Fashion designing course in Vadodara

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Vadodara, the cultural heart of Gujarat, is not just about rich history and stunning architecture. It's also a thriving hub for aspiring fashion designers. The city boasts a diverse range of institutes and courses catering to every level of fashion design education, from beginner enthusiasts to seasoned professionals seeking to hone their skills.

Whether you're captivated by the intricate embroidery of a lehenga or the sleek lines of a contemporary gown, Vadodara's fashion design courses offer the perfect stepping stone to transform your passion into a fulfilling career. In this blog, we'll delve into the vibrant world of fashion design education in Vadodara, exploring the top institutes, course options, and valuable insights to guide you on your creative journey.

What is Fashion Designing Course?

A fashion designing course is a program that teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to create clothing and accessories. It can cover a wide range of topics, from sketching and draping to pattern making and sewing. Some courses also focus on the business side of fashion, such as marketing and merchandising.

Fashion Designing is one of the most popular Design specializations among students. Every year thousands of candidates apply for various Fashion Designing courses across the country with an aspiration to become successful fashion designers in the future.

The Fashion Design course is available for candidates at undergraduate and post graduate levels. One of the most creative course options, Fashion Design, is a popular vocational education stream not only in India but abroad.

The art of applying design, style, or consistent elegance to clothing and accessories is known as fashion design. Admission to the top institutes is usually through a national-level entrance exam called as NIFT Entrance Exam or on the basis of marks scored in Class 12.

Fashion Designing course is a creative career option that deals with the application of design in the development of clothing and other accessories. Fashion Designing teaches the various methods to design, stitch, and produce various kinds of clothing.

Candidates who finish this course are called Fashion Designers. They showcase their innate skills and uniqueness in various kinds of garments. They cater to the demands of the customers and produce styles that are relevant and acceptable to the current times.

Therefore, this course is a very popular career option in the fashion-driven competitive industry. Students can click to check the Top-Ranked Fashion Design Colleges in India. Here some colleges and institutes details

Various Types of Designing Courses in the Fashion domain in India

  • B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Designing
  • B.Sc in Fashion Business and Retail Management
  • B.Sc in Lifestyle and Accessories Design
  • B.Des in Fashion Design
  • B.Des in Knitwear Design
  • B.Des in Fashion Communication
  • B.Des in Accessory Design
  • B.Des in Apparel Production
  • B.Des in Leather Design
  • B.Des in Textile Design
  • B.A Honours in Communication Design
  • B.A Honours Fashion Styling and Image Design
  • B.A Honours in Jewellery Design
  • M.Sc in Fashion Design

M.Sc in Fashion Design

Apart from the undergraduate and postgraduate fashion related courses, there are various diploma courses in fashion design. The type of diploma in fashion design courses in India is as follows.

  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Fashion Communication
  • Diploma in Apparel Merchandising
  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing

How You Can Get Admission to a Fashion Designing Institute

To get admission to a fashion design course you can appear for the design entrance tests which are conducted at the national/university level. Design entrance exams are conducted for the aspirants seeking admission in the design domain at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

  • NIFT Entrance exam
  • CEED

Top Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara

  • DSIFD (Design Solution Institute of Fashion Designing):
  • INIFD BARODA (Inter National Institute of Fashion Design):


IFT (INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY) - Top Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara
Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara

IFT established in 2013 by the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, is a leading institute in delivering personalized creative education including: Under Graduate programmes in Textile and Apparel Design, Garment Technology, Fashion Communication and Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Retailing and Merchandising.

IFT works towards developing individuality and challenging the conventional teaching pedagogy which uses a blanket approach for all the students. Students at IFT experience an individualized approach and continuous mentoring from the experienced tutors.

IFT has an eclectic mix of students from all over India and abroad to a vibrant and engaging training environment, The learning environment at IFT is very supportive, motivating and inspiring – a vibrant melting pot of individuals with ideas, all with something valuable to bring to the table, the curiosity to explore their creativity, and the positive outlook and ownership to flourish and success.


