Ek Udaan

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Ek Udaan
At BrandVeda, our vision is to give world class education at a very affordable price.Unfortunately, in India 70% of the population lives in rural region and can’t afford to pay education fees. Hence we started a philanthropic project known as Ek Udaan.
Ek Udaan is our commitment towards a better India and towards our belief that education is everyone’s right, irrespective of their financial background. People who have a passion to learn and prosper but aren’t able to do so due to financial constraints, are given the an opportunity to study here free of cost.
We are happy to take them as our students and will teach them the entire course on digital marketing. In exchange, we only ask for their love and blessings and a token of Re.1.
So anyone interested in applying for this program, don’t be afraid feel free to contact us
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