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E-Commerce Marketing Ideas To Increase Lead Generation

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Online shopping has changed the retail dynamics drastically. However, it is so easy to get online that even homegrown businesses have started having virtual stores. This has given rise to e-commerce marketing. In a competitive market, business owners find it crucial to attract customers and drive sales.

Although, generating leads with the help of e-commerce marketing is a strategic process.

Ecommerce Marketing ideas to lure your customers and drive sales:

Make a mobile-friendly website:A survey says that 67% of customers are more likely to buy from your online store if your website is mobile-friendly. There has been an increase in the usage of smartphones. Thus, there are a lot of customers who own phones but not laptops. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you might lose all those customers.

A mobile responsive website is an utmost necessity for increasing your sales. Apart from that, make sure that your site loads quickly. Also, optimize your mobile site so that you can reach your potential audience effortlessly. If you have the budget and means, then make use of technology services to develop a mobile application. It will be much easier for your customers to shop from there.

Merge Instagram:Instagram is the fastest growing social app, as it has around 500 million active users. It has made the world a smaller place by connecting consumers, influencers and brands. Hence, you can increase your e-commerce store traffic with the help of this app. Also, customers are open to buying products from Instagram as well. Many homegrown brands have opened their e-commerce store on Instagram itself.

You can run contests on your page to engage with the audience. You can also show the development process of your product. This will gain the trust of your audience. Apart from that, there is a possibility to add your products in Instagram stories and insert your store’s link. A lot of customers benefit from that.

Eliminate abandoned carts:Did you know that you are losing money every time a customer abandons their cart at the checkout process? This a very common phenomenon. A lot of customers add items to their carts but end up buying nothing. Hence, it is important that you address their concerns directly so that you can reduce the number of abandoned carts.

You can persuade your customers with a discount coupon or a free shipping order. Apart from that, you can run an email recovery campaign. It will work really well. Try and convince your customers to return to the store to complete their purchase. It is a simple yet effective eCommerce marketing idea. Use a quirky line in the email subject. Make sure that your clients open the mail and actually get redirected to your website.

Add live chat:This is another feature that you can use on your website. Live chat is a very simple and user-friendly option. If your customers have any concerns about the product, they can always speak to you through live chat. If their concerns will be cleared at that minute, you will definitely see a higher conversion rate.

The online chat also creates a great shopping experience for your customers. Apart from that, you will realize the common problems that your customers are facing while making a purchase. So, you will be able to rectify those and create a better experience for them. This will increase your conversions as well.

Free Shipping:Well, a lot of people do not like paying for shipping. Many customers abandon their social shopping carts because they find the shipping cost really high. Giving free shipping has a lot of benefits. By implementing Circuit route planning, businesses can optimize delivery routes, making free shipping more financially viable. Hence, if you are not offering free shipping, then do it already.

You can calculate an average of the shipping and add that amount in your product cost itself. In this way, you are not losing out on money as well. On the other hand, giving something free always strikes the customer’s mind. Many customers have a higher opinion of brands that offer them free shipping.

Offer excellent customer support:E-commerce marketing is not only about curating good products and having a great design of the virtual store. It is much more than that. You need to provide excellent customer support as well. The market is client-oriented and service driven. Hence, even if you have the best of products but your customer support is poor then you will lose customers.

A survey suggests that 78% of customers pull their purchase back due to lack of customer support. A solid customer support service will determine the sustainability of your business. You will have to be present on multi-channels like email, social media, phone, live chat and help desk. Additionally, you can invest in self service portals so that customers can find answers to their questions and solve problems on their own, reducing the need for direct support. Also, you are supposed to give a swift response to your customers if they reach you through any of these channels.

To ensure effective customer support across multiple channels, businesses can consider outsourcing their customer service needs to professional virtual assistants. Virtalent is a great platform providing access to talented virtual assistants who can handle customer inquiries, provide swift responses, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Create innovative email campaigns:If you own an e-commerce store or are a digital marketer, you will know that building an email list is so important. However, just capturing a bunch of email addresses is not enough. You will have to regularly send emails to your clients to remind them about your products. The digital world runs on the saying, “Out of sight, Out of mind”. Hence, you need to start popping in your customer’s mailbox on a regular basis.

Apart from that, you will have to send valuable mail to your clients. Only then they will turn in to substantial e-commerce activity. You can provide promo codes and gift cards in the email. This will persuade the buyer to make a purchase. You can send product tips and company news as well. You can ask for feedback too. This will give you the right insights to improve the experience of your site.

Start with content marketingThis a different approach on e-commerce marketing but it will surely help. You can start writing blogs and optimizing those. This will help you connect with your customers in a better way. Apart from that, your website will rank better in search engines. This is because the search engine is filled with informational search queries. If you write value-adding content, then you will get more traffic for sure.

It is a good way to explain the usage of your products. You will get an elaborative space to explain the advantages of using your products. Apart from that, you can take advantage of content marketing by starting a podcast. A lot of people prefer listening to podcasts. This can give great exposure to your products. You can guest post on other sites as well. You can also create guides to help your customers with your product list.

Conclusion:These were some of the ways through which it is possible for you to generate maximum leads for your e-commerce website. It is important to stay relevant in today’s time. Customers like innovative ideas and they do appreciate the efforts put by a business. Focus on the quality and packaging of the product as well. Only then you will have a network of repeating customers.

There are a lot of ways through which it is possible to attract customers. Just make sure to embrace personalization in your campaigns and strategies. This will surely lure your customers.

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Digital Marketing Institute