  • 15 Awards
  • 30+ certified teachers
  • 10 Featured programs
  • 6510 Students

Course Programme:

  • Textile & Apparel design
  • Fashion & Apparel Technology
  • Fashion Communication
  • Post Graduate diploma in fashion retailing and merchandising

Course Outline of Fashion & Apparel Technology:

Semester 1
  • Basics of clothing and Design
  • Basic pattern Making
  • English For Communication
  • Textile Basics
  • Creative Thinking
  • Computer Application
  • Fashion Styling
Semester 2
  • Sewing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Apparel Industry
  • Structural Textile Design
  • Advance pattern Making
  • Understanding Apparel Market
  • Newer Materials for fashion
  • Entrepreneur Development
Semester 3
  • Anthropometrics and Sizing
  • Kid's & Women's Wear
  • Garment Production and Machinery
  • Textile testing
  • Fabric Processing and Finishing
  • Fashion Branding              
  • Shop Floor Management
Semester 4
  • Men’s Wear        
  • Computer Aided Pattern Designing & Development            
  • Plant Layout in Apparel Industry                
  • Cost Analysis      
  • Finishing and Packaging Technology        
  • Accessory Design
Semester 5
  • Apparel Standards and Quality Control    
  • Internship          
  • Product Development    
  • Lean Management
Semester 6
  • Principles of Management and Marketing              
  • Seminar                
  • Industrial Engineering    
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management    
  • Entrepreneurial Skills      
  • International Trade Practices      
  • Apparel Merchandising & Retailing

Contact Details:

Email: 9081810068


2. DSIFD (Design Solution Institute of Fashion Designing):

DSIFD (Design Solution Institute of Fashion Designing) - Best Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara
Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara

DSIFD Vadodara is a prime institution for vocational courses. Fashion Trends, Management Courses, and Luxurious Spaces have made their move in trending career exploration. Industry evolving very fast, whether it is fashion designing, interior designing or event management, hence we designed our curriculum in most suited way for every student.

DSIFD provides specialized education which builds creative and so more curious for skill, talent and education which you earned from the course. DSIFD's expert’s faculties make the students ready for industry.

Mainly we impart quality courses in education which have two-way career buildup opportunities- that is you may work in the industry or may start your own business. Along with it we have modern teaching aids, friendly experts, effective classroom environment, supportive staff and the guidance of DSIFD

Course Programme:

  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Event Management
  • Acting & Modelling

Fashion Designing course programme:

Design Solution College of Fashion Designing Vadodara offers both Diploma and Degree Courses programs. We are given here detail view of the syllabus & eligible candidates as per individual programs along with all teaching aids & techniques provided in our institution.

1. Diploma in Fashion Designing Course:

This course is specialized for those Candidates who complete their bachelors or master’s degree (related or different field).      

Duration: 1 Year


  • Fashion Foundation
  • Textile Fundamentals
  • Elementary Tailoring Techniques
  • Fashion Figure Drawing
  • Indian Art and Appreciation
  • Surface Ornamentation

2. Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing Course:

This course is specialized for those Candidates who complete their bachelors or master’s degree (related or different field).

Duration: 2 years


  • First Year +
  • Structure of Apparel Industry
  • Technical Fashion Sketches
  • Drafting and Pattern Making
  • Advance Tailoring Technique
  • Advance Tailoring Technique

3. Degree Program in Fashion Designing Course:

BSc. in fashion designing course. Minimum eligibility for this course is 10th standard with any Recognized Board.

Duration: 3 years


  • 1+2 Year of Diploma Program+
  • Couture Tailoring
  • Creative Embroiderie
  • Design Development
  • Garment Construction Techniques
  • Media & Communication for Fashion

Contact Details

Email:       +91 9769671960  



JD INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY - Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara
Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara

Since 1988, the institution has created an ecosystem where jediiians can flourish and excel in the field of design. The institution's legacy has helped its students find their foot in the industry while carving a niche for themselves. A global team of mentors and professors helps keep our students more engaged through unconventional teaching styles that are highly interactive and practical.

A good design makes civilization efficient; a responsible design makes civilization evolve and a bad design challenges the very same civilisation. With 35 years of leading the design industry, the institution provides its students the latest academic curriculum combined with relevant industry training tailored for optimal growth.

Course Programme:

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Diploma
  • Short Term

1. Undergraduate

  • B.Des - Fashion Design(Industrial Collaboration with Subharti University)
  • UG - Fashion Design

Course Duration: 4 years

Eligibility: 10 + 2 from any recognized board

GAT(General Aptitude Test) Required

This program will imbibe the ability to channelize creativity along with an understanding of textiles, ornamentation techniques, garment construction and manufacturing techniques inline with the industry requirements, where design is a focal position. A 4months internship in the final year of the course.

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2. Postgraduate

  • M.Des - Fashion Design(Industrial Collaboration with Subharti University)
  • PG - Fashion Design

Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in Any Discipline from Any Recognized University/College

GAT (General Aptitude Test) Required

The program deals with the basic development of students’ artistic, technical, theoretical and reflective skills that better prepare them to face the rigors of the competitive professional life. Providing technical know-how to the students to meet the demands of the ever-growing fashion industry.

3. Diploma

A) Advance Diploma - Fashion Design (2years)

Duration: 2 Year

Eligibility: 10+2 From Any Recognized Board

B) Diploma - Fashion Business Management (1year)

Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility: 10+2 From Any Recognized Board

C) Diploma - Fashion Design (1 year)

Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility: 10+2 From Any Recognized Board

Our 1-year Diploma in Fashion Designing course focuses on practical industry-oriented training. The course is driven by a methodical technical approach, creativity, research, imagination, and marketing. The duration of our project-based fashion designing course is 120 to 190 hours for each project.

4. Short Term

a) Certificate - Fashion Styling (6 months)

Duration: 6 Months

Eligibility: 10+2 From Any Recognized Board

b) Certificate - Fashion Merchandising (3months)

Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: 10+2 From Any Recognized Board

c) Certificate - Fashion Photography (3months)

Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: 10+2 From Any Recognized Board

Generating technical sensibilities and enhancing terminology used in the industry. It helps develop design sensibilities with strong aesthetic understanding. It encourages interdisciplinary projects, creative collaborations between subject areas to foster innovation in the specialization field of studies.

Contact Details:

Mo.:  +91 11 – 26960821/652

         +91 11 – 26528404

         +91 7042712550

         +91 7042699106



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4. INIFD BARODA (Inter National Institute of Fashion Design):

FD BARODA (Inter National Institute of Fashion Design) - Top Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara
Fashion Designing Course in Vadodara

Inter National Institute of Fashion Design-the largest Global network of Design Institutes with more than 25 years of Trust, Performance & Success. INIFD has a Global presence with more than 5Lac Pass Outs and 25,000 students passing out every year.

INIFD has many national and international tie -ups. INIFD pioneered in taking Fashion Design/ Interior Design/ training to the masses. With professors committed to excellence, our students receive exceptional personal attention at the INIFD. The curriculum is designed by our expert faculty to cover all-round development of the students. Our students learn from the best. Take a look at our team of qualified mentors.

Course Programme:

  • One year Foundation Programme
  • Two-year Advance Programme
  • Three-year specialization Programme
  • Super Specialization in Fashion Design

1. One year Foundation Programme Subjects:

  • Fashion foundation
  • Textile fundamentals
  • Elementary tailoring techniques
  • Fashion figure drawing
  • Indian art and appreciation
  • Surface ornamentation

2. Two-year Advance Programme Subjects:

  • Study and structure of apparel industry
  • Technical fashion sketches
  • Drafting and pattern making
  • Advance tailoring techniques
  • Textiles and embroidery
  • Design process

3. Three-year specialization Programme Subjects:

  • Couture tailoring
  • Creative embroideries and embellishments
  • Decorative fabrics &materials
  • Fashion concept and design development
  • Retail marketing and visual merchandising
  • Care renovation and finishing of textiles
  • Promotional product development

4. Super Specialization in Fashion Design

First Year:

  • Garment construction techniques
  • Technical fashion illustrations
  • Creative surfaces and textiles
  • World costumes and textiles
  • Draping art

Second Year:

  • Garment construction-ii
  • Surface ornamentation techniques
  • Media and communication for fashion
  • Textile care and handling
  • Project dissertation

Contact Details:

Mo.:  9099067858, +91-9227289114



Fashion Designing Course FAQ's

Q. What are the benefit of a fashion designing course?

A. Fashion designers are tasked with the responsibility of creating original garments/ clothes, accessories as well as footwear. While designing anything a fashion designer first makes a sketch of the design, selects the fabrics that are required, decides on the pattern, and also gives instructions to others on how they need to make the end product.

Those who are interested in a profession in the fashion sector can profit greatly from taking a fashion design course.

The following are some of the main benefits of enrolling in a fashion design course:

Skills Development: Students can improve and develop their design abilities, such as drawing, creating patterns, sewing, and garment building, through fashion design classes.

Creativity and self-expression: The creative industry of fashion design enables people to convey their individual concepts and artistic visions through apparel and accessories.

Industry knowledge: To provide students a thorough understanding of the field, fashion design courses frequently incorporate curricula covering the history of fashion, current trends, and the business side of the fashion industry.

Q. How can you become a fashion designer?

A. The demand for fashion designers is increasing with each passing day. This is primarily because people are getting more and more fashion-conscious. Fashion design graduates are not only hired by renowned fashion designers but also by retail outlets.

