments
  • Get Certified By leading Companies
Linkedin Course & Syllabus
  • Understand the value and opportunities LinkedIn can offer and how you can benefit from its aspects.
  • Selecting the right LinkedIn solution and strategy for your business

    Learn how to strengthen your LinkedIn profile by constructing an authoritative and professional profile to drive prospects.

  • Learn how to:
  • Create a professional header.
  • Develop a strong summary with essential keywords and phrases
  • Power-pack your work experience and education sections
  • Add individual sections to your profile.
  • Take your profile to the next level and turn it into your greatest marketing asset.

You will learn how to build your brand’s credibility and network, and how to establish authentic relationships and quality interactions with your target audience by sharing your brand’s content through LinkedIn Groups and Events.

Export a list of your LinkedIn connections and capitalize on the information.

Learn how to utilize LinkedIn’s free tools to reach out, invite, educate, and impress prospects

  • Learn how to build ideal buyer personas and leverage them in your marketing and sales.
  • Use LinkedIn functions that will allow you to quickly survey and gather relevant information that contributes to an overall persona profile.
  • Learn to craft a good content marketing strategy that will meet your specific objectives on LinkedIn, from brand awareness and relationship building to generating higher quality leads.
  • Maximize your content exposure on LinkedIn using different tools for your content marketing strategy.
  • Discover how your competitors interact with people
  • Competition metrics: hiring, firing, and industry metrics
  • Competitor analysis: Capturing competitor data and conducting research
  • The Analytics tab
  • Using insights to improve your own business

You will learn how to develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy and how you can execute them properly to build brand awareness, generate leads, and foster lasting professional relationships.

You will learn how to tailor offers and campaigns that appeal to your target audience to foster quality engagements.

  • Setting SMART goals
  • Identifying your goal metrics
  • Putting your goals in action
  • Using top tools to ignite your success
  • Tracking your results over time
  • Learn to strategically improve and grow your connections quickly by focusing on the right kinds of activities that will yield the best results.
  • Discover and learn how to reach prospects in LinkedIn using different digital marketing tools.

Learn what retargeting is and why incorporate it with your campaign ads, and know how to use LinkedIn Campaign Manager to retarget profile views.

  • Learn how to reach the right professionals by retargeting potential customers/clients.
  • Make every interaction go further by learning how to utilize the right network and marketing tools.
  • Discover and learn the different types of LinkedIn content that can spark engagement.
  • Learn how to make content that best reflects your business goals and branding.
  • How to run a successful brainstorming session
  • Different brainstorming techniques
  • Brainstorming for content that is relevant to your objectives and audience
  • Top tips and tools to brainstorm for fresh and creative content
  • LinkedIn lead generation methods
  • Learn how to jumpstart your LinkedIn lead generation strategy
  • Advanced LinkedIn lead generation strategies
  • Tools and tips for lead generation
  • Customize and create Linked outreach messages.
  • Make efficient outreach strategies and use the right tools and templates to convert people.
  • Tips for writing perfect LinkedIn outreach messages.
  • What is LinkedIn Ads and how do they work?
  • How to create powerful LinkedIn ad campaigns
  • How to create LinkedIn ads
  • Designing advertising copy and creatives
  • How to hyper-target your ads
  • Campaign manager structure on LinkedIn
  • Types of LinkedIn ads and how to use them
  • Types of advertising placements on LinkedIn
  • Bidding and budgeting strategies on LinkedIn
  • Scaling and data optimization
  • How to use reporting and analytics functions
  • Learn how LinkedIn targeting works.
  • Discover and learn basic and advanced targeting strategies, approaches, and methods.
  • Learn how to use different audience targeting tools

Learn how to efficiently utilize LinkedIn automation tools to leverage your branding, expand your network, win connections, and generate leads.

  • Learn different LinkedIn content ideas to turbo-boost your brand and bring you more customers/clients.
  • Tips on how to make your content stand out
  • Types of LinkedIn ads and how to use them
  • Types of advertising placements on LinkedIn
  • Bidding and budgeting strategies on LinkedIn
  • Scaling and data optimization
  • How to use reporting and analytics functions

Know the different tips and tools to boost your LinkedIn engagement and see results drastically.

Learn how to conduct competitive LinkedIn Ad research using different tools, and use the data to spark new smart ideas, beat the competition and improve your LinkedIn ads strategy.

The main objective of LinkedIn marketing is to develop tactics and strategies for professional growth. Brandveda’s LinkedIn course will help you understand everything you need to know about LinkedIn marketing. Our course syllabus is carefully developed to give you the best and effective tutorials to equip you with essential LinkedIn skills. You will learn about the LinkedIn marketing process, tactics, tips, tools, and approaches. Our LinkedIn course is at par with the industry. You will gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in merging data, analytics, networking, expertise with HTML, and technical site optimization.

You can have a look at our LinkedIn course and syllabus by downloading Brandveda’s LinkedIn course PDF. Read more on how our LinkedIn course can improve your LinkedIn marketing skills and what methods and tactics you can add to your skillset. It includes strategizing for business and career growth and development, building a professional portfolio, developing marketing tactics, building relations and networking, obtaining resources and support, and many more.

