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MBA Salary In India: Career Scope & Placement Packages

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The choice of MBA specialties in higher education has recently expanded to include an MBA in Digital Marketing, and with good cause. However, given that it is a relatively new programme, you may be unsure or perplexed as to whether you should choose it or not as a student. So that you may make an informed selection, we're going to provide you with a fair grasp of an MBA in Digital Marketing and all that surrounds it in this article. Now is a great moment to pursue a Master of Business Administration since, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council, 90% of recruiters are committed to hiring MBAs. These two-year postgraduate courses are renowned for advancing careers. But not all MBA degrees are created equal. There are more than a dozen different specializations offered by Indian institutes, making it difficult for applicants to choose. Knowing what to anticipate academically and financially after being hired post-degree completion makes choosing between possibilities much easier.

Top MBA Salary in India in 2023

MBA in Finance

One of the most sought-after concentrations in an MBA in India is finance. The corporate and financial industries are accessible with an MBA in finance. Students also study about administration, investment, and control in addition to the numerous components of finance.

MBA in Finance - MBA Salary in India

Students pursuing this post-graduate degree can anticipate learning how to analyze reports, forecast trends, reduce risks, and increase profitability. Another important skill that graduates with this degree acquire is managing capital investments. According to the most recent information, an MBA with a financial focus typically earns a yearly income of 800,000 rupees in India. The leading universities in India pay their MBA finance students above 20 lakhs per year. After graduating, the majority of students may anticipate making between seven and 10 lakhs per year.

MBA in Marketing

An MBA in marketing is very basic in terms of specialties. Even in the current market, it is still one of the more well-liked MBA concentrations. Aspirants should anticipate learning about branding, sales and services, advertising, marketing research, sales and services, consumer behavior, and leadership and management abilities.

MBA in Marketing - MBA Salary in India for 2023

Students may encounter topics like Retail Management, Marketing Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, and Pricing during the course. Possibilities for employment in biz dev, relationship management, retail marketing, content marketing, promotional efforts, and product management are available after earning the degree. For individuals who specialize in marketing, the beginning salary for an MBA in India is between six and eight lakhs per year. The highest MBA income in India, however, might reach and beyond 25 lakhs per year for individuals who specialize in marketing. Holders of an MBA in marketing management typically get the highest salaries among MBAs in India.MBA graduates with a marketing concentration are frequently hired by FMCG, retail, and eCommerce companies. These graduates might work in marketing, financial, and entertainment companies.

MBA in Human Resources Management

The demand for HR specialists who can successfully manage workforces has surged in India as a result of the rise in the number of startups. Every company has its own set of values, visions, standards, and working methods. An HR specialist is in charge of developing a company's culture, securing top candidates, and keeping staff members on board.

MBA in Human Resource Management

The value of an MBA in Human Resources has increased recently. Professionals that have degrees have the education needed to oversee a team of professionals. The annual salary for an MBA in human resources management in India is 700,000. However, top graduates in this area can earn an MBA beginning salary in India of up to eight lakhs per year.

MBA in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a crucial component of marketing strategy for both small and large organizations in today's always-online society. Graduates with an MBA in digital marketing may successfully apply conventional marketing principles in the digital sphere.

MBA in Digital Marketing -  MBA Salary in India for 2023

Having a degree gives them the information and abilities needed to develop effective digital marketing strategies. By completing this course, students can improve their creativity while also gaining the technical skills needed to use digital platforms and reach their target audiences. For MBA graduates with a focus on digital marketing, the starting pay in India is roughly 45,000.The pay, however, might vary from 10 to 25 LPA depending on the employment and the institution the graduate received their degree from.

MBA in Business Analytics

MBA graduates that specialize in business analytics have the management and computer science abilities necessary to make business choices based on data.

MBA in Business Analytics -  MBA Salary in India for 2023

This specialization's curriculum incorporates statistical analysis, giving students the knowledge and abilities needed to draw conclusions from data and offer practical advice. Aside from that, students can anticipate learning about big data and data visualization. Banking and financial sector firms frequently hire MBA graduates with this focus. However, the eCommerce and retail sectors also have a significant demand for MBA in business analytics graduates. Business analytics specialty MBA salaries in India typically range from 63,000 to 760,000 rupees per month. Graduates from India's leading universities can expect annual packages in the neighborhood of 18 lakhs. Graduates with an MBA in business analytics are employed by organizations like Amazon, Reliance, American Express, and Larsen & Toubro.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

The best method to gain a comprehensive understanding of running a firm is to earn an MBA in entrepreneurship, according to many experts. Students graduate from the course with all the information and abilities needed to generate company concepts and turn them into goods and services that customers would pay for.

MBA in Entrepreneurs

Additionally, it gives graduates the critical thinking abilities necessary for business expansion. The best course of action for professionals seeking to advance to senior management positions is to obtain an MBA in entrepreneurship. For individuals with an entrepreneurship specialization, the average MBA income in India is $883,000. Salary offers of up to 20 lakh rupees per year are made to graduates from the best universities in India who have professional expertise. Some of the top employers for this specialty are JP Morgan, WIPRO, Dell, and Deloitte.

MBA in Operations Management

An MBA in operations management is the best course of action if you want to work in the manufacturing of goods and services. You will be taught how to manage all the various facets of a firm, from planning to manufacturing and maintenance. The foundation of a business is made up of operations professionals who collaborate closely with engineers, researchers, and marketing specialists.

MBA in operation management -  MBA Salary in India for 2023

The fact that operations experts may work in almost any industry, from the automotive to the hospitality, is one of the major benefits of having an MBA in operations management. For graduates in operations management, the typical pay for an MBA in India is 970,000 per year. The initial MBA pay for these graduates in India ranges from 5,00,000 to 8,00,000 per year. A number of organizations, like Blue Dart, WIPRO, Amazon, and Maruti Suzuki, are constantly hiring operations specialists.

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MBA in Information Technology

Engineering and science graduates who take information technology courses have the chance to advance into rewarding management positions because these courses blend management and technological disciplines. Of course, graduates in business can enroll in these post-graduate programmes as well.

MBA in Information Technology

It is to be expected that students will learn everything there is to know about project management, telecommunication, data mining, and system security. Jobs as an IT project manager, system manager, or programme manager are frequently available to recent graduates. According to data from, graduates with an IT concentration typically earn between 83,000 and 1000000 per month as an MBA salary in India. It is typical for recent MBA in IT grads to make between five and six lakh per year. However, as experts advance into positions like IT managers, they can anticipate salaries of up to ten lakhs per year.

MBA in Event Management

Planning and knowledge are needed to manage every event, whether it's a wedding or a corporate promotion. Students who get an MBA in event management are prepared to manage events of different sizes and objectives. People with a bachelor's degree in event management are often the ones who obtain this post-graduate degree. Many graduates with an MBA in event management find exciting opportunities to apply their skills in reputable event management companies.

MBA in Event Management -  MBA Salary in India for 2023

The abilities of food, presentation management, and venue management will be taught to students. The curriculum emphasizes developing students' presentation and communication skills. Given the practical nature of event management, the majority of the course involves practical, hands-on learning. Graduates can find employment in a variety of areas, including client servicing executive, trade manager, and public relations officer. For people with an MBA who specialize in event management in India, the starting wage is 1,50,000. This number, though, just represents the base salary. The average base salary for MBAs with a degree in event management is 216000 per year

MBA in Healthcare Management

A hospital's management, or that of any healthcare facility, is no easy endeavor. Students who get an MBA in healthcare management are given the knowledge and abilities needed to oversee the daily operations and financial planning of a healthcare facility.

MBA in Healthcare Management

Additionally, folks with an MBA in healthcare management are prepared to make sure that the facility's practitioners are working toward their objectives and that the demands of the neighborhood are being satisfied. It's important to note that some institutions demand MBBS graduates in order to enroll in their MBA in healthcare management programmes. Jobs as clinical project managers, hospital administrators, and healthcare finance managers are available for these graduates. Healthcare management professionals in India make an average salary of 8,75,000 per year as MBAs.

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MBA in Management Consulting

The increased demand for management consultants has increased the appeal of obtaining an MBA in management consulting. These MBA programmes often incorporate strategy, management, and operations courses on their curriculum to teach students the ins and outs of business operations.

MBA in Management Counselling

Marketing, finance and IT are just a few of the industries that may use management consultants. No matter what industry the graduate gets employment in, they will need to support their choices with analytical research in addition to finding solutions to the challenges of the clients. Professionals can handle the business of foreign clients by earning an MBA in management consulting. The annual compensation for a management consultant is 11,91,169. The top 10% of professionals in the sector earn more than 30,00000 per year in compensation.

MBA in International Business

An MBA in international business will provide you the advantage you need if you're interested in working for international organizations in India or wish to work overseas. Your familiarity with the needs of the international market will increase once you complete the post-graduate course. You will also get knowledge about business trend analysis.

MBA in International Business

Businesses looking to extend their operations internationally want to hire individuals with an MBA in international business since these graduates are prepared to handle global situations. Additionally, developing businesses demand experts with training in management, consultancy, and business development. For individuals specializing in international business, the average MBA income in India is 8,51,000 per year.

MBA in Telecom Management

With the impending rollout of 5G technology and an increase in smartphone ownership in India, there will be an increase in demand for management specialists in the telecom sector.

MBA in Telecom Management

You can study how telecom networks operate and how their activities can be handled efficiently by enrolling in an MBA in telecom management programme. Additionally, marketing techniques for VOIP, video conferencing, and data services will be covered for the benefit of the students. Wireless technology, organizational behavior, service marketing management, and broadband communication are a few of the topics you will encounter. Live projects and training are frequently included in the curriculum. For those who specialize in telecom management, the average MBA income in India is 100,0000 per year.

MBA in Logistics Management

Professionals can learn how to integrate analytical and management abilities to ensure proper transportation, inventory consumption, and customer service by enrolling in an MBA in logistics management course. The drawback of earning this degree is that work roles after graduation can differ greatly. Although project manager and industry analyst are the most typical jobs for recent graduates, becoming an international logistics manager is also very straightforward. The typical basic pay for this position is 7,08,000 per year. However, graduates might initially anticipate a wage of about 6,00,000 per year. Professionals with experience and this degree may expect to make around 15 lakh per year.


You're ready to pinpoint your selections and choose the MBA specialization that most appeals to you now that every major MBA specialization's specifics have been laid forth. Do your research while selecting universities, and before enrolling in a programme, pay particular attention to the packages being given. See which MBA concentrations in India are right for you from our comprehensive list.

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