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Why is Growth Hacking the Future of Marketing

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Discover about Growth Hacking and why it is a sought forward career option. Moreover, understand some of the growth hacking strategies.

1. What is growth hacking, and how does it differ from traditional marketing methods

Growth hacking may be a relatively new term, but the concept has been around for quite some time.

So, what is growth hacking, and how does it differ from traditional marketing methods?

In short, it is about finding creative ways to rapidly and efficiently grow a company's user base or revenue. It is a part of digital marketing.

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, which can be quite costly and time-consuming, growth hacking relies on experimentation and data-driven decision-making. It can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, so if you're looking to take your company to the next level, growth hacking should be part of your arsenal.

2. The benefits of growth hacking for businesses

Businesses need to have a strong online presence in today's digital age. But keeping up with the latest online trends and technologies can be challenging. That's where growth hacking comes in.

Growth hacking is a rapid experimentation and optimization process that helps businesses quickly achieve sustainable growth. Here are just some of the benefits of growth hacking for businesses:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased revenue Opportunities abound for businesses willing to take advantage of growth hacking strategies.

Growth hacking is worth exploring if you're looking to take your business to the next level.

3. How to implement a Successful Growth Hacking Strategy

To achieve online success, it's necessary to have a growth hacking strategy in place. It is all about identifying and exploiting loopholes in a company's marketing strategy to enable explosive user growth.

This can be done through various methods, including but not limited to A/B testing, content marketing, social media optimization, and email marketing. If done correctly, a growth hacker can help a company achieve rapid and sustainable growth. However, getting started with growth hacking can be daunting for many businesses.

4. Examples of Successful Growth Hacks

In today's digital age, businesses have to find creative and innovative ways to grow their online presence. While some companies turn to traditional marketing methods, others use growth hacking strategies to achieve more success.

Growth hacking is the process of using inventive tactics to increase a company's user base or revenue. By using clever hacks, businesses can see big results in a short amount of time. Here are a few examples of successful growth hacks:

1) Dropbox: In 2007, Dropbox created a video demonstration of their product and posted it on YouTube. The video went viral, helping the company acquire over 100,000 users in just two days.

2) Airbnb: In 2008, Airbnb launched Craigslist integration which allowed people to list their properties for rent

3) Dollar Shave Club: They started sending emails with video content to generate sales, which is a common practice in digital marketing. However, they skipped over the basics, like including product images and a buy button. They then used virality to increase their customer base. Their emails were sent to over 6 million subscribers—and thanks to Reddit's community, the links got over 2 million views. This allowed them to grow their subscriber base significantly and climb the ranks in the e-commerce industry.

5. The Future of Growth Hacking

As businesses continue to grow and evolve, so too must the methods used to achieve and sustain growth. In this ever-changing landscape, the art of growth hacking is more important than ever before. What is growth hacking, you ask? Simply put, it's a methodology for achieving rapid and sustainable business growth using creative, unconventional methods. But what does the future of growth hacking look like?

Growth hacking is a part of digital marketing. Moreover, it is an upgraded version of digital marketing. Digital marketing has a high demand. It requires the best skills. However, growth hackers are the ones with the best skills.

Hence, the demand for growth hackers is rising more than digital marketers.

6. Tools

There are many tools that growth hackers must use. There are many tools that are necessary for the same. Moreover, it is a technique which can be done more effectively through tools.  Here are some of them.


You can automate your social media activities with TexAu. This tool will like the profiles, pages, and follow them. In short, it will do it all for your business with ease.

Texau: Growth hacking Tool


Phantombuster is another great automation tool which can extract and scrape data from all kinds of social media to generate leads, marketing audiences, & increase your business.

Phantom Buster


INBOX offers an email marketing platform that is easy to use for small businesses and organizations. You can create efficient campaigns without any coding skills, thanks to INBOX's user-friendly interface that is accessible on any online device.


SendApp is a tool which can send your message to thousands with just a mouse click. It is a WhatsApp marketing tool which can automatically send messages to your prospects.

Moreover, you can personalize and customize your messages with everything there is on WhatsApp.


Pabbly is another tool which can create workflows, forms, and various other automations. It is a tool which reduces the manual work for any workflow.

Pabbly Growth hacking\


So, what is growth hacking? It is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify scalable customer acquisition channels. Unlike traditional marketing methods, growth hackers focus on low-cost and innovative ways to grow their business. The benefits of growth hacking for businesses are clear: faster user adoption, increased revenue, and improved profitability.

If you want to implement a successful growth hacking strategy for your business, follow these tips: 1) Identify your key metric(s), 2) Experiment with different channels and tactics, 3) Analyze the data and optimize your approach, 4) Keep track of your progress and evolution.

Blog Post written by:
Digital Marketing Institute