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How To Rewrite Digital Marketing Content: 3 Best Paraphrasing Tools in 2023

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Marketing, if done correctly, can bring remarkable success to a business. Because, as of now, every second person has a smartphone, most buyers want to shop or look around for things online rather than physically visiting businesses. Due to the increased demand, digital marketing is used by most businesses to get more leads and sales. Digital marketing is of different types:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing,

And many more. Each of these has its techniques and aspects and is very different if compared, but one common thing is that every marketing type uses content in the form of text. Generating compelling text is the pillar to getting the success you want from your campaign, whether you are running SEO, PPC, or any other campaign. The problem that most marketers face is writing content regularly with uniqueness. Because of the untold amount of online text, the chances of writing similar content to someone else are high. If content matches with other sources, it comes under plagiarism, which every marketer understands can ruin everything. On the other hand, hiring a professional writer can solve such issues, but some might find it challenging to hire a writer within their budget. The best possible solution is to get help from online paraphrasing tools.

Paraphrasing tools For Marketers

Paraphrasing tools such as Rewritify are rewriting software available widely online on different websites that take in the content and rewrite it using NLP and AI techniques to make it unique, compelling, and readable. Here are some of the uses of these tools for digital marketers:

Generate Original Content

Writing original content is necessary to value your readers and potential customers. It can be hard, as mentioned already. In such cases, AI paraphrases can help. You only need to copy the text you want to rephrase; this tool will make certain changes in the text, including structural changes and changing words with synonyms, and make it completely unique as compared. The best thing is that it makes the content unique while retaining the original message of the text.

Update Outdated Content

When doing SEO, you need to update your existing and old content with fresh ideas and updates to ensure that your text is providing value to the user and building your brand's trust. Manually paraphrasing your old content can be daunting. Paraphrasing tools, on the other hand, can easily paraphrase your text and change it completely.

Plagiarism Removal

Plagiarism is a great concern, and as a marketer, no matter what campaign you are running, you need to avoid copying others' ideas and text. Accidental and self-plagiarism are common and are often overlooked. Before submitting or publishing it online, you need to check your content through a reputable plagiarism checker. If there is any percentage of plagiarism present in the text, make sure to remove it. Paraphrasing tools can help you remove such traces of plagiarism without any effort that you will put in otherwise paraphrasing manually. There are so many other uses as well that you will experience in different scenarios. The problem that many face is choosing the right tool. Because so many websites offer such tools, and every tool needs to be better, as it might claim, you have to test many tools to see whether they are effective or not. To help you here, we have picked some of the best tools easily accessible online.

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Three Top Paraphrasing tools for digital marketers

We tested many tools in the process and concluded these tools because of some specific reasons that we will share in this section. is a popular paraphrasing tool used by numerous online users for various purposes. This website offers a wide range of tools that can help you create effective content. The high degree of accuracy of this tool is one of its best features. The content generated closely resembles that of a human writer because of the advanced AI technology used. The platform was created with its users in mind and offers a variety of modes to meet their various needs. These modes consist of:

Regular: This mode modifies the text to make it unique and readable.

Creative: This mode is ideal for digital marketers who want to reach their customers using creative text.

Formal: This mode quickly paraphrases any amount of text with high accuracy. is one of the mainstream paraphrasing tools used by millions of users online for many reasons. This website comprises many different tools that can assist you in writing effective content. The best thing about this tool is that it is very accurate, and because of the advanced AI technology integrated, it generates content that looks near to human writers. This tool keeps all its users in mind and thus offers several different modes for various purposes. Here are the modes with a short explanation of what they do:

Text Improver: It removes redundancy in the text and increases the overall quality of the text.

Near Human: This mode ensures that content rewritten through it is accurate and similar to a human writer with proper meaning and context.

Free Rewriter: This mode makes several changes in the text to make it unique and readable.

Plagiarism Remover: Removes accidental and self-plagiarism, no matter how much plagiarism is present, it will rewrite duplicates and make it unique.

Creative: Best for digital marketers who want to reach their customers using text with a touch of creativity. Academic: Mainly for students but can be used by anyone to change the text tone to formal.Quill Text: Quickly paraphrases any amount of text with high accuracy.

Sentence Rephraser: This mode is for users that want the highest accuracy. This mode rewrites one sentence at once and gives different suggestions against it that users can choose. This tool is only partially free. Only the first three modes discussed above are free, and the rest of the modes require premium subscriptions. is a unique paraphrasing tool that is used by many. It offers a sleek UI and is very easy to use. The tool’s generated results are accurate and usable. This tool is best for users that do not have much paraphrasing needs and want an easy-to-use tool to paraphrase their text. Also, it is the best paraphrasing app for android. This tool doesn’t offer modes like but it specializes in rewriting long text copies like essays, blogs, articles, and so on. If you want to update outdated content, this tool can help. Here are some of the ways this tool is a great option:

  • It can help you remove plagiarism from your text
  • Reduce redundancy and improve content quality
  • It can make your content appealing
  • Best for email marketers that want to reuse existing text many times
  • It is completely free

This tool is free and unlimited which means you do not have to buy anything for it and can enjoy using the tool as many times you want. As the name implies, this tool specializes in rewriting texts to remove plagiarism from them. You can not use duplicate content in SEO and similar marketing campaigns because it will do you no good and you will waste resources and effort doing it. Additionally, accidental plagiarism and semantic plagiarism are a great concern. Even if you write unique content, your content or idea may match someone online. You have to make sure you are creating unique content that readers find interesting. In such cases, this tool can help greatly. This free-to-use tool can help you remove any sort of plagiarism present in your text and will make it usable. is an innovative online tool designed to help you rephrase digital marketing content in a matter of seconds. Its advanced algorithms and extensive features brush off the headache associated with content rewriting.

It has the ability to create accurate and context-appropriate content. Instead of simply replacing words with synonyms, analyzes the original content and restructures it to preserve the meaning while a new perspective is provided.

This ensures that your rephrased content is not only unique but also relevant and effective.

This online rephrasing tool provides a user-friendly interface that makes rewriting fast and easy. Simply copy and paste your content into the tool, and you will receive a simplified text version.

  • Creative- This mode transforms your digital content into eye-grabbing copies.
  • Anti-Plagiarism- It makes sure of the originality of your text and helps you avoid plagiarism.
  • Fluency- This mode helps you maximize the fluency of your content with its state-of-the-art rewriting capabilities.
  • Academic- It ensures the integrity of your academic writing and brings clarity to your text.
  • Blog- With this mode, you can create engaging content for your blogs.
  • Formal- With this writing mode, you can keep a professional tone in your writing.


Paraphrasing tools can help you a lot in your marketing journey. You have to work smarter to excel in your campaigns and use the right tools. The tools we mentioned and discussed above are great options and can help you rewrite any type of text you want.

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