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Top Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

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Making people feel as though they are losing out on something they had had no desire for is the art of marketing. In today’s changing era with dynamic environment, influx of social media, importance of trend and many other factors, the use of marketing in both ways – online as well as offline has increased to meet the changing demands.

Digital marketing, specifically, is like a cocktail party! To generate buzz and a lasting impression, you have to combine all the three things correctly, that are, CREATIVITY, STRATEGY and CUSTOMER PREFERENCES. Digital marketing is performed by a company or an agency which helps in promoting products and services online with the help of tools like SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, E-mail marketing and much more.

About Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a city in Haryana which is a hub of various industries like Information technology, Automotive and Manufacturing. And to promote these industries, businesses have begun using Digital Marketing along with offline marketing. Digital marketing companies use a bundle of services, ranging from SEO to Website Development that can help Gurgaon business owners to increase their visibility and conversions.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In Gurgaon

1. BrandLoom

BrandLoom - Top Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon

Brandloom was started in the year 2015 with the aim to use branding, digital/ecommerce, and design capabilities to help startups and established brands better understand and respond to consumer requirements. It is the only company in India which offers ROI-focused brand consulting, digital marketing, and design services in India. It has established its presence in India, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Services it offers :

1.     Business Consulting

2.    Brand Consulting

3.    Digital Consulting

4.    E-commerce Services

5.    Website Design and Development

6.    Mobile App Development

7.     Search Engine Optimization

8.    Search Engine Marketing

9.    Social Media Marketing

10.   Content Marketing

11.   CRM/Email/SMS Marketing

12.   Influencer Marketing

13.  Display Advertising

14.   Re-marketing

15.   Lead Generation

Prominent Clients :

1.      TATA

2.      Valvoline

3.      Hero

4.      Casio

5.      Chai pe Charcha

USP of BrandLoom:

1.      Offers brand consultancy, digital marketing, and design services that are ROI-focused.

2.      The management team has worked for the best MNCs in India and abroad for a total of more than 100 years.

3.      Uses customer insights to formulate marketing campaigns

4.      Best in class technology stack is used.

Contact Details :

1.      Phone: +91 7669647020

2.     Email:

3.     Website:

4.     Address: 902, Tower 14,Close South, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon, Haryana- 122018

2. Fabulous Media

Fabulous Media - Best Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon

Marketing takes place only when digital media is combined with outdoor marketing. That’s why Fabulous Media is one of the fastest growing digital marketing company in Gurgaon as it offers a plethora of services including SEO, SMM, Outdoor Marketing, PR online media and much more. If you have a startup or you are an employee looking forward to upskill and upgrade, Fabulous Media is the right place as it promises high quality services and adherence to quality standards. Looking at the services, we can say it is the Hardik Pandya (all rounder) of marketing!

Services Offered :

1.      SEO Service Management

2.     Social Media Management 

3.     Content Marketing

4.     PPC Service

5.     Outdoor Marketing

6.     Email Marketing

7.     Mobile Marketing

8.     Website Development

9.     Inbound Marketing

10.   Sales Optimization

11.    PR Online Media

Prominent Clients :

1.      Hindustan times

2.      Masan

3.      Empower Bollywood

4.      Chanakya IAS Academy

5.      Apna MBA


1.      They offer a free consultation to assist you in choosing the best plan of action for your company.

2.      They were awarded as the ‘Most influential digital marketing expert 2019’

3.      They have been featured in Economic Times, Time of India and Forbes India.

4.      They have a solid track record with 850+ clientele in 35 countries.

5.      They help businesses and startups to automate using cutting edge but rational technology.

Contact Details :

1.      Phone: +91 75329 71329

2.      Email:

3.      Website:

4.      Address: Bestech Business Tower, 612, sector 48, Gurugram,Haryana-122018

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Brandhype - Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

As the environment is dynamic, it is important for businesses to keep up with the trends and Brandhype is one such company that takes into considerations changing trends and demands and offers services to make your brand more visible to many. With the broad range of services, it not only meets the generic needs of the company but also specific needs of the clients. Its expertise in Search Engines Optimization is so strong that it can withstand all the changing algorithms taking place. To experience the “hype” in Brandhype, do check their website and testimonials.

Services Offered :

1.      Website Design & Development

2.      Pay Per Click Advertising

3.      Search Engine Optimization

4.      Email Marketing

5.      Social Media Marketing

6.      Blog Marketing

7.      Online Reputation Management

8.      Design Centre

9.      E-Commerce Website Solutions

10.    Web Analytics

11.    Google Optimization

Prominent Clients :

1.      TCI

2.      Cosco

3.      OYO

4.      ShrI Educare

5.      Haryana Leathers Chemicals Ltd.


1.      They personalize the marketing campaigns time and again according to the changing trend and demands.

2.      In Find top 10 lists, Brandhype is alsoranked as one of the best digital marketing firms in India.

Contact Details :

1.     Phone: +91-798-2197324, +91 987-3405308.

2.    Email:

3.    Website:

4.    Address: Brandhype, 5th Floor, OcusTechnopolis Building DLF Golf Course Road, Sector-54 Gurgaon, Haryana-122002

4. Whisskers

Whisskers - Top Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

Founded by two ex-Googlers, Whisskers is a 360 degree digital marketing training and consulting company who are helping all kinds of industries like Education, FMCG, Consumer Durable, etc in paving the digital gap.

Whisskers develop marketing strategies that are result oriented and measurable. Whisskers have excelled in all the three aspects of business –PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY. It not only helps businesses to grow online but also is a helping hand for students and professionals in upskilling through their program - ‘Digital Marketing Training Course

Services Offered :

1.     Search Engine Optimisation

2.     Pay Per Click Advertising

3.     Email Marketing

4.     Social Media Marketing

5.     Influencer Marketing

6.     Digital Marketing Consulting

7.     Reputation Management

8.     Mobile App

9.     Website Development

Prominent Clients :

1.     National Geographic Traveler India

2.     Opera

3.     McCann

4.     Vakil Search

5.     Olx


1.     The whole team is Google and Facebook certified.

2.     They have managed more than $50million online advertising spend per quarter.

3.     They are awarded as the “Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Companies in the World” by MADcon Dubai 2019.

Contact Details :

1.    Phone: +91 70428 35451

2.   Email:

3.   Website:

4.   Address:  Whisskers Marketing Pvt.Ltd.,”One Culture, Eros City Square 2nd Floor Sector 49 Gurugram,Haryana-122018, India.

5. Templatolio

Templatolio - Best Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon

One of the top fully integrated digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon, Templatolio offers its clients comprehensive solutions for both offline and online marketing that are ROI driven. They support brands in communicating, engaging, generating traffic, and measuring foot traffic in order to develop long-term brand loyalty and revenues both online and offline.

Every story has a superhero, in Templatolio’s story, their UI/UX designers are their super heroes! Everything is about customer experience, and their website and mobile app makes it engaging for their customers. If you are someone who is looking forward to website re-designing with enhanced UI/UX or someone who is looking forward to enhance such skills, you know whom to contact.

Services Offered:

1.     Social Media and LinkedIn Marketing

2.     Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

3.     Website Design and Development

4.     UI/UX and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

5.     Web Intervention

6.     SEO and SEM

7.     Online/Offline Connect and Tracking

8.     Mobile Website

9.     Design and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

10.   Outcomes Based Analytics

Prominent Clients:

1.     Ananta Hotels and Resorts

2.    Courtyard By Marriott

3.    DoubleTree by Hilton

4.    Ginger Hotels


1.     Uses 360 degree integration for marketing campaigns.

2.     They use research led and creative approach to strategize for businesses and also pay keen attention to analytics.

Contact Details:

1.     Phone: +91 124 406 6100

2.    Email:

3.    Website:

4.    Address:  3rd Floor, Plot 269/4, PhaseIV, Udyog Vihar, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana- 122015

6. Indigo Consulting

 Indigo Consulting - Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

One of India's top-ranked digital transformation consultancies, Indigo Consulting was established in 2000, and in 2012, they joined the Publicis Groupe. They have locations in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. With 300 employees, Indigo Consulting offers a team with multi disciplinary expertise in analytics, user experience, design, creative, social media marketing, and more.

It has a huge clientele in different sectors like banking, technology, healthcare, FMCG and retail.

Services Offered:

1.     User Experience & UI Design

2.     Mobile Site & App Design

3.     Digital Creative Services

4.     Product Engineering

5.     Platform Modernization

6.     User Research

7.     Search Engine Optimization

8.     Display and Network Advertising

9.     Social Media Services

10.  Campaign Measurement& Optimization

Prominent Clients:

1.     HDFC Bank

2.     TATA Mutual Fund

3.     Ola

4.     PharmEasy

5.     Maybelline


1.     They have strategic partners like Adobe, Acquia and Google Cloud Platform.

2.     They have experienced team of multi disciplinary professionals. Recently, Amaresh Godbole, ex-Google employee was appointed as the CEO.

Contact Details:

1.     Phone: 0124 4884400

2.    Email:

3.    Website:

4.    Address: 315, Udyog Vihar Phase 4 Rd, Phase III, Udyog Vihar, Sector 19, Gurugram, Haryana 122022

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7. Roasted Metric

Roasted Metric - Top Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

Roasted Metric is an Indian digital marketing agency that provides web design and affordable, result-driven digital marketing services to companies all over the world. It provides result oriented solutions with measurable outcomes to B2B and B2C customers, ranging from data science to digital marketing and web engineering. It has clients in hospitality, food & beverage, eCommerce, finance &accounting, IT, Financial Services & technology and many more industries. It combines growth marketing and data intelligence. They have also partnered with Google, which clearly shows that they “do the right thing”.

Services Offered:

1.     Search Engine Optimization

2.     Social Media Marketing

3.     Pay Per Click Advertising

4.     Public Relations

5.     Website Designing

6.     Data Analytics

7.     Ad optimization

Prominent Clients

1.     Replay Helmets

2.    Ashok Vatika

3.    Chef Bakers


1.     They have clients from different sectors (healthcare, real estate, etc.) so they can provide personalized campaigns

2.     They take more than 1 billion desktop and mobile websites were used to acquire first-party direct traffic information.

3.     Their 5+ billion keyword database receives over 300million new additions each month.

Contact Details:

1.     Phone: +1 506 496 3694, +91 63642 02444

2.    Email:

3.    Website:

4.    Address: Gurgaon, Haryana

8.  Social Beat

Social Beat - Best Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

Social Beat is a Meta Business Partner and a Premier Google Partner which is a pan India growth partner with 300+ employees. It controls 4% of India's digital media and are India's fastest-growing digital marketing firm. It focuses on performance marketing along with ROI driven results. It has its presence in various sectors like E-commerce, FMCG, Banking, Healthcare and Education. With well-known companies like Bharat Matrimonial, Adani Wilmar, Jaquar, Van Heusen, and Tata Cliq, they serve as extended growth teams. It provided multi lingual support with assistance of 22 languages! It increases brand visibility and makes it marketing campaigns more customer oriented.

Services Offered:

1.     Digital Media Planning and Buying

2.     Social Media Marketing

3.     Video Creation and Marketing

4.     Influencer Marketing

5.     Programmatic Solutions

6.     Content and SEO Strategy

7.     Marketing Automation

8.     Marketing Strategy Consulting

9.     Market Research and Consumer Insights

Prominent Clients:

1.     TATA Cliq

2.     Boat

3.     Wakefit

4.     Niyo Global

5.     B Natural


1.     They provide sector specific solutions across all the verticals to meet the customer demands

2.     They have a strong base of influencers which helps brandsto connect to them.

3.     They provide assistance of 22languages!

Contact Details:

1.    Phone: 082681 57925

2.   Email:

3.   Website:

4.   Address: 3rd Floor, 166, Udyog Vihar Phase 1, UdyogVihar, Sector 20, Gurugram, Haryana 122016

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9. YNG Media

YNG Media - Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

YNG Media has established itself as a top-tier digital marketing company in Gurgaon by collaborating successfully with our clients to produce fruitful online outcomes. Around 400 clients have received service from YNG Media. including numerous industries, including finance, education, social businesses, retail, and the auto industry. According to YNG Media, digital media marketing is a combination of art and science thus providing solutions based on the client's requirements and end goals.

Services Offered:

1.     Search Engine Optimization

2.     Social Media Marketing

3.     Pay Per Click

4.     Email Marketing

5.     Content Marketing

6.     Social Media Analytics

7.     E-commerce Management

8.     Mobile Optimization

9.     Website Development

10.  Application Development

11.  Brand Identity Design

12.  Blogging Services

Prominent Clients:

1.     Lacoste

2.     Nike

3.     Satya Paul

4.     Kama Ayurveda

5.     KAZO


1.     They not only provide extensive digital marketing services but also a huge range of technology services like (E-commerce development, ERP development, SAAS applications)

2.     They provide the value for the money that the customer puts in.

Contact Details:

1.     Phone: +91-9211303330

2.    Email:

3.    Website:

4.    Address: Sector 44, 101 Kundan Niwas, 2nd Floor,Gurgaon, Haryana

10. Digidarts

Digidarts - Top Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Companies in Gurgaon

Mr. Siddhartha Vanvani, Founder at Digidarts, commenced its operations in November2015 and began its inception with top-notch SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media services and then developed sophisticated media buying tactics, cutting-edge websites, and other crucial marketing add-ons. It drives its operations with four core values: INNOVATION, GROWTH, TIME and EMPATHY.  It provides services to different sectors like Social Commerce, E-commerce, Financial Technology, Education, FMCG, Gaming, Healthcare and Business to Business.

Services :

1.     Media Buying and Programmatic Ads

2.     Search Engine Optimization

3.     App Store Optimization

4.     Affiliate Marketing

5.     Social Media Marketing

6.     Content and Communication

Prominent Clients :

1.     Asics

2.     Spotify

3.     Meesho

4.     Motilal Oswal

5.     Muvin


1.     They have been mentioned in various media coverages and platforms like Your Story and Economic Times.

2.     It is one of the few performance-driven marketing agencies in Gurgaon.

Contact Details :

1.     Phone: +91-9910619355

2.    Email:

3.    Website:

4.    Address: 436 (4th floor, Phase-4, Phase IV, Udyog Vihar, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana 122016

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