In order to become a fashion designer, one should consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in design. Some popular courses that candidates can pursue in design to become a fashion designer are – BDes, BFTech, BSc in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, etc.

Apart from these courses, candidates can also pursue Fashion Design courses at the PG level like MDes and MFTech. While hiring fashion designers, employers usually shortlist applicants who are creative and who possess good technical knowledge of how clothes, accessories, or footwear are produced. Candidates must also intern under reputed organisations or designers in order to learn the basics of running fashion designing firms and establish their ventures.

Q. What is the average salary of a fashion designer?

A. The salary earned by a fashion designer varies depending on the experience one has in the field of design along with the firm/ company that they work for. According to the average salary earned by a Fashion Designer is INR 4 LPA to 6 LPA.

To be hired as a fashion designer one needs to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of design. Full-time Fashion Design courses offered at the undergraduate level are usually of three to four years duration. The education and training required to be a fashion designer are such that aspirants should have adequate knowledge of fabrics, textiles, and fashion trends.

Q. Is Fashion Designing a good career?

A. Fashion Designing is a good career choice for aspirants who are artistic and creative. There are many career opportunities available to aspirants who want to pursue a Fashion Designing course. To become a fashion designer one not only needs to be artistic and creative but also needs to have good communication and decision-making skills.

After completing a degree in Fashion Design aspirants can either start their own design label or can even work with an established fashion designer. Apart from this, corporates and retail outlets also hire fashion design graduates. Aspirants can join any of the below-mentioned job profiles:

  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion marketer
  • Retail buyer
  • Retail merchandiser
  • Quality controller
  • Stylist
  • Textile designer
  • Fashion coordinator
  • Visual merchandiser

Q. How long does it take to become a fashion designer?

A. Aspirants who pursue a bachelor’s degree in fashion design can expect to start their careers in three to four years after they complete their degree. While most fashion design graduates find work in the fashion industry or related fields upon completion of their course, candidates need to note that it may take years for them to become recognized fashion designers.

Therefore, candidates who wish to start their own entrepreneurial venture have to work really hard for 2-4 years in order to setup their client base in the field of fashion industry. Check Fashion Design Career

Q. What is the job description of a fashion designer?

A. The standard job description of a fashion designer across any firm or company are as follows:

  • Creativity and artistic taste
  • Knowledge of colours, textures, and shapes
  • Technical knowledge of tasks such as pattern cutting and sewing
  • Knowledge of fashion trends
  • Drawing and sketching skills
  • Originality and innovativeness

Q. Who are the top Fashion Designers of India?

A. Some of the famous Fashion Designers who have made outstanding contributions to the field of fashion are listed below. They also hire graduates of fashion design courses. Check Top Fashion Designers of India.

Rohit Bal: He is noted for his sumptuous and contemporary designs, which frequently incorporate traditional Indian workmanship. His designs are a great blend of elegance and modern aesthetics.

Manish Malhotra: Manish Malhotra is one of India's most recognized fashion designers, known for his wedding and couture creations.

Ritu Kumar: Ritu Kumar is a fashion industry veteran with a career spanning several decades. She is well-known for her timeless designs and contributions to the revival of ancient Indian crafts.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee: Sabyasachi is well-known for his gorgeous bridal attire and traditional Indian designs. Sabyasachi is identified with sumptuous and classic Indian fashion.

Q. Are Fashion Designers rich?

A. Fashion designers' financial success varies greatly depending on aspects such as brand recognition, customers, business initiatives, and global presence. Established designers with well-known brands and high-profile clients frequently amass substantial money. Diversification into fragrance lines and partnerships, as well as entrepreneurship with successful fashion businesses, can all help with financial success.

However, many designers confront difficulties, particularly early in their careers, because developing a brand and getting professional recognition may be time-consuming. Personal choices, such as lifestyle and business investments, can have an impact on financial outcomes, making wealth-building in the fashion sector diverse and individualized. Read Career as Fashion Designer.


Vadodara's fashion design scene is a treasure trove of opportunities waiting to be unearthed. With its renowned institutes, experienced faculty, and a supportive community, the city fosters a nurturing environment where creativity flourishes.

So, if you're harboring a dream of gracing the ramp with your designs, or simply seeking to express yourself through the captivating language of fashion, take the plunge and explore the vibrant world of fashion design education in Vadodara. Remember, the first step towards your dream career is often the most crucial one. So, embrace the endless possibilities and let your creativity take flight in the City of Lights.

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