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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh, the little country in south-east Asia, is determined to gain as much knowledge as they can. They are inspired and very resolute to make progress. There are lots of Offline & Online Digital marketing course in Bangladesh mainly focuses on the various ways in which they can improve the understanding and knowledge of the students regarding the marketing system. This makes it possible for the business houses, no matter small or big, to achieve success. As soon as the availability of the internet increased in Bangladesh, the online availability of classes has also increased a lot. Even though there is a lot of good digital marketing course in India, there are also numerous very well-known digital marketing courses in Bangladesh itself.

Jobs after a Digital Marketing Course:

A full course on digital marketing allows you to apply to a lot of job opportunities. A few of them are – mobile marketing, SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, Video as well as Audio promotion, Mobile marketing, along with E-marketing and E-commerce. Above all of these, if you have a specialization along with the digital marketing full course it will open up a lot of better job opportunities for you.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangladesh


IIMSKILLS provides the students with one of the top ten digital marketing course in Bangladesh. They offer high-quality education and also offer online classes which make it easier for the students to enrol from anywhere. The cost of the course is also reasonable which makes this an affordable online digital marketing course. The name of the course is Digital Marketing Master Course and the duration is three months. The amount needed for this course is forty-two thousand and hundred BDT (Bangladeshi Taka). The course includes Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Email Marketing, Micro Video Marketing, and also many assignments.

Address: IIMSKILLS Corporate Office

H B Twin Tower, 8th Floor, Max Hospital Building,

NetajiSubhash Place


2. SEO School BD:

SEO School BD is another one of the institutes in Bangladesh that provides a digital marketing full course. This institute has a very impressive track record and has a very effective campaign. The courses provided here are of premium quality and the module is well designed. The curriculum here includes keyword research and competition, on-page optimization, off-page Optimization, important Search Engine Optimization Glossary, Word Press Basic, sitemap, affiliate links and a lot more.

Address: SEO School BD

Address Khan Manjil, 167/3, KashemSorok,

#3 Sher-e-Bangla Road,

Khulna 9100 Bangladesh


3. Third Hand Bangladesh:

Another one of the leading universities providing digital marketing course in Bangladesh is the Third Hand Bangladesh. They offer education in the fields of web development, graphic design and also video production. Their course includes different aspects of digital marketing, including SMS Marketing, email, content marketing, SEO, SEM, growth hacking, and a lot more. This university produces the best digital marketing course in Dhaka and understands the importance of proper knowledge by treating its students accordingly. This helps the students very efficiently to attain a successful digital marketing campaign.

The faculty of this institution is highly trained which makes this the best digital marketing training institute in Dhaka. They take up the responsibility to provide their students with the best education and the most efficient strategies for online success. They teach web development, graphic designing as well as digital marketing online, and provide one of the most affordable online digital marketing course. The most impressive feature of this educational institute is that along with adequate theoretical knowledge, they also include practical training to their students, which helps them have a stronger foundation.

Address: Third Hand Bangladesh

House 74, Road V, Block C, Mohanagar Project,

West Rampura Dhaka 1219


4. BASIS Institute of Technology and Management (BITM):

The BASIS Institute of Technology and Management was established in the year 2007, and ever since the establishment of this institute, it has been one such instate which provides the best digital marketing course in Bangladesh. This university also provides MBA in digital marketing in Bangladesh. It is one of the pioneer institutes in the field of online education. This educational institute with the best digital marketing course in Dhaka has more than four hundred programs, more than forty-two client organisations and also two hundred and twenty-two trainers.

They have more than ten years of experience in providing the best quality of education. This digital marketing course in Bangladesh includes professional experience, masters in digital marketing, and also support from a digital marketing specialist. The total cost of this course is forty-eight thousand BDT.

Address: Basic Institute of Technology and Management


3rd Floor East, 12 Kawran Bazar,

Dhaka 1215


5. Byte Code Development and Digital Marketing Firm:

The BytecodeDevelopment and Digital marketing Firm in Bangladesh is one of the best digital marketing firms in Bangladesh. It also offers skill driven courses in digital marketing as well as in IT fields. One of the key features of this institute is that they have experts who provide training to the students and also offer them the opportunity to work with them while still being a student. The course is designed in such a way that it keeps in mind the trends of digital marketing and also makes sure to teach its students the best practises of this field.

They make it easier for their students to understand the trends and ideas of digital marketing and is provides placement supports to its candidates after they have finished the course. The courses here are also completely digitalised so that they can enable their students to earn everything online. The duration of this course is three months and the course fee is around twenty- one thousand, two hundred and forty BDT approximately.

However, if you face any problem distant courses, there are also a large number of digital marketing course in Chittagong for students to pursue.

Address: Bytecode Development and Digital Marketing Firm

Rd 27, Dhaka 1212,


Website: Currently Not Available

6. Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya is one of the leading institutions in Bangladesh where they have a very trustworthy digital marketing course in Bangladesh. In fact, digital marketing is one of the most popular courses here. This institution has trained more than thirty-five thousand students, including entrepreneurs and professionals in the last ten years. The online course includes hundred hours, forty-four modules. The fees for this course is approximately seventy thousand BDT.

Contact: 080 1003 3033

Website: Currently Not Available

7. Creative IT Institute Dhaka:

The Creative IT Institute in Dhaka is one of the top most educational academies. They provide with the best digital marketing course in Bangladesh and have been maintaining its position as a well-known educational institute for about five years. The total number of classes in this coursed forty-eight and the duration for all of these classes are 6 months.

Address: Creative IT Institute, Dhaka

Mumtaz Plaza, 4th Floor, Opposite OfLabaid Hospital,

House #7, Road #4, Dhanmondi

Dhaka 1205 Bangladesh


8. Digital marketing Farm:

Another one of the best Digital marketing institutes in Bangladesh is the Digital Marketing Farm. They help their students to have the best education possible and also fill them with sound knowledge. The course here is of advanced SEO and Digital Marketing, and the fee for this course is around one lakh BDT. They also have projects for their students to help them learn. The students here have a chance to get internships during the qualifying exams as well as the practical. Apart from this, there are also several digital marketing courses in Uttara, where you can apply for the courses.

Address: Digital Marketing Farm

95, Shangkar Chairmen Goli, West Dhanmondi,

Dhaka 1207


9. Advance IT Center:

The Advance IT Centre in Dhaka offers to its students one of the most comprehensive courses on the topic of digital marketing. They help the young digital marketers to understand the field they are working in so that they can achieve greatness in their working ground. The fee for the course is one lakh and thirty-three thousand BDT approximately. The course covers the most basic as well as the most important points in the course of digital marketing. After completing the course from here, you can also work with several digital marketing agencies in India.

Address – Advance IT Center

Route 1 AdaborShyamoli

Dhaka 1207 Bangladesh

Website –

10. The Knowledge Academy, Dhaka:

The Knowledge Academy in Dhaka is another one of the best digital marketing institution in the country. They offer valuable courses in various curriculums, including project management, business data protection and analysis and also compliance skills programming in business.

Address: The Knowledge Academy, Dhaka

Dhaka Crystal Palace, 3rd-floor, House # SE (D) 22,

Road #,140, Gulshan South Avenue Gulshan 1

Dhaka 1212



These a few of the best digital marketing courses you can get in Dhaka. Apart from these, there are also several digital marketing courses in India where you can apply for the courses too. These courses not only let you learn a lot about the things you love, but it also gives you the opportunity to have a good job. Doing these courses opens up a lot of opportunities for you in life, especially when you consider the current situation of the world.

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