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Videos are the most powerful way to attract people. Video editing requires a lot of effort to make it more compelling. In today’s time, video editing is a most required skill that every content creator should learn. This skill is very important for producing high-quality video content for every social media platform. 

Even if we see on Instagram that reel content gets more engagement than the carousel format. Effective editing enhances the overall quality of videos which increases the engagement with the audience. 

Video editing is the process of mixing different raw clips to create a whole new visual and interactive video. It is a very important part of post-production and it also includes various tasks such as colour enhancement, sound mixing, rearranging clips, and adding effects and graphics. 

A powerful video can work like magic on potential customers. For example, if you are a business owner and you are looking to sell your product digitally, you can create a compelling video and with editing you can make that flawless. This creative video will not only attract visitors to your website but also help in conversions and increasing brand value. 

Video editing is a valuable skill set if you want to work in the film industry, television, freelancing, and video production industries you must need to learn this skill. 

What is Video Editing?

Video editing is the process of using and mixing various small and large video clips to complete a whole new video. Video editors use some tools or software for video editing such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Power Director, Clipchamp, and many more. They also adjust sound, and effects to edit a video perfectly.

Video editing is a time-consuming process and editors work very closely with directors and producers to create a perfect video. It is a high-paying career opportunity. After pursuing a video editing course in Mumbai you can work as a freelancer or work in a corporate company that offers digital marketing services.  

Video Editing Courses in Mumbai

There are many institutes that offer video editing courses in Mumbai. They provide students learn a valuable skillset. The duration of each course varies as some institutes are offering two-month courses and many provide three-month weekend courses. These courses cover various aspects and details about video editing including match moving, title graphics, camera match shoot, editing, motion graphics, and colour correction. 

Top Video Editing Courses in Mumbai

1. Cutting-Edge Media Academy

Cutting-Edge Media Academy - Top Video Editing Course in Mumbai
Video Editing Course in Mumbai

Cutting-Edge Media Academy was founded by Rajat Diwan to offer education in media and video editing. CEMA runs production houses in Mumbai as they have keen experience in filmmaking and editing. 

Their academy provides training that provides students with hands-on experience on real projects, gaining practical skills. They have been working in the filmmaking and editing industry for more than 25 years and offering a top video editing course in Mumbai. 

Courses Offered

  • Long-term courses
  • Short-term courses
  • Individual courses

Course Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Graphics Designing
  • Designing Principles
  • Colour Theory
  • Basics of Print and Publishing
  • Special Effects
  • Creating Action and Batch
  • Masking
  • Retouch up of Images
  • Poster Design
  • Web Application and Animation
  • Gif
  • Layers
  • Photoshop Interface
  • Tools and Options
  • Fonts Description
  • Channels and Actions
  • Filters
  • Restoring and Enhancing Images
  • Camera Raw
  • Caricature
  • Social Media Platform Thumbnail and Design

Course highlights

  • Hands-on experience
  • Learn with experts having 25+ years of experience
  • Award-winning faculty
  • Work on live projects 

Contact info


Address: 202, Second Floor, Accord Classic, Aarey Station Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063.

2. Mumbai Digital Films Academy

Mumbai Digital Films Academy is an institute that offers a top-notch video editing course in Mumbai. They start with the basics of film and video editing. They let their students practice with actual footage from various projects to understand the creative aspects of editing. 

Students also learn to use editing software like Adobe Premiere CC, Final Cut Pro7, Adobe After Effects and Avid Media Composer. Additionally, they train their students in colour grading and digital intermediate.

Courses Offered

  • Film Making
  • Acting
  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Film Editing
  • Sound Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Sound Recording
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Voice Dubbing & Anchoring

Course Curriculum

  • History of film editing
  • The technique of film and video editing
  • Editing for the genre
  • Principles of Editing
  • Film appreciation
  • Screenplay and direction
  • Cinematography
  • Introduction to motion picture photography
  • Cinematographic properties
  • Operations and movements
  • Sound recording and designing
  • Post-production tools

Highlights of the course

  • Learn with a practical approach
  • Practice video editing with short film
  • Experienced faculty

Contact info


Address: 307, 3rd floor, Commerce Centre, Near Udippi restaurant, Vishweshwar Nagar Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063, India

3. We Film Academy and Studio

We Film Academy and Studio - Video Editing Course in Mumbai
Video Editing Course in Mumbai

We Film Academy and Studio is a big player in the entertainment and film industry, dedicated to providing a complete knowledge of video editing. They aim to provide students with all the required skills. 

Their courses are designed to help students understand completely about video editing and filmmaking ensuring they receive a quality education at affordable prices. they offer the best video editing course in Mumbai.

We Film Academy and Studio was founded in 2020 and they offer various courses covering every detail about video editing and filmmaking. Their courses include video editing, colour grading, screenwriting, filmmaking, motion graphic designing, and music programming. 

Courses Offered

  • Professional Video Editing Course
  • Motion Graphic Design Course
  • Film Making Course
  • Colour Grading Course
  • Cinematography Workshop
  • Post Producer Program
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Music Production Course
  • YouTube Video Editing
  • Trailer Editing Course

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Overview of Adobe Premiere Pro interface
  • Understanding project settings and preferences
  • Importing media files into Premiere Pro
  • Organising media in the project panel
  • Basic tools and techniques
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Motion and Animation
  • Audio Editing and Sound Design
  • Exporting and Delivery
  • Workflow Optimisation and Best Practices

Highlights of the course

  • Skill up yourself with an advanced course
  • Alternate day classes
  • 3-months training
  • Interactive classes

Contact info


Address: Insula Park A4, Behind The Hard Rock Cafe Near Yashraj Films, Off Link Rd, Veera Desai, Andheri West, Mumbai- 400053.

4. Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy - Top Video Editing Course in Mumbai
Video Editing Course in Mumbai

Techstack Academy is a training centre that offers various courses to students helping them learn all the necessary skills to uplift themselves in this digital world. Techstack Academy was established in 2010. With over 10 years of experience, they provide training courses including video editing, digital marketing courses, and full-stack development all over the globe.  

They have collaborated with companies such as Orangus India and E-dinero Group. Techstack Academy also offers an internship program to students so that they get complete practical knowledge about video editing. They provide a valuable video editing course in Mumbai that provides value for money. 

Course Offered

  • Masters in video editing
  • Video editing course
  • Post-graduation program in video editing
  • Advanced video editing course

Course Curriculum 

  • Introduction to Advanced Video Editing
  • NTSC and PAL
  • FPS
  • Analog and Digital camera
  • Triangle system of camera
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Selection in Photoshop
  • Tools in Photoshop
  • Effects in Photoshop
  • Projects in Photoshop
  • Introduction to Illustrator
  • Selection in Illustrator
  • Tools in Illustrator
  • Effects in Illustrator
  • Projects in Illustrator
  • Introduction to After Effects
  • Selection in After Effects
  • 3D effects
  • Compositing
  • VFX
  • Rotoscoping and Masking
  • Motion Graphics
  • Matte Effect
  • Camera lighting
  • Effects in After Effects
  • Animation Presets
  • Tools in After Effects
  • Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Selection in Premiere Pro
  • Tools in Premiere Pro
  • Video preset in Premiere Pro
  • Masking in Premiere Pro
  • Chroma in Premiere Pro
  • Colour Correction
  • Multi-camera edit
  • Cinematic Sequence
  • Audio Transition
  • Effects in Premiere Pro
  • Introduction to audition
  • What is sound?
  • Range and frequency
  • Interface
  • Noise reduction
  • Stereo and analogue delay
  • Reverb
  • Equalizers
  • Level correction
  • Audio mixing/edit
  • Sound effects
  • Transition

Highlights of the course

  • 1:1 mentorship
  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Learn various tools
  • 6-month duration
  • Both online and offline classes

Contact info


5. 3D Animation at Soft Pro

3D Animation at Soft Pro - Best Video Editing Course in Mumbai
Video Editing Course in Mumbai

3D Animation at Soft Pro provides various courses in the field of media and production industry. Their course is crafted for students to learn everything about video editing. With a perfect mixture of practical and theory course and hands-on experience, students will master the fundamentals and advanced techniques of filmmaking.

They have trained more than 13489+ students and they are providing training for more than 27 years. 

Courses Offered

  • Advanced diploma in after effects
  • Advanced diploma in 3D animation
  • Advanced diploma in premiere pro
  • Advanced graphic design VFX video editing diploma

Course curriculum

  • Digital video basics
  • Digital media management
  • Layers and compositing
  • Keyframes and motion paths
  • Working with and animating text
  • Working with 3D effects
  • Rendering and exporting projects
  • After effects advanced 
  • Advanced Visual Effects Workflow
  • Chroma Keying
  • Motion Tracking & Stabilization
  • 3D Camera Tracking
  • Time Remapping
  • Advanced Color Correction & Adjustments

Highlights of the course

  • Learn with projects
  • Experienced mentors
  • Well-structured course

Contact info


Address: B/2, Vimal Udyog Bhavan, 1st Flr, Opp. STARCITY Cinema, Near Mahalaxmi Society, Matunga (West), Mumbai- 400016.


Video editing requires a lot of effort and to learn video editing skills it is important to choose the perfect course. In this blog, we have mentioned the top five video editing courses in Mumbai. institute providing video marketing courses in Mumbai covers every aspect of video editing.

It is essential to research and compare different courses to find one that fulfils your requirements, your budget and learning objectives. Also, you need to consider factors such as the reputation of the institution, the qualifications of the instructor, and the course curriculum to receive value for your money.

Video editing is a high-demanding skill in the digital marketing industry, we need a high editing knowledge to create and edit videos with suitable effects. The video editing includes colour corrections, sound mixing, rearranging clips and adding effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

Q.1 What are the top 5 job positions available after learning video editing?

  1. Video Editor
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Multimedia artist
  4. Television studio editor
  5. Designer and editor

Q.2 What are the fees for a video marketing course in Mumbai?

Fees for a video marketing course in Mumbai may range from 10,000 to 50,000 or more. 

Q.3 Which software is important to learn for video editing? 

Many video editing course in Mumbai focus on teaching software like Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and Shotcut.

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