Brandveda's Premium Tool SEO Audit Workshop Shines at FMS University, Revealing the secrets of Optimization.

Brandveda held a workshop at FMS University, to provide insights about the SEO audit on websites with the help of premium tools.
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Friday, June 8, 2018

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Saurabh Pandey, Founder of Brandveda and one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Gujarat. With his immense knowledge and experience in SEO auditing, he gave a comprehensive overview about what an audit should involve and how to use premium tools like SEMrush, Google search console, screaming frog etc. For further analysis.

Mr. Pandey began by explaining the step-by-step process for conducting the audit, thus helping students gain hands-on experience. He then discussed some of the best practices for carrying out an effective SEO audit and provided useful tips on how to optimize websites for better rankings on search engines.

The workshop also focused on providing students with key insights into various aspects of SEO audits such as crawling & indexing, content optimization, link building etc. Additionally, they explored topics like keyword research & analysis, competitor analysis and website analytics which can be beneficial in improving website rankings.

At the end of the workshop Mr. Pandey shared some do’s and don'ts when conducting an SEO audit which enabled students to understand what is necessary for successful audits and how to avoid mistakes that could lead to negative results.

Overall, this workshop proved to be extremely beneficial for students as it helped them gain insights into website optimization techniques while also giving them hands-on experience in using various tools for conducting an effective SEO audit. Brandveda is committed towards organizing more workshops like this in order to help educate people about optimizing websites efficiently.

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