IT Companies in Canada

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In the tech world, Canada is a hub of innovation especially in the IT sector. This list focuses on the top companies driving progress by pushing boundaries, showcasing expertise and contributing to Canada's tech advancement. We'll explore how these companies are making waves in areas like software, AI, cybersecurity and more. As they shape the digital future of Canada.

Here is the list of top 20 IT companies in Canada 

1. Shopify 

Shopify - IT Companies in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Since 2006 Shopify has been trending Among people who want to display and sell their products or services online. It's an e-commerce platform that empowers both individuals as well businesses to create and operate their very own online stores easily.

Subscripted versions of shopify offer a wide range of tools and features like customizable themes, product inventory management and secure payment options. Using these features owners can build as well as manage their online stores easily.

Actions on Shopify are made through a user-friendly dashboard where store owners can add products, create discounts, process orders and much more. Shopify also offers integration with other sales channels like Amazon, Instagram and eBay, providing users with multiple avenues to reach their customers.

Different subscription levels cater to different business sizes from small shops to large businesses with extensive inventory. Shopify Plus is the highest level of subscription which offers advanced features for high-volume merchants and large businesses. Shopify has a free trial version, which can be used virtually for free for up to 90 days.

Shopify also has an app marketplace where users can download various plugins to extend the functionality of their store, including tools for Shopify application development. It ranges from SEO tools to customer review systems. In essence, Shopify provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for anyone looking to start an online business. It offers a broad range of tools to manage and grow online sales.


Bajaao, John Jacobs, Kylie, NUsh, Yoga Bar, Star-Struck, M Caffeine. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Build Online store
  • Sell products online 
  • Streamline dashboard 

2. BlackBerry

BlackBerrry - Best IT Companies in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

The BlackBerry, a line of mobile devices developed by BlackBerry Limited, operates based on a custom operating system - BlackBerry OS - that provides multitasking and supports specialized input devices adopted by BlackBerry, typically a trackwheel, trackball, or more recently, the optical trackpad and touchscreen.

BlackBerry's standout feature is its capability to send and get push emails and instant messages. All while keeping things super secure through on-device message encryption. BlackBerry gadgets also offer a bunch of cool stuff like cameras, media players for music & videos, GPS navigation and internet browsing.

The device integrates with the user's email account, maintaining a constant link with incoming mails, and alerting the user in real-time. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is a critical component in its functionality, allowing IT administrators to maintain a high level of control and security over the BlackBerry devices within their network, enabling features such as remote wipe or policy implementation. 


MItsubishi Electric, DTS, Gdex, Niagara Region, Granite State, Converge one.  

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Secure Communications. Safeguarding sensitive communications for organizations in high-security environments with end-to-end encryption.
  • Cybersecurity:- Preparing, preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks.
  • Embedded Systems. 
  • Critical Event Management. 
  • Endpoint Management. 
  • Automotive.

3. OpenText 

OpenText - IT Company in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

OpenText Corporation is a top IT company in Canada that specializes in enterprise information management (EIM) software. Their products aim to help businesses manage and gain valuable insights from their unstructured data. The services they provide include content management, business process management, customer experience management, discovery and analytics.

OpenText's solutions are crafted to empower companies in digitizing processes and supply chains. They also assist in unlocking the value within their information through analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Madsecurity, Cocacola, Heineken, fresenius kabi, Neste, Repco Nex, Alfanar, Texas, Lids, Metropolitan, Berco, Conexus, Cooperstandard, Fiscalia, Nabard. 

IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Services provided By them:- 

  • Enterprise Content Management.
  • Business Network.
  • AI & Analytics.
  • Digital Experience.
  • Digital Process Automation.
  • Discovery.
  • Security.

4. Constellation Software

Constellation Software - Top IT Companies in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Constellation Software is a leading IT company in Canada which is the provider of software and services to a variety of public and private sectors in the market. Operating through two segments Public Sector & Private Sector the company acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses. 

With a unique business model, Constellation Software pursues a long-term approach, focusing on market penetration and organic growth within its acquired businesses. The company functions by buying software companies, integrating them into its fold, and then investing in these businesses to spur growth and development. 

As a result, Constellation Software has a broad portfolio of software companies that deliver mission-critical solutions to industries globally. 


Volaris, Harris, Jonas, Vela, Perseus group, 

IT Company in Canada

Service provided by them:- 

Manage and build industry specific software businesses which provide specialized. 

