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6 Free Google Digital Marketing Courses you should enroll in today

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Do you wish to get certified by Google so that you can kick start your career immediately?

Have you stumbled upon the term, “Digital Marketing”? Do you wish to learn digital marketing? Well, the good news is that you can.

Google provides various digital marketing courses that help you understand the basics of the field. There are a lot of free Google digital marketing courses available. The courses can help you learn various topics like search engine marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing. Some of the courses teach you Analytics as well.Google actually updates it courses timely. This is because there are new developments happening in the field every single day. Advertisers and marketers need to match the pace of the change or else, they will not be able to create successful marketing campaigns. Thus, it is a good idea to learn from the leaders itself. Google is a platform that actually introduces various tools that help with Digital marketing strategies. Hence, it is a good idea to enroll in free Google digital marketing courses.Google Digital marketing courses are really beneficial and they can actually train students and professionals both. It includes various digital marketing channels, campaign strategies and content practices that can help individuals to optimize various campaigns on Google.The other added advantage of enrolling in free Google digital marketing course is that Google is the most preferred search engine. Hence, if you want to learn search engine marketing, then Google is the best option as they can teach you their algorithms and audit points in detail.

“Various research reports suggest that the growth of Digital Marketing is booming in India. The country will produce more than 20 lacs job opportunities in 2020. Although, there are not enough digital marketing professionals as compared to the number of jobs.”

Thus, it is a good idea to at least start gaining the basic knowledge of the field with the help of online Google Digital Marketing courses. Apart from that, if you want to go for classroom training Digital marketing courses, then you must check the various institutions in India that offer such options.Google provides free training in digital marketing. However, you need to appear for various examinations in the end of the course. The examination is not free. There is a fee that needs to be paid based on the course. Only then you will be able to acquire a certification. Thus, it is important to pay attention during the different course modules. In order to pass the examination, the basics of each module must be clear.

Read on to find out the free Google digital marketing courses that you must enroll in.

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

This is one of the best courses available on Google. It offers a complete overview on the topic which includes various modules that fall under the field of Digital Marketing and also offers all the key concepts and an overall review of the significant topics.This particular course will teach you the basic marketing channel which includes Social media platforms, search engine browsers and data analysis. It actually includes every aspect of digital marketing and this course is surely a one stop solution for learning the topic which is a good idea to enroll in the course if you are a business owner as well. This will literally teach you to grow your business online and convert it in to a profit generating model. Apart from that, it definitely helps individuals to build a career in the field.This is a complete free digital marketing course by Google. All you need to do is just sign up on the platform. After that, you will actually receive an elaborative lesson plan of 23 topics that fall under digital marketing. All the notes and lesson videos will be included in the plan. You can actually refer to the topic as many times as you want.Google has also tried to make the learning process interactive and fun. It keeps on asking various puzzles and quizzes in between two lesson plans. This will actually help you understand a particular topic and you can also measure your grasping power with the help of these quizzes. After the completion of the lesson plan, you can unlock the certification questions. If you pass them, Google will generate a certificate for you.It is a wonderful and appropriate course for students looking to understand the field and job seekers waiting to kick start their career. The certification will definitely add on to your resume. Apart from that, you can also watch various tutorials from digital marketing experts of Google. This will help you understand a particular concept and grasp the principles and strategies. The course also teaches you to apply the various strategies in the practical world.

2. Mobile Advertising Course

Everyone owns a smartphone in today’s world. Thus, learning mobile marketing is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy. Also, this course just covers the topic of mobile advertising and thus, it will prepare you for the Mobile Advertising exam as well. You will actually learn the basic strategies and mobile ad campaigns. This is again a free Google mobile marketing course.The course comes with an exam study guide which will help you prepare for the certification exam. It includes important topics like mobile advertising, ad campaign bidding and budget with re-marketing and targeting the audiences. Apart from that, the course comes with a refresher guide as well. This guide contains a summary of each topic of the course. It also has the steps to Mobile Ad words campaign and thus, it can come handy while forming an ad campaign.Clients are looking for digital marketers that can help them generate sales and profits. Thus, in today’s smartphone oriented world, learning mobile marketing can be very beneficial. It is a good idea to ace this skill because after that, you will be able to gain job offers or set your freelancing career. Google’s manual is surely beneficial and thus, helps you create wonderful and profitable promotions.

