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How to Promote Website on Google for Free: 4 Effective Ways

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Google is one of the most popular search engines where almost 70% or more people do their queries. As an SEO specialist, I will teach you four easy ways to promote your website through google and make it rank on top-ranking pages for free!

Many effective techniques are available to reach high ranks with little work; these include link building (which could be done manually) and social media promotion, such as Facebook ads targeting specific demographics.

We all know that millions of pages are created daily by millions of content writers, but not all pages can get that much popularity.

No one even looks at the 90% of the content on the websites. So, having good content is not enough to rank on Google. Good traffic also matters sometimes. The key factor is that you can promote your website or blog on Google. Google will then send crawlers to your site and let them know that your content is valuable and worth putting in the top 10 ranking pages.

Out of billions of search queries, is your page ranking on the top 10 pages of Google or not? It will depend on how much you have promoted your website.

Hence, there are many questions and doubts about how you can promote your website on google for free or how google can respond to your promotion.

Here, the promotion does not mean paid advertising. It means making efforts to rank in the first search engine result page (SERP)naturally.

There are so many ways to promote your website by paying google AdWords. However, here we discuss how you can upgrade your website for free on Google.

Let's highlight below the 5 ways that will surely help you to promote your website or how you can improve your website ranking & traffic.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I have seen many beginners who are just afraid of talking about search engine optimization. For them, it seems like a magic trick that only a few people could know about it.

But in my opinion, if you have written good content and target the right keyword while writing your content, there is no need to fear. After writing content, you can also check your insights on Google Analytics, Google Search Console & many more.

If you are following the standard content guidelines while publishing your blog post, your blog should rank better.

If you are writing content and following all the on-page & off-page basic SEO elements, you are fine enough to get your post ranked on google search engines. It will also increase your website traffic.

Not to confuse you, I also have a guide on SEO TIPS FOR NEW WEBSITE ON 2022.

In simple words, search engine optimization is just targeting the right keyword on good quality content to get more targeted traffic & to make your presence better on google.

Write Content around Target keywords.

It is a key to ranking on Google. Imagine that if you are targeting a keyword for your content, that is very competitive, and many users have their pages existing on that keyword on the search engine.

Will you be able to compete with them as a new website holder? I am sure not.

In content marketing, it is a key factor to take care of. So, the better is to target the keyword with very low competition means targeting keywords between 0-5 difficulty, and then you can easily rank on that keyword if your content quality is good enough. Before doing keyword research, you can also do a Google Search and take LSI keywords shown by Google, as it will also affect your ranking & site traffic and it will also increase your Google reviews.

You can use paid tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz to find the keyword difficulty. If you are not opting for paid tools, you can also go for free tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

promote your website on Google

In the above screenshot, you can see that keyword [Digital Marketing Course in Indore] has very low keyword difficulty; it is very easy to rank your content on google search on this keyword & it will also increase your website traffic

Now target your keyword with the best SEO standards and with low keyword density everywhere in the page title, meta description, URL, and the middle of the content.

If you are doing this, then surely your post will get the attention of google with your specific target keyword, and as well as your chances will be increased of getting indexed by google.

Apart from this, if you are willing to try another tool that will provide you with 14 days trial, I recommend you go for SEMrush.

As SEMrush also offers you an exclusive feature for finding low, competitive keywords with a very low keyword density where the difficulty will be rated between 0-100% score

Building Inbound and Outbound Links

It is the most important thing to do after writing your content; inbound & outbound links are part of backlinks.

If you have written very good content, Google will index & rank your blog content in the top 50 results, which is good at an initial level.

After this, your job is to push your content from the top 50 to the top 10 results of Google, which is only possible through backlinks. By building links, you will have targeted traffic to your website.

And now, start creating backlinks from other sites that will link to your site. Thiswill send a signal to Google that you have some authority given by other pages.

As Google crawler will get more references to your pages after creating backlinks from higher authority sites.

As content becomes older, it will get more positioning on Google's top-ranking pages. As your pages get ranked, it will result in more traffic.

Creating inbound & outbound links will help you push your content to Google's top-ranking pages. Inbound & outbound links is also a part of search engine optimization. Inbound & outbound links are also called incoming & outgoing links.

Always focus on creating quality backlinks, not several backlinks.

The more you create quality backlinks, the more chances will be increased to rank on Google's top-ranking pages.

Always make sure to create backlinks from sites with a spam score of less than 5; if you create backlinks from a place with spam of more than 5, it affects your ranking.

Write Supreme Content

If you want to Google to promote your content in the search engines, the best part is Content. I always prefer to write good quality content.

Don't write content for the sake of writing. Do proper research on your content & keyword before writing.

As I always say, content is the king; the more your content quality is good, the more you will get a chance to rank on google. If you have good quality content, then Google will automatically organize your Content even if you have zero backlinks on that content, giving you more focus on content quality rather than generating the number of backlinks.

What is meant by good content? From my experience, make better content than those ranking in the top 10 positions.

The logic is really simple; go-to keyword research tool & target keyword that has very low difficulty & then, try to rank on that keyword by creating good quality content. Also, always target your keywords while writing the content.

Identify the average article length and word count of the competitors ranking in the top 10 positions & try to create a content length of more than that.

These all come under SEO & will guarantee to force Google to promote your content for free & you don't need to pay any advertising fee; these are the best practices to boost your content for free.

2. Publish Guest Post

The best way to promote your content for free is by doing guest posting.

Guest posting or guest blogging means publishing your article or blog on other sites as a guest post. The guest post is not easy to get. Before doing guest posting, you must pitch influencers or website admins to get your blog published on their site. If they approve your content, they will post your content and give your website a referral links that links to your site.

It is a very standard way to generate backlinks of good quality content.

If you are opting for a guest blogging, then make sure you check the domain authority, spam score, & monthly organic traffic of that site because there is the least chance of getting free links in the guest blogging. They only go for paid sites.

The content which you will write must follow the below standards

Your content must match the niches of the website for which you are creating content

  • You must check the guidelines of the website before publishing content.
  • Don't make overstuffing keywords in your content.
  • Your content quality must be good & make sure you don't have any plagiarism issues.
  • Make sure your content is not published on another website; in guest blogging, you cannot publish content already posted on another site. Else, it may get rejected.
  • Make sure your content must add value so that it will get more chances for approval of your post.

This will indirectly create backlinks to your website for the post which you have pitched & it will automatically increase your site traffic. This will send a signal to Google that you have some authority given by other pages. So don't forget to work with a professional SaaS link building agency to create strong backlink profile.

The website owner will create Anchor text for the post that links to your site. You may also generate referral traffic through this. And with the help of anchor text, your site will get traffic from the position in which you have created free backlinks.

But just to let you know, very few websites offer free guest posts. The rest are paid. The Free sites may put your content in the queue for longer than one month.

Keep patience & stay updated if your site doesn't get approved, then no worries, you are free to publish those Content on your site.

Publish as much as possible content on other sites as a guest post if they approve your article for any reason as it is linking traffic to your website.

Also, if you are opting for paid guest posting, then negotiate with them or offer something relevant to them so that they can reduce the prices of guest posting. With the help of guest posting, you can easily generate traffic for your blogs, or we can say blog traffic.

3. Harness the power on Social Media

These days 90% of citizens are using social media platforms. Out of them, few are very famous as daily active users. With the help of social media platforms, you can easily promote your Content for free.

Imagine how much you must pay to Google for paid advertising to generate traffic with the help of Google Ads. Rather, you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to promote your content without spending a single penny.

To rank in Google, lot many factors play a vital role, and out of them, the most important factor to do so is social shares with the help of social media platforms. If you do social shares, your post will automatically get engagement & increase your site traffic. Because of this, you can have a chance to rank on google, & it will also give Google a positive signal that your content is valuable.

Below is the list of the most popular social media platforms that will help you drive free traffic and answer you on how to promote a website on google or how to do website promotion.

Facebook Shares

Facebook Logo

While comparing other platforms, we have found that Facebook has the largest active user base of around 2200 million compared to other platforms.

