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Funnelytics Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

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As a marketer, are you fed up with wrangling complicated analytics and cryptic code to process client data? You're not required to thanks to contemporary software. In this Funnelytics review, we examine the software designed to make examining consumer behavior simple.

What Is Funnelytics?

Pages and pages of numbers can be really overwhelming if you're anything like me. Is there an alternative, though, if you're playing the consumer data analysis game? There is, claims Funnelytics. Funnelytics is a tool designed to help marketers and business owners intuitively visualize their customer behavior. It's a cloud-based, free programme with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The Canadian business, which was established in 2018, asserts that its software is ground-breaking for digital marketers. Thus, is it? Let's investigate.


It costs nothing to sign up for or use Funnelytics, however many of its features are exclusively accessible to premium subscribers. As its name implies, the tool uses funnel analysis to illustrate the client information for your company. To develop something approximating a mind map, you can manipulate those channels however you choose. However, free users are limited to three diagrams per account, and Funnelytics Pro is required to use many analytics capabilities. The key characteristics of the service are listed below.

Drag-and-Drop Builder

The most appealing feature of Funnelytics is its simple user interface. Drag and drop operations are used to combine pieces from the menu into the canvas to create funnel maps. Then, you can join two elements together by drawing lines in any direction you wish. The rest takes care of itself, and you never have to worry about writing challenging screenplays. The elements and forms of the Funnelytics app are likewise highly varied. Choose from more than a hundred symbols to show traffic from different social media. There are symbols for websites like Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook. How do you proceed after choosing the one you want? Drop it onto the plot by dragging it from the menu. You can also access the different text boxes, custom images, and all the basic shapes available.

Integration and Tracking

The primary feature that will draw users to the service is unquestionably its tracking capabilities with Funnelytics. So if we are to Describe them. Simply told, after installing Funnelytics on your website, the tool starts tracking visitors immediately. Real-time traffic from the pages you've added to your project canvas will fill your funnel maps. You may then view page-to-page conversion rates, the most popular social networking sites, and much more. Even better, you can look at which ads get the most clicks. And everything occurs automatically.

How do we operate?

You won't believe how easy it is to integrate the Funnelytics API with your website. There are only a few lines of code that need to be copied and pasted. But this is the key to understanding why the tracking feature is so important. It enables you to see in real-time which parts of your website are working and which aren't. By avoiding mistakes, you may make wise choices regarding what increases traffic and engagement metrics. The best part is: Based on the data it receives, the computer automatically produces figures like sales and profit. The fact that data processing is done automatically and presented simply is a big factor in why Funnelytics reviews are often so favorable.


You can now utilize marketing funnel planning to predict consumer behavior in addition to tracking it in real-time across your website. This is how it goes: You are free to manually enter values for each node of your graph once the prediction panel has been opened. Then, the programme computes all the crucial indicators, including ROI and revenue. Want something modified? Simply change the desired value, and the graph will automatically update. That has nothing to do with Funnelytics' tracking skills. You can build a simulation that replicates your strategy. You can then determine your goals in order to make a profit using the forecast. The real shocker is this Once everything has been laid out, you can view the forecast and the tracking layer side by side. In order to determine whether your company is on track to achieve expectations, you may utilize this to compare your prediction to your actual KPIs.

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Funnelytics templates are designed to make it easier for you to store your existing canvases and reuse them for upcoming projects. You won't have to start over every time that happens. When you're satisfied with your funnel map, choose "Save as Template." You may then give it a name and save it to your Templates menu. And when are you going to use it? Navigate to "My Templates" by clicking the Templates icon. All of your previously stored funnel maps are present and just how you left them.


The "Vault," as Funnelytics refers to its collection of ready-made templates, is really a fancy moniker. These are comparable to the ones you build yourself, but everyone can use them right away. There are numerous options available here. There are more than 50 templates available right now, both paid and unpaid. The corporation asserts that this figurative vault is worth millions of dollars. Why is that? As you can see, the premium templates are basically marketing professionals' funnel hacks. Some of these may be recognizable to you. Among many others, the list includes companies like Grant Cardone and Squarespace.

So, what exactly is a funnel hack?

In essence, it's a funnel map of another business. This is typically accomplished by looking at items like the company's marketing, sales sites, and commercials. Using that data as a foundation, you then construct a funnel that you employ for your own business. However, the Funnelytics Vault templates take care of everything for you. The problem? They are only accessible to VIP users.

Ease of Use and Interface

You should have guessed by now that Funnelytics is all about usability. But does it genuinely meet these standards? The program's funnel maps are understandable and simple to read, that much is certain. a great deal more so than pages and pages of data and statistics. Additionally, these maps can help you avoid wasting a tonne of time and aggravation. So it's excellent at creating data that is understandable. However, let's delve a little deeper with the Funnelytics function Object() { [native code] }. How simple is it to create funnel diagrams from scratch? Anyone can use its drag-and-drop user interface, according to the company. However, it might actually be much more intuitive than it is right now. I'll explain. Its visual language is confusing, to begin with. The experience is confusing due to the abundance of unlabeled buttons, especially for users unfamiliar with similar applications. Second, navigating the menus is quite difficult.

As an illustration

To navigate the canvas, choose a certain cursor from the toolbar. However, doing so prevents you from dragging-selecting several objects. Additionally, this programme just lacks a feature that many others have: the ability to perform it while holding the CTRL key. I might come across as being picky. However, Funnelytics is an app that emphasizes productivity. And as a result, everything becomes slower than it should be over time as a result of these minor inconveniences. The programme, therefore, has a small learning curve. Not everything is horrible, though. The good news is that everything is organized. In a few seconds, you can quickly locate what you're looking for.

How To Create a Funnel

So, suppose you want to create a map for your company. Despite its poor user interface, Funnelytics was designed to allow anyone to quickly generate a funnel map for their business. This is how it functions: You must first choose whether you want to create your template from scratch or make use of the available Funnelytics templates. There are many pre-made maps waiting for you when you first enter the Vault section. Click "Save this funnel to my dashboard" after selecting the one you want. You can then use the funnel when it has been loaded to your canvas. At this point, you can certainly begin with a blank canvas. Simply select "My Site," "Create New Funnel," and then "Funnels" from the Funnels section. After being asked to give your map a name, you will be directed to the Funnelytics builder. You have the floor as of this point. Drag and drop an icon from the menu onto the canvas to begin. These icons may symbolize your website pages or traffic sources. To show how they relate to one another, you might draw lines between them. After choosing an icon, you can enter values by clicking the "Settings" button in the top right corner. In this section, you can add details such as how many visitors and how much revenue each traffic source generates. The Funnelytics UTM parameters can be used on the same menu to track real-time data from your website. These data are then used by the Analytics tab to determine measures like traffic and revenue.

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Though making funnel maps is free, most of its functionality isn't, so keep that in mind. As a result, unless you buy a premium plan, you won't be able to utilize the application to its full potential. What exactly does the Funnelytics free plan include? You can choose from six pre-made Vault templates to get started. These funnel maps are generic and have nothing to do with other marketers' funnel hacks. Naturally, after that, you can make your own map, but you are not allowed to enter any kind of data. There are also no features like forecasting or tracking. What is the price of Funnelytics' Pro version then? The projected usage volume and your company use case are just a couple of the variables that will affect the result. There is no set price for the service because pricing is determined on an individual basis. You can estimate the cost for your company by scheduling a demo call. You have a 14-day money-back guarantee if you choose to go ahead and make a purchase.

Customer Support

Customer service for Funnelytics is offered to both free and Pro users. You can contact someone via email by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the canvas screen. The support staff is accessible from 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Though it only took approximately five hours in my instance, you should anticipate a response within 48 hours. You can, however, access advanced support if you're a premium user. Members of Funnelytics Pro get direct access to customer assistance through the canvas application. Additionally, they have precedence over Starter users. Therefore, Pro users can anticipate a response in 24 hours or less.

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Funnelytics Alternatives

Funnelytics vs Geru

Geru is another tool that focuses on funnel mapping and has a drag-and-drop UI. However, rather than being a tool to track business KPIs, it presents itself more as a funnel simulator. And sure enough, Geru doesn't offer real-time data tracking, one of Funnelytics' key features. The absence of free options is another distinction. Geru does provide a 30-day free trial, but after that you'll need to buy a package. However, when contrasting Geru with Funnelytics, the former does have a unique set of benefits. Geru, for instance, has the ability to extrapolate data. It offers reports that outline the benchmarks you should aim for in order to reach your objectives. Moreover, what to anticipate from your current models. Funnelytics undoubtedly has forecasts as well, but they're just less thorough. Geru can create comparable funnel maps in the end. Their use is very different, though.

Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels

A website builder is comparable to ClickFunnels. It's not, of course, but among other things, it has the ability to create web pages.It is mostly a tool to optimize your website in order to raise engagement metrics and draw visitors. It is therefore more of a tool for developing sales funnels, even though it may be mistaken for a website builder. In contrast, Funnelytics is used to draw funnel diagrams. You may track your sales funnel with the help of web analytics from ClickFunnels so that you can make decisions based on the information at hand. This can be thought of as a close substitute for Funnelytics.The goal of both websites is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice regarding your company. You may monitor traffic sources to see what works and what doesn't for your website. However, these are really two completely different services. Funnelytics is unable to build websites or host your company's website. Essentially, it is an analytics tool.

Funnelytics vs

Create funnel maps using the canvas in Funnelytics. You can also view statistics pertaining to your earnings, traffic, etc. In fact, it even has a very similar user interface. You will feel right at home using Funnelytics if you have already utilized significant distinctions, though, are in's ability to facilitate collaboration. Do not misunderstand; Funnelytics is also not a one-man performance. Its feature set for collaboration is however somewhat constrained.There are many options on for team collaboration. There is a kanban board among them. This enables you to keep everyone updated and track the project goals and progress of your team. also has a team chat. In terms of usability, Funnelytics is unquestionably superior. And when you contrast the user testimonials for and Funnelytics, that is represented. The other offers a much larger selection of icons, more options for editing the canvas, and more thorough statistics. To utilize your funnel maps, you can even upload your own icons. The canvas in is less sophisticated. There are better places to look if you're looking for a respectable substitute.

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Conclusion for Funnelytics

It enables you to monitor every aspect of your business and produce funnel maps that are representative of it. The application can measure all of those website metrics, including visits, revenue, and ROI, in real time.Additionally, it enables you to make forecasts and determine precisely what you must accomplish to reach your objectives. By just altering the values you require, you may instantly update and recalculate anything. There aren't many Funnelytics alternatives that can fully compete because of this harmony between utility and simplicity.

So who is the service most suited for, then?

The biggest winners will be marketers who want to monitor the effectiveness of their sales funnels in real time. The software is designed to be extremely easy to use while still providing all relevant information.There is a slight learning curve in its user interface, which is far from perfect. However, the most significant aspect is that anyone, even you, can figure out how to utilize it to create funnel maps.

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