Mission-critical software solutions that address the particular needs of our customers. 

5. CGI Group 

CGI Group - Best IT Company in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

CGI Group Inc. is a big international IT company in Canada that does a lot in IT sectors like consulting, putting systems together, outsourcing and finding solutions. They're based in Canada and  help all sorts of businesses with a bunch of services. From finance & health to making things & delivering stuff. They even work with energy, utilities and many more.

Initially, they engage with the client to understand their unique needs and challenges. This could involve improving business processes, upgrading technology infrastructure, or developing new software applications. Based on the client's requirements, CGI's team of experts will design a solution tailored to resolve the identified issues and improve efficiency and productivity.

While putting the solution into action CGI teams up with the client to make sure it fits well with ongoing projects to avoid any possible disturbance as possible. After that's done they stick around with clients to help them continuously. If any problem pops up they fix them, and make sure that the system stays up to date with the newest industry rules and technology improvements.

By delivering these end-to-end IT services, CGI Group helps businesses leverage technology to drive growth and success. Which positions themselves as a trusted partner in their client's digital transformation journey. 


 Ford Motor Company, General Electric, HSBC Holdings.

Services provided by them:- 

  • Business consulting.
  • Systems integration.
  • Application services.
  • Infrastructure services.

6. TD Bank Group – IT Services 

TD Bank Group – IT Services  - IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada

TD Bank Group - IT Services operates as an integral part of one of the largest and most significant IT Company in Canada. The IT Services division's main job is to give all sorts of tech help and solutions to banks for  making  their operations better.

This means they create a set up to take care of systems that help with transactions, handle customer info and keep data safe. They're also key players in making new tech ideas come to life by introducing cool things to improve user experiences and make operations run more smoothly in the background.

Working in close collaboration with other departments, the IT Services team assists in troubleshooting technical issues and ensures seamless productivity across all platforms. Their responsibilities also extend to data management and the establishment of protocols for data backup and recovery. Through the successful execution of these functions, TD Bank Group - IT Services plays a fundamental role in the bank's overall operational success.


IFE, OCBC bank, Irs, FastWeb, Azercell, Huajin Securities, Keck Medicine Of USC, ANZ, BE the match, Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Axisbank, SoftBank, Afterpay, Metro, Terre Des Hommes, Tic Salut social, CIASC, SMN, Craes, GoIas, Kutxabank. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Online banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Student Banking 
  • Cross Border
  • Travel Tips
  • Foreign Exchange services
  • Overdraft services
  • New to TD checking
  • Managing TD credit Card

7. Kinaxis 

Kinaxis - Top IT Companies in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

Kinaxis Inc. is a top IT company in Canada which is the provider of services that handle the whole supply chain. They use cloud-based software to help worldwide businesses manage their supply chains.

Their flagship product, RapidResponse, allows companies to concurrently and continuously plan, monitor, and respond to changes in their supply chains. With RapidResponse, companies can create a comprehensive model of their supply chain to simulate and manage potential risks, balance demand and supply, manage resource constraints, and optimize business objectives. 

Key functions such as sales and operations planning, demand planning, supply planning, inventory management, and order fulfillment are integrated into a single platform. By offering a real-time, holistic view of the supply chain, Kinaxis enables companies to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently. 


Deloitte, Accenture,Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Microsoft,  EY, Yflow, ABeam consulting, Accenture, Aeonvis, Aioneers, Aline, Argon Co, Bluecrux, BoutiqueSCM, Celver, Chitkalas Info tech, Cube System, Deloitte, Demand Driven response, De philiman, Cognizant, Cj olvien networks, Avlon, Bristlecone, Capgemini, Emjee consulting, EXA Corporation, Genpect. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Digital transformation.
  • Aerospace and defense.
  • Platform. 
  • Security. 
  • Applications. 
  • Planning One. 
  • Command & Control Center. 
  • Live Lens Insights.
  • Professional Services.
  • Resource center. 
  • Blog. 
  • Customer stories.
  • Newsroom. 
  • Partners. 
  • Investor relations.

8. Sierra Wireless 

Sierra Wireless - Best IT Company in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

Sierra Wireless is considered to be a leading IT company in Canada & multinational wireless communication equipment designer and manufacturer. It operates by developing innovative and cutting-edge modules, gateways, and routers that enable machines, devices, and vehicles to connect and communicate seamlessly over cellular networks. 

These solutions are integral to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Sierra Wireless positions itself as an IoT pioneer by working closely with businesses and industries to transform and optimize their operations.

