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What is automation in Google Ads? Brandveda Talkshow With Rishi Gautam

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In Google ads automation, Google will help in optimizing your campaign. By making use of automation and machine learning, Google can predict about the various search queries which prove to be relevant to your products and exhibit your ad in accordance to the search results on YouTube, Gmail or display network. One has to set a particular marketing objective for it.

Things that come out our mind regarding automation

The thing which comes to our mind about automation is setting all your mundane tasks to automation. There is no point in wasting time on the things that the system can do. For example, why one needs to work on social media posts when you can schedule them. Automation helps one get better in what you are doing. Automation is all about automating your everyday tasks and ensure that everything goes into the system. There are a lot of tools available with which one can automate his tasks. There are useful tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer etc. There are a lot of latest tools which one can utilize and Google Adwords training institute will make you aware of all of them. There are tools which are capable to schedule on Instagram. Automation has got a lot of verticals and is getting very dominant nowadays.

How much has marketing automation replaced marketers?

Some people have the notion that automation may take away their jobs. But this is not the fact. People do mundane tasks daily so they need to be creative and strategic. Marketing automation makes you better and it doesn't take away your job. It is pivotal to be aware of the data it provides and work on that data. People perceive that marketing automation may replace their jobs but this is not true.

If one wants to work in marketing automation, you have to be skilled. There can be many issues if one is unskilled in it. Marketing automation starts with understanding your product. You have to take some steps to make your product better.

Tips for new startups wanting to start with automation

One has to understand which tasks consume time and how you can automate them. For example, a digital marketer is taking hours to post content online. Instead of spending two or three hours on scheduling things, he can do it in one hour. People have to identify their problems and solve them with the tools which can help them. People have to know how they can simplify their day to day tasks. You have to put in a lot of efforts while identifying. You have to note down your key challenges and identify the obstacles to it and work towards them. At the end of the day, it is productivity matters.

Should small businesses use automation?

If we consider automation for small businesses, it is costly. The best time for the businesses to use automation is when they make a good amount of revenue and their tasks are going to generate more revenue. Then is the time to make use of automation. They have to identify a threshold which their team spends on automation. So their team can find a way to generate money through it. If a small business is spending some time in reporting for instance when they have clients and they want to send manual reports to them.

If you have 10 or 20 clients it will be feasible for you but as it increases to 100 or 150, then it becomes a tedious job. So the need arises to automate them. You can automate them with the help of Google data studio, SuperMatrix, etc. Many tools are available nowadays. You have to automate them and this makes more sense to the end-user who needs it. These tools offer a lot of simplicity and you have to configure them properly. It can save a great deal of time.

Role automation plays in optimizing Google Ads campaign

Once you understand how the campaign or your dashboard works, you can start identifying the problem and work with scripts. Scripts are pivotal because they help you automate many tasks which you think are not possible to do. For example, you want your keywords to pause. Once they fall below three, you can create a script. If you want to start with Google ads, you may start familiarizing with the scripts, identify their problems and start working on them. Once you get familiar with the basics of the scripts, you can combine multiple scripts. For instance, we all know that shopping campaigns are doing wonders nowadays. You can create scripts wherein you automate shopping campaigns in a way that your product gets more leverage than the products which are not selling so good. You have to implement those kinds of scripts.

You need to learn about them and be knowledgeable of them. After that, you can choose tool automation. There are several automation tools like SEMRush, optimizer, etc. One can know about the companies which have visited your paid campaign. In this way, you get more data for your campaigns. Google ads offer a lot of automation scripts. You don't need to integrate software into it. Google ads prove to be very helpful. Interestingly, Google promotes a lot of scripts and they have a repository of its own. Google educates people about how to use the scripts. Google implement the scripts on their dashboard and then teaches you.

Campaigns with small budgets have to utilize the scripts and the automation features which Google ads provide have got algorithms which can be used. If there is a big campaign budget, you need to have a smart automation tool like Acquisio but one should be aware of how to use it. With a smart automation tool, comes your intelligence about how to use it properly. Some automation tools may have some limitation up to a level but they are very good in automizing a task that you might mess up.

The disadvantage of using automation

One loophole of using the automation tool is that it may go up to an ad group level. They don't reach the keyword level. For example, you have multiple ad groups in your campaign. They will analyze the performance of the ad group and not the keyword. It is very important that the tool gives you the information and then you need to dissect it. Then you work on the keyword level. There might be chances that one ad group might have 7 or 8 keywords and just two will be performing and the rest of them will not be showing any performance. So that means that those are not good keywords. You must work in association with automation. Remarketing is very essential when it comes to Google ads. If one is not reaching his users then he is missing on a lot of grey areas which can give you a lot of revenue.

