Top Free Social Bookmarking Sites in India 2023

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People can share different web pages, blog posts, videos, photos, and articles on social bookmarking services.Individuals can maintain, organize, search for, and store a lot of helpful websites and blogs that they come across and would like to share with others or even revisit. Consumers can connect their online bookmarks at any time and from any device because these social bookmarking websites are web-based services.Consumers with identical interests can connect, visit websites they like, and exchange information they find helpful thanks to these websites, which find content based on the user's interests and tailor their feeds appropriately.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Divide the terms "social" and "bookmarking." It entails adding bookmarks to your website on social media networks, which receive a lot of traffic.Social platforms - These are the sites where most users go to interact.Bookmarks - Adding a link to your website (its URL) to bookmarking services to increase traffic and backlinks.As a result, in terms of SEO, it is an online activity that falls under off-page SEO and allows any registered user to share and bookmark web links.

The Significance of Social Sharing

Since social bookmarking enables you to share your material with others and optimize bookmarks for it, it has unquestionably boosted the potential of search engine ranking for your websites and blogs.The value of social bookmarking can be seen in the following ways.Increasing website traffic -  One of the simplest ways to draw in users that fit your target demographic is through social bookmarking.By making a social bookmark for your website, you may make it simpler for users and viewers to locate it when they search for a particular subject that you might write about.Profitability -  An increase in visitors equals an increase in your revenue flow if your blog or website is intended to generate income.A larger audience visiting your blog would be vital for you if you run a website that sells goods or a blog that generates income for you. Social bookmarking could be of assistance in that situation.Popularity: Because social bookmarking is done by people, a bot cannot use this method.As a result, all of the social bookmarks would be natural, making it simpler for more people to find your website or blog online and boosting your popularity.

How To Do Social Bookmarking?

There are a lot of reminders you should keep in mind when bookmarking a website. A few of them include:

  • Select the relevant category.
  • Add sensible, concise tags.
  • Observe the rules set forth by the social bookmarking network.
  • Correctly describe your website.
  • Don't repeatedly bookmark the same URL.

You must first gather some information about your website before you can start social bookmarking.For instance: Title, Site Description, Keyword, Tag, All Social Media Links, Video Link, and, if available, Business Image. All of this data was probably necessary for social bookmarking.I'll therefore explain how to correctly social bookmark your website in this article. Let's carry out the steps I'll outline below.

  • Select the website address you want to promote.
  • Write a humorous description that is relevant to the keyword that is associated with the URL.
  • Open any bookmarking website, such as Reddit or Diggo.
  • Register or log in to the website (if promoted).
  • To submit a link, select it.
  • Type in the necessary data.
  • Hit "Submit."

The resulting URL should be copied and pasted into an excel sheet.Reminder: For each social media sharing you perform, keep an excel log.

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Top Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

Google Bookmarks

Google owns the bookmarks on its website. It facilitates the sharing of information amongst 'collections,' which are social networks, communities, or affinity-based groupings. Additionally, it enables users to quickly find content on subjects that interest them, store it, or share it with similar people.

LinkedIn Corporation

LinkedIn has been one of the best platforms for sharing and posting content to a B2B audience. It’s great for professionals to get input and engagement from other professionals in their niche. That audience gives it a higher potential for links from those who need expertise on your subject.


With a huge selection of applications, Facebook makes it simple to connect with people across the world. Additionally, it is among the biggest social bookmarking websites online. Your business or group can easily have a presence on this site with a business page and advertising options. Using its search capability, it also displays the most recent news, fashions, and hot subjects. You can create and publish many posts kinds on Facebook, including text-only posts, photo posts, video posts, and more.

One of the most well-known social networking platforms is, where you can make groups and public pages, plan events, and message other members. Additionally, you may exchange pictures, videos, and audio, as well as play games in your browser.


A social networking site called MySpace allows you to submit your website or blog using their Feed Submit the form. You can enter your feed URL and select a relevant category using the form.


