Google Analytics Course Overview

Brandveda’s Google Analytics course is the perfect way to learn how to expertise in Google Analytics. Our course will not only teach you about setting up your account but also teach you about reports and creating custom dashboards that help you make better business decisions. This course will take you through the basics of Google analytics as well as the advanced knowledge of the same that will help you become an expert in the subject. Google Analytics is an important tool that a website must have and it can be tough to master it. However, by putting in some hours in practice, you will master this critical tool in weeks!


  • High quality sessions with our highly experienced faculty which will fuel you to do better.
  • Hands-on experience on tools with highly skilled professionals and field experts.
  • Practical approach in teaching with dozens of interactive activities and tasks.
  • Working on exclusive and premium tools like Piwik, Clicky, KISSmetrics, Open Web Analytics, PII viewer, Truconversions, Real-time Reporting, Ghostery and many more.
  • Comprehensive teaching about Google Analytics and practicing it on various tools and strategizing campaigns for increasing traffic.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion which is partnered with Google.
  • Receive additional training for job interviews concerning technical and soft skill training for job seekers.
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee.
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance.


  • Free Demo
  • 100% job Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Place your career
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • High-quality content and Class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access


Out Of 5.0

Mahima Achha 8 months ago

One of the Best institute for Digital Marketing. I had great time doing this course by Saurabh Pandey Sir & thank you so much Sir for sharing your knowledge & experience with us. It’s Amazing ! I’m eager to explore the opportunities to use what i have learnt!

Kinjal Vyas 8 months ago

I must say not one of the best but according to me the only institute to learn digital marketing course. Saurabh Pandey sir is teaching with so much enthusiasm that we can learn the fundamentals very easily. Superb placement ratio and love Saurabh sir’s quote that “Only committed people will earn and not the one having interest” and its very true as well. Brandveda really deserves 10 stars but Google has given option of only 5.

Course Fee - ₹ 13,000

Course Instructor

Saurabh pandey

Saurabh Pandey

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Google Analytics Course Curriculum

Brandveda’s Google Analytics course is the perfect way to learn how to use Google Analytics. This course will teach you everything from setting up your account to understanding reports and creating custom dashboards that help you make better business decisions. This course will take you through the basics of Google analytics. You will also learn about the advanced knowledge of Google analytics that will help you become an expert in the subject. Google Analytics is an essential tool that a website must have. By putting in some hours in practice, you will gain in-depth knowledge about this critical tool and master it in weeks.

Google Analytics Tools

By the end of this course, you will master Google Analytics and some additional tools that complement Google Analytics. Google Analytics already provides you with many insights for your website. However, it is crucial to understand that these tools are necessary for the practical usage of Google Analytics. At Brandveda, we will teach you these tools and learn about the premium versions of these tools.

piwickClickyKissmetricsOpen web analyticgoogle analyticsdata studio52Google Page Speed InsightsScreaming Froghotjarmixpaneladobe analyticsmatomocrazyeggstatcounteramplitude
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Who Is This Course For?

Brandveda has created this course for anyone who wants to improve and increase conversions on their website. Google Analytics will provide you with various data reports and metrics which will help you track the performance of your website. The course will be taught by an expert who understands your existing knowledge. He will teach you accordingly and provide you with his attention if you get stuck somewhere through the course.


Skilled Professional

Brandveda's Google analytics course is designed for professionals who want to become experts in web tracking, customer engagement, and business optimization. You'll learn how your website traffic converts into leads or sales with this full-fledged training program that also includes hands-on lab time under the guidance of industry leaders - all while gaining access to private discussion forums where you can ask questions about SEO strategies face-to-face.


