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Erode is a well-developed city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Erode is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River and is surrounded by the western ghats.

Erode district is well-known for growing turmeric and making textiles. There are many places to visit such as Bhavani Kooduthurai, Kodiveri Dam, Chennimalai, Bhavani Sagar Dam, Pariyur and Kodumudi.

Erode is a significant city in Tamil Nadu for industries and businesses approx 40.32% people in Erode work in jobs that are not related to farming which means industries and trade play a big role in the city's economy. 

Apart from this information technology is also helping improve the city technologically and making it advanced. 

Many IT companies in Erode offer a wide range of services and in this digital world, IT companies are playing a major role in the growth of businesses. Erode is also referred to as a textile city. 

The technology industry in Erode is growing slowly but surely because nowadays almost every business requires IT services. With the right help, Erode could become a successful place for technology in the area.

Top IT companies in Erode

1. SBS Technologies 

SBS Technologies - Top IT Companies in Erode
IT Companies in Erode

SBS Technologies is an IT and Software Company in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. It was started in 2011 by Mr Babu Subramanian and Shanthi Subramanian. They offer different IT services including website development, creating mobile apps, and testing software. 

SBS Technologies also teaches people about software development tools. They have a team of skilled and professional web developers who know many programming languages and technologies and also know how to implement them to get the desired results. 

SBS Technologies is known for making good and high-quality software for their customers. They assure to provide the best help and support. 

They are a top choice when its about Top IT companies in Udaipur because they are good at satisfying their customers. SBS Technologies works with businesses of all sizes. 

Services offered by SBS Technologies

  • Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Brand Promotion

Contact info


Address: New No 166, Old No: 1, Vallalar Street, Municipal Colony Main Rd, above SBS TECHNOLOGIES, Erode, Tamil Nadu 638004


2. ABC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.

ABC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd - Best IT Companies in Erode
IT Company in Erode

ABC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. has been working for more than ten years. They have a keen experience in the IT industry and they have a skilled and young team who are good at making custom software, android apps, and mobile apps. 

They also offer digital marketing services. Their team can make specific solutions to satisfy clients' business needs.

ABC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT company. They serve various industries such as healthcare, education, travel, manufacturing, logistics, entertainment and commercial sectors. They offer all the services related to information technology.

They are excellent and work on a customer-centric approach. With the latest technology, they offer cost-effective solutions within the given time frame. Their expertise lies in converting businesses into brands. 

Services offered by ABC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.

  • Customer software development
  • IT Consulting
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • CRM Software
  • ERP Software
  • MLM Software
  • Android App Development
  • IOS App Development
  • Digital Marketing Solutions

Contact Info


Address: No.5, Kamatchiamman Kovil Lane, Karungalpalayam, Erode - 638003.

Tamil Nadu, India


3. Partum Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Partum Softwares Pvt. Ltd - IT Companies in Erode
IT Companies in Erode

Partum Softwares is the best trade mark and private limited registered IT tech company in Erode. Partum Software is a company that develops billing software. 

They started their journey in 2009 and now have over 7,000 customers. They are known for making great software and they are experts in developing software such as handling taxes, managing stock, accounting, and managing petrol stations. Apart from these they also offer customised softwares to meet client's needs.

They have 15+ years of excellence and experience in the IT industry. Their team is constantly working on improving their services and offering world-class service to the clients.

Services offered by Partum Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

  • Inventory software
  • Bunk software
  • Educational software
  • Finance software
  • Transport software
  • CRM software

Contact info


Address: 184, CMK Central, 2nd Floor, Bank of Baroda Upstairs, Sathy Road,

Erode – 638 003, Tamilnadu, 


4. Hashpromt 

Hashpromt - Top IT Companies in Erode
IT Company in Erode

Hashpromt Software is a company that has been helping clients in India and the USA for over 20 years. They help businesses with every IT requirement from designing and development to testing and providing support. 

Their team is highly skilled both technically and in working and they deeply understand client's needs and offer value for money. Their management is transparent which helps them work effectively.

