Unlock Your Lead Generation Potential with Brandveda's Funnel Workshop

Ahmedabad's top digital marketing institute, Brandveda, recently held a Lead Gen Funnel workshop for business owners in the month of May.
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Ahmedabad's top digital marketing institute, BRANDVEDA, recently held a Lead Gen Funnel workshop for business owners in the month of May. The workshop was led by Mr. Saurabh Pandey, who has been working in the digital marketing sector for the past 18 years and has trained and transformed more than 50000 students. He is a trainer, mentor, digital marketing practitioner. 70+ people attended this 2 day workshop. Entrepreneurs, marketing experts and business owners looking to improve their lead generation skills attended this workshop.

The objective of this lead generation workshop was to teach participants how to create high-converting lead generation funnels and strategies that will enable them to draw in, engage, and convert more leads into paying clients. The participants were provided hands on experience on tools like clickfunnels, converkit, jasper, pabbly, wati. The attendees were also provided with online handouts and free templates of funnel. Building their own landing page, creating content, content marketing and automation techniques were also some of the key highlights of the workshop. The workshop covered the most effective and power packed tools. This workshop was a mixture of theory and practical learning - participants even launched their first funnel in two days!

Some of the key takeaways from this webinar included growth hacks; preparation required before launching a funnel; converting leads into high paying customers; boost sales; how to keep your business on automation getting acquaint with click funnel platform; time saving tools and techniques; and much more! Mr. Saurabh Pandey said “Funnel building is an art that requires knowledge about different aspects such as design thinking & psychology which he has tried to cover during his sessions

Do you also want to learn the art of funnel building and generating high paying leads?

Stay tuned in for more workshops and webinars from BRANDVEDA! With their help you can unlock your lead generation potential and take your business to new heights!

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