The Best Technical SEO Tools You Should Be Using Today

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The Best Technical SEO Tools Are Listed Below

1. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

The foundation of your home must be rock-solid before you engage an interior designer to enhance it. For your website, the same is true. Make sure your website has solid technical health before you start optimizing it. With Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT), perform a thorough scan of your website to look for more than 100 common SEO issues. Additionally, you'll be able to find out what keywords you're currently ranking for and who is linking to your website.

Ahrefs Webmasters Tool

This tool does more than just list the issues with your website. Additionally, it will explain why a specific issue exists and how to resolve it.

2. Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

Ahrefs Keyword Generator - Best Technical SEO Tools

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner (GKP) is a crucial tool in an SEO toolbox because it was created for keyword research for Google Ads. This is primarily due to the fact that the tool is produced by Google, and many SEOs consider its data to be the most accurate. However, we discovered from our experiment that GKP is only relatively accurate 45.22% of the time and nearly never overestimates the "actual" search volume. GKP's inability to display absolute search volumes, just a range, is another drawback (as you can see in the screenshot above). Nevertheless, if you want to conduct thorough keyword research, this tool is still helpful.

Google Keyword Planner

The majority of keyword research programmes present you with suggestions depending on the seed keyword you entered. You might see suggestions like "coffee bean," "coffee near me," "coffee cafes," "keurig coffee maker," etc. if you search for "coffee."

Google Keyword Planner

In contrast, GKP uses semantics to display relevant terms. For instance, even though these keywords don't contain the word "coffee," you can see that GKP suggests terms like "cappuccino," "espresso," "barista," and "french press."

4. AlsoAsked

You'll notice a SERP component called "People Also Ask" for practically every search you conduct on Google (PAA).

People Also Ask Questions

You are shown the PAA questions associated with the topic you entered after AlsoAsked has scraped them. Utilize these to identify subtopics and inquiries that your content can benefit from exploring. For instance, if you're writing a piece on "how to clean a coffee machine with vinegar," you might want to respond to the following queries

Search Queries
People Also Ask Questions

5. Keyworddit

Finding the topics that interest your target audience is the goal of keyword research. What better way to do this than to use Reddit, one of the biggest "forums" on the internet, to find the topics that people are talking about?Indicate which Reddit subreddit your target audience frequents. From that community, Keyworddit will then extract keywords. Here is a list of keywords it extracted from the r/bodyweightfitness subreddit, as an illustration


6. Google Trends

A topic's popularity over time can be seen on Google Trends. Utilize it to identify and profit from hot topics while avoiding writing about those that are losing popularity.

Google Trends

Additionally, you can access more detailed insights and real-time data by leveraging the Google Trends API.

Google Trends - Keyword Research Tool

7. RankMath

RankMath - Keyword Plugin - Best Technical SEO Tools

Consider what would happen if you had to manually add your title tags, meta descriptions, OG tags, and other meta tags to each post you publish using code. You would go bonkers, wouldn't you? However, you are not required to do that if you are using WordPress. You can easily add all of those using RankMathIn addition, RankMath assists with:

  • URLs can change.
  • Identifying and repairing broken links on your website.
  • Information from Google Search Console is displayed in your WordPress dashboard.
  • monitoring the ranks of your keywords.

RankMath also has a schema option to add to your post

RankMath - Schema

8. Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool

Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool

Enter the URL, meta description, and recommended title. Then, this tool will provide a potential image of your webpage in the search results.

Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool

9. Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

Search engines can better understand your content with the help of schema markup. Rich snippets, which frequently have higher click-through rates than "normal" search results, are also powered by it. The Merkle Schema Markup Generator aids in producing accurate schema code. Choose the kind of schema markup—local company, FAQ, product, etc.—that you wish to create, complete the form, and then copy and paste the resulting markup onto your website. If you already use a WordPress plugin like RankMath, you can achieve this. But if you're not, you should use this tool.

10. Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar

Any website you visit can display significant SEO statistics thanks to Ahrefs' SEO Toolbar. They consist of the following:

  • Page's heading
  • Meta information
  • Dates of page's publication and modification
  • words used
  • Headings
  • tags for href
  • OG tags, canonical

In addition, the utility also:

  • verifies any broken links.
  • chain traces of redirects (full path).
  • emphasizing Nofollow links
Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar

11. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Going after your competitors' links is one of the most popular link-building strategies. By that, we mean investigating how your competitors have been obtaining their links by looking at their websites. Then you might adopt their strategies.To do that, you must first determine who is linked to them. You can use our free backlink checker to enter the URL of the page with which you are in competition.The top 100 links linking to the page are displayed here:

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker - Best Technical SEO Tools

Additionally, this tool displays the top five most connected sites, the most frequent anchor texts, the overall number of backlinks and referring domains, as well as our unique domain and URL ratings.You can create your link-building plan using all of these crucial pieces of information.

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The majority of link-building strategies include contacting others and convincing them to connect to your page. You're going to need their email address for that to happen.  Using, you can discover the business email address of any individual. You can use the tool to find emails by simply entering the domain of the email address you're looking for:

13. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Here's how it operates: Experts are required to respond to the queries that journalists ask. These questions are included in emails that HARO distributes to its subscribers. Anyone who responds could end up serving as a source for the writers' articles. This is an excellent way to create authority links regardless of whether your site is new or established. This is not an attribute of HARO. But signing up for HARO means you’ll start receiving many emails from HARO a day. You should limit the emails from HARO you receive to those that are specifically pertinent to your job.

14. Google Search Console

Google Search Console - Best Technical SEO Tools

To identify and address technical issues with your website, submit sitemaps, see issues with structured data, check your Core Web Vitals, and more, use Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

15. Cloudflare


A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of geographically dispersed servers that speeds up user access to your website. It caches static content across all of its servers in order to offer it from a place close to the visitor, enabling content to load more quickly. Utilize Cloudflare to increase website speed and defend it from malicious attacks. For your website, Cloudflare immediately offers a free SSL certificate. This is crucial since HTTPS secures your website and affects Google rankings.

16. GTmetrix


Since 2010, Google has used page speed as a ranking factor. Therefore, if your site is loading incredibly slowly, this can be the cause of its poor ranking.

17. ShortPixel


Large photos (in terms of file sizes) may take longer to load and slow down your page's loading time. Even Google has a wealth of information on how to prepare your photographs for the web: Try different quality settings for your photographs to get the best results, and don't be afraid to lower the quality—the visual effects are frequently excellent and the filesize savings can be significant. ShortPixel allows you to resize, optimize, and compress your photographs.


18. Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator - Best Technical SEO Tools

Search engines can only access certain areas of your website if you have a robots.txt file. It mostly contains a list of every piece of material you want to hide from search engines like Google. Use this tool to rapidly create a robots.txt file if your website doesn't already have one. Select "Customize" if you're an experienced user to make unique rules for different bots, subdirectories, etc:

Robots.txt Generator

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19. Hreflang Tag Generator

Hreflang Tag Generator

An HTML feature called Hreflang is used to specify the language and location of a webpage. The hreflang tag can be used to inform search engines like Google about translations of the same page that exist in several languages. This enables them to provide their users with the right version. To create the appropriate hreflang tags for your website, use this tool. Simply enter the URLs you want to use, choose the language and nation you want, and then click "Generate."On the tool, you can bulk-upload a maximum of 50 URLs. Simply select your CSV file and click "Choose file. "View Rendered Source

Hreflang Tag Generator

This demonstrates how the browser translated the original HTML of a page into the DOM, including any JavaScript alterations. For individuals that need to audit or troubleshoot JavaScript bugs, it's a useful tool. The difference between your code's raw form and what is rendered can be seen by selecting View Rendered Source.

20. Ahrefs’ SERP Checker

Google customizes search results based on your location, language, and search history, among other things. As a result, the results of your search may vary greatly depending on where you conducted it. To receive the most accurate SERPs in the area you wish to rank for, use our free SERP checker to view current search results. Important SEO indicators like the number of referring websites, the number of backlinks, the projected search traffic, etc. are also displayed for the top three search results. This is useful for analyzing the top-ranking pages and comprehending why they have achieved their current positions.

Ahrefs’ SERP Checker

21. BrightLocal’s Local SERP Checker

To the city, town, or even ZIP code level, you should be able to see the search results if you're performing local SEO. The Local SERP Checker from BrightLocal can be used for such.

BrightLocal’s Local SERP Checker - Best Technical SEO Tools

22. Google Analytics

Google Analytics - Best Technical SEO Tools

The most popular analytics tool available is most certainly Google Analytics. It makes sense considering that it's powerful and free. You can analyze and synthesize the wide range of data it provides for your website to enhance practically every area of your marketing. To learn how to use Google Analytics to enhance your SEO performance, read the post mentioned below rather than trying to name a specific feature I appreciate (which seems nearly impossible).

23. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio - Best Technical SEO Tools

You undoubtedly provide SEO reports for your clients, supervisors, and bosses whether you work as an in-house SEO or for an established SEO agency. Such reporting is facilitated by Google Data Studio. It is comparatively simple to combine data from sites like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. because it connects with Google's toolkit.

24. Ahrefs’ SEO WordPress Plugin

Ahrefs’ SEO WordPress Plugin - Best Technical SEO Tools

You won't see success with every piece of material you publish. It's alright. You can always go back to it, assess what went wrong, and take corrective action. But to do that, you must identify the pages that aren't doing well. You should then conduct a content audit. The content audit procedure is automated by our SEO WordPress plugin, which also provides you with advice.

Ahrefs’ SEO WordPress Plugin

25. Google Business Profile Manager

Google Business Profile Manager

A Google Business Profile, in the opinion of 36% of SEOs surveyed by BrightLocal, is the most crucial ranking element for the map pack. Furthermore, 6% of respondents think it's crucial for "regular" organic results.

Google Business Profile Manager

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26. Website Grader by HubSpot

Website Grader by HubSpot should be your first destination. When you enter the root domain (or subdomain) you want to analyze into our free dashboard, you will receive a detailed performance report for that domain.Your Website Grader report card includes metrics for your site in the following categories:

  • Performance
  • Mobile
  • SEO
  • Security

In addition to providing performance data in the aforementioned categories, Website Grader also provides straightforward next steps to improve your site if you received a low grade in a particular area. All website owners wishing to boost their site's performance must use this free application.

Website Grader by HubSpot

27. Google Webmaster Tools

The technical SEO tool I use the most is definitely Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). It includes a tonne of fantastic capabilities that can be used for technical SEO. Its capacity to identify 404 problems, or pages on your website that do not appear to website visitors, may be its most useful function. It's critical to identify these mistakes and reroute the 404 to the appropriate page because a problem like this can seriously impair the marketing effectiveness of your website. To make sure none of the crucial sites are being blocked from search engines, you can also verify your Robots.txt file using Google Webmaster Tools. This file is on your website and prohibits search engines from listing particular pages in search results. It also enables you to check whether your website's sitemap is free of errors. This is crucial since a sitemap full of errors might provide users of the website with a bad user experience. In addition to other things, it enables you to identify duplicate page titles and descriptions so you can edit the website and avoid search engine ranking penalties.

Google Webmaster Tools

28. Screaming Frog

Another tool I nearly always use is Screaming Frog. I strongly advise you to download this tool if you haven't already. Why? It thoroughly examines a domain's numerous facets, which will be extremely helpful to you while you carry out technical SEO. It mostly aids with on-page SEO, helping to identify duplicate page titles and descriptions as well as inspect URL structures to identify problems.

Screaming Frog

29. Google’s PageSpeed Insights

Google’s PageSpeed Insights - Best Technical SEO Tools

As you presumably already know, a quicker page load time can help your website rank higher and, at the very least, make visitors enjoy their time on your site more. With the help of Google's PageSpeed Insights tool, you can examine the user experience and site speed of a particular page. Both desktop and mobile devices are used to examine it. It will also demonstrate how to correct any problems to assist speed up the process or enhancing user experience.

30. Google's Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

As of April 2015, Google updated its mobile algorithm to reward websites with responsive or mobile webpages with higher rankings. Additionally, they released a tool for evaluating mobile friendliness to help you make sure you've covered all the bases and your website won't suffer rankings losses as a result of this update. Additionally, the programme will instruct you on how to correct the problem if the page you are examining does not meet the criteria.

Google's Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

31. Responsinator

There are some distinctions between the Responsinator and the Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool. It first displays your website in both landscape and portrait mode on all popular mobile and tablet devices.This comprises several iPhone, Android, iPad, and tablet models. Although it doesn't provide instructions on how to resolve the problem, it does show you exactly how your website will seem on every type of device.

32. Siteliner

You can use the tool Siteliner to look for duplicate material on your website. With just the insertion of your domain, the tool can crawl up to 250 pages. The amount of duplicate material on your website is next analyzed.You will also be informed of the percentage of duplicate content as well as the specific sites that contain it. Then you may examine each page in more detail and make the required adjustments to prevent having too much duplicate information.

Siteliner - Best Technical SEO Tools

33. SEO Browser

You can see your website as search engines do by using SEO Browser. By doing so, you can make sure that all of your material seems how you intend it to and that the search engines comprehend all you are attempting to say. This website will assist you in determining why search engines could not have picked up something crucial. You can see how crucial it is that technical SEO stays on your radar. It serves as the cornerstone of your search engine optimization operations and letting it lapse could negatively affect your marketing initiatives.


Use these tools to conduct a technical SEO audit on your website if you need to update your SEO approach. What additional materials and tools are helpful for individuals who want to start concentrating on technical SEO?

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