Brandveda’s LinkedIn course is guaranteed to be worth your every penny. There are only a few LinkedIn courses in India, and Brandveda provides LinkedIn classes in Ahmedabad. By enrolling with Brandveda, you are taking your first step towards achieving a successful career in social media marketing, especially in LinkedIn marketing.

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Career Guidance

Our trainers will help you choose the best career path.

Build Your Resume

We make sure that your resume stand out in the crowd.

Interview Preparation

Our one-on-one interview coaching will help you get hired easily.

Job Placement

You could be placed at one of the 55+ placement partners.

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New Batch Session starts on 19 th April, 2021

New Batch Session starts on 19 th April, 2021

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New Batch Session starts on 24 th April, 2021

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The Brandveda Advantage
  • Exclusive curriculum curated after the experience of 15+ glorious years
  • Practical methodology and hands-on experience on 100+ premium tools
  • Life-long validity certificates including Google, Hubspot, Semrush, etc
  • Guidance on how to generate quality leads for new and existing businesses
  • Only Institute in Gujarat that educates on Funnels and Tambola Ads
  • Daily assignments and tasks from industry experts
  • 20+ live projects and 100% job placement assistance
  • Specialization courses and industry’s first ever courses available only at Brandveda
  • Offering consultations to startups and businesses
  • Exclusive Brandveda Startup program to assist startups
  • International and national industry expert sessions
  • Regular interactive sessions with skilled trainers
  • Personal mentorship sessions from industry specialists
  • Consultation sessions on how to grow existing businesses and startups
  • Life-long support for queries and doubts
  • Personal advisors and life-changing guidance
  • Digi Job Fair that increases your hiring chances even before the completion of course
  • HR Round training and mock interview sessions
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What Our Students Have To Say About Us
Catch glimpses of our students sharing their fruitful experiences at Brandveda. These 1000+ Google reviews and 5-star ratings motivate us to inspire and educate our nation's youth.
Check our Google, Facebook and Youtube Video Reviews here!

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Live Online Classes
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₹22,500 + (incl taxes)
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₹27,000 + (incl taxes)
What's Included


  • Highly Interactive Classes
  • Practical Approach to Digital
  • Extensive Hands-on Training
  • Receive a 360-Degree Knowledge
  • Extensive Hands-on Training
  • Receive a 360-Degree Knowledge
Digital Marketing News & Updates
Best Digital Marketing Company in Banglore
Mar 19, 2021   |  12 Comments
Best Digital Marketing Company in Banglore
Mar 19, 2021   |  12 Comments
Best Digital Marketing Company in Banglore
Mar 19, 2021   |  12 Comments

LinkedIn marketing is simply the use of LinkedIn to develop tactics for professional growth, building business relations, and networking.

LinkedIn course fees in India are affordable. Brandveda offers LinkedIn courses starting at Rs. 25,999 (Including GST).

The main objective of LinkedIn marketing is to develop tactics and strategies for professional growth. This LinkedIn course will cover how to utilize LinkedIn for digital marketing, the tactics and procedures used in LinkedIn marketing, how to develop these tactics and strategies using tools to promote your online business in LinkedIn, networking, and many more.

Brandveda will teach you how to utilize more than 15 best digital marketing tools with premium tools included like Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Moz, Yoast SEO, Answer The Public, SpyFu, and others.

In just about two months or about 36 hours, you can complete this LinkedIn course from the best training institute in Ahmedabad, India.

Our LinkedIn Course includes LinkedIn marketing processes, tactics, tips, tools, and approaches. Furthermore, we equip our students with the knowledge of strategizing businesses, career growth and development, building a professional portfolio, developing marketing tactics, building relations and networking, obtaining resources and support, and many more.

Brandveda prepares its students for job screening and interviews after course completion. We offer 100% job placement assistance and we have partnered with 50+ placement partners to help students get their deserved career in social media marketing.

There is an increasing demand in the field of digital marketing. Several companies need digital marketing professionals to make their businesses more successful. Being a LinkedIn marketing professional will surely help you build a professional portfolio that can be both used by you or by the company you are working with. Being able to develop tactics for professional growth and establishing a professional network is beneficial for both the business and you.

Brandveda is partnered with many educational institutions, companies, and businesses. We will also help prepare our students for job interviews and screenings.

At Brandveda, you will gain experience working with paid premium tools. We have it covered for you, and we will make sure that you will have an extensive hands-on approach with these tools.

Anyone can benefit from this LinkedIn course. The LinkedIn platform is mainly employment-oriented; anyone who is a job-seeker can benefit from this course and will be able to build their professional profile.

Brandveda offers the best LinkedIn course in Ahmedabad. Our LinkedIn course is designed to teach you all the essential things you need to know about LinkedIn marketing, including lead generation, networking, business strategy, building a professional portfolio, and many more.

You will receive a LinkedIn certificate after course completion. In addition to this, you will also have a chance to earn more than 15 certificates that are very useful in building your resume.

Brandveda’s LinkedIn course includes hands-on practical training, as it is their goal to make their students job-ready and competent. They will require the completion of 20+ real-life industry-based projects which utilize LinkedIn. It is guaranteed that after completing the course, the students will be equipped with essential skills and be able to build their professional portfolios and develop tactics for professional growth.