To promote on Facebook, you must create your Facebook page account and then start publishing your post on that page to get more engagement. It is also a part of social media marketing.

To get likes on your Facebook page, you can start sharing your content with your friend list and ask them to share your page on their profile so that you can generate traffic through your pages.

Design your profile image, and cover image, connect your other social media accounts & make proper descriptions & titles.

Also, if you want to track your competitor, then research what content they are creating & find out what they are posting on their profiles & pages. Also, you can do Facebook live once a week to get more engagement with your users.

Other than this, getting free website promotion is by joining some Facebook groups relevant to your niche. It will also help you to generate more quality traffic to your site.

Moreover, if you want to generate paid traffic to your site, you can also go for a Facebook ad. It is paid advertising from which you will get paid traffic. Before running paid ads, you must make sure that you have selected your target audience properly because it is one of the main factors which affects the most.

Twitter Shares

Twitter logo

Twitter is the second largest social media platform after Facebook, which has huge potential to get traffic. In Twitter also, you can create your account, share tweets and retweets that are trending on Twitter and get engaged with people worldwide.

People will start following you if they like the content you share on Twitter. Twitter can generate more engagement as compared to Facebook.

The reason is that the audience on Twitter is more curious or content seekers than on Facebook. If you have used any popular or trending hashtag in your tweet, it will get more engaged and generate more traffic to your page or your site.

If you have generated an attractive thumbnail or are worth adding content, then the post you have published will get more retweets and get more engagement than the other post. Also, it helps generate more site traffic if you have mentioned any site of yours.

Mostly On Twitter, hashtags are more popular than on other social media platforms. You can also do Twitter chat to get engaged or more social shared with the users.

YouTube Shares


YouTube is one of the largest video sharing content platforms. YouTube has more than one billion hours of daily watch time. This is huge as compared to other video sharing content platforms.

Let's say if you have created any podcast or else you have any podcast channel on any podcast generating platform; then you can easily covert that audio version into a video version with the help of YouTube and gain

more traffic to your channel for that you can add your podcast link on that episode of your YouTube channel so that you can generate more traffic. Also, do social shares of that link to get more engaged with the users.

4. Email outreach for New Post

Email outreach is the other best way to generate free traffic to your content. You can do email outreach of the new post or content you have created to gain more traffic. If you are doing email outreach, you gain more traffic to the site. But it depends on many factors that how much free traffic it can bring in.

Remember SEO & social shares are for a limited time. We are not sure how much traffic it will gain, as, in search engines, the ranking will go up & down, and you are not sure how long your post will get ranked on a search engine, so you need to capture the lead of the visitors visiting your site.

To capture leads, these are the two most important things you can do to generate leads:

1. Lead magnets

2. Email marketing tools

A lead magnet is a free guide, or something related to your niche that you can offer to generate leads for your website. You can provide distinct types of lead magnets like a free e-book, checklist, free SEO tools, and many more. The purpose of generating leads is simple If the reader is keen to learn more in detail about your lead magnet, you will enter the required point, and in such a way, you will be able to generate a growing email list of readers.

For email marketing, you can get a response; the best thing is to get a reply and provide you with 30 days free trial.

Email marketing tool can capture those leads, and then you set autoresponder email that first start with a welcome email, and then you can send future emails; it is also a part of email marketing.

And now, once you have an email list, you can easily drive traffic to your blog content. It impacts your site traffic too.

If your title is catchy and good enough, then the users will get more attracted to the content that you have published, then you will get more clicks to your blog post also your site will get more free traffic.

It is another best way to generate free traffic from different sources, and the best part is this process is automated (one-time setup), and you will get your answer on how to promote a website on google for free.

My Views

If you're looking for ways to promote your website on Google for free, using SEO and content marketing are four of the most effective methods. By writing content around your target keywords and optimizing your site for search engines, you can improve your visibility and organic traffic. And don't forget to keep track of your progress; use analytics tools like Google Analytics to measure how well your efforts are paying off. Are you ready to start promoting your website on Google? Try out these techniques today!


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