They are focused on providing top-notch software development services and building long-term relationships with customers. They work with creativity and develop innovative products to deliver success.

Services offered by Hashpromt Software

  • Custom software
  • Software re-engineering
  • Product lifecycle management
  • UI/UX design
  • Cloud solutions
  • System Administration

Contact info


Address: 91/146, Nitin's Enclave, Rana Lakshmanan Nagar, Perundurai Road, Erode - 638011,

Tamilnadu, INDIA.

Tel: +91.424.2271414 / 2274343


5. Carifer Technologies

Carifer Technologies - Best IT Companies in Erode
IT Companies in Erode

Since its inception, they have grown into a leading provider of large-scale solutions worldwide. They started their journey in 2012, and since then they have been working to improve themselves and implement technology and strategies to offer high-quality services to their clients.

With their expertise in technology, strong execution skills and focus on their work they have succeeded in many technologies.

They have created a lot of products and softwares, and delivered great results to their customers. They have worked with various industries and they are capable of solving complex issues.

They have 25+ years of experience, they also help businesses with IT consulting services.

Services offered by Carifer Technologies

  • Consulting services
  • Software development
  • QA services
  • UI/UX Design
  • IT management

Contact info


Address: 96, Perundurai Main Road, Erode, TamilNadu, India


6. SYS Net Technologies

SYS Net Technologies - IT Companies in Erode
IT Company in Erode

SYSNET has been dedicated to helping businesses get the best IT services and business solutions. They have been working as an IT company for more than 20 years. They top the chart of the top IT companies in Erode. 

Their team of skilled and experienced professionals works hard to make sure companies everywhere in India have access to reliable IT services. They aim to assist companies with the latest technologies.

They are working hard to offer worthwhile solutions in this digital era.

Services offered by SYS Net Technologies

  • Cloud solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Infrastructure management system
  • Field services
  • Professional services
  • Intelligent automation

Contact info



7. Precision

Precision - IT Companies in Erode
IT Companies in Erode

Precision is a company that started in 1996. They offer various IT services including Biometrics, IoT, Cloud services, and integrating different systems. They also help businesses manage IT infrastructure.

Precision works very closely with clients to understand their needs and to offer high-quality services. They are good at working on new ideas and creating new products. 

They have offices all over India and they have a big team of over 2500 people who are experts in technical stuff and helping clients before and after the process. 

Precision's aim is to make sure their clients are happy and get value for money. They have satisfied over 1000 clients and worked on 3000+ projects successfully.

Services offered by precision

  • Biometric Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • AWS services
  • Infrastructure management system
  • IoT 
  • System integration system

Contact info


Address: No. 22, 1st Floor, Habibullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017


8. United Softwares

United Softwares offers a wide range of services like creating e-invoicing systems, desktop, web, mobile application development and software designing for various industries such as textile, care, education etc.

They focus on developing new and creative products that help people communicate and get information easily. 

Some of their services include designing websites, making custom software for businesses, managing online stores, and creating special software for different types of companies. 

They have many happy customers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh who say their work is really good.

United Softwares is all about using technology to make useful things for their clients. They want their products to be easy to use and helpful for lots of people. Their team is dedicated to making quality software that makes life easier for everyone.

Services offered by United Softwares

  • E-invoicing APIs 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Desktop apps
  • Web app development
  • Web Designing

Contact info



9. Neophron Tech

Neophron Tech - Best IT Companies in Erode
IT Company in Erode

Neophron is a well-known IT company in Erode that helps businesses and organisations with their websites and mobile apps. 

They offer a wide range of IT services to people all over the world. They are amazing at making websites, online stores, and specialized and customized software for businesses. 

They also offer services like managing business services and developing custom softwares that is relevant to the client's business. 

Neophron has a team of talented and skilled developers from all over the world. They work together to develop websites and apps that help businesses succeed. 

They focus on developing sure that their technology helps businesses and helps them get good results.