Brandveda offers comprehensive Google Analytics training for entrepreneurs. In this course, you will learn about all aspects of using the platform, including setting up goals and variables to better understand your audience's behavior on different devices or browsers; interpreting data in meaningful ways with visualizations such as heatmaps that show where people click most frequently during peak hours. You'll also explore advanced features like remarketing through retargeting ads (also called "remind me" campaigns), which help brands reach out directly to audiences interested, specifically around products they own but haven't yet bought from you.
Digital marketing course for homepreneurs


Brandveda's Google analytics course is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to take their small business online. It teaches you how to use Google Analytics efficiently and essential tasks such as creating goals or analyzing data with ease! You'll also learn about understanding customer behaviors through web traffic analysis which will help establish what content performs best on your site to plan future marketing efforts accordingly.
digital marketing course for Freelancers


You can improve your freelancing skills with the Brandveda course on Google Analytics. Of course, there are many courses out there for professionals. Still, this one is different because it's designed to teach you how to use Google analytics to boost business success and increase revenue! This course covers everything from setting up an account on Google analytics to automating reports for your website.


Brandveda's Google Analytics course is a must-have for any student who wants to take their online business seriously or start their careers as a Google Analytics specialist. The interactive lessons and engaging activities will teach you how to track your website traffic, convert visitors into customers using Google AdWords or SEO (search engine optimization), measure ROI on ad campaigns by installing conversion rate tracking pixels across various platforms, including desktop browsing history.

Google Analytics Certification

Brandveda is the best digital marketing institute in Gujarat, and with our goodwill in the industry, our certification also holds an excellent value for anyone who completes the course. You can learn Google analytics with the experts and become an expert in the field by practicing with dedication. It is essential to understand that whatever you learn will only be understandable in digital marketing if you practice and apply it in real-time. At Brandveda, we provide our students with an internship to practice the given tasks effectively.

We will provide you with our prestigious Certificate of Completion and Google’s Certificate for Google analytics course.

google analytics course certification

Batch Details

Online training

Online Classes

  • Duration: 3.5 Months
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • 7.00 PM- 9.00 PM
  • New Batch Session starts on 15th September, 2022
offline training

Offline Classes

  • Duration: 3.5 Months
  • Thursday, Friday
  • 6.00 PM- 9.00 PM
  • New Batch Session starts on 15th September, 2022
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Students' Reviews & Ratings

We are honored knowing that we were rated 4.5+ by more than 1000 students. We have always prioritized students’ experiences and successes, and in return, we get these beautiful reviews.

Kunjan Shah

Saurabh Sir is very diligent in working towards his students as well as his own work. He’ s a focused person with bigger goals set and wants his students to also dream big & set higher goals and achieve that by putting good efforts on it.

Himanshu Shekhar Singh

First of all I want to Thanks Brandveda For their supports and efforts. And Saurabh Sir is not a just teacher he teaches like a magician that you can’t forget even. Other institutes talk more about tools and techniques. Brandveda talks about tools, techniques along with effective plans and strategies to make it successful. Here we also get many free tools for run successful digital marketing campaigns, To Make a bright career in Digital Marketing.
Here we also get expert’s session which are as good as regular session. It’s just a month to joining Brandveda but now confidently i can say i will be a digital Marketing Expert. Thanks to Saurabh Sir And Brandveda team for their love and support .

Aryan Chunara

Brandveda is one of the institue that provide practical exposure with the theories and strategies in the field of digital marketing. Saurabh sir is a experienced and a very helpful mentor which also teaches best proven strategies and effective implementation for the same while using the best in market tools effectively. Working on live project was also great value addition during the course. And the program covers all the Digital Marketing Topics including latest trends. It have been great joining Brandveda.

upenshu shukla

Brandveda???? Hahahah !!! Dude just name is enough to do ‘miracle’ in your life, seriously I don’t have words to describe whole greatest experience in this ‘Powerful DM Institute’ with very very enthusiastic trainer cum ‘down to earth’ personality i mean Mr. Saurabh Pandey sir.. it was such great time spent with him and lot’s of learned which was not expected seriously… I just highly recommended , if you do want to make bright and very good career in D.M. then you can surely join here for better prospectives , you never feel regret 🙂 that’s it👍🏻

Dhara Samani

Brandveda, The word itself starts with a “Brand”. And “Veda” means a rich scripture to develop once character. So meaningful name itself now let me mention things in detail, I want every user who search for “Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad” should reach this review and make a life changing decision

* It doesn’t evolved as a Brand overnight, these people are working their blood, sweat and tears to make sure they provide value to each and every student enrolled for the course.

*Yes we know everyone says we provide personal attention but Brandveda does it actually, they give equal importance to each and every student personally.

*If you stuck up somewhere they are just phone call away to assist you to guide you!

*Every Student is given tailored solutions for their queries, No copy and paste traditional methods applied for everyone.

Now Let’s talk about Mentor!

The Mentor Mr.Saurabh Pandey, I know him since 2016. I couldn’t join the course because of location and family issues but I was astonished when I call on the number I had and I just told my name and he know me by my exact name, I mean that is unbelievable.

Talking about his teaching style it’s unique, he defines everything word to word and with practical examples in some cases even students are involved in activities.

He gives attention to every individual and solve their doubts on the spot, he never try to ignore or sabotage someone’s doubts no matter How smart or silly it is.

Every topic is given detailed importance, diving deep into strategies and practices is something he emphasize on.

And Every Student is give a chance to complete their Internship parallel to 5he course so at the end of the course he/her is ready for the job/business or contracts.

Placements are given priority, he believes Every student is so potential that no one can resist to hire if he/her has truly and dedicatedly prepared himself/herself.

He even talks about strategies on monetization optimally.

And last but not the least TOOLS, so important in Digital Marketers life, he talks about every tool with practical examples and moreover he Great to offer their versions to students to use and explore.

Digi job fairs and dedicated placement teams make sure each student gets placed.

They have collaborated with many big names for students placements.

Large Alumni network is too available for networking and further growth.

And Brandveda assures you they will never leave your hand even in future, means they are ready to support their Alumni’s even after the course and placement process.

P.S: This is not just a review it is my personal experience I am sharing with you, and I want everyone looking for digital marketing career/path and not clear about agenda, just visit this place you will be in safest hands.

I can still go on writing for this institute but these are some chosen golden words I want everyone to give attention.

All the best my Fellow Digital Marketing Aspirant!

Risa ratnotar

Brandveda is the best institute for digital marketing. I have been studying here since 2 months since before I was totally unaware of even basics of digital marketing but teaching method of Saurabh sir did magic and team of Brandveda is also very supportive.

Ruchi Maheshwari

First of all Thank you Brandeva for guiding and supporting… And saurabh sir thanks to you.. You are a game changer which have change my life…
It is best thing to join your classes. 👍👍 Which have give many new things to understand with your support.. There is many new things to do and get more knowledgeable
Brandveda is Indian best Digital Marketing course 👌👍.. Which gives more practice to do work on the digital platforms.. Once again Thank you for supporting 👍🤞 Dream big 😊😊

Shreeyog Rajopadhye

I joined Brandveda in April 2021. They started with Google Ads. Sourabh sir has not only been a great instructor but also a great mentor. He always pushed me and fellow students to “dream big and work hard”. With his mentorship I can proudly say that I got placed at PwC Germany as an associate consultant. If anyone wants to learn digital marketing, straight away join Brandveda! Your career is in expert’s hand. Just do all the assignments and execute the strategies Sourabh sir teaches in the class and you will be a digital marketing expert in no time. But one thing keep in mind, you must execute what he is teaching. Because in Sourabh Sir’s words “Interested people never make big money, committed people do”. Once again thank you Brandveda and Sourabh sir for your wonderful support.

Ronak Patel

Best place to learn Digital Marketing. Saurabh Sir is a heart and brain of the institute. Teaching method is top notch. I fell in love with DM. Sir has power of attraction. He teaches real life examples. Advanced Digital Marketing Analytics program is way to go. The program has been structured very well. It covers all aspect of DM. I would recommend that if you are looking for DM course, BRANDVEDA IS WAY TO GO!!

Kruti Thakker

The learning at Brandveda was no less than a leap I have taken. With my busy schedule could hardly do anything but lecture for a period of time. When I sat for practical, I was furious that I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Starting few minutes only were difficult as how I proceeded strategies and tips from Saurabh Sir followed. I could do that in much shorter time span than expected. No words are enough to write this feedback. One needs to experience to believe in this 2021 that a mentor puts more efforts and push students to go far ahead unstoppably. He is mentor, motivational speaker and highly enthusiast to get his students to next level! Thank you, Saurabh Sir….