The company's AirLink routers and gateways provide mission-critical connectivity in industrial, enterprise, and transportation applications. They also offer an IoT platform, named the "Octave," which allows businesses to connect their industrial assets and extract insights from their data.

Sierra Wireless operates on a global scale, serving customers in over 130 countries. It caters to a broad range of industries like automotive, energy, field service, healthcare, industrial & infrastructure, sales & payment and transportation. 


Veolia, Atlas copco, Viewpoint, Miele, Luci, Sheriff's Department. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Proactive device monitoring of your RV and LX series router.
  • Cost effective router rental.
  • 24/7 technical support access.
  • Professional install.
  • Connectivity plans starting at 250MB per device, per month with cross carrier pooling.

9. D2L

D2L - IT Company in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

Desire2Learn commonly known as (D2L) is a global software company that develops e-learning and training solutions for a variety of sectors including education, healthcare, government and corporate training.

At the heart of D2L is the Brightspace learning platform named as a cloud-based suite. This supports interactive course content, collaborative workspaces, analytics for student progress and many more. For educators, D2L's Brightspace allows the creation of a virtual classroom environment where students can access course materials, participate in discussion boards and collaborate on group projects. Additionally, educators can track each student's progress and adapt their teaching methods to improve student’s outcomes.

For companies, D2L provides a platform for onboarding, compliance training, and professional development. It enables managers to track employee progress, identify gaps in learning, and customize training to address those gaps.

D2L operates on a subscription-based model where clients pay a regular fee to access the platform and its features. The company prides itself on its commitment to improving learning outcomes and accessibility. Along with it they upgrade their platform with new features and make improvements based on feedback from users. 


PartsSource, Purdue, Vhs Learning, Kaplan, Gwinnett County Public school. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Onboarding Services.
  • Customer Support Services. 
  • Learning Services. 
  • Optimization Services.

10. Mitel

Mitel - Top IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Mitel is a global telecommunications company that specializes in business communication tools such as unified communications and collaborations (UCC) services, VoIP solutions and contact center services. 

Mitel's solutions are designed to help businesses connect, collaborate and cater to their customer’s needs more effectively. They operate by integrating communication channels like voice, video and messaging into a unified system. This allows businesses to streamline their processes.

Furthermore, Mitel offers cloud-based services, enabling businesses to cut down on hardware costs and enjoy greater flexibility. They support a range of deployment models - from on-premises, private and public cloud, to hybrid combinations, thereby catering to the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. 


Trustone, Blanchard Valley, Starwood, Make a wish. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • MiVoice Connect Support.
  • Mitel Software Assurance.
  • Managed Services.
  • Mitel Premises Network Services.
  • Mitel Performance Analytics.
  • Repair Services.

11. Enghouse Systems 

Enghouse Systems - Best IT Companies in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

Enghouse Systems is a Canadian based software and services company, recognized for providing enterprise software solutions primarily for telecommunications service providers, utilities, and the public sector. 

They operate by developing software in-house and also through strategic acquisitions to strengthen their portfolio. Enghouse follows a decentralized approach, allowing the acquired companies to operate independently and maintain their organizational culture.

This strategy enables Enghouse to tap into the specialized expertise of these companies while providing them with the resources and stability of a larger company. The range of solutions provided by Enghouse includes contact center software, network technology, and transportation solutions, each designed to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and foster customer satisfaction. 


Promero, Nec corporation of america, Orange, Helly Hansen. 

Services offered by them:- 

It  offers enterprise software solutions focusing on remote work 

visual computing and communications for next generation software defined networks. 

12. CAE 

CAE - IT Companies in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

CAE Inc. is a high-technology company at the leading edge of digital immersion, providing solutions to make the world safer. They operate in three main sectors: Civil Aviation Training Solutions, Defence and Security, and Healthcare.

In the aviation sector, CAE is a global leader in training for civil aviation, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and training centers. They offer pilot and crew training as well as aviation safety and operations management solutions.

In the defense sector, CAE provides training and mission support solutions for defense forces across the globe. This includes flight simulators for military aircraft, naval and land platforms, and training services.

In healthcare, CAE utilizes simulation-based technology and robotic surgery to enhance medical training. They provide tools to healthcare professionals to improve patient safety. CAE leverages its deep technology and engineering expertise to develop innovative & advanced solutions that contribute to a safer as well as healthier world. 


China Eastern, Emirates, Indigo, Japan Airlines, Iberia, Lufthansa, Singapore airlines, Cebu Pacific. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

It offers analytics and systems engineering as well as mission and operations support.

13. Clio

Clio - IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Clio is a cloud-based legal technology company that caters to the needs of law firms and legal consultants. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline numerous factors of legal operations. 

This includes case management, time tracking, billing, client intake, and more. Users can create, send, and track professional invoices in a matter of minutes. The integrated client intake system allows for seamless and efficient client communication.

Clio has a cloud based software, This feature allows users to access it from  anywhere at any time. This gives more flexibility to all the legal professionals than ever before. Company is  focused on data security as it ensures that all the sensitive information is safeguarded against potential breaches

Overall, Clio's primary aim is to make the administrative aspects of legal practice more efficient. So, attorneys can dedicate more time to the practice of law itself. 


Ohio State bar, State bar of nevada, State bar of Arizona, Participant, North Carolina, Alaska Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association,  Building Better Lawyers, State bar texas, Tennessee Bar association, Dc Bar, The florida Bar, Call Bar connect, Hsba, Boston Bar, Missouribar Member Benefit, CBA. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Client intake.
  • CRM.  
  • time tracking.
  • document management. 
  • billing and invoicing. 
  • online payments. 
  • calendar management. 
  • secure client communications.

14. Lightspeed POS 

 Lightspeed POS  - Top IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Lightspeed POS (Point of Sale) is a cloud-based solution that aids retailers and restaurateurs in managing their businesses more efficiently. Its system is designed to centralize customer management, inventory, sales and accounting processes into one integrated platform. On the other hand it allows businesses to track inventory in real-time, manage customer relationships, process transactions and analyze sales data as well.

When a customer buys something the POS system keeps track of all the details of the purchase. It also reduces the number of items in the inventory for the things that were sold and handles the payment process. With its integrated analytics, Lightspeed POS can generate detailed sales reports, providing insights into which products are performing well or poorly.

For restaurants, Lightspeed offers additional functionalities such as menu management, table layout configuration, and an integrated booking system. Its iPad-based system enables staff to take orders directly at the table, reducing errors and improving service speed.

Being a cloud-based platform, Lightspeed POS can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, ensuring that business owners can oversee their operations from anywhere. This flexibility, combined with its robust features make Lightspeed POS an effective tool for managing and growing retail businesses. 


PlayBill, JOe BEef, Jurlique, Cape Kidnappers, SarahQ, Imagine, Marine Layer, Arctic Spas. 

IT Company in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Multi Location management.
  • Integrate and manage inventory.
  • sales and customer data across all your sales channels and stores. 
  • Inventory management.
  • Ecommerce.

15. Hootsuite

Hootsuite - One of the best IT Companies in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Hootsuite is a platform that helps businesses and individuals manage their social media accounts all in one place. It is  like a central hub where you can handle, schedule and engage with your posts. It works with various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. So, you can manage everything together.

Users can create, edit and post content across multiple social media platforms all at once this  saves valuable time and efforts of users. It comes with a dashboard that shows you everything happening on your social media accounts. This helps you see & respond to your audience's actions as soon as they occur.

Additionally, Hootsuite provides various tools for analysis that assist users in monitoring the effectiveness of their social media strategies. By generating detailed reports users can also measure performance of  their social media account and gain insights into audience behavior. This data can be used to refine and optimize social media campaigns that are to be implemented in future .

Hootsuite also supports team collaboration, letting multiple users manage social media accounts. This feature is particularly useful for businesses where different team members can handle different aspects of social media management such as content creation, customer interaction and analytics. 


Allianz, Domino’s, Ikea, Roche, The university of Chicago, World Health Organization ( WHO )

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Amplify.
  • Insights. 
  • Impact. 
  • Heyday. 
  • Integrations.

16. Ceridian 

Ceridian - IT Companies in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

Ceridian is a global human capital management (HCM) company that provides a range of services designed to help businesses manage their workforce more effectively. Their flagship platform, Dayforce, offers a comprehensive suite of services including payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management. 

This cloud-based platform consolidates data from across different HR functions to provide a single, real-time source of truth, thereby helping companies make data-driven decisions. Each module in the platform is designed to streamline specific HR processes, from tracking time and attendance to managing employee performance.

Ceridian's solutions are crafted to meet the unique needs of businesses of various sizes and industries, making human resources management more efficient and supporting companies in achieving their business objectives.


Danone, Gannet, OTG, Sparc, Spirit, Calers. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Ceridian Tax Services.
  • Real-time audits. 
  • Employee self-service. 
  • Dayforce Wallet.
  • Governance and security. 
  • Data-driven decisions.
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17. Vision Critical 

Vision Critical is all about getting insights from customers to help organizations make smart decisions. They do this by building a group of involved customers who give feedback about the company's stuff in real-time. 

These insights are crucial for making informed business decisions, improving customer experience and promoting product innovation. Vision Critical leverages a cloud-based software platform which makes it easy for organizations to create these communities and interact with them directly. 

The platform provides tools for survey creation, data collection, and advanced analytics, allowing businesses to gain deep insights from their customer feedback in an organized and actionable manner. 


Ge Appliances, HboMax, Adobe, Lululemon, Red Bull, Linked In, Twitch, Conde Nast, VmWare, Toyota, Twitter, Money, J.Crew, Stitch FIx, MuleSoft, Smud, Jam City, Refinery29, Priority Health, SkyBet, UnityPoint Health, Attn:, Telstra, Bendigo Bank, 

Services provided by them:-

  • Implementation services. 
  • Technical Services. 
  • Integration services. 
  • Research services. 
  • Premier Engagement. 
  • Training & Enablement. 
  • Consulting services. 
  • Managed services. 

18. Softchoice 

Softchoice - IT Companies in Canada
IT Company in Canada

Softchoice is a North-American based IT solutions and services company with its Headquarters located at Canada Toronto that helps businesses optimize their use of technology. The company's approach includes assessing a client's technological landscape, formulating a comprehensive IT strategy, and then implementing that strategy with optimal solutions. 

Softchoice offers a range of services including cloud services, data center infrastructure, digital workspace solutions, technology lifecycle management, and IT asset management. The company also provides software and hardware from top vendors, along with managed services to ensure seamless functioning. 

Softchoice's unique blend of expertise and vendor partnerships enable it to provide customized, efficient technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. 


MIcrosoft, Cisco, Google, Vmware, Lenovo, Aws. 

IT Company in Canada

Services provided by them:- 

  • Cloud Migration.
  • Adoption and Management.
  • Cloud Managed Services.
  • Cloud & DataCenter Modernization. 
  • Managed Cloud Services.

19. Absolute Software 

Absolute Software - Top IT Companies in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

Absolute Software operates by providing an adaptive endpoint security solution. Their technology is embedded in millions of devices at the factory level. This means that the security of these devices can be managed and monitored from a central platform, regardless of user or location. 

This unique approach to device security allows Absolute Software to maintain a persistent connection to all devices, enabling effective management and data security. The main platform shows all the connected devices to administrators. This helps in checking risks quickly, responding to security problems and making sure that rules are followed by everyone & every time. 

The platform can also help manage software licenses, applications, and operating systems. This makes sure that all devices are up-to-date and safe from possible security problems.


Army, Goodwill, Hertz, American Airlines, NHS, Los Angeles. 

IT Companies in Canada

Services offered by them:- 

  • Secure Endpoint.
  • Absolute Visibility.
  • Add-Ons. 
  • Absolute Insights for Endpoints.
  • Secure Access. 
  • Absolute VPN. 
  • Add-On. 
  • Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service.
  • The Absolute Platform. 
  • Quick Links.
  • Absolute Persistence.
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20. TELUS – IT Services 

TELUS – IT Services  - Best IT Companies in Canada
IT Companies in Canada

Certainly! TELUS IT Services is like the tech helper for TELUS Corporation. They offer lots of tech solutions to businesses. They help different industries like healthcare, finance and retail. They do things like cloud computing, managing data, securing things, setting up networks and giving advice about IT.

They focus a lot on customers. They use the latest tech and have a team of experienced experts. which helps them to  talk with clients and know exactly what they need and make custom IT plans according to their specific needs. 

TELUS IT Services ensures efficient, secure and innovative solutions that enable businesses to focus on their core operations while reaping the benefits of optimized IT systems.


In closing, the exploration of the "20 Best IT Companies of Canada - 2023" reveals a dynamic and thriving landscape within the country's technological sector. From innovative solutions in AI to cutting-edge software development and cybersecurity. These companies exemplify Canada's commitment to innovation and excellence. 

Their impact on the economy, job creation and technological advancements underscores Canada's significance as a global player in the IT industry. As these companies continue to evolve and shape the digital future. Their stories stand as a testament to the nation's prowess in the world of technology.

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