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Top Social Media Post Ideas For E-Commerce Brands

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You know you need to come up with original social media content ideas to engage your followers and draw in new ones. But producing top-notch content on numerous platforms while being creative every day may be really draining. So, we're here to assist. You can keep your social media strategy current by using this reference manual of effective content ideas for each major social network. Never again will you be faced with a content calendar that is empty. Brands should have a variety of social media concepts in mind at all times. We've broken down 25 social media recommendations for both large and small brands below. For individuals trying to prevent their social feeds from being boring, any of these post categories are acceptable.

Interesting Social Media Post Ideas For E-Commerce Brands

1. Advanced Scheduling of your Posts and Videos

If done properly, scheduling posts is a terrific method to use social media to increase views for your business. There are times to plan your posts and moments to produce content on the fly.

Social Media Posting Schedule

When you are aware that your material is being most actively viewed, plan your posts accordingly. Plus, find the best time to post on Instagram to maximize engagement and reach.

2. Publish Relevant Material

In our comprehensive guide to content marketing, we define diverse content as "material that you choose to publish on social media. This may be a worthwhile blog article from a business operating in your industry, knowledgeable counsel from an influential thought leader, or anything else you believe your audience would value and enjoy.By simply sharing a fantastic article, pin, Tweet, or YouTube video that already exists and that your audience would adore? Your brand may appear to have its finger on the pulse and to be there to engage and foster community rather than just brag about itself by using curated content.

3. Hold a competition or raffle

Any company must be engaged across a variety of social media platforms. What can your business do to increase its social media activity? Regularly publish various forms of social media content. Hosting a social media contest is one of the finest strategies to establish a strong online presence. This unique kind of internet business activity benefits everyone, from major brands to small business owners.

4. Encourage a cause

You will be searching for the finest ways to support a cause if you have come across a concern or issue that is important to your heart and you feel passionately enough to want to take action. You want to see the results of your labours or acknowledgement that you are making a difference.

5. QnA Sessions with your audience

You can increase the reach and prominence of your online presence by using Q&As, which are quite engaging. You have a variety of options for promoting your material, including sponsored advertisements, private messages, email campaigns, and more. You can quickly expand your audience if some viewers are motivated and promote your live Q&A on social media.

QnA Sessions with your audience

It's crucial to choose a topic that interests and is essential to your audience when planning a live Q&A session. Additionally, it is essential to choose the appropriate specialists and journalists based on the issue because they must be authorities on it and capable of responding to queries immediately.

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6. Perform the infamous Social media takeover

Social Media Takeover

If you're lacking on social media post ideas, handing over your social presence to a celeb or blogger with a sizable, engaged following is a great way to introduce your business to new people and give your account a fresh voice. To add some variety to your feed, you can also allow another employee to take control of your account.

7. Making a good use of your own stuff

Why not make some Instagram visuals using quotes from your fantastic blog post? Or create a movie drawing inspiration from the material to post on Facebook?You lose out on the chance to connect with audiences who are following you on other platforms when you only share on one. This is not to imply that it should merely be a copy-paste or cross-post; rather, it is to say that new expressions of old ideas should be made.

8. Creating modern day “Shorts”

YouTube Shorts

Digital brands now absolutely must have a video content strategy. Sadly, a lot of people think investing in video is too difficult, expensive, or out of their price range. Brief film is the most interesting form of in-feed content, according to the Sprout Social Index. Additionally, consumers prefer shorter videos to be 2.5 times more engaging than longer ones. Given those statistics, businesses should seriously consider developing inventive video-based social media strategies. Naturally, short-form video clips are TikTok and Instagram Reels' bread and butter, but they're also ideal for Twitter and Facebook. You may even give YouTube Shorts a try. These brief videos may be easily shot, require little editing, and are excellent for sharing.

9. Brand Collaborations

Brand Collaborations

Co-marketing benefits both parties. Each business gains visibility to the audience of the other when they collaborate on a campaign or piece of content, such as a webinar, ebook, or even a special promotion. Look for brands to collaborate with that don't compete yet have a comparable target market. For instance, to produce webinars and ebooks, Sprout collaborated with businesses like Wistia and Zendesk.Co-marketing project ideas work best on social media because it's so simple to coordinate your efforts.

10. Hold Live sessions every once in a while

Due in part to customers' desire for real, unstaged interactions with companies, live video is the third most captivating type of social media content to be displayed in newsfeeds. With an HLS player, companies can deliver authentic, real-time interactions through live video, meeting customer demands for genuine engagement on social media platforms.

Live Streaming

When you answer questions from your followers in real time, whether you're vlogging from your car or hosting a Q&A session, you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

11. Customer Showcase

Giving your consumers a shout-out is the best way to express how much you value them. Start a campaign that genuinely exposes your customers rather than just retweeting folks who mention your company on Twitter.For instance, you may establish a customer of the week programme that recognises your most ardent supporters and rewards them with freebies or a prize. Case studies of clients are highlighted by Sprout. Such studies not only express our gratitude to businesses who use our software, but also give potential clients social media strategies they may implement themselves.

12. Get skilled at making Memes

It's okay for brands to display their sense of humour. Even while using memes for marketing isn't for everyone, social media in general is a haven for ironic posts and satire.Remember that memes do have a finite lifespan. Memes might come off as cringe-worthy and out of touch if your audience isn't familiar with humour. Having said that, many firms with younger consumers and a strong social following may profit from producing some humorous content.

13. Actively Posting Polling questions

The poll is helpful since it allows you to obtain highly detailed insights as well as an additional level of user interaction. The marketing initiatives you and your team run, as well as your products and brand, can be influenced by these findings. You can still utilise the Instagram poll tool to learn a great deal about your audience and their preferences even though it only offers users two options and only lasts for 24 hours like a typical story. Although such a binary system has limits, it will nevertheless give you precise feedback.

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14. Talk about a Milestone of yours

Brands should be eager to share their triumphs and successes with customers. Featured in a Prominent Journal? Obtain a sales target? ecstatic about a recent hire? Have you relocated to a new workplace?


Inform your fans. Sharing info about such cool event activations with your audience demonstrates your humanity while highlighting the expansion of your brand. Since you don't need to rely on an attractive product graphic, like on Instagram or TikTok, this is an excellent B2B social media post concept.

15. Keeping up with whats trending

The best social media suggestions occasionally appear out of the blue.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Brands can profit from timely content by using Facebook and Twitter trending topics. Even though there is a small window of time for such content to be pertinent, topical posts can generate significant traffic. Referencing a significant event that you are aware is approaching is a less urgent technique to stay current. It's crucial to participate in conversations, but stay away from delicate or possibly political subjects. There is nothing worse than having to cope with a PR catastrophe as a result of your cleverness.

16. Sharing some brilliance

A excellent method to establish oneself as an authority and valuable resource is to create a stunning graphic including some product advice. Everyone dislikes being constantly marketed, after all.

17. Highlighting user content

Modifying user content is a terrific method to fill your content calendar and recognize your audience all at once, whether you design a specific tag promotion or simply utilise social listening to gather and repost content.

18. Valuable Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

How much advice and techniques can you provide your audience? With a piece of material on the real T, you can solidify your status as a resource and subject-matter authority. On social media, it's crucial to promote the sharing of your own material as well as that of others. Sharing material on social media has a number of advantages, such as expanding your consumer base, enhancing brand recognition, and boosting conversion rates.

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19. Reach out to your audience for an advice

Take into account including a question in your social media postings because everyone wants to be heard. This allows your audience the chance to weigh in with their thoughts, advice, and experience. People believe that your business cares about what they have to say when you invite them to participate in the conversation.

20. Appreciating someone for an accomplishment

Giving your consumers a shout-out is the best way to express how much you value them. Start a campaign that genuinely exposes your customers rather than just retweeting folks who mention your company on Twitter. For instance, you may establish a customer of the week programme that recognizes your most ardent supporters and rewards them with freebies or a prize. Case studies of clients are highlighted by Sprout. Such studies not only express our gratitude to businesses who use our software, but also give potential clients social media strategies they may implement themselves.

21. Some casual behind the scenes stuff

Brands are really about individuals. Don't let your social feed's personal component disappear. Providing a "behind the scenes" look at your business to your followers conveys authenticity. Has your workplace adopted a mascot? Organizing an event? Share your observations with your followers.

22. Introduce your team members

There is no requirement that it be a brand-new member of your team. A fantastic method to demonstrate your gratitude—and humanity—is to highlight the genuine people who have supported your company for weeks, months, or years. Also, consider using an employee scheduling app to streamline and enhance their work experience.

23. Creating a suspense around a new product release

Create intrigue and keep your audience guessing with a mystery trailer, a behind-the-scenes photo, a thought-provoking yet meaningless quote, or a cropped or close-up picture, I dunno what! And I just can't get it out of my head! Engagement will increase if people make educated predictions about what they're seeing. and informed real fans will be able to earn their bragging rights if they predict the disclosure in advance.

24. Showcasing your audience reviews and feedbacks

Any marketing strategy you create must take into account your target demographic, but on social media this is extremely important. Speak directly and truthfully to the audience that matters.Businesses have the chance to develop relationships with their customers, raise brand awareness, and boost sales through social media marketing. For your company, social media platforms can act something like a megaphone, amplifying your message to reach a wider audience. However, in order to be truly successful, it's imperative to make sure that your message.

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We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the best social media post ideas for e-commerce brands. It's not easy to find the perfect social media post when you have a bunch of options that you can use. We've done the hard work for you and gathered a list of the top social media post ideas that you can use for your business.

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