Sahil Shah

I joined Digital Marketing course just for knowledge. But studying with Saurabh Sir and learning in depth intrigued me to pursue a career in this field. Believe me the course structure is so organized, updated and in depth here and of course the teaching method of Saurabh sir is just Amazing! You can see him teaching with full of heart and energy in every lecture. Saurabh Pandey Sir is a gem. Will always be Grateful ❤

Jaynarayan Yadav

As my course is about to complete and I am writing my review deliberately so that I can write everything well within the review. First of all, I would like to talk about my trainer because he is a very good teacher, mentor, motivational speaker and always supports his students. He is very humble and full of knowledge that makes him unique from other trainers his quotes motive his students and If you are his student, then I bet you will remember at list 2 of his quotes 😀.

Now I would like to talk about Brandveda After joining Brandveda I came to know that I get many exclusive lectures along with courses, which improves our knowledge even more. We get a lot of information about the tools, if someone wants to work on the tools, then he can also go to the institute and work without any issue. After taking the course here, I felt that I have invested my money for my good knowledge. The best thing is that there is a team here which supports us in everything and Saurabh sir himself, along with his team, arranges the “Digi Job Fair” and help students to get placed in industry and also guides those who want to start the agency. I would like to thank Saurabh sir and his team for always supporting me. Thank you so much😊

About the Trainer

Saurabh pandey

Saurabh Pandey

Member Since: 01/11/2020
Linkedin E-mail

At Brandveda, we have experts and pioneers of the industry who will give you the real insights and practices conducted in the market. Mr. Saurabh Pandey, founder, and CEO of Brandveda, has experience of over 15 years and has taught more than 50,000 students in this duration. He is on a mission to teach 5,00,000 students shortly and is working hard to achieve this goal. Saurabh believes in rationality and is filled with enthusiasm to teach by developing interests in the students’ minds. However, he is not just a teacher but also a good motivator. There are many students under his mentorship and are learning a lot about the subject as well as learning about life!

Brandveda's Growth Road Map


We provide our students with internship opportunities to work for us and practice their learning from the course. Students must practice what they learn and start thriving for perfection and expertise in any field of digital marketing.

Career coaching

Career counseling at Brandveda is all about finding the perfect job for you. To do this well, our counselors will take an in-depth look into your skills and preferences to help identify which careers would be a good fit based on what type of personality or skill set they think suits best where there are gaps within those areas. Then we'll guide clients through applying processes like networking events that can open new doors and offer valuable professional advice from industry leaders who have been where its time may now mean business experience beyond just work hours.

Resume workshops

Brandveda has been hosting resume workshops for job seekers looking to make a change in their careers. The company believes that it is crucial to gain new skills, work with professional mentors, and be confident in what they showcase before potential employers so these participants can feel successful during finding employment.

Interview preparations

Brandveda has an interviewing workshop that shines a light on being the best, most confident version of yourself. The workshop offers interviews and exercises designed for people looking into new opportunities or those already working in their field who want it more than ever before. We keep sure that students keep their chins up high and stay confident for any interview. We train our students to be the best version of themselves.

Job placement

Brandveda has 100+ placement partners who offer various roles and job positions to the students through campus and company interviews. We have placed more than 5000 students and give you a 100% job placement guarantee.

Exclusive Launches

Brandveda introduces advanced digital marketing programs through exclusive launches such as Taboola ads, Quora ads etc. These digital marketing classes are for the present as well as for alumni also to boost up their knowledge.

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Colleges and Universities

We collaborated with some of the best colleges and universities to teach even more students. It was an honor to teach with them and for them.

webinar at SKIPS (ST. kabir Institute of Professional studies)
SKIPS(st. kabir institute of professional studies)
PDPU webinar BY Saurabh Pandey
Webinar at EDII
Nirma university
workshop at IRMA
webinar at IIM
Indian institute of management
Webinar at Ganpat university
Ganpat university
Entreprenureship Development Institute of India

Student Video Testimonials

Students motivated us with their pleasant experiences and the friendly environment at Brandveda. Please take a look at what our students have to say about us.

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