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Delve into the metrics & data to know what makes an email marketing campaign successful. Our goal is  to provide you with valuable insights and action-taking techniques your improve your own email marketing campaign.

Created 100+ Emails in Just 30 Days:

We managed to create an impressive 100 engaging email templates and email campaigns within just 30 days! We created each email carefully, by understanding our audience's reading preference, like what they like to read the most, and understanding their behavior. Following this strategy allowed us to deliver high-converting and boosted our email quality.

1000+ Emails in 3 years

Through strategic planning, carefully crafted content, and organized distribution, our reputation has been built in the eyes of our audience for delivering newsletters that resonate with them and that's the reason why our subscribers love us. Each newsletter is crafted to drive meaningful interaction, relevant information and engage readers. We have fine-tuned our strategies for maximum impact by delivering newsletters to such a large volume on a daily basis.

Got CTR Above 10% for Every Email Sent

CTR is a decision-making metric to decide if your email campaigns are successful or not. We take immense pride in consistently achieving CTRs above 11% for every single email we sent by applying our CTR-boosting strategy. Employing focused segmentation, engaging content, super-engaging subject lines that your audience can't ignore, and appealing visuals for continuous engagement. By keeping these tactics in mind, we managed to achieve wonderful metrics shown above


These daily campaigns serve as a testament to our expert-led strategies and reflect our expert's 18+ years of industry experience. With the help of these wonderful metrics, we can do wonders in email marketing & nurturing our audience.

By implementing our proven strategies, you assure your email marketing campaigns to do wonders and take your campaigns to new heights. Join us to understand your audience's behavior, learn how to build a super-engaging subject line that your audience can't refuse to click, how to build an attractive email body to keep them engaging after clicking on your email, to build a perfect email calendar altogether. Enquire now to get access to all the strategies & techniques.