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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on VFX courses in Chennai. This vibrant city in India is known for its thriving visual effects studios and educational opportunities. In the following sections, we'll explore the realm of VFX training in Chennai, covering the best institutions, course details, admission criteria and potential career options. Whether you're a newcomer looking to start or a seasoned pro in search of advanced skills, Chennai's VFX community has something valuable to offer.

Top VFX Course in Chennai

1. Prime Focus Technologies 

Prime Focus Technologies - Top VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Namit Malhotra was born on 2 April 1976 and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DNEG in a leading company in visual effects of animation and stereo conversion. Additionally, he is the founder and non-executive director of Prime Focus Limited the world's largest independent integrated media services company.

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is a powerhouse in the realm of media and entertainment, renowned for its cutting-edge visual effects which masterfully blend aspects of reality with the boundless realm of imagination. PFT operates by leveraging advanced visual technologies to create compelling narratives that engage audiences on a deep, emotional level. The cornerstone of PFT's operations is their proprietary CLEAR™ platform which streamlines the entire content lifecycle from creation to distribution. 

This platform allows creators to manage, monetize, and enhance their media assets, while providing them with the ability to collaborate and execute projects efficiently. With a diverse portfolio of projects, from blockbuster films to high-end advertising campaigns, PFT's work is characterized by its commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a visual experience that transcends the conventional. The fusion of reality and imagination in their visual effects is not just a technical accomplishment, but a testament to PFT’s commitment to storytelling and elevating the viewer’s experience. This makes Prime Focus Technologies one of the best companies in the list of best VFX Course in Chennai

What do they offer ?

  • streaming platforms. 
  • studios, and broadcasters transformational AI-led technology and media services.

2. Prasad Corporation Pvt. Ltd (EFX) 

Prasad Corporation Pvt. Ltd (EFX) - Best VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

This company has a rich history in the Indian film industry as they  provide high-end VFX services. Prasad Studios & Prasad Film Labs are film post-production studios located in Chennai (India). They were established by the Prasad Group in 1956 and due to this they are able to provide high-end VFX services involved in the production of more than 150 movies in languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. And due to this wide range of language availability they are able to compete between the best companies who provide VFX course in Chennai

This group operates as one of India's largest networks in post-production facilities. They have 12 delivery units strategically located in major Indian film production hubs like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. Additionally, they have a global presence in Singapore, Dubai and the United States as well. It has been awarded by the Kerala State Film Award for Processing Best Lab an impressive 9 times in the last three decades.

The company's primary services is to provide end-to-end solutions starting from film scanning to restoration and archiving. Specifically, the process begins with scanning the original film using the best machines and capturing the images at high resolution to preserve details. Once the images are digitized they undergo a thorough restoration process where any physical damages to the film like scratches or dust are rectified digitally. 

Advanced algorithms and skilled technicians work together to ensure that the integrity of the original  film is maintained while enhancing the image quality. After restoration, the digital files are archived in secured climate-controlled facilities to ensure long-term preservation. Additionally, these digital archives are compatible with future technologies making them readily accessible for any further use. Prasad Corporation Pvt. Ltd (EFX) takes pride in their commitment to preserve global cinematic heritage while meeting the evolving demands of the digital age.

What do they offer ?

  • assessment and conservation 
  • photochemical restoration
  • color grading (DI)
  • metadata
  • digital mastering
  • computer graphics/VFX and technology

3. Accel Media Ventures

Accel Media Ventures - VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Accel is also known as “Accel Partners” and is an American venture capital firm. Accel collaborates with startups at various stages of development like seed, early and growth stages. This is to provide investment support and guidance to all the willing companies. They also maintain offices in both Palo Alto and San Francisco, California. Along with it they have additional operational resources in London, India and China through its partnership with International Data Group (IDG-Accel).

Accel Media Ventures acts as more than just a financial resource. Because they also provide strategic guidance, mentorship and access to an extensive network of industry contacts aiding the startups in their growth journey. Their primary goal is to support innovation and entrepreneurship and help businesses scale and succeed in today's competitive market to provide VFX Course in Chennai.

What do they offer ?

  • Visual Effects(VFX)
  • Digital Intermediate (DI)
  • Animation( 2D and 3D) 
  • Motion Capture 
  • Digital Asset Management

4. Digital Bricks Studios

Digital Bricks Studios - Top VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services (BRICKS) is an open-source software built for managing all the distributed digital assets. BRICKS was deployed on cultural institutions under the umbrella of the “BRICKS Cultural Heritage Network”. It is  a community of cultural heritage, scientific and industrial organizations across Europe. The software itself is shared under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Digital Bricks Studios functions as a hub for digital innovation. They utilize  advanced technology to build immersive and engaging experiences. The process typically begins with an initial consultation to understand the client's vision and objectives. After this, a team of experienced designers and engineers work together to create a detailed plan and render initial sketches as well. 

These are then brought to life using a mix of 3D modeling, virtual reality and other advanced digital tools. At every stage of the process the team coordinates with clients to ensure that the final product is perfectly tailored to their needs and expectations. This specialization helps them to stand in the list of VFX Course in Chennai.

What do they offer ?

  • Movie Banner animations
  • Title Graphics
  • Credit titles
  • 2D 3D VFX.

5. Digiquest Studio

Digiquest Studio - Best VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Digiquest Studio is an innovative platform used for creating digital content. It provides users with a suite of tools and software for accomplishing the work of designing, editing, and producing various forms of digital content such as videos, animations, graphics, and more. Users can upload their raw materials, utilize the advanced tools to craft their vision and then export the final product in their desired format. With Digiquest Studio users are able to explore endless creative possibilities of excelling in VFX Course in Chennai. whether it is for professional purposes or personal projects.

It offers both a technologically-equipped workspace and expert guidance for working on various digital projects. These projects may include tasks like designing websites, developing electronic portfolios for coursework, creating blogs, editing content, choosing images for visual essays and even scripting podcasts among others.

What do they offer ?

  • Camera rental
  • Animation 
  • CGI
  • Color Correction
  • Editing or VFX

6. Pixstone Images Pvt Ltd 

Pixstone Images Pvt Ltd - Best VFX Course in Chennai 
VFX Course in Chennai

Pixstone Images Pvt Ltd operates as a premier visual effects and animation studio that specializes in the production of high-quality visual content for various platforms. The company utilizes advanced technology and employs a team of skilled artists and technicians to bring its creative visions to life. This makes  Pixstone Images Pvt Ltd capable of being mentioned in the list of VFX Course in Chennai. 

From conceptualization to execution, Pixstone Images ensures that each project receives attention to every detail. Due to this they are able to provide narratives which are visually stunning and compelling. The company's work ranges from animations for TV commercials and corporate videos to visual effects for films and interactive content for digital platforms.

What do they offer? 

  • Rotoscopy
  • paint 
  • matchmove 
  • Rotomation services.


BOT VFX - VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

BOT VFX is highly specialized in providing services in the film and television industry. It utilizes the power of the latest technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The process begins when a series of raw images or footage are fed into the system. The AI software then proceeds to analyze these inputs by focusing on elements such as color, motion and other visual details. It uses complex algorithms to identify and track specific objects or characters for isolating them from their backgrounds. 

This isolation allows addition, removal or modification of elements in the frame and provides a modified output that aligns with the creative vision of the filmmakers. This technology enables the creation of stunning visual effects that would be challenging but not impossible to achieve if they use traditional methods for revolutionizing the landscape of visual storytelling. Therefore, they use modern technologies to stay competitive in the list of VFX Course in Chennai

What do they offer?

  • Rotoscopy
  • paint and matchmove to compositing involving CG elements and particle effects 
  • Asset development. 

8. Riva VFX & Animation

Riva VFX & Animation - Top VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Riva VFX & Animation is a digital studio that offers one of the best visual effects and animation services. The process begins with a detailed understanding of the client's vision and requirements. Using advanced design and rendering software their team of skilled artists and innovators create detailed models, animations and visual effects that bring these concepts to life and make them one of the best institutes who provide the best VFX Course in Chennai.

Special attention is given to every detail to ensure that the final product represents the envisioned idea accurately and delivers the intended message. The work process also involves rigorous quality checks and revisions to ensure the highest standards of visual excellence.   

What do they offer ?

  • ANIMATION & VFX services

9. FutureWorks Media Ltd

FutureWorks Media Ltd - Top VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

FutureWorks Media Ltd operates as a cutting-edge post-production company in the entertainment industry. The organization provides a suite of services including visual effects, sound design and digital intermediate (DI) services to bring cinematic stories to life.

The process typically begins with a detailed understanding of the client's vision followed by meticulous planning and execution by a team of highly skilled professionals. Advanced technology and creative talent merge to create compelling visual narratives, thereby this enhancement helps to improve overall cinematic experience and be in the list of best VFX Course in Chennai.

What do they offer ?

  • Color, VFX and Sound to the supply of high-end Cameras and Lenses.

10. PhantomFX 

PhantomFX - Best VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

PhantomFX is a technology found in gaming accessories and it refers to an advanced lighting system. This technology allows users to customize the lighting effects on their gaming peripherals such as keyboards or mice to match their individual preferences or gaming ambiance. PhantomFX supports millions of colors and a variety of dynamic lighting effects. Users can configure these settings through dedicated software provided by the manufacturer. 

