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Why Should You Get Google Certification?

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Digital Marketing is a demanding and fast-paced field. It is ever-changing, and thus, one has to keep up with the new trends and developments.

It is always good to update yourself and take various courses, and register for a couple of webinars. These small things can boost your knowledge and give you the skills to ace digital marketing.

There are a lot of institutions that offer various digital marketing courses. Some are great while some are very basic. Thus, before opting for a course, you need to check the modules and the experience of the faculties conducting it. 

However, if you want to upgrade or learn the basics of digital marketing, the best course to enrol in is Google digital garage certification. They have the best information on each module. Most of its courses come with various study guides.

Also, you must appear in an examination; if you pass it, Google gives you a certification. The certificate is an authentic document that many companies consider. Thus, Google's digital marketing certification adds value to your resume.

What are Google Certifications?

Google certifications educate you with various modules and give you insights on various marketing strategies and digital campaigns you can carry out for brands to increase sales. They show you the immense potential that these online platforms have to market services digitally.

 A lot of professionals and entrepreneurs are interested in understanding various techniques and strategies through which they can reach the right potential audience and gain lucrative prospects.

Apart from that, aspirants are continuously looking for techniques that help them get a maximum number of organic traffic. They want to learn to analyse and classify customers' organic search and behavioural patterns. Thus, Google's digital marketing certification teaches you these techniques and strategies.

Besides that, the Google marketing certification also teaches an individual to adapt to contemporary and ninja techniques, which can be specially designed to quickly adapt to various digital platforms' ever-changing functions and landscape.

You will also get the Google Partners Adwords Certification with the Google digital garage certification. There is a separate exam for the same, but you are eligible to appear for it after your Google digital marketing course. The Adwords certification is proof of your strategic hold on the Google Adwords tool.

The Google Adwords certification also endorses your capability of effectively driving profitable marketing campaigns online. It is a good idea to indulge in this course as the employers and clients can trust your skills. Also, the Google digital marketing certification will give you a complete idea of the entire digital marketing process.

Google Certifications that you must consider taking

Google offers a lot of different certifications with various modules. All of the modules are aligned with digital marketing. Opting for a course that syncs your interests and skill set is a good idea.

Some of the popular and enriching Google digital marketing certifications are:-

1. Google Digital Unlocked course

This course offers the basics of digital marketing. It includes all the arenas of digital marketing so that one gains knowledge of the whole online marketing process. It offers a comprehensive view of the key topics of the subject. The course can be called Google fundamentals digital marketing.

This course contains various modules like search engine marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. All of them will help you grow a career in digital marketing. After completing the Google digital unlocked course, you can apply for jobs, set up a digital marketing agency or even work as a freelancer.

Key Features of the Certification

  • A comprehensive view of the complete process of digital marketing, including all the aspects of the field.
  • It covers everything from SEO and Searches engine marketing to Social media marketing.
  • This Certification contains strategic information on key points of digital marketing.
  • It helps establish a digital marketer career or set up a successful online business.

2. AdWords Fundamental Course

It is again a certification course by Google. It can help you learn various strategies and techniques for running successful ad campaigns on the Internet.

Many people are looking for marketers who possess this skill and knowledge. Google digital certification helps you to target potential customers with the help of your ads. It also teaches you to sift from audiences that are not your potential buyers.

The Google Adwords fundamental certification has a lot of value among employers. Most advertising platforms use tools powered by Google to set and run a campaign. Thus, when Google provides a course on it, you must go for it.

Key Features of the Certification

  •  It helps to create campaigns that sync with clients' needs and expectations.
  • Adwords Fundamental Course teaches you innovative and different marketing strategies to capture leads for a particular client's products and services.
  • It will also include a module on selecting strategic keywords for planning and creating focused advertising campaigns.

3. Display Advertising Course

Google Display Advertising course is very lucrative and helps budding marketers to create successful brand awareness campaigns for companies and organizations.

This course will teach you how to contact your potential customers while they are going through their favourite sites. You can also reach out to them while browsing YouTube or using different mobile applications.

The course includes complete information on various display ads. It also includes a brief on the display ads settings and the advantages of using the Google Display network.

 Apart from that, the Google digital marketing certification includes the most important aspect of advertising: remarketing. Retargeting is the secret to successful marketing campaigns online. Thus, learning can be beneficial for you. 

Key features of the Certification

  • It teaches various ways through which you can create brand awareness campaigns.
  • It introduces the concept of remarketing and re-targeting.
  • The course educates the students on visual ads and includes ways to create maximum impact with them on a user's mind.

4. Search Advertising Course

Advertising is the sole base of traditional and digital marketing. How will your clients find you if you do not educate them about your services and products?

Hence, advertisements allow you to talk about your products to potential buyers. Thus, search advertisements also help in connecting businesses with individuals who could end up buying their products.

Search Advertising is different from display advertising. You can create various campaigns with search advertising, including lead generation.

Also, the search advertising course Google teaches you to target the right keywords and create campaigns based on that. The course teaches you to optimize the campaigns and set a remarketing method.

Key Features of the Certification

  • It introduces the concept of remarketing lists for search ads.
  • The course will also teach you various methods to match the organic lead requirements in your niche.
  • The course will help professionals to give a boost to their careers as Campaign marketer manager heads.

5. Mobile Advertising Course

Learning about marketing with smartphones is important. Almost everyone uses a smartphone, and thus, if you want to advertise digitally, opting for this mobile advertising course, Google, is crucial.

It teaches various mobile ad campaign strategies and practices. The course also includes a module that suggests the kind of content that looks good on a smartphone screen.

Also, running advertisements on mobile is different. Clients usually scroll on their mobiles for entertainment; thus, only attractive ads catch their attention. Google offers a manual with which you can create ads and promotions that will appeal to the users.

Key Features of the Certification

  • It helps in creating campaigns that work on smartphones.
  • It gives insights into the various ad strategies that work and adapts easily on mobile platforms.

6. Analytics Course

Reading and decoding analytics is important for a digital marketer. The data helps in understanding a campaign in a better way. You can gauge with the help of the data if a particular campaign is working well or not. If a campaign is not working properly, you can make certain amendments while the campaign is live or demolish it right away.

Also, it helps in understanding your competitor's campaigns as well. Thus, you can create some successful strategies with the help of your competitor's analytics.

The Analytics Google digital marketing course covers various modules. Some of them are a review of Google Analytics with a guide on how it works. It also teaches an individual to get around with it by making one understand its imperativeness.

The Google digital marketing certification includes a topic on connecting Adwords and Analytics tools. It will help you understand your campaigns even better.

Key Features of the Certification

  • It teaches impactful strategies that will help optimize ad campaigns to acquire more leads.
  • The Certification includes a complete introduction to the Google Analytics tool.
  • It teaches various ways to connect the Google Adwords tool with Google analytics for understanding the campaigns in a better way.

These are some of the essential Google digital marketing certifications. They contain all the information and modules, but you must study them independently.

You will not have a trainer who can clear your doubts or show you the practical process. Thus, if you are looking for someone to guide you, you must check Brandveda’s Digital Marketing course.

About Brandveda’s Digital Marketing Course and Certification

Brandveda covers all the topics under digital marketing. Also, it goes into deep detail about each topic. Thus, clearing the Google digital marketing certification after that will be like eating a piece of cake. Brandveda offers a three-month intensive course known as the Masters in Digital Marketing.

 It has both online and classroom training sessions. The course is designed by top-notch and excellent professionals in Digital Marketing. The course is an amalgamation of theoretical and practical classes.

It will help you become one of the most successful digital marketing managers. The course contains lessons that begin from the basics to the intermediate level. Hence, college graduates, professionals and business owners can enrol in it.

The faculties have 15+ years of practical experience in digital marketing. One of the faculty members is Saurabh Pandey, the head trainer and founder of Brandveda. He has given lectures in 45+ universities in India, including the prestigious IIM. Also, the founder is Google certified himself.

How Brandveda’s Digital Marketing course helps you in securing all the Google digital marketing certifications easily?

  • 3 months of intensive classroom training by the founders and head trainers, who are experts in Digital Marketing.
  • The course covers all the topics asked in the Google certification examination.
  • Self-paced learning content helps each person grasp at their own pace.
  • The course includes live case studies and practices on real projects.
  • Interactive classroom sessions with various seminars.
  • Passionate and experienced trainers.
  • Backup lecture assistance.
  • Mock tests to gauge an individual's progress after completion of each topic.
  • Internship and Job Assistance
  • Interview and Resume preparation assistance

Why Brandveda?

The course structure at Brandveda has been designed keeping in mind the practical needs of online marketing. The ever-changing field demands passion and basic skills that can be coupled with creativity and technology. Thus, simple strategies and interesting analogies are added to the course.

It will help the students to grasp even the most strategic concepts easily. The course combines all the key points, and thus, sufficient focus is given to all the topics.

After the completion of the course, you will be able to secure Google's digital marketing certification easily. Brandveda also gives you 4 different certificates if you successfully attend all the classes.

Hence, you will be a verified digital marketing manager, which will help you find good job offers.

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