Ecommerce SEO: 7 Strategies to Rank Fast

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Getting the desired rank in the search engine is what every SEO dreams about.

Do you think it is that much easy?

Well, it’s not.

It is even tougher with a new website having a brand new domain.

But all the website owners need to have a top-ranking position in all the prominent search engines. They hire top-class SEOs around the world to help their website rank. 

Ranking a website fast is even more crucial when it comes to an online ecommerce store to start the business in full swing.

They spend tons of money on it. All just to drive organic traffic from the search engines for relevant search terms that relate to their business.

This way, they attract targeted traffic to their website. This traffic has a higher chance of a conversion.

Not all website owners come with a lot of initial budgets. In such scenarios, they can self-learn through so many different digital marketing courses online to execute various SEO tactics on their websites. 

However, there are so many strategies to rank a website fast without getting penalized from those search engines. But at first, let’s get to know about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what works behind a high ranking website.

So, SEO is the technical term of the practice of increasing the number of your website traffic through organic search results. It can be used efficiently to attract targeted traffic to a website to convert those later.

Google is the most mention-worthy search engine. This data clears that, in the year 2019, Google got 75% of all the global desktop-based search traffic. Other search engines like Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo stand not even close.

So there is a crawler or bot of google that keeps crawling through the web to identify the content and ranks those content accordingly. 

This procedure is done based on algorithms and some factors.

Google brings changes to the algorithm from time to time. However, according to some SEO experts, some factors impact the ranking of a website significantly.


According to the updates with time, SEO strategy also changes. So in simple words, SEO is a combination of tactics that helps a site to rank higher in the search engine over time. 

This way, a new website gets the momentum of gaining a lot of targeted traffic organically from different search engines.

7 SEO Strategies to Rank Fast

So, many business owners, managers, and newbies in the SEO industry wonder what the secret of ranking fast on google is. Well, there are no secret ingredients behind it in terms of white hat SEO tactics.

After having enough studies, you will get to know that there are a few strategies that work behind making any website rank fast. 

Here we are going to mention seven of such SEO strategies that would help you to make your website rank more quickly. More importantly, these strategies are riskless as there is no chance of getting penalized.

Just a reminder, these strategies are for a new website with a fresh domain. For already existing sites, the procedure might be a bit different to some extent.

So, let’s dive in.

  1. On-page optimization of the website

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing web page content for search engine users. It has a significant impact on website ranking.

All the renowned SEOs give it as much importance as other SEO tactics. Some standards of on-page SEO include optimizing the title tag, URLs, content, internal links, etc. 

On-page is different from off-page optimization. This is entirely done on your site rather than considering external factors. Even now, the on-page optimization creates a massive difference in terms of ranking a website higher.

It is clearly stated in the guideline of Google, that a post seems relevant to a particular search term considering its placement. The search terms are supposed to appear on the webpage, also in the title and body of the page. After having all these, a post is most likely to consider relevant to a search term.

Google follows the session time of the organic visitors of a website. If it finds the session time is good, then they make the position of the post higher in the search result.

While creating new content, it is also essential to inter-link with other relevant content of your site. This way, the readers will get what they need to read, and the session time of the website will also increase.

  1. Use less competitive keywords

If you want to bring targeted visitors to your website, keyword research is vital. Primarily most of the SEOs spend a significant amount of time to find suitable keywords for their website.

Continuing keyword research for the new website with a fresh domain is a bit tricky. In such a case, it is not very wise to pick very competitive keywords to rank a website. It will make the task even more difficult.

So many people have already targeted those keywords. They have made a firm position for themselves with that keyword. It is not very convenient to create content on that topic for a new site. It would take years to rank, or it may never rank at all.

The wise action would be to do the keyword research well. Select keywords with middle-range search volume and have a look at the existing competition of that particular keyword.

If you find that the keyword is less competitive, then you can easily pick it for your site. This way, you will get the result sooner.

  1. Including outbound links

To craft valuable content, you might need to mention essential data from different trustworthy, well-known, and authoritative sources. But merely mentioning the data is not enough.

To gain the trust of your readers, you must mention the source of that data. With the source information, link the URL of that data. It would ensure the viability of your content, and readers will easily understand your sources.

It also helps to rank the site higher on the search engine. Google gets the signal that this site is mentioning authority sites of that niche. It is suitable for your website.

But while linking, you should avoid linking from the old sources. For example, you should avoid incorporating 2008 data to your site as there are chances those data are not valid now.

Always include the reference to recent data and link it with the source.

  1. Paid advertisement

If you already have a niche based website not ranking well in the search engine, then you can try paid advertisement for your website. But to even utilize this strategy, you have to produce good quality content. 

You can bring targeted traffic by using the paid advertisement. Google offers pay per click advertisement options where you have to pay for the click on the ad and the impression.

There is another paid ad opportunity on the search engine. Google shows the sponsored posts by tagging ads at the beginning of the search result. This way, a website doesn’t have to wait until it ranks higher to get traffic.

The cost of paid ad campaigns can be significantly higher. It is more costly when you pay for a commercial buying keyword.

But, so many marketers target non-commercial and informative keywords. It can work too for a content that serves the search intent well.

  1. Improving the page loading speed time

To retain the website visitors is the most challenging task to do now. Psychologically people get distracted very soon. Moreover, in this era, we have thousands of options to get distracted.

Data shows, 40% of the traffic will leave the website if it takes more three seconds to load.

So, when a website page takes a lot of time to load people tend to leave the site immediately. A website owner cannot risk that with his website as ranking fast would be very difficult this way.

Your website must be optimized in a way that it loads faster. You can upload content that doesn’t take much memory for fast load. Before uploading a picture, you can compress it.

Remember, a file with big size can reduce your site’s loading time. Ultimately it will work as a negative attribute for your website to rank higher in the search engine.

  1. Set up a blog for the website

Setting up a blog adds so many possibilities for a website. 

It lets you create valuable content targeting some potential keywords. So many genuine and targeted visitors can come to the website through those relevant keywords. 

Visitors can come to a website and get the needed information. They can be converted by clicking the CTA. To get the most out of it, make sure you have a proper content marketing strategy to increase the authority and traffic of your site.

So, this is another strategy to rank fast in the search engine.

  1. Produce high quality and valuable content

Content is the king now. Who doesn’t know that?

Mere creating tons of content is not enough. You always have to choose quality over quantity.

So, you have to craft your content in a way that serves the search intent of the reader. Research as much as possible, to know which information the readers need. Explore the social media platforms where all your target audiences hang out.

After doing all of these, you can finally start creating content that would stand out from the rest. When Google sees that audiences are getting enough value from specific content, it will make the content rank fast automatically.

Wrapping it up

Its time, you must concentrate on SEO for your website rank higher. This is not something which changes overnight. Websites need to be search engine optimized now or even in the coming days for a very long time.

So to thrive in the search engine in terms of ranking implementing different SEO strategies is essential.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute