The Art of Paraphrasing: How AI Is Making it Easier for Writers

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Many people fail to paraphrase their content manually. This is because they do not have a good vocabulary, or when they restructure a sentence, the whole gets disturbed and lowers its quality.

For writers, paraphrasing has become more important than ever because you know that the internet is flooded with content. There might be chances that when we write content, it is found to be plagiarized, etc.

However, as you know, we all live in an era where Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It also made it quite easy for writers, like you can use an AI paraphrasing tool instead of doing it manually and save time. 

So, in this article, we will talk about the art of paraphrasing and how AI is changing the game for writers. 

But first, let us see what exactly this “paraphrasing” term means.

What is Paraphrasing?

The process of restating someone else content in your own unique words without disturbing the real meaning is called paraphrasing. Writers should have proper knowledge about it because it is not that easy. It requires understanding the original text and then expressing the same information in a new way using different words and sentences. 

Paraphrasing allows writers to put their spin on someone else's ideas and make them more accessible to their audience. 

So, this is all about paraphrasing. But that’s not it. The real question is still a mystery how AI is helping writers in paraphrasing. The next heading is all about it.

How is AI Making Paraphrasing Easier for Writers?

So, here is the most important part of this article. AI paraphrasing makes writers’ life easier in the following ways:

No Brainstorming Required

In manual paraphrasing, there is a lot of brainstorming required to paraphrase the text like you need to read the content several times to understand the meaning. Along with this, you should also need a thesaurus from which you can find different words to paraphrase.

However, with the help of paraphrasing tools, you don’t need to do such things. The NLP (a subfield of AI) used in these tools will analyze the given text, and it will find the appropriate words that can be replaced instead without altering the real meaning.

So, there is no need for brainstorming required when you have AI paraphrasing tools. 

Effectively Paraphrase

Look, the point is, that changing a few words in the text is not “effective paraphrasing.” It involves more than just changing a few words. Also, beginner writers often fall into this trap. 

In effective paraphrasing, you have to understand the text completely so that you can write it in a completely new version. In this, you also use the technique called “restructuring sentences.” For this, you must know about it so that you might not face any difficulty while doing it.

However, with the help of AI Paraphrasing tools, you can effectively paraphrase your content in just a matter of seconds. The NLP algorithms will help in analyzing the input text and write down a completely new version of the text that conveys the same meaning. 

Here is a quick example to consume the above discussion.

The Art of Paraphrasing: How AI Is Making it Easier for Writers

In the above image, you can clearly see that effective paraphrasing with an AI tool has almost changed all the words of the given text and created a completely new version of it.

Improve Readability

Readability is the ease with which a normal person can easily understand written text. It looks simple that anyone can write readable content, but it's not. Several different things can make your content hard to read for anyone. You just need to keep a keen eye on them while writing. Readability gets difficult when you use: 

  • Complicated words
  • Lengthy sentences
  • Passive voice (in the majority)
  • Walls of text (lengthy paragraphs)

These are some factors that can make your content difficult to read. So, what you need to do is their opposite, like:

  • Use easy synonyms.
  • Use short sentences (10 to 18 words)
  • Use a majority of active voice sentences. 
  • Use short paragraphs of a maximum of 3 to 4 lines.

However, if you are facing any issues with the above tips, like breaking sentences or changing their voices, then AI paraphrasing tools got you covered.

The advanced AI algorithms of these tools not only find and replace words but also change difficult words with easy synonyms, which improves readability.

A perfect example of how AI tools make content readable is shown below. The tool we used for paraphrasing text is AI-powered tool.

The Art of Paraphrasing: How AI Is Making it Easier for Writers

In the given image, we used the “Word Changer” mode which specifically replaces individual words with their synonyms (characterized by bold styling). It can be observed that certain difficult words have been replaced with simpler synonyms, thereby boosting the content’s readability.

So, you can clearly see how this AI-powered tool paraphrases complicated text in a way that is easier to understand and readable.

Avoid Plagiarism

Sometimes, when you complete writing and check it using some plagiarism checker, it detects plagiarized patches in your content. It can happen accidentally or when you forget to mention the source.

Plagiarism is not just a simple word. It is like a nightmare for writers, so avoiding it is a must. 

In this scenario, AI phrasing tools have your back. The AI technology paraphrases your text in a way that makes it more unique and plagiarism-free than a normal writer can do manually. 

As previously discussed, AI-powered Paraphrasing tools efficiently make the changes without altering the real meaning, which as a result, makes text plagiarism-free. 

Save Time & Efforts

The main and useful benefit of AI in paraphrasing is it helps writers save time and effort. As we mentioned above, to paraphrase your text, you need to brainstorm a lot to extract the key points so that you keep them intact while paraphrasing.

But, after AI, you don’t have to do brainstorming or need to have a good grip on your language (you’re writing). You just need to provide your text to the tool, and its technology will do all the changes on its own without disturbing the string of real meaning.

This will help you save time and effort and quickly paraphrase your text.

Benefits & Drawbacks of AI in Paraphrasing

So, the above discussion was all about how AI makes paraphrasing easier for writers. Now, let us look at the benefits and drawbacks of AI in Paraphrasing.


  • Quickly and accurately paraphrase the text.
  • Save time and effort compared to manual paraphrasing.
  • Identify and replace repetitive or overused words and phrases.
  • Improve the overall quality of the text.
  • Can generate multiple paraphrased versions of a text (this feature is not available in all tools)


  • Tools that do not have advanced AI may disturb tone and creativity.
  • Sometimes AI paraphrasing tools also make mistakes, so you should always check it before publishing/submitting.


AI has made paraphrasing easier for writers than ever. With such powerful online tools, writers do not need to brainstorm to get a better idea to express their content. Along with this, such tools can also enhance readability, eliminate plagiarism, and improve quality. 

Besides, we have also discussed some benefits and drawbacks of using AI paraphrasing tools for writing purposes.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute