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Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B Companies

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Do you want to increase your B2B sales? This blog will help you find the right digital marketing strategy for B2B companies.

To begin with, we need to understand what b2b means.

What is a B2B business model?

Business to business means a business deal between two parties.

In this deal, both of them are either businesses or a company. It excludes the end consumer of the product.

For instance, a business deal by a manufacturer sells its goods to the retailer.

Also, the business between a wholesaler and a retailer is considered B2B.

These are perfect examples of the B2B business model.

Now, you must be wondering how one can make it through to grow the b2b business.

Therefore, the wait is over now; you need to get glued to this blog for unique strategies to grow your b2b company.

Best Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B companies

  • Website Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ad / PPC
  • B2B SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Podcast Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Marketing

These digital marketing strategies for B2B Companies can give your exponential growth. However, digital marketing strategies need to be performed with expertise. Hence, you need to either hire an expert or learn it. You can learn it by enrolling in Brandveda's Digital Marketing & Data Analytics Specialist Course.

Website creation:

B2B businesses need to create a website. It is the first digital marketing strategy for b2b companies.

It will help the audience to know about your business.

Website presence can bring you customers, too.

Also, the Internet is all about staying upfront when customers find you.

Moreover, your website should consist of the product and service you sell.

So, when potential customers search online, they will either buy online or contact you for an order.

For example, someone searches for a wholesaler for bulk buying t-shirts.

And if that potential customer visits your website, you might get an order as a wholesaler.

Hence, a website presence is necessary in current times.

Email Marketing:

If you want to update your current or prospective client, email marketing is a great way to do it.

Furthermore, you need to have a list of people you can mail regularly.

Additionally, you have to make emails in a way that makes readers curious to read them.

Also, writing an email is an art; if you can write them, you can win customers.

Apart from this, you can hire specialists if you don't have a skill.

Hence, email marketing is an essential b2b digital marketing strategy.

Google Ads / PPC:

It is the best b2b digital marketing strategy. It is a necessary digital marketing strategy for b2b companies as it provides exponential growth.

In this strategy, you need to take the help of the Google Ads platform.

In addition to this, you have to use relevant keywords that match your product or service.

Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B companies: Google Ads

Moreover, you need to have a well-defined budget to start the ads.

You can get potential leads when your ads start showing on search engines.

For instance, A sports clothing manufacturer shows his ads on google.

Now, when someone types the keyword "sports clothing" or any other keyword relating to this word.

Your Advertisement is bound to get seen upfront.

In this case, b2b customers will visit your website, and there are chances of conversion.


If you have a b2b business website, it is significant to rank on google.

This process helps you to bring organic traffic to your website.

You will also get a good amount of clicks, impressions and conversions.

So, Search engine optimization is not just about ranking.

Moreover, today most businesses want to stand ahead of their competitors.

Therefore, B2B SEO is required to achieve desired business goals.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is a creative and strategic technique to generate leads.

In addition, you need to be active on all the social media platforms where your customers are busy.

In this marketing channel, creating content regularly is a great way to stay connected with customers.

Moreover, you need to measure the analytics of every social media platform you use.

Also, it is essential to try and test a different social media strategy that works for your business.

If you think creating organic content is not working, you can start with a marketing campaign on social media.

To explain, you are a software development company; you can get your clients on LinkedIn.

Therefore, this social media strategy can do wonders for your company.

B2B Content Marketing:

It is another top b2b online marketing strategy.

Firstly, a b2b content marketing strategy is equally essential as others.

Secondly, b2b content marketers write premium quality articles on their websites.

Today, informational content is getting on popular on search engines.

Therefore, the client will visit your website to read the content.

Now, if you link your transactional pages to that article pages.

Hence, this will help you get prospective customers with the help of a B2B content marketing strategy.

For example, writing content on the "art of generating b2b clients".

What if you write an e-book and link to it with a form on that page?

Now, you can get your prospective customers' email and phone numbers.

Podcast Strategy:

The podcast b2b marketing strategy is another new-age way of getting brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Today, their audio listeners are increasing with time.

Podcast digital marketing Strategy for B2B Companies

Even content creators prefer to work on video podcasts.

You always have an option to your website links along with podcasts.

It will make your way to increase brand recognition.

You can do it on platforms like apple podcasts, google podcasts, Spotify podcasts, YouTube and many other outlets.

To explain, you are a b2b brand.

Now, if your website is linked to all the platforms, you promote podcasts.

It can divert a b2b buyer to your website and add new visitors or even a new b2b sale.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is the best b2b marketing strategy in the current scenario.

Some influencers conduct webinars, conferences, online events, b2b networking events, and exhibitions.

Moreover, your target Audience loves to follow famous influencers from your industry.

Also, it will be great if you can bring them on board to promote your business.

Furthermore, you may convert the target audience attending the event into customers.

Let's understand with an example:

You have conducted a b2b jewellery exhibition, and a most loved celebrity comes to the event.

It can help you bring more audience and prospective customers.

It will help b2b marketers generate brand awareness, or it might get you more clients for your business.

Video Marketing:

It is another best marketing effort by b2b marketers. This digital marketing strategy for B2B business is highly effective.

Video Marketing

In this b2b marketing, you must promote your products or services through videos.

Moreover, you can shoot a video of how to use your product or the best outcomes from your product.

Apart from this, even you can collect video testimonials from your customers.

Also, you can even convey to your audience the USP of your product or service.

This marketing effort will not only generate trust, but it will bring more customers.

Moreover, b2b marketers can even start marketing campaigns on YouTube.

To explain: suppose a company sells customer relationship management software.

A b2b customer searched for reviews on the same on YouTube.

You have videos for the same and a call to action for buying them.

It might get you more customers for your business.

So, video marketing is required for your b2b company.

These were the intelligent strategies current b2b marketers used to promote their businesses or services.

It would help if you explored each of them to evaluate which works best for your b2b company.

What are B2B technology trends in 2022?

There are various updates with the use of technology by current b2b companies.

  • Intent Data Analysis
  • Internet security
  • Social Media Marketing Automation tools
  • Track your customers
  • Use of Advanced Artificial intelligence

Intent Data Analysis:

Today, b2b marketers want to understand the customer's psychology.

So, intent data software can provide great reports. It will help get an idea of every action customers to take online.

Therefore, you make an analysis accordingly.

For example, customers signed up for a form on the website or visited your website.

Internet security:

Today, internet security has become necessary.

Furthermore, there are many crimes conducted online.

These crimes can destroy your online presence.

Also, many websites are getting hacked.

Apart from this, hackers use your website to steal private data.

So, it is a need for all the b2b marketers to use secured tools to protect their b2b brand online.

Social media marketing Automation tools:

This b2b digital marketing trend is doing an excellent job for marketers.

So, with the help of social media marketing automation tools.

One can send customized messages, follow the prospects, like their posts, share them, or even comment on them.

Even can help you in finding potential clients on a social media platform.

So, Automation tools changed the game of marketer trends.

Track your customers:

It has become a need for b2b marketers.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand what channels your customers are using to come to your website.

So, specific tools will help you get all the necessary details of the customer's journey.

Well, it will guide b2b marketers to make a buyer persona.

Even it will be easy to decide on a marketing funnel.

Ultimately, it is how marketers can change their strategy for their business.

So, you can use tracking tools to analyze your leads.

Use of Advanced Artificial Intelligence:

Today, Artificial intelligence software are getting in demand.

From writing content to understanding the interest of your target audience.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the best technology trend ever discovered.

Many big companies spend a considerable amount of money on artificial intelligence.

Moreover, it will save you time and do your work easily.

Hence, its use will increase with time.


To conclude, this was the complete guide for b2b marketers to perform diversified marketing tactics. These digital marketing strategies for b2b companies will boost your business. We hope that you use each digital marketing strategy for b2b companies and optimize it to get the best results.

Also, the latest technology updates are rising opportunities for new-age marketers.

We hope this article was interesting for you.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute