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24 Must-listen Best Podcasts on Spotify in 2024

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There are several entertainment alternatives available to us in 2022. Don't skip out on learning about the enormous, fantastic world of podcasts, even while OTT services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are great for catching the newest releases or binge-watching series. Have you ever enjoyed the enjoyment of listening to a relaxing podcast to fall asleep? Or listened to someone read aloud a captivating murder tale replete with sound effects and background noises?Podcasts are the new gasoline powering the content industry, providing a simple method to absorb all types of material from news to entertainment. Its considerable rise throughout the world, with more and more people listening in, may have been facilitated by this convenience.Therefore, it is not unexpected that Indian podcasts also cater to a diverse audience.There is a vast, lovely world of podcasts to discover in addition to OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others that provide the ideal entertainment experience. The educational material not only keeps you listening to the voice or narrative but also imparts a wealth of knowledge.According to PricewaterhouseCooper's 2020 research, India has 57.6 million monthly listeners, making it the third-largest podcast listening market worldwide. The abundance of podcasts in various genres that are available in India increases its appeal.The audio format provides a simple and accessible means to access various types of material, whether it be the most recent news or amusing true stories, and podcasts are now leading the content globe. This inclusivity extends to the realm of business and marketing, where podcasts can delve into intricate topics such as product naming, offering invaluable insights for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Perhaps this is the reason why a growing number of people are tuned in and why podcasts are becoming a worldwide phenomenon. In actuality, there are already 383.7 million podcast listeners worldwide, and by the end of 2022, that figure is anticipated to reach 424 million.The wide variety of podcasts in different genres that are offered on the Indian market increases their attractiveness. The top podcasts that you absolutely must listen to are listed below.

Top 24 Best Podcasts on Spotify in 2023

1. The Ranveer Show

The Ranveer Show - Best Podcasts on Spotify

In order to improve the lives of his listeners, BeerBiceps, alias Ranveer Allabadia, launched The Ranveer Show in 2019. Each episode consists of a lengthy sit-down interview with one of the most intelligent and successful people in the nation to learn more about their lives and the attitude that propelled them to where they are now. Listen to the best podcast to get motivated!

2. What’s Up Sister

What’s Up Sister - Best Podcasts on Spotify

In the thick of the epidemic, when we all needed some upbeat reading material, the venerable blogging sister team of Kritika and Deeksha Khurrana launched their amusing podcast. Every Monday, they release a new episode where they talk about anything from adult friendships to heartbreak to families and professions. What's Up Sister comes highly recommended if you're searching for a weekly dose of lady chat.

3. The Mythpat Podcast

The Mythpat Podcast

Gamer 'Mythpat' Mithilesh Patankar is the creator and host of the Mythpat podcast. This gaming podcast features all the most recent developments both in the gaming world and online.He interviews prominent gamers and influencers for weekly episodes that amuse and inform his listeners. By sharing his personal experiences, he also offers advice on how to become a great creative and provides a glimpse into the life of an influencer.

4. Maed in India

Maed in India - Best Podcasts on Spotify

The Maed in India podcast, which was the country's first to include independent music, features the greatest Indian artists both inside and outside of India. Each episode of Maed in India, hosted by Mae Mariam Thomas, features an artist or band as well as an exclusive stripped-down session or acoustic interpretations of their original songs.The weekly programme is well-known for being among the top sources for discovering new songs and stories. Hip-hop, folk, and everything in between is among the musical genres and performers included.

5. Respectfully Disagree by Swaddle

Respectfully Disagree by Swaddle

Independent media organization The Swaddle from Mumbai creates a podcast where they examine and talk about a variety of family, cultural, gender, and health-related themes.Srishti Malhotra is the host of this weekly podcast, which focuses on the multiple perspectives that people might have on a subject and how they can peacefully disagree. They talk on current pop culture topics like the significance of royalty in today's society and more moral concerns like the proper way to eat meat.

6. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

On Purpose with Jay Shetty - Best Podcasts on Spotify

Jay Shetty, a British Indian author, former monk, and broadcaster of the well-known self-help podcast On Purpose, is also a life coach. This podcast aims to spread knowledge like wildfire. Every Monday and Friday, new episodes are made available. They often feature enlightening interviews with some of the most educated people in the world, including businesspeople, musicians, actresses, and philanthropists.The show, which is hosted by a British Indian author, former monk, and purpose coach Jay Shetty, aims to assist viewers in overcoming daily challenges and cultivating greater mindfulness.This podcast has intriguing interviews with perceptive individuals from all around the world and releases new episodes every Monday and Friday.

7. The Internet Said So

The Internet Said So

Aadar Malik, Neville Shah, Varun Thakur, and Kautuk Srivastav, four comedians, developed and host one of the top Indian comedy podcasts, The Internet Said So.The podcast's hosts engage in casual, enjoyable chats about their own life experiences and go into great detail about them. Additionally, as the name says, they discuss odd information that can be found online in the funniest way possible.

8. The Tastes of India

The Tastes of India - Best Podcasts on Spotify

A biweekly multilingual podcast featuring Indian recipes for food is hosted by Puja Darshan and is primarily in Hindi. This podcast takes you all around India, connecting the many cultural elements via delectable cuisine. A great podcast for beginners, it allows one to prepare meals without having to view the directions on a computer or television.The Tastes of India has been a popular podcast for years and is available on several platforms. A new edition of the podcast is still published every week. The Indian recipes featured on the multilingual cooking programme are simple and delectable. Even though we are currently on lockdown, it could be a good idea to hear this one.

9. Indian Noir

Indian Noir

It was released in 2018 and combines crime, horror, and dark fantasy. Nikesh Murali, a voice actor, and Commonwealth Short Story Prize winner, wrote, narrated, and produced it. The stories, which take four to seven minutes to complete, provide a distinct type of dramatic experience when combined with sound effects.

10. The Musafir Stories

The Musafir Stories

Saif Omar and Faiza Khan are the hosts of the Indian travel podcast Musafir Stories, which debuted in 2017. The podcast features discussions on various travel places in India as well as interviews with travelers who are invited to share their journeys, experiences, travel tips, and more.To encourage people to travel, the twice-weekly podcast features a wide variety of stories and goes beyond the ideal plan.

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12. Figuring Out with Raj Shamani

Figuring Out with Raj Shamani - Best Podcasts on Spotify

Raj Shamani hosts a podcast about building brands and businesses and shares his personal experiences as an entrepreneur and content producer. He shares his development, obstacles, and flaws through his podcast as he pursues his entrepreneurial dream and eventually succeeds.

13. Masala Podcast

Masala Podcast - Best Podcasts on Spotify

Cultural taboos are the focus of the award-winning feminist podcast Masala, which is produced for and by South Asian women. The podcast, which is hosted by London-based Sangeeta Pillai, covers a wide range of topics, including sex, sexuality, menstruation, mental health, sexual harassment, and more.Some of the most inspirational South Asian women in the world are featured in the podcast which has received several British Podcast Awards.

14. The Seen and the Unseen

The Seen and the Unseen - Best Podcasts on Spotify

Long-form dialogues that provide in-depth information and insights into many topics are featured on the weekly show that Amit Varma hosts. The programme, which first examined how public policies might have unexpected repercussions, subsequently developed into a deep-dive interview podcast.Among the topics, he covered in his podcasts were the life and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, the Emergency, Hindu nationalism, cricket, demonetization, the Bangladesh War, Plato, the Me Too movement, etc. The podcasts also feature guests including Tyler Cowen, Matt Ridley, Ram Guha, Srinath Raghavan, Paromita Vohra, TM Krishna, Manu Pillai, Shashi Tharoor, and others.

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15. In Focus by The Hindu

In Focus by The Hindu - Best Podcasts on Spotify

The "Hindu In Focus" dives deeply into the most recent events taken on throughout the world. The podcast invites subject-matter experts to discuss and offer background, history, viewpoint, and analysis in order to give the subject or issue greater depth.

16. Finshots Daily

Finshots Daily

It is a daily 5-minute podcast with a focus on India that explains the most significant financial and commercial happenings in clear, understandable language.The programme is created by Finception, a platform for financial storytelling, and each day, a new five-minute episode is released.

17. Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta

Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta - Best Podcasts on Spotify

Paisa Vaisa, one of the top podcasts about personal finance, was established in 2017. The podcast, which is hosted by chartered accountant and investment research consultant Anupam Gupta, has specialists from all areas of personal finance who discuss a wide range of subjects, including mutual funds, equities, real estate, payday loans, education, cryptocurrency, and much more.

18. Dear Teenage Me

Dear Teenage Me - Best Podcasts on Spotify

There are 26 episodes total in the Dear Teenage Me podcast, which focuses on some of the issues that Gen Z frequently faces. Everywhere there are new episodes of the show that air on Tuesday and Thursday, with host Ahsaas Channa and her guests sharing personal experiences of their adolescent years and discussing issues like body image, peer pressure, mental health, etc.

19. The Big Fat Indian Ghotala

The Big Fat Indian Ghotala - Best Podcast on Spotify

The incredible skill of Indian con artists is examined in this episode. Here you could discover the instructions for a good con, such as how to con the Indian Railways or stage phoney cricket matches. The podcast is excellent for fans of the Bad Boy Billionaires, with the exception of a few repeated similes and its excessive joy.

20. On The Contrary

On The Contrary

Mr. Arun Maira, a former member of the Planning Commission and former chairman of the Boston Consulting Group, is the host of On the Contrary by India Development Review. The programme focuses on a number of matters regarding the future of India.On the show, several experts are asked to discuss their differing opinions on topics such as caste, the environment, markets, agriculture, and more. The objective is to help individuals who may support opposing viewpoints on a topic come to a fresh, mutually agreeable understanding.

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21. Kahani Suno

Kahani Suno - Best Podcasts on Spotify

Kahani Suno is a podcast that revisits the timeless tales of Jaishankar Prasad and Munshi Premchand and is narrated by Sameer Goswami. The finest thing about Goswami's narrative is how concise it is; some episodes are only three minutes long. Listen to some of India's renowned literature nonstop.

22. Darr Ka Raaz with Dr. Phobia

Darr Ka Raaz with Dr. Phobia

The audio narrative landscape has been expanded with the launch of this new Spotify Original programme. In this psychological horror podcast, Rajesh Khera, who earlier portrayed the Onida devil in the company's renowned commercials, dons the role of psychologist Dr. Grewal.There are 26 episodes total in the podcast Darr Ka Raaz with Dr. Phobia, with two new episodes released each week. The narrator discusses phobias, finding out-of-the-open secrets, and treating patients using hypnosis and previous life regression treatment.

23. Tumne Kisi Se Kabhi Pyaar Kiya Hai Season 2

Tumne Kisi Se Kabhi Pyaar Kiya Hai Season 2 - Best Podcasts on Spotify

One of the most well-known Hindi podcasts, Tumne Kisi Se Kabhi Pyaar Kiya Hai, has released its second season. The podcast, which was co-produced by the creator Lakshya Datta and JioSavn Originals, has received over 1.3 million streams. The format is centered on losing and regaining love.

24. I Hear You

I Hear You - Best Podcasts on Spotify

The suspenseful podcast featuring Aahana Kumra and MnM Talkies immerses you in the life of Priyamvada Parmar, the top detective for the Delhi Special Bureau, whose circumstances alter as a result of a terrible vehicle accident. She lost her spouse in the accident, but she also acquired the ability to hear a strange noise that no one else can. She learns some horrifying atrocities and even some secret aspects of her own life thanks to the noises.

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To Conclude

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best podcasts to listen to on Spotify in 2023. Spotify was created before podcasts became a thing, but that doesn't mean you can't listen to your favorite podcasts on their platform. With the help of Spotify's technology, you can seamlessly listen to your favorite podcasts on their platform. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the list of great podcasts below and listen to your new favorite podcast today!

If you are thinking to start a podcast, its always good to test your mic online using a microphone test tool. This will ensure that the listeners of the podcast enjoy a premium experience which will increase the number of listeners to your podcast in the long run.

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