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How to Post on Instagram From Computer Follow These Steps

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Many users prefer to post social media posts using their computers. Why?They might like an easy way to make postings or they just don’t like the small mobile phone screens. This blog will show you how to post on Instagram from a computer.Keep reading.

In this blog, we have covered various easy & essential ways:

  • How to post on Instagram from a Computer
  • Is it better to post on Instagram from a computer?
  • How to grow on Instagram
  • How to post on an Instagram story from pc
  • How to edit Instagram posts on a computer
  • Final Words

How to post on Instagram from a Computer

Here is a step-by-step process to post on Instagram using your PC;

  • Visit Instagram’s website at,
  • Log in to your account with your phone number, email, or username,
  • Click the ‘+’ sign at the top bar,
  • A pop-up window will appear. Click ‘Select from computer’ to choose the file or video from your computer,
  • Choose the image or video you want to upload,
  • Make modifications (crop, zoom in, add filters, etc.) if you want,
  • Write a descriptive caption (to educate your audience about your post and your business, and add a call to action),
  • Add your Location and alt text (optional),
  • Turn off comments if you don’t want people to comment on your post (optional),
  • Click ‘Share’.  

Bravo. You’ve successfully shared the post on your Instagram.

Is it better to post on Instagram from a computer?

Yes. It is better to post on Instagram from your computer if you want to post an image post or a video post, while the assets are stored on your PC only. What about Insta Stories, Reels, IGTV, or going Live on Instagram? It’s sad, but you can’t use these features on the PC. We don’t know exactly why, but you can’t do all of this stuff on the web version. What’s the solution? You can use Instagram’s mobile application to access and utilize these features.

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How to grow on Instagram

Instagram is a super-popular social app with over a billion monthly active users worldwide. Most of the major global brands are putting their marketing efforts to grow their brand on the platform and reach a wider audience. So, it naturally becomes a priority for any business to follow effective marketing strategies and grow on the platform. Here are a few steps for growing your brand and business on Instagram;

  • Audience Persona

Before anything else, as a business or creator, you need to create your audience persona - who are your target customers, what they do, what are their likes and dislikes, what are their pains and passions, and what are results that you can achieve for them, etc.Answering these questions will speak clearly about what type of content you should be posting and how often.

  • Profile Optimization

Your profile needs to stand out and should look professional for winning credibility.Your profile picture may include your brand logo or a closeup face shot if you’re a creator.Next comes your bio. The bio should have relevant information about who you are, what you do, and what benefits your audience should expect if they follow you.Moreover, you should include a clickable link to your online store or landing page where you can offer valuable gifts and capture the leads to market and sell more of your offers using email marketing.

  • Spy the Competition

When you’re starting on Instagram, it’s a clever thing to see what your competitors are doing.Things like what type of posts they are posting, whether are they using specific themes, what hashtags they are using, and what stories they are telling in their captions, will help you a lot to avoid guesswork and do what’s doing great with your target audience, instead.

  • Marketing Goals

Any marketing effort without clearly-identified goals is vague labor. To get the most out of your marketing, you need to know what goals you want to achieve on Instagram.Are you looking to generate leads or just want to get brand awareness - your marketing goals will steer the type of content you’ll be making to attract and nurture your ideal audience.

  • Paid Marketing

While organic strategies are great, they take a long time. Paid marketing strategies can help you grow your brand in a few weeks instead of months.Many businesses and creators buy Instagram followers UK to get an instant boost to their Insta profiles and get increased visibility with little to no effort. Buying followers and likes from credible sources can give you the credibility that you need to attract a wider audience and nurture them through different phases of the customer journey.

  • Content Strategy

Depending on the target audience and your marketing goals, your content will take the form to attract your potential customers and fans.As discussed earlier, knowing specific details about your audience gives you the leverage to create posts and videos talking specifically to a niche audience with a specific pain point or desire.You should write down your content strategy and content calendar (ideally for 1 year) to include education, entertainment, and engagement to the viewers. These value elements are proven to grow Instagram accounts and reach more people.There is a better option to grow your account and audience, though. You may choose to buy Instagram likes UK to get more engagement for your Insta posts, Stories, Reels, and lives. This will give your account an instant boost and pushes the algorithm to show your posts to more people, thus growing the reach and number of followers.

  • Consistency

No content strategy or creative can give you the results if you aren’t able to publish content regularly.Social media is all about consistency. Unless people see your content every day they’ll forget about you and you’re out of their feed.You don’t want that to happen, right?Therefore, stick to a posting schedule, use scheduling features and tools to schedule content for the next weeks and months in advance to get more visibility and engagement, and increase brand awareness.

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How to post on Instagram stories from a PC?

As of now, you can’t post an Instagram Story from a PC or laptop. You have to use your mobile phone app for that.You can only post images and videos on your Instagram profile using the computer. This may be because Instagram is an application primarily made for usage on mobile phones. Most of its functions are available on mobile.There are third-party applications that can help you to post Instagram Stories using mobile phones.

How to edit Instagram posts on a computer

To edit an Instagram post on a computer, you have to enable the mobile mode of the Instagram website.Here’s how to do this step-by-step;

  • On the Instagram website, right-click on the webpage and select ‘Inspect’ from the menu,
  • Click on the ‘More Tools’ tab and select ‘Developer Tools’,
  • The ‘Developer Tools’ window will open,
  • Click on the Device Toggle Icon or press Ctrl + Shift + M on the keyboard to switch to mobile view mode,
  • You can Refresh the page to access the edit and upload features for your Instagram account.

Final Words

I hope you’re now well-equipped with the process of how to post on Instagram from your computer.We’re excited to hear from you where are you in your Instagram journey?Are you gaining traction on the platform?Do you plan to pivot your marketing strategies to scale your brand?Let us know in the comments section below.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute