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The marketing arena has witnessed a steep turn in the last two decades. The modern-day calls off Digital Marketing as the new normal. With the advent of the latest technologies, the internet has connected a humongous cascade of people. The netizens tend to spend a larger fraction of their day on the internet. Therefore, the web becomes a perfect arena to publicize your products and market your services. With a click of a button, you can reach millions of audience and provide them a concise idea about your product. Propagated through any of the modern electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, and PCs, digital marketing is surely the one-stop solution to help you multiply your business and manifold it too. We have listed down some of the top Digital Marketing Institutes in Indonesia.


There are no prerequisites as such for learning digital marketing. Any aspirant with absolute zero knowledge in digital marketing is perfectly suited for the course. Anyone who wishes to learn the tricks and techniques of digital marketing must attentively attend the class. You can find a lot of digital marketing course online free to understand the concepts.

A serious bent of mind and an inquiring thirst for knowledge is the perfect combination to grasp new concepts. A perfect amalgamation of sincerity and regularity will help aspirants to enrol in a digital marketing course in India.

Use of Digital Marketing:

With the leap from the physical world to the virtual world, we have gained a lot of benefits. One such benefit in particular is the extensive use of marketing in digital formats. The digital market has given a vast array of opportunities to showcase your services and business products.  The digital platform has made it easy to grow and expand your business ideas and yield a better return on investment. Among the myriads of benefits, the ones worth mentioning are:

- Reaching to a much larger pool of customers.

- More cost-effective than traditional marketing.

- Facilitates much better communication with the targeted audience.

- Helps in generating revenue much easily.

- Increase the conversion rate of your customer.

Hence, it is a good idea to pursue a digital marketing course in India and level up your business. You can also start your own digital marketing agency after formal education.

Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Indonesia:

Institute of Code:

The Institute of Code is trying to re-invent education in Indonesia. They provide mini-courses in Digital Marketing as well. In case, you want to have a very basic knowledge of digital marketing and want to subtly touch all the aspects of the same, the Institute of Code is the perfect destination for you. Their courses are perfectly designed to help you learn the concepts in the fastest way possible.

They offer Social Media and Content Creating Bootcamp course. It is a 6-week self-paced online course that is corroborated with lifetime support. The course offers an immersive environment with a highly motivating educational curriculum. The course is supported by a 1:4 mentor ratio. It is one of the best digital marketing institute in Indonesia and you must experience their course.


This course is perfect for a beginner to get introduced to the ways of the online world and digital marketing. This course will teach you to comprehend the major ideas behind this field while reaching out to the targeted audience in a much easier and efficient way.

The affordable digital marketing course online covers all the major aspects of Digital Marketing. Some of the major modules of this course are SEO, PPC and social media marketing, and others. Additionally, you get to practice 1000+ mock exam preparation questions. A soft copy of the training material is also provided.

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Kandra Professionals:

Kandra Professionals offers the best digital marketing services in Indonesia. Apart from that, they also offer a digital marketing course which makes you job ready.  Their certification has a lot of value in the market. It will surely boost up your CV and help you acquire your dream job.

This institute offers 360 degree of knowledge coupled with the perfect technical skills and techniques. It is a flexible learning program and is lead by industry experts who take live and interactive sessions that are supported with 24/7 online support.


This digital marketing course in Jakarta is one of the finest of the lot. Taught by experts in the field, this course is just the perfect to help you learn the various aspects of digital marketing philosophies. This course touches all the 8 major domains of digital marketing. It includes search engine optimization, conversion optimization, pay-per-click, social media, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing.

It is one of the top digital marketing institutes in Indonesia as it teaches content which is partnered by Harvard Business Publishing Education. This course will help you get a better hold on tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, YouTube Analytics, Google ads and a lot of many others.

Knowledge Hut:

Among the other good options of digital marketing course in Jakarta, the Knowledge Hut Digital Marketing course is surely one worth considering. This affordable digital marketing online course contains 16 hours of extensive drilling and digging into digital marketing techniques. You will learn the various aspects of digital marketing in an easy and adaptable manner.

Perfectly suited for a novice, this course will teach you brand strategy, marketing analytics, excel, statistics, data visualization, budgeting and planning, Twitter, LinkedIn and Display Advertising, Social Media Management and Social Influencer Marketing. They teach these concepts with the help of real-life examples. Most importantly, the whole of the courseware and the course credit is fully downloadable.

Toffee Institute:

This course by Toffee Institute is a perfect resource to build your fundamentals in the Digital Marketing arena. The self-paced program enables all students to learn the myriads of tricks to influence and boost up their business.

This top digital marketing institute in Indonesia teaches modules like Lead Generation, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing. They offer all the course materials and aids to their students for self study at home. Lastly, digital marketing theories and popular practices are also taught in detail. This is just the perfect course to become an expert in Digital Marketing.

Mana Class:

With digital marketing taking over the traditional form of marketing, MANA CLASS is just the perfect gateway to train and prepare yourself for the industry. With each class having a duration of about 2 to 3 hours, all the seminars and sessions are provided with dedicated Q&A sessions to help you clear all your doubts. Importantly, they have a myriad of courses to choose from.

In case you are absolutely new to this field, you can go with the Beginner’s Workshop. However, if you already possess intermediate skills and want to enhance them, then you can choose the advanced courses. It is one of the top digital marketing institutes in Indonesia as it provides various courses based on your level.

Wahyu Studio Learning Centre:

Wahyu Studio Learning Centre is your one-stop solution to master all that is necessary to gain expertise in Digital Marketing. It is considered as one of the best digital marketing certification programs in Indonesia.

This self-paced course is just perfect to help you develop digital marketing strategies to communicate your business ideas to a larger pool of audience at a single point in time. This skill will also help you in enhancing your career as a digital marketer.

Baba Studio:

The Baba Studio Digital Consultant and Solution is a very user-friendly service that lets you learn Digital Marketing at the comfort of your home. They provide one of the best online tutorials to gain practical knowledge of Digital Marketing. Baba Studio is one of the most trusted institutes for digital marketing as it provides real-time online support for 8 hours each day. They also offer one-on-one consultation and after course support. The special workshop with the digital marketing expert will help you gain a thorough knowledge of the field.

The course covers topics like Google, WordPress, SEO, Market Research, Hypnotic Web Design, Google Adwords, email marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook Marketing and YouTube Ads. The course is taught by professionals and hence, it is considered as one of the top digital marketing institutes in Indonesia.


These were some of the best digital marketing institutes in Indonesia. If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, it is really important to get certified. Hence, check all of these institutes and then decide to enrol in.

After the completion of the course, you can enrol for jobs in digital marketing agencies. Digital marketing is a lucrative career and you must start with enrolling in a course as it will be able to give you all the necessary skills to establish yourself in the industry.

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