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Top Tools That Are Being Used by Digital Marketers

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Top Tools That Are Being Used by Digital Marketers in 2023

Do you often struggle to bring extraordinary results with your digital marketing campaigns? Don't worry. It happens with every digital marketer. Digital marketing is a competitive world where every marketer and brand invests time and money to outshine competitors.

They utilize various online tools that help them in multiple ways. And every tool or tools-based platform has something unique to offer to marketers. For example, some assist users in content creation, some provide valuable data that helps marketers make informed decisions, and many optimize the website content to improve visibility.

Using these tools is essential for marketers. Otherwise, they may not be able to gain anything from the digital world. In fact, these tools have become even more crucial in 2023, as we know this year will revolutionize the digital marketing sphere. So, not utilizing online tools can cost marketers a lot. Let's learn about the most used tools digital marketers want to utilize this year.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT needs no introduction. Since its creation, it has been the talk of the town, and primarily for good reasons. In fact, it is the tool that has paved the way for future developments. 

In short, it has revolutionized the whole digital marketing world. This AI-language model has something for almost every person related to digital marketing. From social media marketers to content creators, and web developers, this excellent AI tool can help almost every person.

However, many people related to digital marketing are curious about how it will affect their jobs. They must not worry about it. Instead, they should learn how they can use it in their favor. They need to learn how to fetch accurate and valuable data from ChatGPT

Otherwise, they may not be able to produce extraordinary results from their efforts.

Below are some of the exclusive benefits of ChatGPT for marketers;

  • It can help writers and marketers create various types of content, including emails, social media posts, meta descriptions, snippets, etc.
  • It can also give writers multiple content ideas that people want to read.
  • With ChatGPT, marketers can also generate surveys to get customer feedback.
  • It also assists in writing meta descriptions and snippets.
  • This incredible tool can also proofread and edit the written content and polish its language.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another powerful and popular tool that digital marketers use for various purposes. It is one of the best tools that is designed for content marketers. 

BuzzSumo provides detailed insights into content and helps marketers know about the most trendy topics in any industry and niche, helping marketers align their content strategy according to the audience's needs.

It also provides details about which type of content is preferred by the audience. For example, it tells people which kind of content is being liked and shared by their targeted audience. 

It also assists them in knowing how they should create their content in order to get more shares and enhance their reach.

Apart from that, it helps in competitor analysis. It details which content marketing strategies their competitors are using, their strengths, and where they are lacking. 

Marketers can use this data to fill the knowledge gap and gain more popularity and better campaign results.

Let's look at the best uses of BuzzSumo:

  • BuzzSumo can quickly analyze competitors and their strategies to help marketers learn how they should design their campaign
  • It also helps marketers in creating a profitable content strategy
  • Provides early warnings to help marketers recreate their strategy and avoid any risks
  • Offers valuable data that marketers can use for PR
  • Assists video marketers in getting video content ideas regularly

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is undoubtedly one of the best tools available for digital marketers, especially SEO experts. This tool provides various utilities that help marketers build overall SEO and SEM marketing strategy. Using Ahrefs, any marketer can gather valuable data that can assist them in learning how they can create a profitable marketing strategy.

Ahrefs has the trust of tons of marketers, and many of them also consider it the best tool due to its accuracy of results. Apart from its accuracy, this platform provides an extensive range of tools that website owners or marketers need to learn about the overall market and make informed decisions.

Moreover, Ahrefs provides its users the facility to find relevant keywords that they can use to gain more organic traffic to their websites. Whatever the needs of SEO experts are, whether they want long-tail, short-tail, product-specific, location-based, or even any other type of keywords, they can fetch them from Ahrefs.

This tool is also famous for its backlink and content analysis. It provides valuable insights that aid experts in creating a money-making SEO strategy and getting better results in the shortest time possible. 

In short, it suggests marketers where they should surf their energies to get extraordinary results.

The following are the key benefits of using Ahrefs for digital marketing:

  • Ahrefs allows marketers to analyze their competitors, especially their strengths and weaknesses
  • It can also audit and optimize websites for better search engine ranking and driving more organic traffic
  • Finds relevant keywords that marketers can utilize to generate more leads
  • Also helps in discovering content ideas that can fill the content gap and engage more readers
  • It also tracks the progress of a website on search engines and analyzes the overall results of the marketing efforts
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4. CIENCE GO Digital

CIENCE GO Digital is a tool that enables marketers to deliver messages to their target audience through programmatic display, video, or audio ads.

GO Digital technology combines the GO Data custom audience creation platform and Bidder-as-a-Service (BaaS) demand-side platform (DSP) functionality to give marketers precise and programmatic ad targeting for custom audiences.