This software not only offers pre-programmed profiles for popular games but also gives the ability to create their own unique profiles. This means that players can customize colors or effects for individual keys or buttons based on their in-game actions this enhances their overall gaming experience.

What do they offer ? 

  • we provide access to film-makers for the best in visual effects within arms 

11. Loyola college

Loyola college - Best VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Loyola College is located in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu (India) and is a private Catholic institution of higher education. It was established in 1925 by the French Jesuit priest Francis Bertram in collaboration with other European Jesuits. It's an autonomous Jesuit college affiliated with the University of Madras. In 2019, the Loyola Commerce Association marked its 75th year. As of 2021, Loyola College had an enrollment of over 8,000 students. 

They combine academic excellence with a wide range of extracurricular activities to encourage both intellectual and personal development. Their curriculum is structured thoughtfully to provide students with a well-rounded education that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This is to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for all the students enrolled over there.

Loyola College has a team of diverse and experienced faculty who provide meaningful and pertinent education. Additionally, the college places a strong focus on developing students character and instilling values such as honesty, respect and social justice as well.

What do they offer ?

  • U.G.
  • SHIFT I: Supported by the government.
  • Arts. B.A. (Economics) B.A. (English) B.A. (History)
  • Commerce. B.Com.(General)
  • Science. B.Sc.(Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology) B.Sc.(Chemistry) 
  • SHIFT II: Students themselves pay fully the tuition fees.
  • Arts. B.A. (Economics) B.A. (English) 
  • Commerce. B.B.A. B.Com. 

12. Arena animation

Arena animation - VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Arena Animation is an academy that specializes in providing training to students in the field of Animation, VFX, Graphic designing, Web Designing and more. They utilize a comprehensive curriculum and advanced  technology to immerse students with an interactive learning environment. 

They conduct workshops and master classes which are taught by industry professionals. Along with it they work on Live projects, practical assignments and teach about industry trends as well. This mixture of practical & theoretical knowledge help students to learn all the necessary skills required to excel in their fields. Arena is like provider of overall skills required to excel in the field of VFX Course in Chennai

What do they offer ?

  • Animation. Courses that open the exciting world of imagination for you. 
  • VFX. Courses that make you an all-round VFX specialist. 
  • Gaming – Immersive Design. 
  • Web & Graphics.
  • UI-UX.
  • Digital Designing & Marketing.
  • Broadcast. 
  • Multimedia.

13. MGR Government film and television institute 

MGR Government film and television institute - Top VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

The M.G.R. Government Film and Television Training Institute was previously known as the Adyar Film Institute And was Asia's first film and television training institution. It was established in 1945 under the name Adyar Film Institute and it was one of India's earliest film schools. Situated in Tharamani, a city of Chennai (India).  It is overseen by the State Government of Tamil Nadu within the Department of Information and Public Relations.

It offers four-year bachelor's degree courses

  1. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Cinematography)
  2. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Digital Intermediate)
  3. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Audiographer)
  4. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Direction and Screenplay Writing)
  5. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Film Editing)
  6. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation and Visual Effects)

This institute offers courses in Screenplay and Direction, Cinematography, Sound Recording and Engineering, Film Editing, Film Processing and Government Functions. Each course has an intake of 14 students.

The diplomas are accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) while the certificates are granted by the Department of Technical Education Government of Tamil Nadu. In September 2022, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. K. Stalin appointed actor Rajesh as the Institute's Head.

What do they offer ?

  • UG Diploma
  • BVA with the stream of Mass Communication & Media
  • Animation and Arts ( Fine / Visual / Performing )

14. Reliance Education: VFX and animation Academy

Reliance Education: VFX and animation Academy - VFX Course in Chennai
VFX Course in Chennai

Reliance Entertainment Pvt Ltd is an Indian media and entertainment company that operates as a division of the Reliance Group. It oversees the media and entertainment business of the group, encompassing content and distribution platforms. 

This company was founded on February 15, 2005, as two separate entities: Reliance Big Entertainment and BIG Pictures. In 2009, the two firms merged to become Reliance BIG Pictures and the company's name was further changed to Reliance Entertainment the following year. And became one of the biggest provider of VFX Course in Chennai

The primary content initiatives encompass movies, music, sports, gaming, internet and mobile portals. These initiatives create direct opportunities for distribution through emerging digital platforms, including digital cinema, IPTV, DTH and mobile TV.

What do they offer ? 

  • Web designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Game testing
  • Fundamentals of film making & editing 
  • Regular Classroom Programs.


To sum up, VFX courses in Chennai offer a great opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in visual effects. They provide a well-rounded curriculum, practical training aligned with industry needs, and access to cutting-edge technology. With the increasing demand for VFX experts in the film and TV industry, these courses pave the way for a fulfilling career in this exciting field.

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