Why Certification?

Exclusive Course Completion Certificate From BrnadVeda
With a great course curriculum, comes great certificates. We provide you 15+ certificates. These trustworthy certificates establish your authenticity and boost your hiring chances. These certificates can be of intense value addition to your portfolio.
Course Completion Certificate From BrandVeda

After you complete the 3-month Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Specialist program, which contains successfully accomplishing the course curriculum and performing live projects, you will be presented with a prestigious Brandveda Course Completion Certificate.

  • Exclusive curriculum curated after the experience of 15+ glorious years
  • Practical methodology and hands-on experience on 100+ premium tools
  • Life-long validity certificates including Google, Hubspot, Semrush, etc
  • Guidance on how to generate quality leads for new and existing businesses
  • Only Institute in Gujarat that educates on Funnels and Tambola Ads
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