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Swipe Pages Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

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Seeking a landing page builder that is effective and simple to use? Swipe Pages is the only place to go! Despite knowing how to program or paying for a developer, you can quickly and easily create stunning, adaptable landing pages with Swipe Pages. Additionally, you can easily tailor your web pages to reflect your identity thanks to our drag-and-drop editor.Swipe Pages is a powerful feature despite being very young. Thanks to their ability to develop landing pages that are very effective and mobile-friendly, Swipe Pages has quickly expanded to service lots of customers.It also produces websites that load quickly, which is essential if you want to win with a smartphone audience. It is a user-friendly tool because it enables a variety of practical connections. Swipe Pages can be the best choice for you if you run your campaigns predominantly on smartphones.Swipe Pages is a useful tool for bloggers who provide educational materials as well as internet marketers who need to boost conversion, sell more products, or carry out marketing campaigns. This is a good landing page creator if you need to produce many landing pages.While you may also design pages for pcs, Swipe Pages is the best choice if most of your ad clicks originate from portable devices. It offers a distinctive "smartphone experience" and features built-in AMP support.The designer, which is easy to use, has more than 50 themes. You may add functionality without hiring a programmer by using its more than 20 components, which include Timers, Popups, Payment Forms, Carousels, Tables, and Toggles.

What do we mean by Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages is a virtualized drag-and-drop landing page system that was created to assist companies and organizations in real estate, eCommerce, as well as other industries in quickly constructing mobile pages. Swipe Pages enable you to track key performance indicators (KPIs), manage several customer accounts, and get new lead alerts.Countdown timers, galleries, carousels, tables, color samples, video backgrounds, animations, and other components may all be added to landing pages by companies using Swipe Pages. Companies may design forms with special fields like date, sliders, toggles, check boxes, and ranges using the form builder interface. Supervisors can also export lead data in CSV format and specify access limitations for group members.

Using Swipe Pages

You should absolutely have a glance at Swipe Pages if you are a business, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer who needs to develop numerous sites and landing pages. It may be useful for digital marketing who need to boost leads, increase product sales or oversee advertising campaigns as well as bloggers who need to give educational content.Swipe Pages is undoubtedly one of the best choices currently available if you have Indian customers and therefore need to add the UPI Transactions option for them.

Features Swipe Pages Offers

Landing Page Builder

You can build landing pages with Swipe Pages without using any code. As a result, Swipe Pages offers a special drag-and-drop developer that makes it simple for you to swiftly design landing pages for your company. More than 20 distinct items, including carousels, price tables, and multi-step questionnaires, are available from the builder. Furthermore, these elements are sophisticated enough to enable the creation of feature-rich landing pages without the need for coding. You may also make tables using the drag-and-drop editor, which makes it simple to present data in an organized way.

Form Builder

Without creating a single line of code, applications may be added using Form Builder. Forms that are embedded increase traffic and conversions and enable clients to contact you with inquiries, orders, and other feedback. Since you might add or remove required fields, headers, containers, and text, the Forms are incredibly adaptable. They are particularly easy to design because you can alter the CTAs' colors, font size, and structure to suit your company's branding.Additionally, you can include other effects like animations and reflections. Include the proper margins and borders to ensure that your form suits your homepage. Forms with several steps can also be made.


Using the finest customer experience and design feasible, landing pages allow you to highlight the important components of your good or service. More than 40 templates are available to you, allowing you to start working on your idea right immediately. Simply adapt one of these designs to your unique needs even after they've been optimized for conversions.Additionally, you get accessibility to over 80 prebuilt layouts, which could make creating landing pages easier. Using the pre-built designs, you can also quickly create a landing page and include it in your campaign.

Lead Generation

Swipe Pages places a lot of emphasis on lead management. You may easily store and send the magnets to your preferred app using Compelling Content. As a result, the procedure begins as soon as the customer fills out a form successfully.


Additionally, Swipe Pages excels at management. For instance, by setting up client posts, organizations can handle a huge variety of clients. Groups can also be registered and granted privileges such as Administrator, Supervisor, User, or Contributor. For added account protection, Swipe Pages supports Google SSO, enabling password-free login.


Swipe Pages provide comprehensive factual analysis so you can find out more information about your leads. Setting a goal and letting Swipe Pages gather adequate performance data are the first two stages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swipe Pages


Excellent Templates

Despite the limited number of desktop and mobile-responsive themes that Swipe Pages offers, each one is incredibly beautifully made!

A/B Research Alternatives

Swipe Pages' A/B testing feature performs nicely. The conversion rates of two pages with the same URL can be compared.


Along with a number of payment providers, automated tools, Customer relationship management (CRM, and email marketing programs, Swipe Pages interacts with the Exfiltration library.

Support for Webhooks

Additionally, it enables Lead to specific, allowing you to link with a variety of toolkits and greatly enhancing the functionality of your website.

Support for UPI Payments

Links to payment services like Razorpay and Instamojo are made available by Swipe Pages.

Easy Landing Page Creation

Landing page creation with Swipe Pages happens quickly. The kind of homepage you're creating will undoubtedly influence whether you want productivity and production or only a few adjustments before appearing online. However, the most crucial thing to remember is that, if you chose to, you can easily create an outstanding, rising landing page.

Clear Cut Approach

Swipe Pages' interface and page designer are easy for using, clear to grasp, and sensible. The time required to learn how and where to add, delete, and update things is not that long. It's simple to understand where and when to find stuff and also how things actually work.

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URL Corporate Web is unprofessional

You receive a terrible subdomain URL while using Swipe Pages to create a landing page.


With a monthly cost of $29, Swipe Pages' Initial package is somewhat pricey for new subscribers.

Incompatible Audio Tools

Currently, there's no audio element on Swipe Pages. One can use the Embedded component to implement it.

No Preview Customization and Fonts

One cannot add distinguishing fonts to your website using Swipe Pages. Additionally, there is no option to linger over a design to display a preview.

Slow Chat Support

It could take the online chat assistance up to 24 hours to answer, which is extremely aggravating.

Weak Analytics

Considering the use of AMP by Swipe Pages, there isn't much information. Heatmaps are nonexistent, while those that are present really just don't offer a lot in way of information.

Lacking ample Integrations

Swipe Pages formally supports 15 third-party plugins altogether. This group includes services from numerous well-known businesses, such as AWeber, Zapier, HubSpot, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit. However, information that can help more alternatives for growing the business would be much more advantageous.

Nowhere to Blog

In modern advertising techniques, blogging is as important as landing sites. However, Swipe Pages doesn't really offer a blogging feature on its own.

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Replacements for Swipe Pages

HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot's landing page builder is a touch pricey, but it's brimming with features that enable you to create the most beautiful landing pages to turn your prospects into customers. It is appropriate for entrepreneurs and owners of businesses in a variety of industries because it is straightforward and comparatively simple to use. It gets far more effective when you connect it with HubSpot's free CRM. You may tailor the material of your web pages for specific users with HubSpot Content Marketing. Different content can be continually shown depending on a visitor's geolocation, origin, gadget, purchasing process, etc. By using different metrics and trial engineering solutions in the HubSpot landing page designer, you can customize your page to generate the most leads possible.


Without any prior coding skills, you can build and improve your own unique webpages using Landingi. To help you create and personalize your own web pages that will turn visitors into subscribers, Landingi offers a wide range of established templates. With a monthly fee of just $29, Core's entrance solution is among the most cost-effective landing page builders accessible. Only with a basic subscription, do you get exposure to more than 100 strong templates, all the required email connectivity, and the ability to make an endless amount of landing pages that may be visited an infinity of times. You must switch to the Develop ($89/mo) plan if you want additional capabilities like A/B testing, webhooks, and mail scheduling.


One of the most widely used landing website builders available is Unbounce. For each project, you can create and customize custom landing pages using Unbounce's drag-and-drop designer. One of the cheapest and most affordable pricing options is offered by this landing page builder, with monthly subscriptions commencing at $80.Users will have access to 75 homepage templates through the Launch package, which also includes A/B testing, WordPress and HubSpot integration, and SSL encryption. One should switch the subscription to the Accelerate ($200/mo) or Scale ($300/mo) plan in order to receive more sophisticated services like customer sub-accounts and additional landing page styles. Unbounce is unquestionably a superior option to Swipe Pages.

Price List for Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages Pricing Plans

Swipe Pages has several pricing tiers, including the following Initial Payment: $29/month Billed Annually ($120 Discount)Marketer: Annual Billing of $59 (a $360 savings)Agency: $119 per month, billed yearly ($960 in save)

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It seems possible to develop a variety of high-converting landing pages with Swipe Pages. Numerous unique elements, a sizable library of pre-made layouts, a large number of connections, support for webhooks, Indian payment options, quick performance, A/B testing, and many more are all included. If your goal is to increase conversions, increase sales, or educate your customers, Swipe Pages are something that you should absolutely attempt. You might have employed many design templates. Do you believe Swipe Pages can outperform those?


Commonly questioned inquiries concerning Swipe Pages include: How much do Swipe Pages cost? Swipe Pages provides monthly subscription packages starting at $29 that include a custom domain and 20,000 unique visitors each month. Is there any Swipe Pages plan that is free? Swipe Pages does not have a free version, however, it does offer a 14-day test. Who requires software for webpages like Swipe Pages? Swipe Pages could be a perfect replacement for writers, media companies, freelancers, small businesses, organizations, etc. Do you need technical knowledge to develop landing pages with Swipe Pages? Using Swipe Pages does not require technical knowledge. It is an easy-to-use page developer. How will Swipe Pages help you improve your conversions? Besides providing well-liked layouts with email campaigns, monitoring, and management features, Swipe Pages offers robust applications for user data capture. You may raise your conversion rates by taking into account all of these aspects.

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