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Facebook Blueprint Certification: Understanding In Simple Terms

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In today's competitive job market, it is vital to differentiate yourself from the other candidates vying for the same position. One way to do this is by earning a Facebook blueprint certification.

A Facebook blueprint certification shows that you have mastered a specific area of knowledge or skill and are an expert in your field. Earning a Facebook blueprint award can also set you apart from your peers and demonstrate your dedication to lifelong learning.

With so many benefits, it's no wonder that more and more professionals are choosing to pursue Facebook blueprint certifications and awards. If you want to stand out in your field, consider pursuing a Facebook blueprint certification or recognition. You won't regret it!

Since its launch in 2015, more than two million people have enrolled in at least one of the 75 online courses available. In the United States, more than 160,000 small businesses have trained with Facebook Blueprint.

And by 2025, the Facebook advertising certification platform is expected to train 2 million more.

Importance Of Facebook Blueprint Exam

Regarding online marketing and advertising, Facebook is definitely one of the top dogs. With over two billion active users, the chances are good that your target market is on Facebook.

That's why it's so important to be certified in Facebook advertising. You need to know the ins and outs of the platform so you can create successful campaigns. The Facebook Blueprint certification exam is one of the best ways to prove your mastery of Facebook marketing.

Fortunately, the exam is not too difficult, and most people who have a basic understanding of Facebook advertising should be able to pass it. With this exam, you can stand out and become a pro at facebook Marketing.

Why opt For The Exam:

Facebook has the perfect solution—the Facebook Blueprint certification. Furthermore, this certification proves that you have the skills. It proves that you have the knowledge to run the successful ad campaigns.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Six core Blueprint exams cover different aspects of Facebook marketing

  • Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional
  • Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional
  • Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional
  • Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional
  • Facebook Certified Marketing Developer

If you're considering taking some exams, you may be interested in knowing the cost of each exam. Each exam costs $150 US and certifies you for one year. The test is scored from 300 to 1,000, with a 700 required pass.

To take any exams, schedule a proctored test online or visit the closest Pearson VUE Professional testing centre. Though you must pass only one exam to receive your Facebook Blueprint certification, you will need to take an exam every year to retain your status.

This process is not easy - it involves passing a series of tough exams AND meeting strict requirements. But what makes it all worth it is the feeling of accomplishment and exclusivity that comes with being certified as a Facebook Developer. Not many people can say they are part of this elite group, but those who do are some of the best in their field.

How "Brandveda Digital Marketing Institute" Can Help All Digital Marketers:

Digital marketers looking to stay on top of Facebook will find the new course introduced by Brandveda. Furthermore, the modules are concise and cover all aspects of the platform, from advertising to creating content.

With Brandveda, you can learn at your own pace & receive expert advice as well.

Professional Gain from Passing Exams:

As a certified Blueprint Professional, you can proudly display your digital badge on your LinkedIn profile and other online platforms.

The badge confirms that you have passed an exam demonstrating your mastery of Blueprint's approach to project management. This badge is how your employers, colleagues, and professional network can verify your certification status. It is also used to verify the issue date, expiration date, and specific exam taken.

Facebook publishes your certification on different platforms, as mentioned below, wherein your employers, colleagues, and professional network can verify the status of your certificate.

Steps for taking Facebook Blueprint Certification:

Facebook Blueprint award

Step 1: Choose your exam wisely

Each Facebook Blueprint certification exam tests a different Facebook advertising skill. Blueprint certification exams are designed to ensure advertisers must have some basic knowledge.

They can achieve expertise to create effective campaigns on the Facebook platform. Advertisers who pass a Blueprint certification exam demonstrate their proficiency in creating impactful, results-driven campaigns that adhere to best practices.

STEPS 2: Explore the Facebook Blueprint Certification workshop offered by Brandveda:

We at Brandveda conduct a two-day monthly workshop that will provide complete training for all experienced Facebook marketers to crack the examination. Apart from that, we take zoom classes to solve the query of trainees.

The whole workshop is divided into eight modules which are as follows:

1. Facebook Fundamentals:

This module will take up all the prerequisites. However, experienced digital marketers must have some basic information about Facebook marketing. Additionally, this workshop will teach you in depth about Facebook Fundamentals.

2. Facebook business manager:

Managing a business on Facebook can be a great way to connect with customers and promote your products or services. However, it's important to manage your Facebook Business Manager account properly. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Regularly check your account settings and update them as needed.
  • Monitor your activity dashboard to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Respond promptly to messages and comments from customers.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Facebook Business Manager account is well-managed and effective.

3. Facebook Audience:

There are over 1.44 billion active users on Facebook today. And those users share more than 3.2 billion pieces of content daily! There are many eyes and ears for brands and businesses to reach with their message.

When it comes to marketing, having a solid Facebook audience is key. Thus, this module will help us provide the right targeted audience for our business.

4. Facebook buying option:

This module will teach how Facebook will allow users to buy products directly from businesses through its platform. Moreover, this new feature gives businesses a new way to reach and connect with potential customers.

Practical usage of the components provides customers with a convenient way to find and purchase products from their favourite businesses.

5. Facebook campaign:

This module will help us run the campaign more effectively to achieve the desired results.

Also, it will teach us to opt for more advanced features that Facebook has introduced to run the campaign.

6. Facebook ad creative:

In this course, you'll learn how to create Facebook ads that stand out from the competition. We'll start by discussing the different elements of a successful ad, including visuals, text, and call to action.

Then we'll dive into competitive research, so you can see what other companies are doing right (and wrong). With this knowledge, you'll be ready to create your own Facebook ads.

By the end of this course, you'll have a strong understanding of what it takes to create successful Facebook ads. So, let's get started!

7. Instagram:

Instagram is a powerful tool to help you grow your personal or business brand. With over 1 billion active users, it's important to learn how to use this platform effectively.

In this course, we'll be learning how to use Instagram to its full potential. We'll cover topics such as how to create engaging content, grow your follower base, and use Instagram's various features to your advantage.

By the end of this course, you'll have all the tools you need to start using Instagram to reach your goals.

8. Facebook messenger:  

Facebook messenger can be an excellent tool for staying in touch with loved ones, but it can also be much more. With Facebook messenger courses, you can learn new skills, connect with like-minded people, and even grow your business.

These courses offer a great way to stay motivated and connected while expanding your knowledge base. So don't wait any longer; sign up for a Facebook messenger course today!

Whether you're looking to learn how to use Facebook messenger for marketing or want to stay up-to-date on the latest features, there's a course out there for you.


Facebook Blueprint certification can help you boost your digital marketing efforts. Moreover, you will get a great boost in your career as it is a highly recognizable certificate.

This certificate stands out in front of other digital marketing. Moreover, you will learn the depths of Facebook Marketing. However, the exams are costly. Hence, it is necessary that you prepare before giving the examination.

Brandveda has a dedicated workshop for teaching you the curriculum of Facebook. It will help you crack the exam and get that certificate & award easily.

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