3. Tools and Best Practices Course

This is again a very lucrative course. It is basically for professionals who are already in the field of digital marketing. Students who have basic knowledge of the field can also opt for this free Google digital marketing course. This particular course will help you create innovative and profitable ad campaign strategies.In order to create a successful ad campaign, planning and strategizing is really important. It is important to investigate a brand’s competitor before creating an ad campaign. Tools help a digital marketer to investigate. Without proper knowledge and research, an innovative campaign will also fail. It is evident for a marketer to investigate the current digital marketing trends and research on the probable keywords. Thus, in order to do that, this course is necessary.This particular free digital marketing course on Google best practice guide actually gives insights on the best search engine marketing strategies, Ad words methodologies and paid advertising. The various tools that this course teaches you includes:

  • Keyword Planner and Display Planner
  • Google Planning tools
  • Google trends
  • Consumer Barometer among a few others.

It is important to understand that Google does not offer any certification for this course. However, this particular free digital marketing course helps in gaining knowledge and forming profitable digital marketing strategies.

4. AdWords Fundamentals Course

Digital Advertising is a very important part of digital marketing. It helps a brand or company gain new clients and also generates profit. Advertising helps in brand awareness as well. It is a very strategic module which actually teaches an individual to focus on their potential clients and urge them to buy a particular product. It is important to spend enough time in planning a campaign in Google Adwords by selecting proper targeting options. The targeting options are everything in Adwords. The complete campaign is actually based on that.The modules in this course helps a student to understand the working channel of Adwords. Almost all paid advertising campaigns can be generated with the help of Google Adwords. The course comes with an Adwords study guide which helps an individual plan for the certification exam. It includes chapters on various parts of web advertising with Adwords. Apart from that, it also includes the advantages of internet advertising with the basics of setting up a campaign. The book also teaches an individual to check and change the campaign requirements after it is live, based on its performance.Apart from that, the course offers an Adwords refresher guide as well. It has a summary of all the topics and thus, it is a good idea to refer to it before appearing for the exam. The course module contains a complete process and channel of setting up a campaign to tracking and enhancing the ad campaign when needed.It also teaches you to build ads with relevant ad extensions. Apart from that, the course contains a module on finding the right keywords for your ad campaign. This free Google digital marketing course will teach you to generate a profitable financial plan so that you can achieve maximum results in a limited budget.

5. Video Advertising Course

Videos are the most engaging form of content on the Internet. People love watching videos as they get entertained and informed with them. As a digital marketer, it is really important to understand video marketing. Videos can help you create profitable relationships with potential clients. This Google video advertising course contains various modules which includes information on video campaigns, video promotion practices and significance of video marketing.Apart from that, the course also helps you prepare for the video advertising examination. The course again comes with a study guide and refresher guide. The course covers basic and advanced video advertising concepts. It also teaches the method of promotion on YouTube with Google Display Network. It also teaches you to manage the campaign and track its performance. The refresher guide comes with a summary of the whole course and thus, it is wise to check it before appearing for the examination.The free google digital marketing course will also give you information on various video advertisements and their uses. Apart from that, it will also help you in making video advertisements for your clients as a digital marketer with the help of YouTube easily.

6. Search Advertising Course

Advertisements are the most important part of digital marketing. Thus, learning about various advertisements online can actually help you in fueling your career as a digital marketer. This course contains various modules that help students understand the basics of search ads optimization. It will also prepare an individual for the Search Advertising exam.The course comes with a study guide and a refresher guide. It includes modules like search functions, ad campaign set up, ad configuration with monitoring and optimisation of ads as well. The refresher guide comes in handy while setting up an Adwords campaign. It also contains a module for remarketing.

Who can opt for the free Google Digital Marketing Courses?

  • Graduates

Freshly graduated students can opt for free google digital marketing courses. It is important to understand that the students can be of any stream or field. The only thing that is needed for opting in this course is an aptitude of the Internet and passion for marketing. Also, these course are short term and hence, they can be done while studying graduation as well.

  • Marketing Professional

Google digital marketing courses are really lucrative for marketing professionals. It can help them give a boost to their career. In today’s time, almost all companies are forming a digital presence to reach out to their potential customers. Thus, the job market is really lucrative for digital marketers.

  • Entrepreneurs

It is a good idea for start-up owners to enroll in Google digital marketing courses. It can help them form various digital marketing strategies to grow their business. Apart from that, they can also save money by not hiring a digital marketing manager.


Google Digital Marketing courses are designed to understand the workings of digital marketing. On top of that, they aid an individual in clearing the certification examinations as well. Thus, after the examination you can actually become a Google certified digital marketing manager.Apart from that, BrandVeda’s Masters in Digital marketing course helps students in clearing all the Google certification examinations. It also trains you with all the necessary skills that are required by a successful Digital Marketing manager.The trainers and founders that lead the program are Google certified themselves. Thus, they can help you with solving all your doubts for the Google Digital marketing courses and examinations.

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