Pinterest has grown into a huge platform for bookmarking your favorite thoughts, recipes, works of art, and images with over 70 million members. This is a website you should be posting on because it has a high domain authority and 250 million visitors each month. You can make boards and pins to share the URL of your website here.


Twitter is a social media platform where you are only given a small amount of room to put your content and web links. You only have 140 characters, so pick your words carefully and keep it short. Additionally, you can add up to four images or videos to each tweet if you want to make it more interesting to share. Twitter features a feature called Direct Messages (DMs) that allows users to privately message friends and followers.


One of the social sharing networks with the quickest growth is Instagram. You can exchange videos and photographs on this very visual website. Use the Instagram Live and Stories features. The younger generations are huge fans of it.


One of the most popular social sharing platforms on the internet is Reddit. One of the most well-known websites for sharing links to articles, stories, movies, and photographs is this one. Reddit, which has more than 330 million users globally, is a great social sharing platform for advertising your products and information.


A social sharing website called Slashshot displays recent user-submitted stories. Additionally, it provides the best connections for information on Linux, gaming, phones, security, management, book reviews, and much more. You should review the submission requirements.


GetPocket is a social bookmarking website platform that also enables you to share and save items for later viewing. You can listen to the news that has been published as well.


Flipboard is a community socializing and content-curating platform that places a high value on individual happiness. It wants its users to discover information that informs them, engages them in the world, and generally improves them.


You can bookmark, tag, gather, save, and archive online sites of interest and significance using the social sharing website Diigo.a certain way for users to keep track of the URLs and websites that interest and inform them.


A social sharing website similar to Twitter is called Plurk. This social sharing platform is a fantastic way to share news, updates, and information. The Plurk platform requests that users share content in no more than 210 text characters.


You can construct your multimedia mini-blog articles on Tumblr based on the information you wish to publish. It's a social sharing platform.You can also develop your own content to share, enabling you to upload written or visual content to your Tumblr from a website or blog.

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List of Free Social Bookmarking Sites

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022

Best Way to Bookmark your Website

On websites where account registration is required, there are social bookmarking, submission, and sharing options. Step 1: Find the login/registration page on the website and sign up there. The majority of social networking sites offer third-party login options, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Step 2 - Once you have signed up, you can save any website link with a supported web address on the appropriate social bookmarking or submission site. Social bookmarking, submitting, or sharing methods on websites that don't involve account registration. The only step is to choose a site address that is supported and click submit to receive a link that has been approved for social bookmarking, submission, or sharing.

Advantages of Social Sharing      

To gain backlinks for a certain website, social bookmarking, submission, and sharing must be done for every high-authority social networking site that accepts links. One of the top three SEO strategies for boosting the volume of your company is social bookmarking.

The following are the key advantages of social bookmarking:

  • It is among the most effective and cutting-edge media for keeping your website at the top of searches.
  • It is one of the simplest ways for internet users to store, search, organize, and bookmark their searches.
  • Social bookmarking will quickly increase the amount of traffic to your website.
  • The greatest service for obtaining backlinks to raise your ranking is this one.
  • You may very simply achieve a high rating for your website through social bookmarking, which is otherwise highly challenging.
  • By sharing films, social bookmarking improves YouTube SEO and aids in the development of brands.

Facts about Social Bookmarking

  • In 1996, online bookmark management systems were introduced.
  • Delicious, which debuted in 2003, is credited with coining the phrase "Social Bookmarking."
  • The first paid bookmarking service was Pinboard.
  • The capability of bookmarking a page was first added to then-current web browsers in 2004.
  • Businesses in the twenty-first century are effectively utilizing social bookmarking.

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With the comprehensive list of social media sites, I've provided above, I hope you can simply increase the traffic to your website using SEO. The second step in content marketing is social bookmarking, which is also one of the top 3 SEO strategies for increasing your brand's online visibility among your target demographics. What are you waiting for then?

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