Unique among DSPs, GO Digital offers a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage both ad exchange and data exchange accounts. Accelerate your ad management campaigns with GO Digital.

5. SmallSEOTools

As the name suggests, SmallSEOTools is a tools-based website with tons of free online tools that SEO experts and digital marketers can use to design their marketing strategies, analyze them, and improve their rankings on SERPs. It is a one-stop solution for digital marketers as it provides a vast range of tools they may need to optimize their marketing campaigns. That's why it falls on the list of top tools that marketers are using in 2023.

SmallSEOTools provides a plagiarism checker that can accurately identify copyright infringements in any textual content. Moreover, this platform offers an advanced paraphrasing tool that writers can utilize to remove plagiarism from their text, improve its language and tone, and recreate long-form articles. Due to its accuracy, this rephraser is preferred by most marketers and writers for their paraphrasing needs.

Moreover, it also has a designstudio that they can use to create unique designs, including flyer templates, poster templates, brochure templates, logos, etc., for their marketing campaigns. Apart from that, it also assists them in backlink analysis, DA checking, keyword research, image optimization, and almost every task they need to improve their campaigns.

Here are the key benefits of using this platform;

  • SmallSEOTools helps writers develop unique content and also check for plagiarism in the already-written text
  • It provides valuable keywords to gain more organic traffic
  • It also helps in designing impressive graphics to make the websites more appealing
  • It assists marketers in optimizing websites to provide a better user experience 

6. Paraphraser

Paraphraser is an online tool that helps digital marketers improve the quality of their write-ups quickly and easily. This online paraphrasing tool is beneficial for marketers who need to produce a large amount of content on a regular basis.

Marketers can use this online tool to make their content engaging, improve readability, and use powerful and attractive vocabulary in their marketing copies. Paraphraser provides six modes that help you to do these things.

For example, with the Fluency mode, users can improve the readability of their work; with Word Changer, they can find powerful words to use in place of common ones. With Creative and Smarter, they can make their content more interesting and engaging. If the user has trouble trying to keep their copy short, they can utilize the Shorten mode to do so.

With so many different modes available, digital marketer scan also ensure that their marketing copies do not look alike. In fact, Paraphraser can also be used for removing plagiarism from any given text (provided it is due to similar wording and not ideas).

Benefits of Paraphraser for digital marketers

The following are the best benefits of Paraphraser for digital marketers:

  • Saves time in the content creation process.
  • Simplify content without affecting its actual meaning.
  • Availability of six AI modes for versatile paraphrasing.
  • Allows marketers to paraphrase a large volume of content on a regular basis.
  • Provides an option to copy or download the paraphrased text for future use.

6. Dall. E 2 by OpenAI

Like ChatGPT, Dall. E 2 is another groundbreaking tool developed by OpenAI. It creates visual content, especially business logo designs, pictures, posters, and other high-quality images that marketers need daily. This online tool has reduced the dependency of marketers on graphic designers. Now they can immediately create various kinds of unique pictures and other visual elements without paying a lot of money for them.

Dall. E 2 can create extraordinary and unique pictures that marketers may need for various purposes. For instance, if you want to create images for social media posts that align with your text and brand identity, this tool can do it for you. All you need to do is to give it a few prompts and explain what you want. Then, this tool will show you four different images, out of which you can select the one you like the most or that can fulfill your needs. 

However, if you don’t find any pictures helpful, modify your prompts, and it will produce images accordingly.

Digital marketers worldwide are already in love with this graphical content creation tool and believe it is much better to use them instead of hiring freelancers or full-time graphic designers. Moreover, they also think this tool is increasing their productivity as they can now easily and quickly create pictures to increase visual appeal and effective communication.

Have a look at the uses of Dall. E 2;

  • Dall. E 2 can design unique logos for brands
  • Design eye-catching visual content for social media posts
  • Improve branding by providing more relevant digital pictures
  • Produce almost all kinds of images that marketers need to promote their brands

How to Utilize these Tools Perfectly?

Undoubtedly all the tools and platforms mentioned in this article are great for digital marketers. However, many don't know how to take advantage of them perfectly. 

Usually, they start using these tools without learning how to take maximum benefits. Therefore, they think these tools are useless after a certain period.

However, this is not the case, these tools are great, but people should also learn how to use them. Otherwise, they may waste their time and get nothing in return.

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Digital marketers who do not utilize online tools that automate their work or provide valuable data are wasting their time. 

In this competitive world, marketers must use every single tool that can assist them in making their campaigns more effective. 

Otherwise, they will only be able to get something in return for their efforts.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute