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10 Features an Ecommerce Website Must-Have

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Learn about some of the features an ecommerce website must have. 

Ecommerce is a highly competitive market. Every business wants to sell products on the internet. 

Moreover, people are surfing the internet more & more every day. They want convenience, ease & comfort. Given the option of ordering online, the growth of the Ecommerce platform is massive. 

But these websites are highly dependent on their visibility on the digital platforms: the more visibility, the more conversions. Digital marketing is revolutionizing the ecommerce space.

Ecommerce SEO is essential for these websites to appear at the top of their competition. With a better ranking comes better visibility. Additionally, with better visibility comes better conversions.

An ecommerce store needs to be unique but appealing to potential customers. An excellent customer experience analytics fueled with a smooth and fluent website will surely help convert more.

We have listed down some of the essential ecommerce features that are must-haves on your Ecommerce website. 

10 Must-Have Features of an Ecommerce Website

1. Ecstatic User Experience

Note that conversion on an ecommerce website heavily depends on the experience given to your potential customers. Any complex tasks and website work can essentially confuse a potential customer. They want convenience & ease. They want convenience & ease. Using a top platform to B2B ecommerce that prioritizes user experience and that provides a seamless, user-friendly interface can significantly improve your conversion rates. Using the best b2b ecommerce platform that prioritizes user experience and provides a seamless, user-friendly interface can significantly improve your conversion rates.

The aim is to make it easy for the target customer to purchase the product. The objective is to help the customer find the right product with minimum effort. Moreover, while finding the product or making the purchase, the user shouldn't see any difficulty or get stuck somewhere.

Additionally, some features can improve the user experience. An autocomplete option in the search bar can help the customers find what they are searching. Add autocomplete forms instead of typing in the full address. 

These things may seem trivial, but they certainly add to a better user experience. 

2. Mobile Friendliness

Mobile is the most compact smart device to operate. They contribute nearly 45% of purchases online. 80% of shoppers look up a product online while in the physical store. They either look up reviews or prices or find alternative store locations.

 A responsive website automatically adapts the content according to the device. Imagine a website where the elements of the website are scattered. The CTA buttons are out of the viewport; the images are not on the screen, and the text is way bigger than usual. You would exit the website as soon as possible. 

An ecommerce website design with a mobile-friendly and excellent shopping experience can convert many visitors. It will also improve your rankings on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

3. Chat Bot for Ease

A lot of ecommerce stores win by small features like chatbots, including FAQ chatbots. Chat Bots are readily available for your website. They provide the consumers a portal to either find the product or solve a query or solve a problem.

It significantly enhances the ease of customer service. The software sends any query entered through the chat feature to the user via email.

It gives website visitors hope that you will solve the problem if they enter the query in the chat feature. 

4. Pictures & Videos

Understand this! A potential customer comes to your website and sees no pictures or video. Will the customer purchase the product? Absolutely not! Firstly, anyone purchases any product based on the trust that the quality of the product will be satisfactory and worth buying.

Secondly, if anyone is purchasing from any ecommerce store, then pictures play a huge role in the decision. In no way will they buy an unknown product.

Finally, pictures & videos play a pivotal role. You can show off the unique features of your product. It can be the product's design, a unique feature, a highly functional feature, your services, or your customer support. 

Pictures and videos will not only develop trust, but it can also be a show-off about your product or service. Hence, you should never ignore pictures or videos. However, the images should be attractive and have high-quality print. Bad quality can give a bad experience to the users.

Using high-resolution media on your ecommerce website can improve the shopping experience. Moreover, you must add a section where the existing customers can upload an image. 

It will help the potential customers to see the original product from the people who have purchased it. It increases the trust even more. 


Information is what people want. They want to know everything about the product before making a purchase. You must include all the information a customer might need. It can consist of payment options, shipping information, refund policy, price, product description, product category, coupon information, etc.

No one wants to make a wrong purchase. Moreover, no one wants to purchase a faulty product. While looking at your online store, potential customers are already filtering the products in their heads. They focus on what they don't want more than choosing the right product. 

The informational part of your online store can also help them decide what they want or don't. Also, keeping the information relevant is necessary. Every aspect of your online business needs to be filled with appropriate information. From your home page to the product listing, from payment options to the shipping information. 

6. Special Offers

It is an essential feature of any ecommerce store. Special offers or discounts are significant in attracting customers. Online shoppers choose online shopping methods because of the convenience and the special offers. 

The ecommerce companies can manage to have lower costs. They do not have to incur expenses of a physical store, distribution, and many others. Over that, they have high-profit margins. Hence, they can manage to give out discounts. 

You can also jack up prices and then give out discounts to maintain the profit margins. 

Discounts and special offers create urgency in the minds of website visitors. They want to save money and get the product at the best price. Hence, this urgency will increase the fear of missing out (FOMO), and the customers will decide. 

An eCommerce business can increase its business using deals. You cannot have discounts on products all the time. However, make sure that the offers are incorporated with a timer to create urgency. Otherwise, people will never consider it a value.

7. Reviews & Ratings

An Ecommerce site must have this section on its site.

Here's the deal! People would not trust your product for the first time. They will check the product, check the details, look for reviews, ask around people, look at your social media page, search for a substitute and then think if they need this product or not. 

You might lose the customer anywhere in the middle. But, you need to add trust to all of these channels.

Reviews & ratings are the elements built by the trust to build the trust. You can personally ask for reviews for the product. Additionally, people always search for reviews of the product. For good reviews & ratings, your product and customer service need to be top-notch. 

You need not be hesitant while asking about the reviews. When there are positive reviews from existing customers, it maintains customer loyalty. Furthermore, our product is counted as a trustable product.

8. Products You May Also Like

This section is also essential when talking about ecommerce website features. You can promote your products through this section. When people are not decisive about a product, this section provides additional products that might attract website visitors. This section has multiple functions. 

To give a choice to the customer: When a customer is stuck on a product and can't make a decision, this section can help them. It will give them the choice of products. As a result, the visitor will start comparing the products and decide. 

To suggest combo purchase: You can prompt them to purchase another product and the buyer's product. 

"Would you like to look better with this dazzling color-block t-shirt?

This t-shirt will make you look like a pop star if you have this Bomber Jacket.

While you were looking at the jacket, I took the effort to give you the best Trousers." 

It signals the user that "they know what I want."

To help the customer decide: When they have some other products to look at, the customers will then sort them out and select the best or select them all. 

Hence, this section will show all the related products that will help purchase. 

9. Interactive Web Design

When crafting your online presence, partnering with a top-tier web design agency can elevate your website to new heights of engagement and aesthetics.

A visitor must see a visually appealing website. The web design should be highly interactive. When customers come to your online store, they should be immediately attracted to the website's design. 

First impressions matter a lot. A website's first impression can decide whether the customer wants to stay on the website or not. 

Having a good number of Call-to-action buttons on the product page is necessary. Adding images and videos to increase the trust and a chatbot so that a customer can interact is a must. 

10. Some Other Important Things

Your e-commerce website will be much more accessible if it has product filtering on your product page. Product filtering will help a user in reaching the right product quickly. Accessibility for users with disabilities should also be a primary concern of yours, and you should use a web accessibility checker to test your site's level of accessibility.

You must have multiple payment options. The customer on the payment gateway need not go back because the payment method customer has is not available to you. 

It would help if you also had an FAQ section for answering any questions the customer might have. It will provide additional information to the customers.

Your website must have an easy checkout process. An easy checkout process ensures a smooth operation while you receive money.


When ecommerce sites are appropriately structured, they experience significant growth. There are certain ecommerce features that any store must have to be successful. These features include a user-friendly interface, an easy-to-use checkout process, and a secure payment gateway.

In addition, ecommerce stores need to offer competitive prices and have a good selection of products. By including all of these features, ecommerce stores can create an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for their customers. 

As a result, more customers are likely to return in the future and recommend the store to others. We have listed down some of the features an Ecommerce website must-have. These features will improve the performance of your website. In addition, it will optimize the website.

Ecommerce search engine optimization is extremely crucial to get more and more organic traffic. Hope we have helped you with the features an ecommerce website must have.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute