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Are you in the marketing field? If yes, then what's your marketing strategy? Is it the same old school method of offline marketing or the advanced form of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the best components of marketing to promote or represent a particular product or a company. Digital marketing just requires a good internet connection, a PC, or a smartphone, and social media platforms or other digital media. However, all of these above-mentioned things are required to do digital marketing but the study of digital marketing is very vast. An affordable digital marketing course online in any of the components of digital marketing has the potential to get you a well-paid job.

Malaysia is a developed country with advanced infrastructures and a growing market. The digitalization of the Malaysian market has been done a long way back. Now it is a necessity to get a digital marketing certificate to get recommended for a better position. If you are searching for the best digital marketing institute in Southeast Asia, then Google digital marketing course in Malaysia is the best choice for you.

What's The Need To Join A Digital Marketing Institute?

Better Opportunities:Getting advanced specialization knowledge will help in getting better opportunities. A valid certification will enhance the professional network and help in getting connected with experts.

Validating Skills:A valid digital marketing certificate will help an individual during an interview to back his/her claims and expertise.

Increases Trust of Freelancing Prospects:Freelancing prospects trust individuals with better knowledge and experience. A digital marketing certificate from a well-recognized institute will get the job done.

Stay Updated:The latest is what society wants. The more updated a person is with technology, the better they serve its clients.

Things to Look At Before Joining a Digital Marketing Institute in Malaysia

Institute Expertise:It is vital to get complete detail of the institute you are going to get enrolled in. A well-experienced institute can provide better teaching and knowledge to their students.

Reviews And Recommendation:It's better to go through a lot of reviews before finalizing a digital marketing institute. Also, check whether the institute is recommended by ex-students or not.

Check Tools And Modules:Getting the latest and advanced knowledge will help for the longer term.

Course Fee:Higher charging institutes can only provide better knowledge. This is a myth. Check if the course fee is reasonable for you. And also there are a few institutes that provide digital marketing course online free.

Certification:Getting a certificate after a course is very important as it is proof of your knowledge. Get the information, whether the institute provides a valid certificate or not.

Top Digital Marketing Institute in Malaysia


IIM Skills is a very famous and recommended digital marketing institute. This institute also provides digital marketing courses in India and has it’s headquartered in Delhi. This is also a top digital marketing institute in Malaysia and a go-to place for courses like content writing and digital marketing. This institute gives enough reasons to consider it as an ideal institute because it provides affordable fees, highly experienced mentors with high-level practical courses.

This institute guides its students to get a specialization certificate in globally renowned courses. Further, under the same charges, it gives lifetime access to their course to stay updated with the changing trends. After course, it also allows their students to get an optional internship with them and also guides them with placements.


NEXT ACADEMY has achieved a good impression in the South-East Asian region for providing the best in class training to its students. This academy is considered the best digital marketing in Malaysia.

Whether a freelancer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, or software engineer, they enrol all of them to provide quality and updated digital marketing courses. This academy like many other digital marketing agencies in India influences aspirants to take up their courses to gain a massive boost in their upcoming careers with their highly trained faculties and industry-standard courses. Within a span of a few years, they have trained a record-breaking 1500+ students from all over the world. Their digital marketing course is a 12-week program and is considered as a highly affordable digital marketing course online.


It is amongst the highest enrolling top digital marketing institute in Malaysia. This training institute is registered with HDRF. They offer a long list of digital marketing courses in Malaysia.

This online teaching platform has individual courses on several topics like Google Ads, Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, e-commerce, etc. This institute uses the latest and innovative methods of teaching and also promotes online teaching a lot. Even their trainers are immensely certified and share their experiences and tips to guide their students in a better way.

The validity of the course they provide on digital marketing is 12 months that includes a total of 15 online tutorial classes. Along with the classes, they assign mandatory tasks to have practical knowledge over the learned topic.


If you are looking for a great platform for digital marketing, then this academy is the top digital marketing institute in Malaysia. It is known to be a subsidiary of This institute provides training in several segments. They hire experienced educators for taking classes as guest faculty to deliver the best knowledge to their enrolled students. Other than the guest faculties, the regular trainers are industry experts to help a student learn quickly. They have affiliations with several other institutions and hold a great list of clients.

They cover almost every segment of the digital marketing course in India and offer two days of live class for training. Along with that, they provide participation certificates too.


With over 25 years of experience and more than 500 active students, IHM College, the best of the digital marketing course in Malaysia has earned glory in all the sectors of their teaching. They have trained both domestic and international students with the required set of courses. With a highly qualified teaching staff, resources, and a proper environment, it has been easy for the college to train their students with industry-level courses.

IHM has been the best digital marketing institute in Malaysia that provides diploma, professional, and certification courses. The duration of their digital marketing course is 48 hours (8 classes for 6 hours each). They supply their candidates with certificates on 100% completion of the enrolled course that's why it is considered the best marketing certification programs in Malaysia.


DMC, Malaysia offers the best digital marketing services and it is considered to be an awesome digital marketing institute in Malaysia. This training institute is the training wing of the very famous digital marketing consultancy. This institute is well recognized for providing training to corporate as well as freelance individuals. They have trained almost 800+ students and 100+ corporate by now.

They offer their training in various digital marketing segments. Along with the course, they are given real-life practical sessions to master the course. This digital marketing course lasts for 90 days and after completing the course, each student is provided with a certificate.


Excel Academy has excelled in proving the best digital marketing courses and it is one of the most popular digital marketing institutes in Malaysia. This academy is the platinum partner of the Digital Marketing Institute and has trained around 55000 professionals from all around the world. Along with the digital marketing courses it also provides the aspirants with media courses too.

The digital marketing course mostly includes topics like social media marketing, strategy, planning, etc. This digital marketing course takes only 30 hours for completion and is available in two forms - only online courses and online courses with workshops. The online course with workshops costs a bit higher than the other one. After the completion of the course, the candidates undergo a certification exam to get a certificate for the enrolled course.

8. SEARCHENGINE.MY: is part of JustSimple, a digital marketing institute in Malaysia. It leads from the front in helping businesses to grow all over the world. It provides integrated training on digital marketing courses that includes topics like SEO, PPC, lead generation, Google Analytics, amongst various other modules.

This institute offers in-house customized private training and corporate training too. This digital marketing course is a very short term course that lasts for just one day, for only 8 hours (10 am to 6 pm ). Within these 8 hours, you get to learn a lot of strategies. You also get a certificate for the same.


Search for digital marketing course in Malaysia, It does not matter as there are institutes present everywhere. Digital Marketing courses have now become a necessity to stay in the race of the developing market.

As we discussed earlier, people enroll in these courses to just sharpen their knowledge. But a few start their career with this course. So, whichever is the case, picking the best digital marketing course online free is a must.

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