Importance of Remarketing

Remarketing is important so that you get the attention of your user. Remarketing is affordable in comparison to other Google ad campaigns like shopping. It gives you an edge over others when it is about generating more revenue. One can do dynamic remarketing where you can show your users that they have visited a product and then exhibit them the product again in the same way as Amazon does it. The biggest thing that one can do in remarketing is influencing the decision-making process. For a user to decide about remarketing, it can be done at a very high level. It's all about converting your audience and then leveraging them further. Even if you sell something, it is vital to upsell it. If someone purchases an iPhone, then you can make them aware of an iPod.

Remarketing helps you to get into the ecosystem and that is the most important thing about remarketing. Remarketing is about branding and building the trust factor. One of the ways to do remarketing is by Google ads but it is not just limited to Google ads. One can re-target the Facebook audience and Google ads. You can target your Google ad audience on Facebook. Most of the businesses are pumping money into Facebook ads. That is why the companies are monetizing.

Retargeting Facebook Audience through Google Ads?

When we invest a lot of money into Facebook and Google ads, we need to be wary of two things. Facebook possesses your data and Google has your search queries. When you want to combine both of them, you generate an audience who visit your page with a specific parameter. For instance, you target Google ad audience into Facebook. For instance, if someone comes to your website from Google, he or she might search you on Google ads. If that person clicks your ads while searching, then GCLID (Google Click Identifier) parameter will be attached to it.

Whenever it lands on your website, you implement a Facebook pixel and record every audience who arrives through GCLID. That is how you target your Google ad audience into Facebook. The biggest advantage we have with Google ads is that Google Analytics tracks everything. It can track your social audience and export that into Google ads. That is how we combine two platforms.

More and more people are moving from Facebook ads to Snapchat ads. A lot of users use Snapchat as a platform and also TikTok ads. The exposure which the TikTok ads provide is mind-boggling. You can make your marketing strategy more meaningful if you combine TikTok ads with Snapchat ads.

Do Snapchat and TikTok ads have the power of retargeting?

Snapchat offers retargeting in their platform but you can have parameters in this. The biggest advantage of Google is that it has Google Analytics. Google Analytics understands Snapchat very well. One can create a Snapchat audience on Google Analytics.  

Challenges of remarketing

If one doesn't strategize properly, then it is a cause of great concern. Many a times remarketing goes haywire when you don't have a proper remarketing strategy in place. For instance, if someone has visited your mobile store, you don't need to show them a TV and that is a huge challenge. One more concern is that people are not able to identify where to make audiences. It is pivotal to take all the channels which come to your site and then remarket them. The most vital part is communication. Sometimes people target their audience but they are not able to send the right message. Remarketing is entirely a complete campaign which one needs to focus on. It is significant to focus on the type of message that you are giving. If you remarket a particular user, they might be able to see that offer and this, in turn, influences the decision making. This is how you strategize your business and see that remarketing works to your benefit.

Funnels do help in remarketing

Funnels help a lot and it depends on the business you are operating and what type of funnels you require. One has to be aware of the remarketing strategy to utilize. Funnels help to make you understand the user's behaviour and this is significant for a remarketing strategy.

Not having enough traffic? - The biggest challenge in remarketing

If one doesn't have much traffic, then he should use display campaigns and create audiences. The reason for this is that display campaigns are highly affordable. You have to create an audience by your niche. You have to drive the audiences and then remarket them. In this way, you get more audiences. You can create market audiences through Google Ads.

Tools used for retargeting

Semantic is a tool which offers a lot of custom marketing options. One needs to harness such platforms as they are very powerful.

YouTube For Retargeting purposes

In YouTube, there is a large audience, for example, two billion users per day. If you launch a campaign which shows a lot of positive side about your video and then you remarket it on YouTube, it will have remarkable effects on your remarketing strategy and your overall sales. Customers are bound to visit YouTube as it is the second largest search engine. Youtube offers great marketing strategies. One can market on YouTube for many days. In Youtube, you can also define channels. For instance, if your user is tech-savvy and is interested in mobile and technology, then he or she might visit MKBHD. It has the best quality tech videos in the world. One can place his ads on MKBHD and this ultimately helps in retargeting and reaching to your users.

Promoting or engagement with Applications

Apps have their advantages as they provide a lot of information. For instance, iPhone users will be more inclined to get photos from it but a one plus 6 razors might need it for gaming purposes. Now you know how to differentiate. When you push your remarketing ads on those apps, you will have the power.


One has to be intelligent and smart enough to understand automation. Automation is always there to help you. Don't waste time on keyword quality and keyword ranking. Just start automating it. The best aspect is to automize everything.

An Interview with Automation in Google Ads Mr. Rishi Gautam was tremendously worthy.

What amazing insight they have shared related to Automation in Google Ads which we guess we all must know and implement for your business.

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