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Nagpur, which is commonly referred to as the "OrangeCity," is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It ranks as the13th largest city in the nation and as the third largest in the state. Nagpur is renowned for its vibrant economy, expanding infrastructure, and rich historical and cultural legacy. People from many ethnicities and beliefs can be found living in the city, which has a diversified population. Nagpur is a popular travel destination all year round due to its tropical savanna environment, which features scorching summers and mild winters.

Nagpur is renowned for its distinctive and delectable cuisine, which is a fusion of different cooking techniques from all around the region. In Nagpur, meals like Saoji chicken, Varhadi rassa, and Tarri poha are among of the must-try options. The city is also well-known for its oranges, which are produced in great quantities and exported across the nation.

There are many tourist attractions in Nagpur that are worthwhile visiting. The Deekshabhoomi, a Buddhist stupa that draws thousands of visitors each year, is one of the most well-known tourist attractions. Other temples in the city include the Ganesh Tekdi Temple, the Balaji Temple, and the Ramtek Temple. The Ambazari Lake, the Maharajbagh Zoo, and the Sitabuldi Fortare a few more of Nagpur's well-liked tourist destinations.

With numerous prominent institutions including VNIT, AIIMS, and IIM Nagpur, Nagpur is also a center for education and research. Large-scale industries like those that produce steel, cement, and textiles are also located in the city. The currently under construction Nagpur-Mumbai Expressway is anticipated to substantially strengthen the city's economy.

Top Software Company in Nagpur

1. Infocepts

Infocepts - Top Software Company in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

In order to maximize corporate results, InfoCepts, a provider of data solutions, blends people, processes, and technology. By leading and helping clients through the modernization process, its solution-oriented approach helps clients become genuinely "data-driven." When acting, the company follows four principles.

Businesses may optimize the value of their data assets and use that value to make better decisions by utilizing InfoCepts' solutions. The business is skilled in analytics, data management, business consultancy, and cloud and data engineering. They can resolve your issues thanks to their utilization of modern technology. They can work together to give comprehensive data and analytical solutions.

Services Offered

·        Cloud & Data Engineering

·        Analytics & Data Management

·        Service Management

·        Business Consulting

Contact Details

Address: Plot No. 23,Ram Nagar, Nagpur - 440010



2. Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies - Software Company in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

Based on the dual concepts of innovation and automation, Hexaware Technologies is continually looking for methods to improve the value for both customers and employees. Their strategy is to foster a collaborative environment where people can learn from one another and develop as people. That particular environment would be ideal for the introduction of a new product.

Automate everything®, cloudify everything®, and transform customer experiences® are their three pillars for moving organizations into the digital age. By leveraging human-machine collaboration, they address complex business issues by fusing human creativity and intelligence. Utilizing pervasive data, insights-driven algorithms, and strategic cloud computing enables them assist their clients in transforming their organizations.

Services Offered

·        Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

·        Business Process Services

·        Cloud Transformation

·        Customer Experience Transformation

·        Digital IT Ops

·        Digital Assurance Services

Contact Details

Address: Plot No. 22,1st Floor, IT Park, Opp. VNIT, Nagpur - 440022

Phone: +91-712-224-0900


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3. Smart Data Enterprises

Smart Data Enterprises - Best Software Companies in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

One of the biggest providers of business consulting and technology integration services worldwide is SmartData. They specifically target startups and small enterprises with the goal of improving their management, accessibility, safety, and significance. With its own products and productized service strategy, they serve as a business integrator, saving their illustrious clients a great deal of time.

SmartData offers a diverse customer base around the world by incorporating ethnic diversity into their staff. Contributing to projects that expose freshmen to global realities and give them real-time value ads adapted to Indian reality is a huge advantage. Nagpur newcomers should take advantage of this chance.

Services Offered

·        Ideation and Evaluation

·        Product Development

·        Mobile Development

·        Web Development

·        Web 3.0

Contact Details

Address: Plot No. 4,IT Park, Opp. VNIT, Nagpur - 440022

Phone: +91-712-222-9600


4. Excellon Software

Excellon Software - Top Software Company in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

Modern, simple-to-use enterprise solutions from Excellon let its companies interact with their customers in meaningful ways. An approachable top management group encourages employee development and gives them a platform to demonstrate their abilities. The foundation of Excellon Software's business operations is innovation and excellence. They spend a lot of time creating reliable, efficient, and user-friendly systems and solutions. You'll gain more efficiency, transparency, and profitability out of your workflows with their comprehensive and practical approach.

Numerous global and Indian blue-chip corporations have relied on Excellon Software to revamp their networks for sales, distribution, and customer care. Many of their honors and recognitions are attributable to our competence, assiduity, and success in transforming businesses.

Services Offered

·        Cloud based work

·        Sales management software

·        Customer experience app

·        Customer relationship management

Contact Details

Address: 401, 4thFloor, Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur - 440022

Phone: +91-712-225-0800


5. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra - Best Software Companies in Nagpur
Software Companies in Nagpur

The Mahindra Group, one of the biggest and most famous multinational companies in the world, was established in 1945. They operate in more than 100 nations and have more than 260,000 employees. Tech Mahindra promotes the success of enterprises, associates, and society through its cutting-edge and customer-focused digital experience.

With next-generation technologies like 5G, Blockchain, Metaverse, Quantum Computing, Cyber security, and Artificial Intelligence, they allow end-to-end digital transformation for international clients. HRH Tech Mahindra is the only Indian firm to receive the Terra Carta Seal, which was presented by the Prince of Wales.

They are among the top 10 IT brands and their brand strength has increased more quickly than any other brand in the world. Mahindra Group, a leader in ESG globally, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in urban areas and empowering rural people.

Services Offered

·        Infrastructure

·        Cloud services

·        Data analytics

·        Artificial intelligence

·        Intelligent automation

Contact Details

Address: Wing 2,Cybercity, Souteria Road, Nagpur - 440022

Phone: +91-712-666-1000


6. Lighthouse Info Systems

Lighthouse Info Systems - Software Company in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

Customized ERP solutions are offered by Lighthouse to its customers who include manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. As apart of their "tangible" strategy, they make an effort to make sure that everyone has a nice time. Seeing it for yourself will help you comprehend it more clearly.

Freshmen can also work on a variety of projects, hone their talents, and learn about the corporate world. Through technology-driven processes, the Global Technology Partnerships they have established help their clients expand sustainably.

With the help of their highly qualified industry specialists, sound business procedures, and stringent quality control procedures, they are able to offer a variety of custom solutions that are made to match the unique needs of each client.

Services Offered

·        Software

·        Oracle EBS

·        SAP

·        Cloud

·        Sustainability work

Contact Details

Address: 2nd Floor,Poonam Chambers, Chhindwara Road, Nagpur - 440013

Phone: +91-712-224-4848


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7. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies - Top Software Company in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

The largest IT company in India, HCL Technologies, with operations in 32 nations. The business was named one of the top 10 Indian information technology companies by Forbes Global 2000. HCL equips international enterprises with technology that is future-ready thanks to its expertise in specific industries, focus on the client, and entrepreneurial culture.

At HCL, the emphasis on putting people first and the idea of "Ideapreneurship" provide each person the freedom to develop their most original work. The staff at HCL offers a structure that constantly works to enhance abilities, a wide range of prospects for professional advancement, and an ideal training environment for its new workers.

Services Offered

·        Digital consulting

·        Digital application work

·        Application modernization and integration

·        Data and analytics

·        Hybrid cloud management

·        Cognitive automation

Contact Details

Address: Plot No. 5,Souteria Road, Opp. TCS, Nagpur - 440022

Phone: +91-712-666-1000


8. GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic - Best Software Companies in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

A pioneer in digital product engineering is the Global LogicGroup, a division of the Hitachi Group. They frequently collaborate with customers to design and create cutting-edge products, platforms, and digital experiences that address contemporary needs. Makers and markets can interact when broad industry competence and in-depth industry knowledge are combined. Their goal is to foster a workplace that values a person's intellectual and professional growth.

Employees at GlobalLogic are given the opportunity to grow professionally and intellectually under the guidance of senior team members and through frequent training programs. They function as a collaborative partner by fusing their technical know-how, engineering prowess, and industry understanding with their strategic design abilities. They assist their clients in becoming the digital businesses of tomorrow.

Services Offered

·        Data and analytics

·        Experience Design

·        Software engineering

·        Content engineering

·        Digital Accelerators

·        Cloud Adoption

Contact Details

Address: 2nd Floor, Cerebrum IT Park, Kachipura, Nagpur - 440010

Phone: +91-712-666-2000


9. Persistent Systems Ltd

Persistent Systems Ltd - Software Company in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

Leading software provider Persistent Systems Ltd is headquartered in Nagpur, India. Since its founding in 1990, the business has developed into a major player in the worldwide software market, offering clients in numerous industries cutting-edge technological solutions. In addition to software engineering, digital transformation, data analytics, cloud services, and IoT solutions, the company places a major emphasis on innovation.

A group of highly qualified individuals work for Persistent Systems and are committed to giving customers high-quality products and services. The business is well known for its agile development methodologies, which enable it to react swiftly to shifting market conditions and customer demands. Persistent Systems has offices all around the world, in addition to its headquarters in Nagpur, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Services Offered

·        Digital strategy

·        Digital design

·        CX Transformation

·        Cloud and infrastructure

·        Intelligent automation

Contact Details

Address: Bhageerath,402, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune - 411016

Phone: +91-20-670-3400


10. Softtronix IT Solutions

Softtronix IT Solutions - Top Software Company in Nagpur
Software Company in Nagpur

Since its establishment in 2014, Softtronix IT Solutions has transformed complicated technological issues into clear, workable solutions, amassing a lot of knowledge and experience in the process. The process of creating software is something they want to streamline and alter. Professionals with the necessary training and expertise support Softtronix IT Solutions in becoming a market leader.

They work to become a premier organization that enables, improves, and offers quantifiable commercial value to enterprises by using technology and resources. The department employs a talented group of individuals with extensive experience in sectors relating to information technology. They must collaborate closely with their managers to achieve excellence in the areas under their charge.

Services Offered

·        Software development

·        Web design and development

·        Open Source

·        Customer management system customization and implementations

·        Custom enterprise solutions

·        Integration services

Contact Details

Address: 22A, Sanchar Nagar, Near Vayusena Nagar, Nagpur - 440023

Phone: +91-712-224-9601



Finally, in recent years Nagpur has become a significant center for software firms. Numerous top software companies have established operations in the area due to its welcoming business environment, competent workforce, and advantageous location. Businesses like Persistent Systems, Hexaware Technologies, and Tech Mahindra have considerably boosted the city's economy by creating thousands of jobs and fostering the expansion of the IT industry in the area.

In addition to the well-established businesses, Nagpur has also witnessed the emergence of various startups that have contributed fresh perspectives and technological advancements to the sector. Young entrepreneurs are being nurtured by the city's thriving startup ecosystem, which is supported by government programs like the Startup India campaign and spurring innovation in the software sector.

Overall, Nagpur has made a name for itself in the Indian and international software sector. The city is ready for future growth and development due to its advantageous business climate, talented workforce, and advantageous position.

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