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Top 5 ways to grow your business through Social Media Marketing

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What exactly is social media marketing?

This blog "Top 5 ways to grow your business through Social Media Marketing" is useful for organizations of all sizes, social media marketing is a fantastic method of engagement with potential customers. People use social media to learn, share funny content, follow, and shop from brands, so you're missing out if you're not using any social channel like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Great social media marketing may help your company achieve incredible success by cultivating loyal brand fans and even driving leads and cash. It is basically a part of digital marketing, Social media marketing is a platform for promoting products and services using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

From a business point of view nowadays it is a very important and crucial part apart from doing traditional marketing for business. It helps businesses to reach all types of audiences around the globe even niche audience segments can be reached and helps in gaining brand awareness. Social media plays a big role in the branding and promotion of products.

Companies nowadays promote their products and services in a variety of methods. It provides an edge of doing branding brands and acquisition of new customers and marketing in 21 century

Types of social media platforms for business

There are several platforms where we can do social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. These all have their own benefits of promoting products, advertising, and marketing. All are very popular platforms with huge followings. So, reach isn't the only factor to consider when creating a marketing strategy, but this information allows us to rethink how we design a social media platform.

Because different people will use different platforms for various purposes, marketers should look into these needs to see which platforms are best suited to specific campaign and activity objectives. I would like to draw your attention to some interesting stats have a look at them:

Social Media Usage of April month 2023

  • Social Media Users 4.65 billion
  • Year on Year on Change of Social media users is 7.5% which is 326 million
  • Average daily usage time on social media 2.29 hours a day
  • Average number of platforms used in social media is 7.4
  • Total social media users vs Total population 58.7%
  • 13+ social media users 75.1%
  • Total Female users 45.8%
  • Total Male users 54.2%

World’s Highest-Used Social Media Platform in April

world's highest used social media platform

1. Facebook

Facebook logo

In April, the most popular and successful social media marketing platform in the world was Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world with the engagement of billions of accounts as social media profiles, as well as one of the most popular local business directories.

People of all ages use it to communicate with friends and family, create content, participate in Facebook groups and forums, find and visit local businesses, and Facebook is one of the top social media advertising platforms to target audiences and increase engagement.

Facebook is a wonderful social media marketing site for establishing relationships with current consumers, hosting events, sharing product stories or films, hosting debates and live streams, and publishing photos of new products, among other things. Since organic reach on Facebook is constrained, using Facebook advertising to generate leads or reach new audiences is your best chance.

2. Youtube

YouTube logo

Even if you don't think of YouTube as a social media marketing channel, it fulfills the bill as a social strategy like an influencer. You may use your channel to submit videos, share, comment on, and like other people's videos, and follow accounts you prefer.

In addition, your homepage features a curated feed of suggested videos. so you can embed YouTube shorts on website which will increase your channel engagement. Giving value instead of trying to "go viral" is essential for successful YouTube social media marketing. You can use YouTube for live streams, advertising (video advertisements and display ads), and SEO to show tutorials and explainer films (Ranking on SERP) through video content.

Nowadays people are making quality content on YouTube every day e.g., giving marketing tips to marketing professionals, etc. And by doing this they receive a huge audience engagement. YouTube influencer gains massive followers on their social networks also you can use a video editor to create more quality and engaging content for their audiences.

3. Instagram

Instagram logo

Having started after LinkedIn and Twitter, Instagram swiftly overtook both and in 2018 topped one billion monthly active users. Social media content Feed posts, Stories, Lives, Reels, and IGTV are among the most popular content formats. Users use Instagram to follow influencers and brands that they purchase from and who share their beliefs. Create an Instagram bio and use it for the following purposes Shopping socially, Marketing with influencers, and corporate culture based on user-generated content like posting informative short videos on marketing tips, finance, geopolitics, etc.

Nowadays branding and marketing on Instagram are at another level of engagement memes are trending everywhere no matter what the topic is good humor memes to naughty ones are going viral by top influencers having followers in millions.

Memes is a category where it’s so rich in creativity that for example Heropanti 2 has just been released and memes on dialogue “Choti Bachi Ho Kya” is going in trend which showcases how social media influencers influence people to watch Heropanti 2 by reminding again and again by the memes of Heropanti 1.Businesses can reach a vast audience by selling their products on Instagram directly without much investment and earning more.

Even big brands use influencers to promote their brand products to their potential customer through social media channel and constantly try to generate want for the product and gain profit. A public figure like Ronaldo is a big influencer he earns millions just from a social media post and Instagram story. because of millions of followers on their social media account.

For big marketers, it’s a social media marketing strategy to use a social platform and reach their target audience. This is basically called influencer marketing Usually, Instagram advertisements are often more expensive than Facebook ads, but the good news is that organic reach is also greater.

4. LinkedIn

linkedin logo

LinkedIn is a great networking platform and a peer group that encourages core principles and knowledge. In addition to networking, discovering prospects, and exchanging industry expertise, it's a great method to communicate your company's culture and develop your personal brand alongside your company's brand.

While designing the LinkedIn company page, pay close attention as there are numerous tools to employ. The purpose of the LinkedIn platform is to attract top talent through networking with partners, peers, and customers, sharing corporate milestones and culture, and learning about industry news and trends. Leveraging LinkedIn premium in your social media marketing strategy is a good option for brands, especially B2B. This is because you have the option to send InMail messages which are a great way to reach prospects who you aren’t connected to.

5. Twitter

twitter logo

Twitter is a gloriously complicated network of quick thoughts, useful information, and energizing discussions, and a content marketing platform for engagement. You should be active on all social media platforms on a routine basis, but it's particularly important here. Many individuals use social media platform like Twitter to get news, follow brands, and get service to customers.

When a customer says anything kind about you on Twitter, retweet it, and respond to people's questions as soon as you can. Follow influencers on Twitter to stay up to date on news and trends for efficient social media marketing.

Tell a story using a single post of Tweets Give marketing tips as memes. Social media marketer use Twitter ads to target audience engagement and by this, they gain good website traffic which helps them get engagement on their website also.Also, make yourself available for customer service and frequently asked questions because the customer always appreciates good customer service.

How to utilize social media for business

1. Post on a regular basis

Follow a consistent posting schedule if you want your followers to know what to expect from you. This can also assist you in avoiding over-posting, which may be off-putting to your followers.

2. Be Creative

Contests, including your website or special offers in your profile bio, and presenting live streams with intriguing updates or news are all excellent ways to get more leads. and engage with your consumers. You can also use Facebook or Instagram Shops to sell directly on social media platforms.

3. Know your audience

Use your analytics tools to see demographic information, customer behavior, and social media trends to inform your content. Knowing what your audience wants to see from you and responding appropriately can help you increase your engagement rates significantly.

4. Create a social media marketing strategy

The best approach to guarantee success on social media is to go in with a plan. This entails sitting down and devising a social media marketing strategy that involves all of the platforms you intend to use.

5. Select your platforms

Consider your target audience, as well as popular platforms in your business and your bandwidth.Take on no more than the number of platforms you can actively maintain. You can always start with one and work your way up as you gain experience. Do social media analytics of your social media profile at regular intervals to evaluate your performance in terms of followers gained or loss, likes count, stories views etc to get engagement smoothly. Use sprout social to manage it effectively and efficiently.

6. Establish goals and objectives

To begin, keep them modest and task-oriented, such as posting once a day for a month, setting up profiles, or conducting a competitive analysis. You'll be able to set more detailed and strategic goals once you've established a routine and gathered information.

7. Advertise

One of the numerous benefits of advertising on social media is a very cost-effective approach to reach a larger audience. If you play your cards carefully, you may get your information and products in front of a large audience for very little money.

Most social media networks have highly fine-grained targeting options, allowing you to target only the people who are most likely to be interested in your company. You can choose Instagram ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and Twitter ads but this needs some budget planning because these are all paid social media.

8. Reporting

You won't be able to determine the effectiveness of your social media marketing methods until you monitor data.Google Analytics is an excellent social media marketing tool for determining which of your social media marketing efforts are the most effective and which should be abandoned. Add tracking tags to your social media marketing initiatives to evaluate how effective they are.Use each social network's analytics to discover more about which of your social posts are resonating with your audience.

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Benefits of using social media for business

In 2022 the power of social media is insane and has vast scope when it comes to brand awareness and reaching all kinds of audiences. In a world of nearly 8 Billion population, social media users are 58.4% which is a huge number. It consists of teens to a senior citizen who also uses various platforms and different social media.

Do you know the average time of user spending on these platforms is 27 Minutes daily?What interesting fact is an average user interacts with his Mobile device 58 Times a day! And that to 30 times in their working hours. This clearly indicates how important mobile devices and using social media are nowadays. Coming back to the point here are some benefits you can take:

1. Engage with your product: By utilizing social media, you may be able to make your company a more active player in your industry. Your profile, postings, and interactions with other users all contribute to the development of a persona for your viewers to learn about, enjoy, and engage with.

2. Drive more traffic: Using your profile link, blog post links in your posts, and advertisements, social media strategy can help you attract more visitors to your website and transform them into buyers.

3. Create customers and prospects: You may generate leads and customers directly on these platforms by using features like Instagram/Facebook stores, direct messaging, call-to-action buttons on profiles, and appointment booking possibilities.

4. Increase brand awareness: The visual nature of social media platforms aids in the development of a visual identity and the spread of brand awareness to a big audience by creating the user generated content.

5. And better brand recognition correlates to better results in all of your other projects. It will be easier to fulfill your marketing goals if your social media following is greater and more engaged.

6. Build Relationships: These platforms let you interact with your followers in both direct and indirect ways, increase your social media presence allowing you to network, receive feedback, hold discussions, and connect with individuals directly.


More than merely increasing site traffic and expanding your reach can be accomplished by using social media for marketing goals. It provides your business with a personality with which customers can converse and connect on a more personal level.

The most important thing to remember is that, regardless of whatever platforms you use or how you use them, social media is not a forum for pitching your business .Increase your social media presence It's a place where you can express yourself, showcase your ideals, offer important information, and assist others.

There should be no need to hard push to maintain your social media presence because people will naturally follow you and promote your content. Every business person and entrepreneur should and must learn social media marketing courses that will boost their business very effectively and help in reaching a broad spectrum of audiences and gaining brand awareness.

You'll achieve not only your business goals but brand loyalty and also all of the other intangibles that contribute to satisfaction and fulfillment, using this technique. And excellent customer service helps in engagement and gaining customer trust and positive word of mouth.

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