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Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use

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Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use Twitter is a micro-blogging site and today, over 152 million people use this platform. These days, everyone from students, policymakers, politicians and celebrities is on Twitter. The platform facilitates you to promote yourself and your business in a very simple and engaging manner in front of a global audience. It keeps itself updated with the latest developments and news and shares those instantly for the larger benefit of the audience. These reasons have paved the way for the creation of a Twitter course in India by various educational institutes. Have you ever thought of listing yourself in a course that teaches you 360-degree social media content creation and analytics? Sounds exciting right? We have witnessed how the social media industry has risen during this lockdown. It gave a platform to businesses to showcase their product and services even during the phases of national lockdown.Considering the circumstances, it is best to learn online. You can choose social media courses or even digital marketing courses at well-known institutes.One of the leading Digital Marketing Institutes in Gujarat, Brandveda offers its students a comprehensively curated course curriculum with hands-on experience. The module is curated considering the current trends of this ever-booming industry.If you wish to explore the world of social media and enhance your skillset, the course is a blessing for you!During the process of using Twitter you must have thought about the Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use for easier automation of content. In this article, you are being introduced to a list of best Twitter tools like circleboom, owlead and tweepi. You can get an idea about the free Twitter tools 2020 as well. These tools have got versatile uses ranging from increasing your Twitter followers to understanding Twitter analytics. Let us find out about the best Twitter management tools 2021. A Twitter tool to add followers at a rapid rate

  1. TweetAdder- Boosting Productivity with Advanced Post Scheduling Tools

TweetAdder servers as one of the Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use to add followers to Twitter at a very rapid rate. It is a software application that helps you in the task of building followers. TweetAdders functions itself automatically which can be an added advantage for you. It helps individuals to manage their Twitter posts. This tool helps you to add 150 new followers who share similar sorts of ideas, beliefs, and principles with you. TweetAdder also aids you to send replies to your followers regularly. You must note that TweetAdder is not a web application but, a twitter tool to increase followers. A Twitter tool to review your account activity while giving you recommendations

  1. Tweroid- Start to tweet when others listen

Tweroid is an application which provides you with the information on best time to tweet based on your profile. It serves as a free twitter tool that is, in fact, beneficial for you. The free version of Tweroid analyzes up to thousands of your followers on Twitter.  This tool reviews the activity of your Twitter account and aids you with recommendations based on that. Using Tweroid is a very easy task as it is user-friendly in the complete sense of the term. Once Tweroid has finished the task of analyzing your Twitter account, it notifies you with an e-mail. Twitter tool to schedule your account

  1. HootSuite- Social is your superpower

HootSuite deserves a place in the list of Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use. It is a perfect tool to keep your Twitter account organized. Many social media enthusiasts and social media bloggers prefer HootSuite for daily scheduling their whole bunch of tweets. It helps you to increase your speed with scheduling and engage yourself in new ways with videos on Twitter. HootSuite helps you to organize hundreds of your messages on the platform with a few clicks.  It also helps you to organize and manage a small number of tweets that you plan to publish for the whole day. It aids you in the task of viewing your Twitter direct messages from the HootSuite account itself. It helps with profile researching and Twitter analytics as well. HootSuite comes with two versions- one is free and the other is paid. You can choose the free or paid version based on your requirements and needs.  Twitter tool to get detailed analytics of your followers

  1. SocialRank- Find and Analyze your audience in Twitter

SocialRank is one of the Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use to identify, organize and manage your audience on Twitter easily. This tool is one of a kind. SocialRank aids you to get a sorted list of the best followers of your account. It also gives you a detailed idea about who are your most influential followers on Twitter.  SocialRank is an important tool for you as it facilitates you with the opportunity to track the key people with whom you should interact and engage more from your account. After acquiring the important analytics, you can channelize your efforts for rightly getting more audience. This process can be highly advantageous for you in the longer run. Twitter tools that have versatile uses

  1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use which is having multipurpose uses. This tool makes the task of tweeting very easy and simple. It helps you with powerful publishing, insightful analytics and seamless collaboration. SocialPilot is one of the top automation tools for using on Twitter. This is the perfect tool for people who write all the tweets at one particular point of time but do not prefer to publish them on an immediate basis.   SocialPilot helps you to manage multiple twitter profiles with few clicks. It allows you to select the time and dates on which you are interested to publish your tweets. This tool helps you to create a lot of tweets and set them up in a queue. The tweets will be published automatically based on the date and time you have specified.

  1. Audianse- The #1 Twitter Marketing Platform

One of the popular enterprise-level Twitter management tools is Audianse. It is one of the Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use and is very user friendly. It is available for beginners, intermediate and pro-level users of twitter. The features which are being offered by Audiense serve multipurpose uses for you.  Some of the useful features include finding the correct time to tweet, run automated direct message campaigns, finding the influencers to connect and a lot more. It helps you to understand the audience that matters for you in your twitter world. It also facilitates you with the option to find likeminded twitter followers and helps you in the activity of following and un-following. It is one of the Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use.

  1. ManageFlitter- Work Faster and Smarter with Twitter

ManageFlitter is the ideal tool for smart twitter users. It makes advanced analytics available to you. One of the unique features that it provides is power post. The power post facility helps you in scheduling your post automatically for ensuring the optimum visibility and engagement of your twitter account.  This tool also helps you in the process of un-following all twitter accounts which seem to be inactive. It helps you to grasp the long term trends for your activity which can become viral within a very short period. You must note down that this is a free tool. This tool makes your twitter profile look very updated, intelligent and new.

  1. Community Management made simple

One of the versatile twitter tools is It provides a complete management kit for small business owners.  Some of the features include building relationship by knowing your followers, sharing the top contents and tweets, keeping a good track on your progress by means of twitter analytics, sending every tweet at an optimum time and engaging with your leads. You can sign up to this twitter tool without incurring any sort of monetary cost on your part.

  1. SocialOomph- The Best Social Media Tool

SocialOomph is one of the Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use and has been voted as everyone’s favorite tool amongst a host of twitter tools available on the internet. This tool is being regarded as the Swiss army knife of all the twitter tools.  SocialOomph facilitates you with all the kinds of tools you need for your swift journey in the twitter world. It comes with features like sending current tweets, deleting all direct messages or tweets, automatically following your new followers and so on. Some of their features are paid and some are free, you can use those which fit your requirements.

  1. Circleboom- Boom your social circle

One of the most comprehensive twitter tools in this set of Top 10 Twitter Tools Should I use is CircleBoom. It helps you in the task of managing your twitter followers, deleting your unnecessary re-tweets, finding inactive twitter profiles, un-liking tweets which you have previously liked and so on. You can access this tool for free. Conclusion A lot of Digital Marketing Courses in India has included the use of twitter and its tools within their module. You can get a brief idea about twitter tools from those Social Media Marketing course in India. If you are looking to set a career as a social media marketer, then you must enroll in a course that teaches you the tricks and hacks of the field. Many businesses understand the importance of having a presence on social media. Hence, a lot of job opening are present in this field. A certification in the field establishes you as a professional and enhances your position in the market. Also, a social media marketing course in India teaches you about automation and tools for social media. This can make your journey very simple.

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