Ek Udaan

People want to learn and gain knowledge of newer subjects. But everyone is not privileged to pay for education, and people in the rural regions don’t have the services of education provided to them.

About 70% of the Indian population lives in the rural areas of the massive country. We anticipate and celebrate the people who reach out to us and are willing to work hard with whatever resources they have with them. We need to understand that these people who want to learn and start their new life deserve a second chance. Brandveda began a philanthropic project called Ek Udaan for these people who want to start their careers.

Ek Udaan is our commitment to the betterment of our brothers, sisters, and children living in poverty and wishes to do something big in their life. We believe that it is everyone’s right to get educated irrespective of their constraints. People have passion and determination to learn but cannot do so because of their financial problems. We recognize such people, and they can learn at Brandveda for free. We will provide these students with all the resources required for completing the course and full assistance throughout. At Brandveda, we will also give our students a 100% job placement guarantee to secure their future.

We are more than happy to take them in as students and teach them with the precious knowledge of Digital marketing. This subject will help them learn something new and give them a second chance that they need, provide them with a career in a massively growing industry and the practice they will need before starting their careers. We assure you that we will boost their confidence and motivation for the subject and their precious life and keep them optimistic while we optimize their lives! In exchange, all we need is your dedication and consistency for learning the subject, your love and blessings for us, and a token of Re. 1.

So, if you find anyone who needs a career boost under Ek Udaan, feel free to talk to us and let us know how we can help you. We will make sure that we assist you in the best way possible. We will make this world a better place with your help.

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