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Madurai, a city adorned with cultural heritage and now emerging as a hub of technological brilliance. As Madurai rises as a significant player in the IT domain, we explore the factors that contribute to its success—the skilled talent pool, strategic location, and the city's commitment to fostering a conducive environment for tech enterprises.

With a laser focus on IT companies in Madurai, each article unfolds narratives of growth, achievement, and the relentless pursuit of excellence within the city's tech sector. Whether you're an IT enthusiast, a professional seeking opportunity, or simply curious about Madurai's burgeoning IT landscape, this blog is your gateway to understanding the heartbeat of IT companies in Madurai.

Table of contents

  • SystimaNXIT Solutions Private Limited
  • Techno Genesis Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sumanas Technologies Private Limited
  • ARM InfoTech
  • Uplogic Technologies
  • iSQUARE Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ascox Techno Soft
  • ShareSoft Technology
  • Temple City Technologies in Madurai
  • HCL Technologies

Top 10 IT Companies in Madurai

1. SystimaNX IT Solutions Private Limited

SystimaNX IT Solutions Private Limited - Top IT Companies in Madurai
IT Companies in Madurai

SystimaNX IT Solutions Private Limited is a leading and emerging IT solution provider in custom Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, SaaS applications, AWS Solutions. The company has an experience of 16 years in trending technologies like VueJS, Angular, NodeJS, Python, JavaScript, PHP - Laravel, Swift, Kotlin, iOS, and Android.

If you are starting your career and in look out for an experienced company, this is the one of best IT company among other IT companies in Madurai.

Top services offered by SystimaNX IT Solutions

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Cloud and DevOps
  • SaaS Application Development
  • Application Security Testing

Contact Details


Contact Address: 30, Sarojini St, Chinna Chokikulam, Madurai, TamilNadu 625002

2. Techno Genesis Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Techno Genesis Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd - Best IT Companies in Madurai
IT Company in Madurai

The Techno Genesis is among those global principal IT companies which set an example of technology innovation with consistent efforts focusing to pertain vision and mission of the company as to give priority not only to make an extensive client base but to maintain a customer-oriented environment to give breath to their ideas.

It serves a complete range of IT solutions fulfilling significant business needs across various Industries from educational institutes, Manufacturing sector, Logistics, corporates to health and care. Started in 2013 is headquartered in Madurai Tamil Nadu now have a strong presence in more than 2 countries with 100 plus clients across the globe who have witnessed our work quality.

They a workforce of 20+ enthusiastic highly experienced and skilled IT professionals nurtured and inculcated to adapt competitive challenges in accordance to be ready to deploy complex solutions seamlessly.

Top services offered by Techno Genesis Software Solutions

  • Custom Software Development
  • Product Development
  • Cloud Development & Infrastructure
  • Mobile App Development
  • Independent Validation Services
  • Software Consulting Services
  • Digital Transformation

Contact Details


Contact Address: 50/5, 3rd Floor, MMS Complex near to Vinayakar Temple MaduraiMain, Vasanth Nagar, 625003

3. Sumanas Technologies Private Limited

Sumanas Technologies Private Limited - IT Companies in Madurai
IT Companies in Madurai

Sumanas Technologies (formerly ARK Infotech) began its operations in the year 2008 with the sheer determination of providing intuitive IT consulting services, and to invent disruptive technology in the field of IT Situated in the heart of Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

They initially started as web design and development agency but the zeal to enter into global market they began started catering bigger audience by expanding their services and eventually created other Its products and verticals, turning profitable top IT companies in Madurai in just a year.

With more than 10 years of continuous improvement, they have mastered the art of how to deliver a seamless customer experience through quick application of API’s and Micro services using an Agile+ Devops development strategy bringing down most of development duration to be completed within 3 months.  

Top services offered by Sumanas Technologies

  • SAAS
  • CRM
  • Sales Force
  • Sugar CRM
  • Infusion Soft CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Software development
  • Cloud Application
  • CMS
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Django CMS
  • E-commerce
  • Magento
  • Open cart
  • Shopify
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Development

Contact Details


Contact Address: 244/3 Vivek Street, Bypass Rd, near Corporation Park, Durai Samy Nagar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625016

4. ARMInfoTech

ARMInfoTech  Top IT Companies in Madurai
IT Company in Madurai

ARM InfoTech was founded in 2011 with the vison to build software company that creates a sense of wonder and pride in what they do. Since 2011 they have been transforming the client’s enterprise with personalized solutions and breakthrough innovations.

They have a fun and positive working environment also diverse team of experienced of IT professionals, including developers, engineers, analysts, architects, and seasoned business experts. If you are seeking out for mentorship on the job, join them and take your career to new heights.

Top services offered by ARM InfoTech

  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Web Design Services
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Domain and Web Hosting

Contact Details


Contact Address- 239, 5th Street, Bypass Rd, near Aparna Towers, Ram Nagar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625016

5. Uplogic Technologies

Uplogic Technologies - Best IT Companies in Madurai
IT Companies in Madurai

Uplogic Technologies, a premier IT Solutions Company which has been at the forefront of single-point digital services and marketing for regional and international clients. Incepted in 2010, with a nanoscopicteam of programmers and developers, which has been blown into a macroscopicteam of 80+ members of UI/UX experts, digital marketers, SEO experts, and analysts.

As a result-oriented IT companies in Madurai, they earn their stripes by completely focusing on the needs of the clients and creating highly tailored digital solutions that turn them into profitable enterprises.

Top services offered by Uplogic Technologies

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • B2B App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Full Stack App Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Dedicated Resource Model
  • Taxi App Development
  • Towing App Development
  • Tutor App Development
  • Pharmacy App Development
  • HealthCare App Development
  • On Demand App Development
  • Courier App Development
  • Laundry App Development
  • Food Delivery App Development
  • Hotel Booking App Development
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Server Support

Contact Details


Contact Address: No-61, Varsabari Complex, Bypass Rd, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625016

6. iSQUARE Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.

iSQUARE Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. - IT Companies in Madurai
IT Company in Madurai

iSQUARE Business Solution is an esteemed IT companies in Madurai, established in 2016. With a group of tech savvy developers and designers, they provide a wide range of IT services and serving different verticals and industries. With sound experience in developing software applications, they provide business-ready, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions that exactly fit your business needs.

The company has a specific workflow and process which makes it easy and most importantly it looks more professional and systematic.

Top Services offered by iSQUARE Business Solution

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • UI/UX Design Services
  • Website Development Services
  • eCommerce Development Services
  • SaaS App Development Services
  • ERP Development Services
  • CRM Development Services

Contact Details


Contact Address: 1st Floor, No. 10, Navalar Nagar 3rd St, SakthiVelammal Nagar, S Colony, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625016

7. Ascox Techno Soft

Ascox Techno Soft - Top IT Companies in Madurai
IT Companies in Madurai

Ascox Techno Soft is a leading software development and web designing company which born on 2014 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. In the past three years, Ascox Techno Soft travailed more than 35 projects and has a large client’s base of more than 20 clients all over India. They have a global client base.

Top Services offered by Ascox Techno Soft

  • Website development
  • Software development
  • Digital Services

Contact Details


Contact Address: D1, second floor, kings court appartment, Rajaji St,opp. to Anna Poorna Hotel, Gandhi Nagar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625020

8. ShareSoft Technology

ShareSoft Technology - Best IT Companies in Madurai
IT Company in Madurai

ShareSoft Technology is a leading web design and development company focuses on helping you manage, design, and build rich CMS websites and online applications for your business.
ShareSoft Technology was established in 2011 by executive management professionals from IT background.

Result oriented, on time delivery, transparency with price, quality service is some of the USP of the companies. They have a dedicated team of skilled developers and designers, working towards the company’s mission and vision. Among other IT companies in Madurai, this one ranks in top 10 IT company.

Top Services offered by ShareSoft Technology

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • CMS development
  • Ecommerce development
  • Mobile development
  • Internet marketing

Contact Details


Contact Address: 235, Kamarajar Salai opposite Gandhi Statue Near

9. Temple City Technologies

Temple City Technologies - IT Companies in Madurai
IT Companies in Madurai

Temple City Technologies (P)Ltd is one of the leading IT companies in Madurai. TCT consults and collaborates with its clients to help them to achieve their business goals and to add more value to their products and services.

TCT was born out as a new unit of SMK GROUP in Madurai South India (In the year 2000) which has a family tradition and multiple activity of Business since 1935. TCT makes your software dreams a reality.

Top Services offered by Temple City Technologies

  • Vue.js Development
  • React Development
  • NET Core Development
  • Python Development
  • Django Development
  • PHP Laravel Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Django CMS Development
  • Flutter Development
  • iOS & Android
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Blockchain Development
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DevOps

Contact Details


Contact Address: 242-B, Kamarajar Salai, Alankar Theatre Next, Second Floor, Madurai-625 009.Tamilnadu, India

10. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies - IT Companies in Madurai
IT Company in Madurai

HCL is an Indian multinational information technology consulting and service company, headquarted in Noida. It was formed in 1976 by a group of engineers. The company has offices in 60 countries with over 225,944employees across the world. HCL primarily deals with digital, engineering, cloud, and software services.

HCL has a strong worldwide network of delivery center and innovation labs which paves the way for HCL driven mindset. The company mainly deals in infrastructure services, software services and business process outsourcing services. HCL Tech’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy was crafted keeping in view that every employee feels included and valued. One of the top IT companies in Madurai.

Top Services offered by HCL Technologies

  • Enterprise Application
  • Application development and maintenance
  • Application modernization
  • Intelligent automation and integration
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cyber security
  • Data and analytics

Contact Details


Contact Address: ELCOT IT Park, Airport-Mattuthavani Ring Rd, near Pandi kovil, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625020


In conclusion, the vibrant city has a good lot of IT companies working towards the technological innovation, providing employment, and reshaping the regions digital landscape. The convergence of talent, infrastructure, and forward-thinking strategies within Madurai's IT sector reflects a promising future, positioning the city as a significant player in the ever-evolving realm of information technology.

Taking into consideration the achievements and potential of these IT companies in Madurai, it's clear that the city is poised to continue its journey as a dynamic force in the digital era.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What is the basic salary of an IT engineer or software engineer in Madurai?

ANS: The basic/average salary of an IT engineer in Madurai is 5 LPA. This is just an estimate, the salary depends on the candidate’s experience, skills and expertise.

2. What are the the top 3 IT companies in Madurai?

ANS: the top 3 IT companies in Madurai are:

  • HCL technologies
  • Sumanas Technologies Private Limited
  • Techno Genesis Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

3. Can IT companies in Madurai cater to global clients?

ANS: Yes, many IT companies in Madurai have successfully expanded their reach to serve global clients. The city's IT professionals are adept at working on international projects, leveraging technology to bridge geographical boundaries.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute