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Are you looking for the best influencer marketing agency in India? This blog will solve all your problems.

But first, we will understand who are influencers and the meaning of influencer marketing.

Who are Influencers?

Are you someone who loves to follow famous personalities on any social media platform? Do they inspire you?

If yes, then they are influencers for you.

Influencer Working on his laptop

So, influencers are someone who has an amazing fan following on social media marketing platforms.

They make some or the other impact on their audience.

They are present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media networks.

Also, they get huge engagements on these platforms.

These are form of Instagram likes, followers, shares, and subscribers.

They are also called brand ambassadors.

As the audience follows them, they know their reel and real life.

Apart from this, Individuals share their updates on social networks.

Hence, people love to follow and talk about them.

What do you mean by Influencer Marketing?

This kind of marketing is popular these days.

It has made difference not only in India but across the globe.

Influencers collaborate with brands on any social media platform.

This is done to promote their product or services.

Influencer Marketing

So, in return for promotion, these influencers get monetary gains or they get products or services for free.

Also, influencers are in huge demand these days.

Because Some products and services require brand loyalty and brand awareness or to generate sales.

Therefore, influencer marketing plays a major role in a brand's success.

Now, with this rising opportunity for influencers.

Specialized Companies were formed to become a mediator between a brand and influencers.

Furthermore, we will look deeper into these influencer marketing agencies in India.

Top Influencer Marketing Agency in India:

1. Confluencr:

This influencer marketing agency in India was established in 2019. It is located in Mumbai.

Furthermore, they have worked with so many social influencers.


They have conducted an influencer campaign which was worth 1 crore.

In 2021, Confluencr was awarded the best large-scale influencer marketing agency.

Besides, they are trusted by over 400 brands in India.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 9619858034 / 9883306551

Email: /


Address: C206, Omkar Ananta, General Arun Kumar Vaidya Marg, Laxmi Nagar, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400063

2. Soarbeam Digital:

Soarbeam digital is the best influencer marketing agency in India.

Influencer Marketing Agency In India

They have partnered with India's best social media influencers, content creators and bloggers.

They offer all services like content creation and conducting an Influencer marketing campaign

Additionally, they make sure these tasks are done smoothly.

Also, they have more than 9 years of experience in the field. They worked with more than 100 brands.

Contact details:

Phone Number: (+91) 9714285958

Email: Digital@Soarbeam.Com


Address: Soarbeam Digital, 205, Shree Rang Mall, GIFT City Road, Randesan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 382007

3. Tagbox

Tagbox - Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Tagbox stands out as an innovative and highly valuable platform. In today's marketing landscape, user-generated content (UGC) holds significant power, and there are few other solutions that offer as many versatile features for accessing, securing, storing, organizing, repurposing, and reusing UGC assets. While the pricing structure can be somewhat complex, both in terms of plan selection and specific price points, the software's effectiveness can swiftly alleviate any initial concerns. To truly gauge its worth, I recommend securing a demonstration of Tagbox's UGC Suite or trying out its Social Wall or Widget products with a free trial.

Contact details:

Phone Number: +1 (628) 900-3005

Email: support(@)


Address: 440 N Barranca Ave, Covina, 91723

3. Socio Influencer:

This influencer marketing platform has tie-ups with top-rated bloggers, Instagram influencers and YouTubers)

Socio Influencer

Also, they are the best influencer marketing agency in India.

Apart from this, they worked with leading brands in India.

In addition to this, they use various social media channels to increase brand awareness.

They are YouTube, blogs, Facebook, and Instagram.

Lastly, they offer a great return on investments.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 088264 83939



Address: A-31, Lower Ground Floor, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017

4. Brandholic:

They have done more than 200 influencer marketing campaigns.

Also, they have a presence in more than 35 cities around the world.


Moreover, Brandholic has worked with more than 170 clients.

They have worked with big brands.

They are Oyo, Sharechat, Sleepwell, Stockholm, DLF and many others.

Lastly, they have done work for more than 50 diversified industries.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +919717727929



Address: G 59, Marina Arcade, Middle Circle, CP, New Delhi -01

5. Kalakar House:

This influencer marketing company is providing services for half a decade.

Additionally, they provide data-driven solutions for conducting an influencer marketing campaign.

Kalakar House: Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Furthermore, they have worked with a number of actors, artists, actresses, models, bloggers, Athletes and YouTube content creators.

Moreover, they also provide Instagram influencer marketing services.


Their motto is to be Mumbai's most chosen agency for influencer marketing.

In addition to this, they are the leading influencer marketing agency in India.

Contact details:

Phone Number: +91 77000 00766 / +91 81693 39751

Email: /


Address: Kalakar House, Ahimsa Apartments, Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

6. ThinkWhy:

They provide the best influencer marketing service in India.

Also, they help you find the right influencer for your brand.


Moreover, their result-driven approach makes your campaign better.

Furthermore, they are a digital marketing agency too. They provide a lot of services like e-commerce marketing, search engine optimization, purpose-driven campaigning, social media marketing, Amazon growth, & more.

Apart from this, they are not just an influencer agency but a growing influencer marketing company. They are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Ahmedabad.

Contact Details:

Phone Number:



Address: AHMEDABAD, INDIA A10, Prathna, CG Road, Ahmedabad 380009

7. Social Faim:

They provide the best influencer marketing service in India.

Furthermore, they will help you in finding the relevant influencer.

Social Faim

Moreover, they even provide an ROI-based influencer campaign.

Therefore, this helps brands to measure the performance of marketing efforts.

They have a strong influencer network.

In addition to this, they have worked with Godrej, flybot, sweet dreams, body code, and Bioderma.

Lastly, they have a branch office in Dubai too.

Contact details:

Phone Number: 093240 67745



Address: 703, Green Park, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053

8. MidRipple:

This is the best influencer marketing platform.

Also, they have an influencer network.

Moreover, they help brands build connections with content creators, social influencers, and celebrities.

Midripple Logo

They provide 360-degree solutions in influencer marketing.

Additionally, they offer a top influencer marketing strategy. They are one of the best social media marketing agencies in Ahmedabad.

For instance, Instagram influencer marketing to many long-term collaborations with brands.

They guide influencers to great premium quality content for the audience.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +91 - 913 090 9645



Address: 181/3B, Ashok Nagar, Satellite Area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015

9. The Crazy Entrepreneur:

They have the best influencer marketing platform in India.

Initially, they were a software development company.

Best influencer marketing agency in India

But now they are into the digital marketing space for a long.

Apart from this, they provide the latest updates about your campaigns.

They even provide free consultation for your business.

Also, they offer a well-defined influencer marketing strategy.

Hence, they are preferable for your influencer marketing service.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +919324482017



Address: Building, 503, Plot-218, Kapurwala, 220, Samuel St, near Masjid Bunder, Masjid Bandar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400009

10. 7P Digital:

This influencer marketing company was established in December 2020.

Moreover, they have gained the trust of more than 100 brands in India.

7P digital

Additionally, they Perform the latest techniques in the influencer marketing campaign.

Also, they are the best influencer marketing agency in India.

They find out right influencer for your company.

Even if you need the best YouTube influencer.

Apart from this, they have connected to more than 12000 influencers.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +91 95826 10161



Address: 121, Second Floor, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana, 122001

11. Solebs:

They have more than 8 years of experience.

Moreover, they are the one-stop solution provider in the influencer marketing field.

Solebs Digital

Also, they provide creative, unique and latest techniques in digital marketing.

Furthermore, top brands trust Solebs and they have an influencer marketing expert.

Additionally, they have the best influencer platform.

Social Media

Lastly, they offer customized marketing services for brands.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 09770915915 / +91 90501 40567



Address: 2nd Floor KLJ Tower North, B–5, District Centre, Netaji Subhash Place, Wazirpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110034

12. Whiz co:

They have more than 50,000 content creators on their influencer platform.

In addition to this, they are a leading influencer marketing agency in India.

Influencer Marketing In India

Also, they plan your campaigns strategically. They have a goal-oriented approach.

Furthermore, they have connected to influencers from various industries.

These are signing, comedy, food, dancing, fitness, acting, comedy, education, fashion and beauty.

Apart from this, they have achieved many milestones like content creation for more than a million pieces.

Lastly, they have created content in more than 10 languages.

Contact Details:


Address: Building Number 24, Third Floor Central Market, Punjabi Bagh West, New Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110026

13. Glad u Came:

They are an award-winning service provider in PR and influencer marketing.

Moreover, they have an experience of more than 5 years of in digital marketing.

Glad U Came

They have conducted many famous influencer marketing campaigns.

For instance, Lotus Makeup- Fashion week India and Lakme fashion week.

Additionally, they have strong contacts with influencers.

That meets the demand of clients' requirements.

Also, they find out the right social media influencer for your brand.

So, they are best in providing influencer marketing services.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +91 93212 18680



Address: Shreejee's Lane, Om Heera Panna Mall, Second Floor- 39, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

14. GryNow Media:

They are the best agency for influencer marketing.

Furthermore, they have contacts with more than 50,000 influencers.


Also, GryNow Media has gained the trust of more than 200 brands.

In addition to this, they have more than 4 years of experience in the field.

Moreover, they give individual attention to each client's needs.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: +917353071666

Email: /


Address: 820, Golf Course Road Sector 42, Gurugram Haryana - 122001, India

15. Vavo Digital:

They have data of more than 45,000 influencers. These are from 12 different categories.

Some of the categories are fashion, beauty, lifestyle, finance and entertainment.

VAVO digital

Also, they have partnered with the best brands like Nykaa, Upgrad, Unacademy, cred, pogo, and EpayLater.

Moreover, they will help you in finding the relevant influencer for your brand.

Apart from this, they have the best influencer marketing expert.

Therefore, they are the best in influencer marketing.

Contact details:

Phone Number: +91 7208963560



Address: 701, Sanjona Chambers, BS Devashi Marg, Deonar, Govandi East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400088


Influencer marketing

To conclude, it is clear that influencers have made a change to the social media marketing field.

Brands started realizing, their needs for public relations, brand awareness and reputation management.

Now, it became important for brands to hire them.

So, the aforementioned Influencer marketing agencies solved the problems for many top brands.

If you want to learn influencer marketing, then you must enroll in Brandveda's Social Media Marketing Course.

We hope you loved reading this article.


Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute