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What is Twitter?

A social media platform or micro blogging platform for sharing one’s views in a very short precise manner. The word length make users put their views in very constructively. The users have to register with Twitter with with either their mail id or phone number to get their account and broadcast their thoughts as short messages. Twitter messages are called as Tweets and Twitter users are abbreviated as TWEEPLES.

In no time Twitter has become on the most sought after social media tools to reach to who’s who of the world. Even the most powerful companies, leaders, writers, influencers use Twitter to share their viewpoints.

Registered users can publish their views through Tweets, you can share your views or write back messages to people who follow you, one has to follow another person for viewing their tweets, they can even un-follow or block a person depending on their own choices.  Tweets can be shared or reposted on your own timeline, can be liked. Twitter can also be used for marketing businesses, sharing political viewpoints and being used by famous people to reach to their fans.

What is Twitter marketing?

Nowadays Twitter has become one of most powerful reach out platform, which is being used by companies, corporations and individual brands to market their products. Twitter marketing involves well planned social media marketing strategy to create and publish content on the microblogging platform. Well qualified professionals take care of content creation, so you’re your content has maximum impact and reach on the users. The impact can be tracked in before and after reactions of the users.

Interactions on Twitter are just like the in person encounters one can have with followers on daily basis, people can ask questions, can post their reply and others can also chip in with their viewpoints or counter view points. Creatively done graphics and content helps you attract new followers and keep them engaged over time, building awareness of your brand and asserting yourself or brand as an authority in your preferred product category. Twitter has evolved as a powerful Marketing tool as well.

Marketing through Twitter has become a phenomenon in itself, when 3,50,000 tweets are shared per minute by 340 million active users, no platform is as powerful and can reach mass of learned people as it can, that too by just sharing your content in a very precise manner.

The tweet length forces your content to be very impressive in very few words and inform of powerful interactive graphic. Twitter marketing involves putting resources into creating digital content that will drive traffic, audience engagement and ultimately push sales. Twitter is especially effective for brands that emphasize on politics, blue chip companies, entertainment industry and B2B sales.

This article will help to frame your digital online brand strategy to the next level through creative content, strategic analysis and planning as you can observe major brands leverage the power of Twitter marketing to grow their business, engage their audience, build community and achieve desired results.

Retaining fan-base through creative content, regular updates and in your face kind of approach have helped brands increase their customer base to manifolds in age of digital marketing strategies.

How to effectively use Twitter in your Twitter marketing strategy ?

Effectively using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy, you need to create a detailed project that involves following:-

Objectives: What do you want to get out of Twitter?

Who are the Audience: What are the main audience segments that you’re trying to approach?

Content Strategy: to create graphics and content to be used at Twitter to communicate with followers?

Contact Marketing Campaigns: What kind of marketing campaigns are best for your business?

Online Presence: To remain relevant at online, digital content to be up to date and engaging?

Blogs/Weblogs: How do you want to make your blog posts relevant to what your customers are looking for?

Blog Hosting: Because you want to keep your blog posts easily accessible for readers to comments or otherwise

Engage: How do you want to keep your onlinepresence relevant and engaging?

In-Home Events: How do you want to keep your events relevant to your customers’ requirements?

Twitter Highlights - Are curated stories about what’s best has happened to the brand after a particular brand campaign. Popular and trending content on Twitter to be used to engage followers. Creating an event calendar to make relevant presence at the platform to make brand relevant with social events and festivals.

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How to devise a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

#1 Get a Twitter Account

If you don't already have one get started and create Twitter account. People or companies already have an existing account, now is the time for an audit. Analyze your whole profile and make notes about what content has performed and what hasn't. Now is the time to update contact information, digital content and URLs and analyze performance of the hashtags being used.

#2 Embrace a Brand Voice

So what particularly interests crowds on Twitter? As one of the most sought after platforms to find your audience, Twitter marketing is impossible without embracing a particular brand voice, look and strategy. Reason being that Twitter community is looking for businesses that are genuine and high quality, even when it comes to content and the way it is presented. Maybe you want to be different, engaging and informative all at the same time. Whatever strategy you settle on, just ensure it's a projection of your brand in totality.

#3  Create and utilize Hashtags for Twitter Marketing

Hashtags define so many things in their own way, Tweets having refined hashtags get almost DOUBLE the engagement and views than those that don't utilize them with each tweet. This definitely doesn’t mean to load every tweet with number of hashtags, make sure that very powerful words describing activity or product be used with hashtags.

There are brands which create their own hashtags depending on their product type or emphasizing on quality of their products as hashtags. Still if one tends to look for relevant hashtags, you can go through Sprout Social for trending hashtags. Most of the tweets or trending digital content is always found to have relevant creative hashtags so that every search will have them for maximum outreach.

#4  Timing to post on Twitter is very important

Timing is always important, maximum exposure to tweets depends on the time of their posting, a tweet right after or before any relevant event will have maximum views or impacts, tweets to get best exposure, we need to pinpoint when is the suitable times to post your particular business and industry.

The general thumb rule is to post anytime between 9 and 11 on Wednesdays and Fridays, but posting time also depends on the event timing. Festivals, brand launces, screening dates are to be given top priority with relevant hashtags.

(Between 8 AM and 4 PM on Friday is a GREAT time to garner the most engagement.)

#5  Tweet Timing is sanity and relevance to the core.

Make tweet timing a scheduled exercise, consistent with the last tweet if a topic is to be followed or you wish to keep audience engaged onto a subject. Relevant creative hashtags accompanied with creative graphic to portray the message of brand or subject will definitely hit the chord with audience. Timing is all important to get the message through at the right moment. The Tweets can be numbered also to keep track of what one posted on which date to avoid unforeseen legal hassles if any.

#6  Audience engagement is the key to achieve desired results.

Audience aka customer aka fan is the king of digital age, as a company, brand or marketing agency we have to connect emotionally with the audience. We have to share their struggles, their bittersweet moments, their life events and try to feel their nerve. Audience engagement has become a big topic in new age of digital revolution, people have very short focus time given the number of alternatives available. The content quality and emotional outreach will decide the degree of audience participation.

#7  Well defined targets and Goals to achieve

Define the Goals and design content as per the needs and evolution of brand. Increase follower counts, compare increase in number of followers, impacts received on a particular tweet. Sales impact before and after a marketing campaign can also be measured. Views to a campaign, responses, replies can also be measured. Audience engagement is key to measure the impact of marketing campaign. Newsletters, graphics, downloadable links are key to keep audience engaged and have their reactions. Before and after data of a campaign comes handy to measure the impact.

8. Twitter Polls are new age mandate

Unlike other Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat that offers more of interactive medium for sharing pictures and life events, Twitter is more focused regarding sharing personal views, being subjective and conveying message in very precise manner. Twitter polls have become tool of judging audience choices, lot many companies are running Twitter polls to know the need of audience, to get the feedback about their products as compared to their competition’s. Twitter polls are strong enough to predict an electoral outcome as well.

9.  Visuals speak more than words

A visual conveys message more potently than thousand of words, creative graphics, impressive words can deliver message inappropriate manner. The effect of right visuals is more than just plain simple words, a picture can tell thousand of stories. It is observed that 55% audience engagement can be achieved by just using right graphics. It’s not necessary to write an essay on a topic, just a right visual can attract more eyes and can be re-tweeted easily by other followers.

10.  Advertisement Campaigns are effective

Twitter can be effectively used to run advertisement campaigns. The series of graphics unveiling a storyline or a product have proven to be very much liked by Twitter users. The audience engagement can be measured before and after the ad campaign. Twitter has more reach to it’s users as compared to other social media platforms in terms of sharing focused content.

11. Twitter as tool of social conscience

Twitter isn’t just about speaking your mind—it’s a two way tool making authors listen as well. Twitter is all about Dialogue instead of monologue “Social listening” allowing followers to reply to a comment, so that users don’t feel it to be just a lecture, but they can also contribute to the discussion. Twitter has become interactive tool to engage both author and audience at the same level.

Topics to be given importance at Twitter includes :

Business Name or Brand Name or Individual’s identity

competitors’ names or calling names directly for comparison

Relevant hashtags or keywords

Trending topics relevant to the brand or business or product.

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The Pros of a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter has emerged as an important tool in marketing strategy for your business.

Businesses with a Twitter marketing strategy must not expect increase in revenues because of an increase in page views. Instead, they should see an increase in sales when people are actively looking for your brand. As well as, businesses who use a Twitter marketing strategy are likely to see a significant boost in their e-commerce sales.

This is because customers are likely to go to website regularly if they see products or services that have been sold via your brand. Twitter impact on a brand’s identity can be easily tracked by post and pre reactions, increase in follower numbers, sales data as well can indicate the effect of Twitter ad campaigns.

The Twitter hashtags can also become product keys to make relevant impact on product visibility. Twitter has become a strong platform for real time track of Brand building.

(TIPS: We suggest utilizing Twitter’s own Tweet Deck)

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Twitter data analysis to view the impact on performance -

Real time Twitter analytics platform is amazingly instrumental in answering how to grab more Twitter followers in 2023, since it tracks your twitter activity (tweets, retweets, likes, and replies) and systemize the reporting of followers in multiple impacts. The real-time data captured by Keyhole allows the market voice, parameters that really matter to the brand, competitor analysis, and helps to gain more visibility at Twitter.

Keyhole allows companies to automatereporting of their Twitter marketing strategy. Companies can export raw data(from CSV and XLS format) and analyse all posts, influencers, and metrics in acustomized way.

Additionally to retweets, likes, replies,and community interactions, Twitter Chats also help brands to engage with theirrespective audiences with the help of quality content on regular basis.

Divert web traffic-If you have a Twitter accountwith active followers, you can engage them those followers to your web-site,content is key here, graphics conveys message strongly.

Find out about industry trends-Everyindustry has its own unique trends and events, and that includes yours. Twitteris a great medium to bring together different viewpoints and know what otherindustry leader are doing and you can use that information to create newcontent ideas for your site.

Personality of a Brand- You can create abrand personality using Twitter based on how you style, design your tweets,again visual content and choice of words is the key to convey the message.

Twitter has become a contender to social media platforms to Connect with your local community. It’s a great medium to show people that you’re connected with the immediate communities. Local businesses can also benefit from Twitter out reach, as people can track your location and business type much easily instead of going through the entire websites. Twitter will make you focused marketing campaigns which are product specific and strong visuals will put across the message in very effective manner.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute