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How To Do WhatsApp Marketing Ultimate Guide for 2023

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When it comes to digital marketing, Whatsapp is rarely a marketer's first pick. However, Whatsapp is a platform with unrivaled reach, with 1.5 billion monthly active users.Additionally, it's a medium that the majority of users favor for regular interactions, which can be a wonderful opportunity for marketers looking to expand their reach and boost customer happiness in a non-intrusive manner. In this post, we discuss WhatsApp marketing in general and the clever ways that brands may use it.

WhatsApp Marketing

Through the usage of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Marketing is a type of mobile advertising that sends advertisements to potential clients. Customers can be targeted with specific offers, discounts, or coupons, and it can also be used to keep them informed about new goods or services. It is an effective strategy that can increase customer retention and help firms reach a wider audience.With the exception of parent company Facebook, Whatsapp has more monthly active users—1.5 billion—than any other traditional social media network.Whatsapp is the largest messaging service in the world, which is even more significant. It offers a level of intimacy and connection that is lacking on most social media sites. That's primarily because it has only lately begun integrating brands into the site. Plus, WhatsApp has devoted users all over the world, with the exception of China, where WeChat is the popular messaging programme. The messaging feature of WhatsApp can be used in these ways:-

Private conversations

Whatsapp is most frequently used in this manner. If two people have each other's phone numbers, they can text each other for free using WhatsApp instead of paying for SMS messages. You can also make phone calls to one another, transmit pictures and videos, and even leave recorded voicemails.


You can communicate with 256 individuals simultaneously using a broadcast list. As long as they have your number preserved in their phone book, they will be able to hear the message. The message is delivered to them in the guise of a private message, much like a BCC email.

Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp groups have established themselves as a main feature of the programme. Whatsapp groups let people stay in touch with each other as a group, whether it be with family or pals from school messages.Why has WhatsApp Marketing just become a successful marketing channel - About two years ago, WhatsApp introduced its Whatsapp for Business service. Brands now have unprecedented access to WhatsApp thanks to this.If you don't use WhatsApp for Business, you're probably one of the few marketers who aren’t taking advantage of the platform's potential. Whatsapp for Business should be a component of any thorough digital marketing strategy for the following reasons:-

The majority of your clients are already using WhatsApp.

Whatsapp users send 60 billion messages each day. There are more than 200 million users in India alone. Therefore, the likelihood that your customers are already using WhatsApp will make it much simpler for you to connect with them.

Whatsapp users are actively participating.

Whatsapp actually displays exceptional engagement rates compared to other forms of social networking. Really, 98% of WhatsApp messages are read and opened, and 90% of them are actually opened within only three seconds of being received.Whatsapp is well ahead when you compare those engagement rates to those of other marketing channels like email, Facebook, or even SMS. Any business can benefit greatly from getting a foothold on a popular channel.Through "hidden media," a lot of content is shared.Dark social alludes to secure email and messaging services like WhatsApp. In contrast to open social networks, private messaging services like WhatsApp now account for about 84% of sharing.

Whatsapp Marketing How-To’s

Setting your objectives and KPIs

Identifying your goals and KPIs is the first stage in any process. What goals do you have for WhatsApp marketing? Do you want to develop client loyalty, create leads, or raise brand awareness? Once you are aware of your objectives, you may begin organizing your campaign.

Identifying your target audience

After you have established your goals, determine who your audience is. Who is it that your campaign is trying to reach? Who lives there? What age range do they fall under? What do they find interesting? You can better tailor your WhatsApp targeted advertising to appeal to your intended audience by understanding who they are.

Downloading the smartphone application

To use WhatsApp for business, you must download the WhatsApp Application software. The option to build a profile with your business name, address and website is one of the many features included in this software, which is available for free download. To maximize your WhatsApp marketing strategy, you must create a WhatsApp business account using their WhatsApp business API.

Developing a strong company brand

The foundation of your campaign should be a powerful brand persona. This entails developing a unified message and seeking messages that capture the character and values of your business. Both the content and the visual appearance of your messaging should represent your brand character.

Creating a contact list

You must first create a contact list before you can send messages. There are a few options for doing this, like using WhatsApp's built-in opt-in capability or importing your current client list. Once you've created a contact list, you may start messaging people on WhatsApp.

Communication layout

Your marketing communications should be created to appeal to your target demographic and to the essence of your brand. Your messages' substance should be interesting and educational, and their presentation should be polished and appealing.

Providing outstanding client service

Finally, it's critical to keep in mind that WhatsApp is a medium for a two-way conversation. This implies that you should be ready to reply to clients who send you WhatsApp messages at all times. You can gain your consumers' trust and loyalty by providing excellent customer service. It is an effective strategy that can increase client loyalty and help firms reach a wider audience. To design an effective campaign, adhere to these measures.

Strategies for Marketing on WhatsApp

It's critical to keep in mind that WhatsApp differs significantly from other messaging services like WeChat and Facebook Messenger as well as other marketing channels.That provides you a significant advantage in terms of personalization, engagement, and effectiveness, though. To make the most of the channel, you must use this in your WhatsApp marketing approach.Effective Whatsapp marketing campaigns can therefore be created, even though Whatsapp viral marketing is not always feasible. When it comes to Whatsapp marketing, these must be noted :-


Keep in mind that any message you broadcast is viewed as a one-on-one conversation by your potential customer. The likelihood that this type of message will be opened and read automatically gives you an advantage over the majority of many other advertising networks.Additionally, as WhatsApp is a confidential and sensitive messaging service, it only makes sense for your messaging to be highly customized. You can actually classify your potential consumers based on their preferences, buying habits, and loves and dislikes if you're sending a message to just 256 people at once.Customers are much more inclined to respond as a result. Whatsapp marketing therefore more than makes up for its lack of scalability with far greater response and conversion rate.

Incentive Programs

Even though WhatsApp marketing is quite powerful, it can only be used if potential clients are open to sharing their phone numbers. You may draw in interested clients and collect their contact information by using strategies like promotions, contests, and freebies.Additionally, this guarantees that you will only promote to consumers who are somewhat interested in your goods. Having a list of quality prospects makes a great deal of sense because Whatsapp marketing takes a lot of time.

WhatsApp service to customers

Even while this isn't really a Whatsapp SMS marketing strategy, it can significantly improve the reputation of your business. The majority of clients are addicted to WhatsApp, therefore they will be thrilled if you can use your Whatsapp for a Business account to truly give customers excellent customer care.This degree of client satisfaction can do a lot to solidify your business's reputation as a brand that cares. In fact, if your business is bigger, you should consider establishing a Whatsapp-specific customer service team.

An increase in WhatsApp marketing in India

Only a few businesses are employing WhatsApp Marketing in India, where it is still in its infancy. In India, though, it has the potential to expand rapidly. This is so because WhatsApp, which has more than 200 million users, is one of the most widely used messaging programmes in the nation. Additionally, WhatsApp is widely utilized by individuals of all ages and demographics.Considering WhatsApp's prominence in India, it is not surprising that the country's WhatsApp marketing business has the potential to expand rapidly. All that is required is for more companies to begin utilizing WhatsApp for their marketing requirements.

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Ways to do Whatsapp Marketing

Send customized messages via WhatsApp

One of the best ways to use WhatsApp for marketing is to send customized messages to your clients. This could be a simple thank-you note, a birthday greeting, or a special offer or discount. Your customers will know that you value their business and care about them if you send them unique messages.

Send news and notifications to your consumer base using WhatsApp

This is yet another excellent approach to using WhatsApp for marketing. This might be information on the introduction of a new product, specific deals or discounts, or any other significant news that you believe your clients will find interesting. You can guarantee that your users see updates and announcements by sending them via WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp to run marketing initiatives

You can use WhatsApp to carry out marketing initiatives for your company. This could involve a competition or a free gift. You may boost client engagement and loyalty by implementing promotional campaigns through WhatsApp.

Utilize WhatsApp to offer customer service

Lastly, you may use WhatsApp to offer customer service to your clients. This could entail giving broad information, addressing issues, or responding to inquiries. You can demonstrate to your clients that you are always willing to assist them by using WhatsApp for customer service.

The Right Way to Marketing via Whatsapp

Appropriately setting up your company's profile

The first and most important WhatsApp marketing advice is to properly set up your business profile. This entails adding a bio, a cover photo, and a profile picture. Your cover photo should be a strong representation of your brand, and your profile picture should be your business's emblem. The biography should be succinct and straight to the point, and it should include the name of your business, its website, and its contact details.

Employing efficient messaging tools

The second piece of advice is to employ efficient messaging tools. The WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Business apps may be used in this situation. The WhatsApp Business app is a terrific method to keep track of customer conversations and send automated messages, and WhatsApp Web is a great way to send messages to customers from your computer.

Tagging your talks to improve tracking

Labeling your chats to improve tracking is a good idea. This implies that you should develop labels for various consumer groupings, such as VIP clients, potential clients, or previous clients. This will make it easier for you to keep track of customer dialogues and make sure the correct individuals are receiving the proper messages.

Telling stories to promote your company

It's crucial to tell tales to promote your company. Share updates about your business, new products, or promotions with WhatsApp Stories. WhatsApp Stories can also be used to respond to frequently asked inquiries or offer customer support. The customer relationship capabilities allow you to send WhatsApp messages, add a product catalog, and use the WhatsApp status feature.

Utilize various groups

The fifth piece of advice is to utilize various groups. Sending targeted messages to different segments of your consumer base is easy using WhatsApp Groups.

Sending out greetings and important information

As a final step, send out greetings and important information to your WhatsApp connections. This could be a welcome note, a launch notice for a new product, or a promotion. You may keep everyone informed of your most recent offerings and let them know how to reach you when they have any concerns by broadcasting messages to your WhatsApp contacts.

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SMS and Whatsapp Marketing – The Difference!

SMS marketing is a method of contacting your clients via text messages. On the other side, WhatsApp marketing is a means to contact your clients using WhatsApp. The primary distinction between WhatsApp branding and SMS marketing is that WhatsApp marketing enables you to include multimedia material, such as photographs, videos, and links, in your messages. You can also form groups and publish messages using WhatsApp marketing. The ability to conduct one-on-one interactions with your customers makes WhatsApp marketing more personal than SMS marketing, which is another difference between the two. Because WhatsApp marketing is accessible on both mobile devices and laptops, it is also more practical. Due to the fact that WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages whereas SMS uses the phone connection, it is also more cost-effective to use WhatsApp for marketing. Because WhatsApp marketing has a greater open rate and click-through rate, it is also more successful.

Perks of WhatsApp Marketing

Compared to other marketing methods like SMS, email, and social media marketing, WhatsApp marketing offers a number of benefits. First of all, because it enables one-on-one chats with your clients, WhatsApp business API is more intimate. Because WhatsApp marketing is accessible on both mobile devices and laptops, it is also more practical. Furthermore, because WhatsApp uses the internet to transmit messages while SMS and email use the phone connection, WhatsApp marketing campaigns are less expensive than those using traditional marketing methods. Because WhatsApp marketing has a greater open rate and click-through rate, it is also more successful.Due to WhatsApp's ability to let you build groups and broadcast messages to a large number of users at once, marketing via WhatsApp is more scalable than marketing via other channels. Additionally, WhatsApp marketing is more adaptable because you can message recipients in different time zones.

Tools for Whatsapp Marketing

One of the benefits offered by WhatsApp marketing tools is the capability to sort, systematize, and swiftly respond to messages. Whatsapp doesn't provide any commercial tools or Whatsapp marketing software, therefore your only choice is to run the small-scale initiatives that were just mentioned. Although there is some third-party Whatsapp marketing software available, Whatsapp does not officially endorse it. Utilizing these types of Whatsapp SMS marketing solutions can harm the reputation of your company. You can even get banned forever from Whatsapp.


Marketing on WhatsApp is a totally different game. It differs from other chat services as well as PPC and social media marketing. Nevertheless, the focus it places on privacy is what gives it power. Whatsapp marketing can surely be one of the most effective strategies, despite the fact that it may not be the most scalable. A comprehensive Digital Marketing Certification Training is definitely the best option if you're trying to understand the complexities of WhatsApp marketing as part of a larger business model.

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