Services offered by Neophron 

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Enterprise cloud application
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
  • Customer relationships
  • Custom software
  • Mobile app development
  • Website development
  • E-commerce development

Contact info


Address: 1, IV Floor, Lakini Towers, Vasuki Street, Brought Road, Erode - 1, Tamil Nadu, India. 


10. Aarush Infotech

Aarush Infotech is one of the fastest-growing companies in Erode that specializes in creating softwares, designing, and developing websites, registering domains, providing web hosting, offering SEO services, developing mobile apps, building E-commerce websites, and integrating payment gateways.

They work with the latest technologies to provide high-quality and affordable solutions to help clients grow their businesses. 

They are excellent at developing custom softwares at affordable prices. 

Services offered by Aarush Infotech

  • Website Designing
  • Website Development
  • Software development
  • Application development
  • E-commerce website development
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO services

Contact info


Address: 87, 2nd Floor, Mandapam Street, Marapalam, Erode-638001.

Tamil Nadu, India


11. Jeyam Softwares 

They are a prominent IT company in Erode that offers high-quality IT services. Before they start working on any project they make sure to understand what will be the best for the client.

They focus on clients and provide customized softwares. They assist customers in the right direction so that they can benefit from their services.

They suggest the most efficient and affordable solutions. They are available 24/7 to help their customers. A good website can make an impact on businesses so they offer user-friendly and beautiful websites. 

Services offered by Jeyam Softwares

  • Web development
  • Custom software development
  • Software testing
  • E-commerce portal
  • Web Designing
  • Website re-designing
  • WordPress development
  • SEO services
  • Telemarketing
  • Website Promotion
  • Bulk SMS service

Contact info


Address: JEYAM SOFTWARES State Highway 96, 45, 1st Floor, Perundurai - Kangayam Road, Paari Nagar, Kumalan Kuttai, Indu Nagar,

Palaya palayam, Erode, Tamil Nadu 638 011

12. Chris Bytes Solutions

Chris Byte Solutions is offering the best solutions for a better future. They are experts in handling everything from developing websites and mobile apps to testing softwares. They are also experts in technology and maintenance.

Their team of tech experts guarantees top-notch quality. They are among the most popular IT companies in Erode that offer IT solutions and mobile apps where they turn possibilities into realities.

They use innovation and creativity to find straight solutions to ever-complex problems. Their expertise crafts software that stands out and makes them different from their competitors. 

Services offered by Chris Bytes  Solutions

  • UI/UX Development
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Testing
  • Staffing

Contact info


Address: Chris Byte Solutions Private Limited 71/2, Bhavani Main Road Sunnambu odai, Erode

Tamil Nadu, India - 638005

13. Nodehive Technologies

Nodehive Technologies is a tech startup which started in 2019 to offer various IT services to businesses. They aim to become a mid-sized corporation by the year 2025. 

They focus on delivering high-quality solutions and standardized solutions at affordable prices. 

They offer all the premium IT solutions under one roof. They work fast and deliver solutions on time. Their team is capable of offering quality. They are an award-winning company.

Services offered by Nodehive Technologies

  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software training

Contact info




The IT sector in Erode has displayed significant growth and potential, making itself a hub for technology. Erode offers a place for innovation, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities. 

These IT companies in Erode are making the city grow technologically and creating more employment opportunities.

Erode has positioned itself as a vibrant hub for innovation and growth. These IT companies in Erode offer various services including software development, website design, application development, and IT consulting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.1 Do IT companies in Erode work with clients outside of Erode?

Yes, many IT companies in Erode serve clients not only within the region but also across the country and internationally.

They often provide remote services 

Q 2 What sets IT companies in Erode apart from others?

IT companies in Erode are known for their innovative solutions, skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, and commitment to quality. They often leverage the latest technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality services to their clients

Q.3 Are there opportunities for employment in IT companies in Erode?

Yes, IT companies in Erode provide employment opportunities for various roles, including software developers, web designers, digital marketers, IT consultants, project managers, system administrators, and cybersecurity specialists.

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