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How to get Canva Pro for free in 2023

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Canva Pro is a powerful graphic design tool offering a wide range of features and resources to enhance creativity and productivity.

While Canva Pro typically requires a subscription fee, there are different ways to access Canva Pro for free. This article will explore several methods to help you unlock Canva Pro’s premium features with spending time.

Whichever you decide upon will give access to all of the below features:

1. Canva Pro can make different professional designs that help you increase your skills.

2. A Canva Pro has a full library filled with different templates.

3. Canva Pro helps you increase your share ability.

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is a subscription-based premium version of Canva, a popular organic graphic design platform. It offers a wide range of enhanced features and additional resources compared to the free version of Canva.

Canva Pro is designed for individuals, teams, and businesses looking to create professional-grade designs for various purposes, including social media marketing, presentation, and more.

Benefits of Canva Pro:

How to get Canva Pro for free in 2023
How to get Canva Pro for free in 2023

1. Video background remover

2. Premium video cost

3. Background remover

4. Advanced design tools

5. Extensive template library

6. Branding and collaboration

7. Extensive stock image library

8. One-click resize

9. Priority support

10. Schedule social media marketing sites

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Canva Pro for free in 4 Steps

You can use Canva Pro for free from the following method.

Step 1: Get a temporary Email Address

If you want to use Canva Pro for free, you need to create a temporary email address first. You can create temporary email addresses very easily from websites like, “temp mail”.

Step 2: Sign-up on Canva with a temporary email.

Once you made your temporary email address, you need to create a new account on Canva by signing up for free. Just enter your temporary email address, then enter your username and then they will ask you for OTP for email verification. You will get that email for verification in the inbox of that temporary email address dashboard itself. Just get that OTP and you will create your new Canva free account.

How to get Canva Pro for free in 2023
How to get Canva Pro for free in 2023


Step 3: Enter your profession as a Teacher

Next, they will ask about your profession. You simply need to enter your profession asa teacher.

Step 4: You need to go on the profile of the Canva Page and switch to Teams Account.

Apart from this you can also visit for better art and images.

Why do you need a Canva Pro Account?

Canva Pro has been needed to create designs in no time with unlimited access to premium content, more powerful design tools, and AI-powered tools.

It would help you to make the designs. You can keep all your brand designs in one folder and redesign them at any time and can choose from many pre-designed templates with your Canva Pro free account to make designs on the page.

Step 2: Go to Canva for Education Page

For using Canva Free Pro account you need to access the Education Page for your owned email address. You need to sign up on the account and you will be getting the password on the email id on the onboard users. The OTP is required for accessing the course material or ordering the prints from within the offices being used by the professionals.

How to get Canva Pro for free in 2023
How to get Canva Pro for free in 2023
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Benefits of Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a subscription-based version of the popular graphic design platform Canva. It offers a wide range of additional features and benefits compared to the free version, providing users with more advanced tools to create professional designs.

1. Access to a vast library:

Canva Pro grants access to an extensive library of design templates, images, illustrations, icons, and fonts.

This vast collection lets you explore various creative options and find the perfect design elements.

2. Branding Tools:

With Canva Pro, you can establish and maintain your brand identity more effectively. It allows you to upload custom fonts and logos, create a brand with specific colors and styles, and save your brand assets for easy access.

The consistent building across your designs helps create a cohesive and professional image for your business or personal brand.

3. Resizing and Scaling:

Canva Pro simplifies resizing your designs for various platforms and formats.

You can easily convert your designs into sizes optimized for social media posts, banners, flyers, presentations, and more. And you can create invitations online through Canva and invitation maker. This feature saves time and effort by automatically adjusting the design elements to different dimensions.

4. Collaboration and Teamwork:

Canva Pro offers collaborative features, making working with a team or clients easier. You can invite others to collaborate on designs, share templates and folders, and provide feedback.

This promotes seamless teamwork and allows for efficient design collaboration among professionals.

5. Additional Design Elements:

Canva Pro provides access to an expanded collection of design elements, including premium images, icons, and illustrations.

These exclusive resources allow you to create more unique and visually appealing designs, enhancing your work's overall quality and professionalism.

6. Advanced Editing Tools:

Canva Pro offers advanced editing capabilities to enhance your designs. You can remove backgrounds from images, add custom animations and GIFs, and access a wider range of filters and effects.

These tools provide more creative control and enable you to create visually stunning designs.

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What is Canva Pro for? Things you can do with Pro?

Canva was made for users of all skill levels to make designs and high-quality templates. Canva does have the tools you need to create professional-looking marketing materials or online posts, depending on the design.

Things you can do with Canva Pro:

1. Conferences and workshops

2. Together a lesson by recording a talk.

3. Blog posts

4. Social media content for templates

5. Print marketing materials

6. On-demand printing

7. Create albums for photos

8. Canva Pro plan of stock images

9. Use your custom fonts in all your design ideas

10. Animations and videos

11. Produce individualized reports using visuals and charts.


To my knowledge, Canva Pro is a paid subscription service offering additional features and functionality beyond the free version of Canva.

However, there are a few methods that people have employed to potentially access Canva Pro for free.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)  

1. How do I get a free Canva premium account?

To get a free Canva premium account, you can access many templates with Canva for Education. It takes only two steps to get started. You need to get an Education Email.

2. I have an Enterprise account; how long will it be active?

Canva for Teams is Canvas's enterprise account. Enterprise account comes in three packages. A 12-month package, a3-month package, and a 1-month package are available.

3. How long is a Canva Pro account with an Edu email valid?

It is free for the whole life with an Edu email valid.

4. Is it possible to get a free Canva premium account APK?

Yes, it is possible to get a free Canva premium account APK.

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