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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in USA

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Digital marketing is a business technique. It is a new way of approaching customers with their products and services so that their customers know more about them. It helps majorly in customers having a better understanding of the companies they are working with. There are a lot of affordable online digital marketing courses which one can take in order to learn more about this marketing style.


The prerequisites for these digital marketing courses in USA are not much. Prior knowledge regarding digital marketing is not a necessity in these cases. All they want in their students is that they are willing to learn, are active students who can take actions and also who can examine the real results. An added advantage in case of the students is the urge to stay updated by networking and the eagerness to learn.

Use of Digital Marketing:

There are a lot of fields and categories in a business where digital marketing has proven to be very important. The fields where digital marketing has proven to be very efficient and helpful are –

  • For business owners, bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Youtubers and also for social media enthusiasts.
  • For website owners who aim to boost their business and conversation rates on their website.
  • For professionals and business analysts who can grow their business by planning their digital marketing strategies.

There are also several digital marketing institutions in India which can provide the students with a very professional online digital marketing course. Possible jobs after completing a Course on Digital Marketing The possible job opportunities that you can have after studying digital marketing are –

  • Interactive technology,
  • Mobile marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimisation,
  • Video Audio Production,
  • E-Commerce, E-Marketing and Social media,
  • SEM, or Search Engine Optimisation.

You can also make sure to get a specialisation degree on at least one or two courses so that it gets easier for you to get and keep a job. There are a lot of digital marketing agencies in India that also helps the students in specialisations.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in USA

Read on to know about the top ten digital marketing courses in USA. However, if you prefer to study offline, you can also consider the digital marketing institutions in India. In the list below, there are the mentions of the top ten online digital marketing courses from the best digital marketing institutes in USA.

1. Henry Harvin Education:

Topping the list of the top ten digital marketing courses in USA is the Henry Harvin Marketing Academy. This academy provides the students with proper certificates for finishing their courses. Henry Harvin Marketing Academy has more than eighteen thousand alumni world-wide. It is also a certified organisation which provides training, content services, assessment centres, skill development and a lot more to its students. This University provides one of the world-class technologies and infrastructure. They also help their students to fulfil their aspirations by running offline, online as well as self-paced courses.

Address: Henry Harvin355, Serrano drive, 10 C, San Francisco, CA 94132, United States- 85253


2. Duke University:

Duke University is another one of the digital marketing institutes in USA, founded in the year 1863. The main aim for the establishment of this university was to serve the needs of the Randolph County. Over the years, this University has evolved as one of the most prestigious universities in the US. It has also been considered amongst the best digital marketing institutions in USA. The digital marketing courses in the Duke University are self-paced and provide certificates after the course is completed.  People can join this University to learn more about the skills required in digital marketing. The certificate provided here is strong enough to allow someone to start their career anew in digital marketing. The Duke University provides one of the most affordable online digital marketing courses to its students. The necessities here are that the students need to have a good grip over computer technology; they should have a good grip over the English language for both reading and writing.

Address: Duke UniversityDurham, NC 27708, United States


3. BrainStation’s:

BrainStation’s is an Educational institution located in Vancouver in Canada, providing affordable online digital marketing courses to its students. It helps the students to increase their skills in digital marketing techniques, branding, and advertising. Finishing the course properly will allow the students to develop influential digital marketing and branding strategies, search marketing strategies, email and social media campaigns too and will also receive a certificate acknowledging their knowledge.

Address: BrainStation455 Granville St #400, Vancouver, BC V6C 1T1, Canada


4. Simplilearn Americas Inc.:

Another one of the major digital marketing courses in USA is provided by the Simplilearn Americas Inc. It is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in USA. They are one of the leading certification training providers as well. This institution provides online training in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Project management, Data Science, Digital Marketing and a lot of others. It provides its students with the flexibility they need to stand at a good position in today’s market. Simplilearn is also one of the most famous digital marketing agencies in India. They provide education on the said topics to all over the world. They have their own training courses which are updated and planned by the industry specialists. The services this institution provides include instructor-led virtual classroom live classes, online classes, a 2487 teaching help and also multiple projects works. Address: Simplilearn Americas, Inc.201 Spear Street,Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105United StatesWebsite:

5. iCert Global:

iCert Global is another one of the best digital marketing institutions in USA. This is known across the world for not only as an Accredited Training Institute but also as an Accredited Examination Centre. This institution works almost across three continents with its headquarters located in the US.Address: iCert Global10685 B. Hazelhurst Drive, Suite 1572777043 HoustonUnited States, TXWebsite:

6. Emory Continuing Education:

Another one of the best digital marketing institutes in USA is Emory Continuing Education. This institute also allows online digital marketing course and combines the elements of both the online and traditional methods of learning. These courses help in both individuals as well as professional enrichment. The cost for one course here is 4305 US Dollar and the duration is of six to twelve months. Address: EMORY Continuing Education2635 Century Pkwy NE , Suite 300Atlanta, GA 30345Website:

7. University of Vermont:

The University of Vermont was founded in the year 1791. The University of Vermont ranks as the number one in the nation with respect to the Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate and is another one of the renowned digital marketing institutes in USA. The digital marketing course in USA in this university is designed by professional marketers. The design of the course is made while keeping in mind the requirements of the marketing generalists and also the marketing leaders. This digital marketing course in USA gives them as much information they need about the digital marketing industry. The duration of this course is ten weeks and the amount required is one thousand, six hundred and ninety US Dollars.

Address: University of VermontBurlington, VT 05405, United States


8. University of California, Irvine:

The University of California provides another one of the best digital marketing courses in USA and is located in Orange County in California. It has a very good reputation for innovation, premier research as well as academic achievement. The program in this college is provided for the professionals and covers a lot of important things that digital marketers need to know well to understand their work. This course teaches them to create online marketing campaigns, develop necessary analytical skills and also grow their marketing career. The course covers mobile and social media marketing, converting and retaining customers and a lot more.

Address: University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA 92697,United States


9. Oregon State University:

Another one of the best digital marketing institutes in USA is Oregon State University. This university very clearly falls under the list of the top 10 digital marketing courses in USA. The course in this university includes a detailed lesson on how to find themselves on the first page of Google, on using social media marketing, and a lot others.

Address: Oregon State University,Corvallis, OR 97331, United States


10. University of Illinois:

The University of Illinois, established in the year of 1867, is one of the best digital marketing institutes in USA. Located in Urbana, it has about thirty-four thousand students who have enrolled here to do their undergraduate courses. The tuition fees here are two thousand, nine hundred and seventy-four US Dollars and the duration is a mere four weeks.

Address: University of Illinois,Champaign, IL, United States



There are numerous opportunities for professional digital marketers that they can grasp in the industries. Online digital marketing courses act as an opportunity to upgrade yourselves and step into the industry. Digitalisation as well as digital marketing is one such thing which is increasing rapidly. There are a lot of openings in the industry where the company owners and agencies are seeking out skilled digital marketers to work for them. The skills of these digital marketers are important to establish the business and to fill the gaps in the fields of revenue, leads, conversion rates and also, last but not the least, brand awareness.

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